My terrible life part 2

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My terrible life part two!

"so you're a run away like me?" i asked carefully.
"You could say so more like i was kicked out" She was  turning  very pale i wasn't sure if it was because i needed to stop or whatever had happened seemed to affect her.
I then took a chance!  
"Well what face grew dark then lightened up as she started
"i was with my girl friend and we were getting really into it and my mom walked in with her hands in my /> I was getting hot and  i stuck my hand in-between my legs not really caring if she saw! I started rubbing the lips of my pussy and trailing up to my clitoris every now and then and i would moan. Only when my breath got ragged and my moans become louder did she join in she put her lips on mine and replaced my hand with hers and started inserting a finger and she moaned and pulled her lips off mine"O god you're so tight." she then stopped and I complained but I stopped when she lowered herself and started to lick my pussy she would circle around and flick my clit then go down and penetrate me with her tongue then when she was done with that she would go and lick my ass and when I screamed I was cumming she lightly bit on my clit and drove me over the edge. As I was screaming Steve walked in with an unfamiliar face and started laughing.
The unfamiliar face came up to me and pulled down his pant revealing his semi hard cock and he demanded me to suck it I was hesitant at first but when I got it in my mouth the girl came up behind me and started to lick me again. Then I really started to get into it and started taking the guy in my mouth and licking up and down his shaft an playing with his balls. He started to thrust into my mouth and then came In my mouth. I couldn't swallow it all and some dribbled down my chin but I scooped  it up and licked it off.
Steve walked up and grinned "I just want to let u know that this dick right there that's the owner of this house." I laughed and pointed! "this thingy it's kinda tiny" I started giggling even more when he replied with "well this little thing payed for this mansion and that girls home and you're new one!" his comment kind of hurt but for someone like him and how his voice is like a fallen angel, the most enchanting thing I've ever heard. I was to tired to continue and I passed out!

(2 weeks later)
This has become a regular thing every once and a while I would get 
drugged or when I drank to much I passed out and I would wake up with a dick in my mouth or in my pussy but I made sure before I ate dinner or before I drank I would put a dildo in my but the girl I had slept with on my second day here showed that that's a sign u don't want them in there.  Though there was this special time when I had been at a party in the main room and I left my drink at the table to go pee when I came back I was thirsty so I chugged down my drink and I started to feel woozy and this guy came up to me "o baby you're drunk come on let's go back home and go to sleep" he started to lead me off and I wanted to protest. To tell him I lived here but I could barley manage to walk much less able to say no don't take me i don't know you and I want to go to my room. He then led me out the door and to his car. I felt very woozy and I was like I'm gonna get raped, gonna get kidnapped! But it was already to late when he opened his car door and threw me into the car as hard as he could so when my head banged against the arm rest it hurt like he was proving a point to me like if I would even try to run! 
I sat quiet the entire car ride wether I could or couldn't have I didn't say a single word since I was under his control I didn't want him to harm me. It seemed to take forever I couldn't tell if it was the drug making time longer or not. Either way I was his slave and there was nothing I could do about it. I was his to command. We eventually made it to his house  and he dragged me out by my hair he then tossed me onto his shoulder and he walked me into his house he then threw me in a room Locked it and put the Key in a dresser. "now your gonna get on your knees and your gonna suck my cock! Understood?" I tried to mutter a no but he slapped me and I feel to my knees he then unzipped his jeans and pulled it out. It was everything I could do not to stare in awe it seemed at least 9 inches. I had never seen one so big. He didn't even need to tell me twice I took it in my mouth as deep as I could but I could only get half way till I started to choke. It was to thick I wasn't used to something so long and thick.  I think he forgot I was a sex slave for he was to busy groaning and moaning as my mouth went up and his shaft my hand doing the same as well getting to we're I couldn't reach. He grabbed onto the back of my head and pushed it down hard forcing me down to the balls. I started gagging and coughing but he was enjoying the feeling of the vibrations and the Silvia that all this was causing. Sometimes I find it hard to believe how sick some people are. He then pulled me up for a passionate kiss. His lips hard and demanding while also soft and welcoming. I was shocked when his tongue entered my mouth but it didn't matter soon I had mine in his and our tongues were dancing together in perfect sync. His hand slipped into my pants and under my thong and cupped my pussy using his middle finger to stroke it. Teasing the outside an only pushing it in a little, teasing it to prepare it for later penetration. I couldn't take it anymore I was to hot an horny to let him do this. I threw him on the wall and leaned on him. I then got really close to his ear and whispered. "fuck me nice and hard." it seemed to start a spark in his eye replaying what I was saying. then that spark what down to his dick and I could feel it getting hard against my leg, so I  did what any horny slutty girl would do (Racheal) i grabbed my pants by the waist line pulled them off with my thong, then I grabbed his manhood and positioned it for /> It was slow since I wasn't used to being stretched like that but the head eventually made it in and he continued till he was about half way. He looked at me his eyes clouded with lust and he thrust in till he could o no further than he would slowly pull out and ram it back in full force. I started to get sore and couldn't take it anymore but it was as if he were and animal I couldn't get him off and I knew i was hi bitch now. I was eventually let go and I convinced everyone I took a quick trip out of town. After some time they believed me but I'll always remember.

(2 months from summer) 
It was almost time summer was coming and it was gonna be nice long and hot and wet! I always love to play around in summer it always gets me wet. I have always loved summer but there was this one that stuck out more than others. Let me share my tale! 

(summer time) 
It was finally summer time and for once I was having fun with a friend  at an amusement park and we were waiting in a long line and she just happened to need to use the restroom. While she was gone this cute girl walked in and she kept checking me out always lingering a little to long on my breast an my legs. Her friend tried to make small talk but I was uninterested in her I wanted the main prize. The angel standing next to her she had blonde hair held up in the back in a tight pony tail and half her face was covered by her hair. She was wearing a top that showed everything and very short shorts. I knew she saw me staring but our little fun was ended when my friend got back but I wanted to know one thing! "Hey umm question?" I bit my lower lip and started to play with my hair. I couldn't believe I was gonna talk to her. She looked up with the sweetest eyes and her voice like an angels "yes?" I swear if it was possible my heart would have melted to her lovingness. "umm I don't mean to make things awkward but are u bi sexual…?" "why yes I am." my eyes got wide with hope and love. I took a huge chance like I always seem to do. I leaned forward to her and she closed the distant our lips on brushed each other but it's all it took I felt like I was floating on clouds. I then felt pressure on my boob only to see her with a very naughty smile and her hand reached out an she leaned in and I again leaned in as well and our kiss took a turn to passionate and she secretly slipped a hand into my pants and started playing with my clit. It was all I could do to not moan and give away what we were doing in line. She finally pulled away leaving me feeling empty without her. This summer I swore summer would be mine but I looked at my friend to see her hiding her face with her long hair and she was staring at her cuts… She only ever did that when she was extremely sad. I tried to find out what was wrong but I learned I could never read her. Everyone else I could read like a book but her… Idk if it was love that clouded my vision or just something else I knew I had feelings for her. Which is why it Hurt not knowing what she was thinking. But then it hit me when she looked at summer with longing eyes, eyes that begged for love. Eyes that could only want love from one person. The same person, the angel on earth! But how could this be she could only be with one but what would it matter? In the end I would lose my one true love I've ever felt well except for my friend… I've had feelings for her since  I met her I remember how. It was a day in school (back when I even went) I had asked her were she was from as she was so pale. The teacher then scolded me for thinking I was racist I don't see how as I'm white to. But o well but somehow we started talking first it was small hey hi but then something happened and our friendship blossomed she gets mad as she thinks all I want is sex from her but I don't I wouldn't mind it that for sure. But who wouldn't from a buetifull girl like her? It just bugs me sometimes knowing she's straight and I can't have her she says she finds no pleasure in girls so y should I try. But no matter back to the girl we had rode the ride an decided to hang out we got there names and number. For some reason this made me laugh her name was summer so perfect I met her in the beginning of summer! 

(birth day) 
I'm now 17 but sometimes I would if I am mentally for all the rapes have scared me enough to freeze time for me inside.  Every once and a while I imagine a life without that night 4 years ago but sometimes things were meant to happen as it shapes your entire future. Like the time I meant this perfect girl 4 years ago. Let me explain

(4 years ago)
I was walking through school wishing the day would end a lot faster but it seems time was much against me and it decided to be lazy today and barley crawl along. It was then I saw a true sight that froze the time altogether. I had never seen her before but I swore if I never saw her again I would die. I had to walk up to her but when I did and she turned her perfect features were stunning and I did everything just to control my heart as I feared she would hear it. I told her I know I had never seen her before but I handed her my number and address and explained its my birthday and the best present would be if u were there so I could see you. 

(later that night) 
People were just arriving I had only invited 4 people they were all gonna stay the night but I only really wanted 1 to actually be there. But who knows I did kinda show up out of nowhere on that one but… I want her. We had texted before and she said her name was Reyhan. It was silly for me to get my hopes up she didn't seem like she would even give me a second glance. It was then I heard the bell ring and I ran down those stairs faster than humanly possible. I opened the door and there she was. She was wearing dark jeans and a very revealing top. I got really wet when I noticed her tits grow.. That meant no bra.! And the way she walked was the way someone walked when your pants are teasing you maybe I was right and she had no panties either. Like she was asking for something. Maybe she planned for something to happen. I could only hope. Now everyone was here Reyhan Reagan summer and this girl that I talked about at the ride the sad one. I only wanted 2 things for my birthday a kiss it's not much but I doubt I'll get it I never get what i want for my />
(present day) 
I would love to share some stories with you but maybe next time as I explain some more fun experiences. Till then good bye!?!?!

story by: Immortalhate

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Author: Immortalhate

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