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I met her over an internet chat site. We lived 800km apart so I had no problem to flirt like mad. She told me that she’s 1.5m tall, long blonde hair and blue eyes with a sexy body. Well obviously I teased her and said that if she doesn’t send me a picture I won’t believe her, she asked if the pictures of her would be for my eyes only and being the guy I am I gave her my word, expecting a very naughty pic. What I got was a stunning ash blonde, with curves in the right places, small firm breasts, dressed in a bra and jean, I was stunned but replied with a pic anyway, now I’ll be the first to tell you that the only winning thing about me is my personality and that’s where it stops, I’ve been struggling for a long time with my weight and the harder I gym, the more muscle I build, but the fat won’t leave, giving me quite a peculiar build for my 1.78m, I’ve got quite a stocky build thanks to my mom’s part of the family. She fawned over my eyes and said I should smile, to what I retorted that she never does. Months went by and we kept flirting and every now and then we had a bit of a misunderstanding, but we patched it up like good friends do. I must admit that I fell for her after a few months, she seemed to be everything that I wanted, we also both got hurt from previous relationships.

One day I was at work, soldering an LCD onto a cellphone when I got a call from her, I picked up. “Hey hun how are you”, I could hear the traffic in the background “I’m OK hun, just a bit lost”, I chuckled, “You know that I do not have flares in the shop to help you find your way”, I could hear she’s nervous when she replied, “I just don’t know how to get in, the security gate is closed”, I almost dropped my phone out of shock. I jumped off the chair and peeked around the corner of the workshop’s door and there she stood, I almost dropped my phone again, her pics didn’t do her any justice. “Oh my God”, my soft vocalization was carried to her via cellphone and her huge grin told me she heard it, “So are you going to keep peeking at me or are you going to open this gate?”, I blushed a bit, open the gate”, I ended the call and pressed the button to open the gate, she opened it and came in, I felt extremely nervous and I could sense that she was nervous as well, I unlocked the gate at the desk and to break the ice I smiled at her and hugged her tight to me, having to stoop down a bit, “You naughty girl, you almost gave me a heart attack”, she hugged me back and gave a small giggle, “Aw must I kiss it better for you?”, I grinned down at her, “Sure I can’t see why not”, she stood on tiptoe and I stooped down a bit, her soft lips met mine and one of my long standing dreams came true, sharing my first kiss in almost over four years with her, I slowly tried to break the kiss, but with a small whimper she pulled me down to her, kissing me harder. I returned the kiss, pulling her tight to me. Finally she pulled away and smiled up at me, “All better?”, I could scarcely believe what just happened, yeah I’m all better now”, she giggled slightly and gave me another hug, I ushered her inside and locked the gate behind her, “Come sit down, wow this is a very pleasant surprise”, she smiled at me and sat down, “I’m glad you like it, but don’t you have work to do?”, I shrugged, “Ah don’t worry about it, the technician will see that I didn’t finish and will probably finish it himself”, she smiled and sat there looking at me with her dark blue eyes and I was looking at her in a comfortable silence. She was wearing black boots, dark blue jeans and a white T-shirt, she had her in a ponytail and she had it hanging over one shoulder. “So do you like what you see hun?”, I smiled at her, “You know I do hun”, her bright smile told me that she enjoyed the attention she was getting. Just to clarify, we started calling each other hun after chatting a month or so, by now it was second nature and I could see that it made her more at ease.

“So what were your plans for tonight?”, “Well I did want to go out and watch a she smiled, “Well then, mind if I tagged along with you?”, “Of course not!”, with that she sat back more relaxed and we started talking about various little things. Later just before closing time she left to “freshen up”. After closing and cashing up, I went home to take a shower and get dressed, just after I got dressed she phoned me again, “So are you going to let me stand outside the whole time?”, I chuckled, “I think I gave you directions to accurately, I’ll open the door for you in a second”.

I rushed to open the front door and there she stood, her hair still loose, a touch of make-up, a short tight fitting black mini dress which clung to her body and black Roman sandals, I was gaping and I know that she liked the attention, “So are you going to let me in or are you going to stare at me the whole time”, I started to blush and stood aside, “P Please do come in, she walked past me, her scent fresh and alluring and her hips swaying just enough to tease me, but not enough to make her look cheap, I suppressed a small groan, but unfortunately my body didn’t want to be suppressed. She slowly walked through my apartment, “I see you have quite a collection of swords” she said after she did her quick inspection, I smiled at her, “You know I like swords hun” she just smiled in return and in a slightly husky voice asked “Ever used them?”, I caught her meaning and started to blush again, “No not yet”, “Hmmmm, maybe we should spar a bit later on”, as she spoke she had moved all closer and closer to me until she was almost touching me, I bent down and kissed her, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me back, pushing her body against mine, I slowly stroked her back and she shivered in pleasure. A few minutes later she slowly let go of me, better than I hoped”, she said, “But now we have to get to the cinema”, she handed me her keys, “You can drive”

Driving back from the movie, she had her hand on my leg, slowly stroking up and down as we chatted, at the cinema she flirted with me outrageously and had me blushing quite a lot, by now her provocative showing off and gentle touch had me on edge and my cock was eagerly awaiting some attention. Without any warning her hand slipped to me crotch and slowly started to rub my cock, I almost overturned the car from shock. Now it wasn’t the first time that a lady touched me in such a way, but this was totally unexpected, I looked at her and she looked at me with this wicked grin on her face, “Mmmm so you do like me”, “I guess that answer is quite obvious”, she winked at me, “Keep your eyes on the road”, she slowly unzipped my jeans, reached into my boxers and pulled out my hard cock, she gently ran her nails up and down my shaft, making me shudder with delight, “My you are a big boy”, she said with a slight giggle. I felt a slight tickling as her hair brushed over my exposed cock and then her tongue was teasing the tip, I almost closed my eyes, but kept them open and on the road, her mouth closed warm and wet around my cock, instinctively I placed my hand on her back and groaned. I could feel her smile, before sucking more of my cock into her mouth, rubbing her tongue over the sides and bottom, my hand slowly scratched her back, then I slipped it to the front, touching her firm breast, feeling her hard nipple through the fabric, there was a soft gasp from her and then I felt my cock hit the back of her mouth and slowly slide down her throat, until she had my whole 9” cock inside her mouth and throat, she swallowed and her throat contracted around my cock making me almost drive from the road, then she pulled back slowly, until my cock slipped out of her throat, then she started sucking deeply, moving her head slowly up and down my cock, I was in heaven, I don’t know what she was doing, but it was the best blowjob I ever had. She only slowed down when I had to turn off into my street and into my driveway, once the car stopped she started going faster again and I leaned against the seat, my one hand in her soft hair and the other massaging her soft breast, I could feel my orgasm building up and told her, she suddenly pulled away from my cock, leaving it throbbing in the air.

“Get out” she commanded me and practically flew out of her door, I could see a dark stain on her seat and smell her musky aroma, I got out, cock throbbing in the air, she pulled me to the front of the car and pushed me onto the bonnet, she climbed on top of me, straddling me, bent down and started kissing me hungrily, I kissed her back and lifted the hem of her dress up over her hips, exposing her ass. I placed my hands on her soft, firm ass and started squeezing, she was moaning hard and kissing me harder, her hips thrusting against me, I couldn’t believe that this was happening, almost like a fantasy becoming reality. She sat up, reached down between us, grabbed hold of my cock and positioned it at her pussy lips, suddenly she pushed down, plunging my cock deep into her slick pussy, I gasped as my senses got overloaded with the sensation of her sliding my cock into her hot pussy. She sat there, looking up at the sky as I felt her body adjust to the sudden intrusion, with a sigh of pleasure, she leant forward, smiling down at me and started to slowly move herself up and down on my hard cock, her tight pussy giving a pleasant friction and she helped that by clenching her muscles each time she pulled up. I kept massaging her firm ass, our breathing grew more intense as she started to rock forward and backward, clawing at the car bonnet, groaning as she drove my cock into her with each hard, frenzied thrust. She had this look of pure lust and pleasure edged on her face as she moved on me, “God this is so good”, she breathed hotly, riding my cock hard and fast, again I could feel my orgasm building, “I’m going to cum soon”, I whispered hoarsely at her, “God yes me too”, she just kept on thrusting me into her, I tried to not cum, but her pussy clutching at my cock sent me over the edge, I pulled her down onto me, shooting my cum deep into her hot pussy, she suddenly bit down on my neck, muffling a high pitched scream and her whole body shook violently on me, her pussy flooding my cock with her juices. We stayed like that for a while and then she lifted herself from me and gave me a long gentle kiss, “I wanted to do that for so long now”, she slowly slipped from me, taking my cock into her mouth and sucking it clean, before placing it back into my boxers and zipping up my jeans. She looked up at me with a sly grin, “So much for starters”

story by: DeathsKnight

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Author: DeathsKnight

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