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My coworker Jim had been playing racquetball weekly for about six months at his apartment complex, we had a standing reservation for the court every Thursday night from 7-9. The complex had a small "fitness center" that was comprised of two stationary bikes, two treadmills, one multi station exercise machine, a sauna, a spa, and the racquetball court. Occasionally we would have to ask other players to leave once our time rolled around but generally the fitness center was empty when we played.

Jim's wife was out of town one week and so he asked me if I wanted to grab some pizza before racquetball. I phoned in an order and picked it up on my way to his apartment. We each had a couple pieces and a beer as we watched the Spurs beat the Suns in a western conference final playoff game and then walked over to the court to start our game with a six pack of beer in hand. After pizza and beer we weren't very serious about our play, we were just going at half speed and joking around a lot.

About half an hour into our game two teen age girls walked into the fitness center from the pool area. Summer break had just started and they looked like they were enjoying it. They were both wearing bikinis and had absolutely perfect bodies. They were giggling and laughing as they got on the treadmills and played with the exercise equipment. They seemed to watch us play for a few minutes through the glass wall to the court and inside the court we did our best to not make it obvious that we were both staring at the girls as well.

After a few minutes we stopped for a water break and as we walked out of the court Jim started up a conversation with the girls. They asked us what the rules of racquetball were and Jim offered to teach them. One girl jumped up and said yes while the other looked a little reserved. They both walked into the court and Jim and I each handed our rackets to one of the girls and gave them a brief summary of the rules. Jim helped one serve and I stood back with the other. She flinched when the ball came toward her and missed it of course. I stood behind her and put my left hand on her waist and took her right hand in mine as I showed her how to swing at the ball. Speaking of balls, mine were absolutely aching at this point. Realizing that I didn't even know her name yet I introduced myself and we then traded introductions. The girls names were Stacy and Michelle. They were both about 5'4" I would guess and probably about 100lbs as well. Stacy had straight blond hair and Michelle had curlier light brown hair. Both girls looked to be about 14 with tight stomachs and asses with perky tits. Stacy's tits were a little smaller, probably a B cup and Michelle was a full C.

We racquetball for a few more minutes before the girls asked if they could have some of our beers. Jim and I looked at each other cautiously as if to ask each other if we should do this. I spoke up and said sure. Jim suggested we have them in the Sauna. We walked in and turned on the steam, the girls each took a beer and then leaned back to relax. I almost hit him for it but Jim asked them how old they were. I really didn't want to know, I figured that if i didn't know I could claim ignorance if needed. I could hear Michelle started to say Fresh… when Stacy spoke over her and said, "We're Juniors, we are both 17" I glanced at Jim and we both know this was not true but we really wanted it to be true. Stacy said she was getting too hot in the Sauna and wanted to hop in the pool. I suggested she and Michelle hop in and Jim and I would follow. The girls walked out and Jim and I began to discuss if we should go through with this. Jim was really hesitant because he was worried about his wife finding out, after all these girls lived in the same apartment complex. I was begging him to do it because I know that if he left the girls were not going to do anything with just one guy and I really wanted to fuck one of them. I didn't care which one. Jim said that he would not let the girls come back to his apartment but he would do anything else.

We walked out and the girls were swimming in the pool. I dove in and came up right next to Michelle. Her body was so smooth as I came up slowly right next to her, my face just inches from her tan skin. Her bikini was bright yellow and it was very tight against her ass. I got a little bold and I put my hands on her hips and slid them toward her ass. I was expecting her to pull back but instead she put her hands on my chest and lightly scratched her fingernails down my chest and stomach until she pulled them away as she got to my waist. It was dark out now and I asked Michelle when they needed to get back home. She said that they had to be back by midnight. I looked over at Jim and he was standing next to the side of the pool and Stacy had her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck. They were laughing but I couldn't hear what they were talking about. I let myself sink into the water and as I went down I caressed Michelle's body with my hands. I went to my knees underwater and kissed her legs around her bikini. I slid my hand under her bikini bottoms and caressed her ass cheek and she squirmed. I came up and suggested we get into the spa.

I hopped out and walked over to the controls and turned on the jets to the spa with a rather obvious hard on. Both girls laughed at me. We hopped into the spa and Michelle immediately sat facing me and straddled me. My hard cock was rubbing through our swim suits against her ass. She smiled at me and i kissed her. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her head against mine as I pushed my tong into her mouth and kissed her. I slid my left hand up her body and pulled down her bikini top and squeezed her perfect teenage tit. I wanted nothing more than to fuck her right there in the spa but knew that we would get caught. I aked her if she would go back to my apartment with me. She said yes. Jim and Stacy were kissing as well and I asked them if they wanted to go to my apartment, they said yes. We grabbed some towels and headed to my car which was not far from the fitness center. I lived a couple of miles away and we walked in casually after the drive. I shut the door as the girls walked in and I offered everyone a drink. The girls said yes and plopped down on my sectional. I made some rum and cokes and walked back over and handed everyone a drink. I sat down next to Michelle and we went right back to what we were doing in the spa except I just pulled her top off completely. She writhed on my lap better than any stripper I have ever paid for a lap dance and I sucked on her firm perfect breasts. I could have played with them for hours they were so perfect. I told her to sit up and as she did I pulled down her bottoms and I finally got to see her pussy. It was untrimmed but not too hairy with the same light brown color. I looked over at Jim and Stacy and Jim was on top of her on the other side of the sectional. She had her legs wrapped around him and he was pulling his shorts off. Watching them begin to fuck was really hot! I had never watched anyone else fuck in real life before. He pulled her bottoms to the side and slid into her and began to fuck her hard. She was crying out "Oh Ya, Oh Ya, fuck me, fuck me"

Michelle stood up and then got on her knees. I took off my shorts completely and she began to lick my cock in long slow strokes with her tong from the base of my balls to the tip. She then stuck the tip of her tong into the hole at the tip of my cock and slid her mouth over it. It was awesome, I put my hands on top of her head and pushed her head down on my cock and found myself quickly fucking her mouth while forcefully pushing her head up and down on my cock. I felt myself coming and I held her head down while I shot my load into her mouth.

I flipped Michelle over and she had her knees on the couch cushions and her arms resting on the back of the couch as I stood behind her. I knelt down and I licked her pussy from behind her. She arched her back as I knelt down and I worked my tong in and out of her hot pussy. I had my hands on her ass cheeks pulling them apart so I could really get in there. I moved my right hand over and popped my thumb into her ass hole. She jumped a little and I could tell she was not expecting this but she seemed to like it as I worked my thumb in and out of her ass while I licked her clit and fucked her pussy with my tong. She came a few minutes later and began to turn around and her legs began to quiver.

I grabbed her hips and didn't let her stand up, instead I stood up behind her and I slid my now hard cock into her pussy as I grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto my cock. She was so hot and tight it was incredible. She was smaller than any other woman I had ever been with and had such a small waist I could almost touch my fingers together as I put my hands around her waist. I fucked her hard for few minutes and then pulled out and shot my load on her ass cheeks. I wiped my cum off her ass cheeks with my hand and toward her ass hole. I smeared my cum around her ass hole and got hard as a rock again as I thought about fucking this girl in the ass. She looked back at me with a little fear in her eyes as I pushed the head of my cock against her ass hole. I told her to take a deep breath and relax, with that I pushed the head into her ass. I pulled it out just a little and then worked it in a little further. Each time she tightened her ass as she seemed to tense up and whimper. Finally I got my cock all the way into her ass and began to fuck her hard pulling her back on to me. I looked over and Stacy was sitting on the couch with Jim standing in front of her with his balls in her mouth. Just then he blew right on her face. She didn't act like a porn star seeming to love it, instead she pulled her head back in an attempt not to get it on her. She did then take his whole cock into her mouth and sucked him. It was intense as I fucked Michelle as hard as I could to watch Jim get blown at the same time. I came into Michelle's ass and fell on top of her. We just laid there for a few minutes with me on top of her and still in her ass hole.

Jim and Stacy were still going at it but stopped after a few more minutes. We all laid back on my couch naked. After a few more minutes Jim reached over and put his hand on Michelle's stomach and lightly touched her. He looked up at me as if to ask if it was OK. I smiled and then moved over to Stacy. Stacy and Michelle objected but we told them that it would be fun. After a minute I was kissing Stacy and rubbing her smaller perky tits. I was hard as a rock again and Stacy said that I would have to take a shower before I could fuck her. I pulled her off the couch and we walked into my bathroom and i turned on the shower. We hopped in after a few minutes. I was kissing her and it was totally different than kissing Michelle. She had a much tighter kiss and moved her tong much more forcefully. We washed up and i took her into my bedroom and pushed her down on my bed. I jumped on her and slid my cock into her sloppy wet pussy. It took forever for me to cum as I had already cum at least three times with Michelle. Stacy was much more vocal crying out "fuck me, fuck me, oh yes, fuck me harder" After about 15 minutes I was exhausted and I came into her pussy and just collapsed on top of her. I rolled off and looked at the clock. It was 11:30 and i jumped up and told her to get dressed. I walked back to the living room to find Michelle on top of Jim bouncing up and down. I couldn't believe it but I got hard again. I stood in hallway and stroked my cock watching. He came in a minute and they stopped. I told them that we needed to go and they got dressed and we all got into my car. I dropped the girls off on one side of the complex and Jim off on the other.

That summer Jim and I both fucked those girls many more times. Sometimes it was just two of us, sometimes all four and sometimes a threesome depending. Jim's wife never suspected anything and we both continued to pretend the girls were 17 when we really knew it was more like 14.

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