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This is the sequel to end of school party' and 'After Ellie's end of school party (1)' and 'After Ellie's end of school party (2)'.

Wendy and I were very happy living together. Even though I was more than twice Wendy's age, we seemed to get on very well together. During the summer months Greg and Ellie were living with us, and we got into a sort of a routine. Most nights Wendy slept with me in my bed and Greg and Ellie slept in Ellie's bedroom, but on Friday and Saturday nights, when nobody had to work the next day, we had some pretty wild parties. Sometimes it was just the four of us, sometimes Ellie and Wendy invited one or two other couples their own age, who were just as uninhibited as they were about communal sex. For that matter, I was becoming as uninhibited as them.

Both Ellie and Wendy loved to be double teamed, which meant that I quite often fucked my daughter or Wendy in her cunt or arse while Greg or someone else fucked her in the other hole.

It was a hot summer so most of our parties were outdoors, in and around the pool, and generally everybody was naked within ten minutes of arriving.

When the uni term began, Ellie and Greg moved out to live in a flat, that I was paying for, within walking distance of their uni. Through the week I was grateful for Wendy's company, in my bed and around the house, but Greg and Wendy still came home for our Friday and Saturday night parties, or sometimes Wendy and I went to Greg and Ellie's flat for a party.

Wendy found herself a job in a long-day-care centre for young children. I would have been quite happy to support her for her gap year, in return for her company in and out of bed, but encouraged her to take the job because I realised that it would be good for her self esteem to be at least partly self sufficient. I even accepted her offer to pay me board, although I set the rate very low.

Her hours were quite long, the early shift started at 6:30am and the late shift finished at 7:00pm, but the centre was only a few minutes walk from home, so when Wendy worked the late shift she was usually home before me, and usually had a meal ready when I got home. Even though the pay was low she enjoyed working with the little kids and got on well with her boss. Within a few weeks of starting she was entrusted with locking up at night once the last of the kids had been collected.

One Friday night, soon after she was made responsible for locking up, a distraught mother rang her at about 5:00pm to say that her boss had dumped a shit-load of work on her which meant that she could not leave work until after 8:00pm, her mother was in hospital for a cancer operation, and she did not have anyone else who could collect little Tommy before the center's closing time. Wendy told her not to worry, she would take Tommy home with her and mind him until Mary, his mum, could pick him up. She gave Mary our address and her phone number.

By 6:50pm all the other kids had been collected, so Wendy locked up and she and Tommy walked home together. When they got home, Ellie and Greg were already there, both naked. Greg was by himself in the pool and Ellie was in the kitchen preparing a salad to go with the steaks that Greg would barbecue when I got home. Tommy did not seem surprised that there were naked people in the house. All that he was concerned about was that he wanted to swim in the pool. So Wendy told him to go ahead, take his clothes off and get in with Greg.

When I got home Wendy introduced Tommy and explained why he was there. Of course we could not start our hardcore partying while Tommy was there, but I saw no reason why I should be the only one dressed, so went into my bedroom and stripped.

We decided to go ahead and eat dinner, so Greg burnt the steaks on the barbecue and then we all sat down at the table, outside by the pool. Tommy rather dominated the conversation as we ate, he told us about the other teachers at school, and how none of them was as nice as Wendy. He told us that his gran was in hospital with cancer and his mum was worried that gran would die soon. He told us that he liked swimming with nothing on because it felt much nicer than wearing a cosie (=OZ: swimming costume). He asked Wendy (all his questions were addressed to Wendy) why we didn't wear any clothes in the house, because he liked that too. Wendy just replied, “Well, we just like being naked when we are together. Just like you do.”

It was almost 9:00pm by the time Mary rang the bell at the front door. Wendy wrapped a towel around her nudity and went to the door.

“Oh, Mary! You look awful! Come in and have a drink with us. I hope you aren't shocked because everyone here is naked, including Tommy.”

Tommy, still naked, ran up behind Wendy. “Hello mummy. They've got a very special swimming pool here. No one is allowed to wear a cosie. Are you going to have a swim?”

“Oh! I'd love to, but I haven't had any dinner yet. I think we had better get home.”

“Don't be silly Mary. There's some salad left in the bowl, there's a spare steak in the fridge and the barbecue is still hot, and you look as if you need to sit down with a drink and rest for a bit. Come in and eat with us.”

“Oh, I'd love to, but I've caused you enough trouble />
“Don't be silly.” Wendy grabbed Mary and pulled her through the house and out to the pool area.

Mary did not seem to be put out that we were all sitting around the remains of our dinner with drinks in front of us, all starkers. After introductions, Wendy went to get a steak from the fridge, Ellie got a plate and knife and fork and glass for Mary, Greg went to fire up the barbecue again and I got up to ask Mary what she would like to drink.

“I'd love a beer, but maybe I shouldn't, because I still have to drive home.”

“I think that you need to relax and let your hair down. I'm not suggesting that you drink and drive, but you wouldn't be the first person to crash here for the night and drive home the next morning. I'll get you a beer.”

“Well! If you're determined to get me drunk, I think I'll have a quick dip in your pool, if that's all right?”

“Of course.”

Mary was dressed in smart business clothes, a knee-length skirt with a matching jacket. Her legs were bare and she wore red heels which showed off her shapely legs nicely. She kicked off her shoes, and unbuttoned her jacket and took it off. I was surprised to note that she wore nothing under her jacket, not even a bra. Then, when she lowered her skirt I was even more surprised that she didn't even have any panties. Naked and apparently unembarrassed she jumped into the pool. Tommy screamed and jumped in too, almost on top of her.

They played together in the water for a few minutes, then Mary climbed out and thanked me for the beer that I thrust into her hand. She sat down, still wet and drank half her beer down in one draft.

We sat with her as she ate her dinner while Tommy, who was exhausted from all his swimming, curled up on an air mattress beside the pool and was soon snoring lightly. As she ate, she told us her story which I'll set down here in her words. As she spoke I kept everyone's drinks topped up.
I went through high school in an all-girls school, so had no contact with boys at school and somehow I didn't get to know any boys out of school either, so when I got to uni, straight from school, I was hungry for male company. I fell in with a group of other students who only met together in order to fuck. I loved it and went from virgin to complete slut in the first week of the first term. Fortunately my mother had insisted that I go on the pill before the start of term and so I was not worried about getting pregnant, and we had an agreement amongst ourselves that none of us would fuck anyone outside our group, in the hope of avoiding any nasty diseases. Since it was a group of about six boys and five girls, there was plenty of variety.

Two of the girls shared a flat near the uni, and we often partied there, and our parties were pretty wild; for instance one night we formed a daisy chain of naked bodies, each one sucking the next person and being sucked by the one behind us, around in a large circle. A couple of the boys were bi and so one of them was sucking the other.

Anyway something went wrong, I used up my supply of pills and was too slack to get more, and so I wasn't on the pill for the next month. The first week I stayed away from the group, but by the second week I was so randy that I went to the party anyway. Three guys fucked me that night; I begged each of them to pull out before they came in me, but either because they were bastards or because none of us had ever practiced pulling out, they each filled my cunt with their sperm. When I told them that I might be pregnant thanks to them they thought it was a great joke, which leads me to believe that they really were bastards.

Well, my next period was late, I bought a pregnancy test and it was positive, I went to my GP and she confirmed that I was pregnant. Mum took it very well when I told her. She wasn't even upset when she asked who was the father and I replied that it could be any one of three and I didn't care which because I now hated them all. She then got serious and explained that she had been eating into her savings to send me to uni and that with me and a baby to feed and clothe it would be even more difficult.

I quit uni and went looking for a job for the remaining months before Tommy was going to be born. I was planning to save as much as I could to help us get through the period after his birth, until I could go back to work. At my first job interview the guy interviewing me started to flirt with me, and , of course, the slut in me responded to his flirting. At the end of the interview he offered me the job and told me that he would be my boss.

I accepted the job, because I was desperate for a job, but now I was conflicted. I was still a slut but I was distrustful of any man after those three bastards who had made me pregnant. I took my problem to my mum and she shocked me by telling me that no one ever got pregnant by being fucked in the mouth or in the arse. Then she confessed that she had been a slut like me when she got pregnant with me, and that she avoided a second pregnancy by only letting her various boyfriends fuck her mouth and her arse. She also said that she always insisted that her current boyfriend eat her pussy first before he could fuck her and recommended that I make the same rule if I wanted to enjoy life.

When I went for my job interview I had dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, not wanting to seem too slutty, but in view of my boss's flirting with me, I wore a short skirt and a skimpy top for my first day of work. Not surprisingly, my new boss stepped up his flirting when he saw me dressed more like my slutty self. For my lunch break I went into his office and asked him if he liked the way that I was dressed.

he said, “but I'd like it even better if you were naked.”

“And if I were naked what would you do to me?”

“What would you like me to do?”

“Well, first I'd want you to eat my pussy until I had two or three orgasms. After that I'd like to take you in my mouth. If you're not too big I could take you down my throat, and you could pump your sperm directly into my stomach. How does that turn you on?”

“What if I wanted to fuck you in your cunt?”

“No! I'm not going to do that ever again. Not unless I want another baby. I've learnt my lesson.”

“Well. What about in your arse?”

“Maybe, but not on a first date.”

“Kinky! OK. Let's see your beautiful young body.”

And so began the first of many lunch-time blow jobs that I gave him.

After I had been working there for a few weeks, I walked into his office one lunch time, ready to strip off, when I realised that there was another man, his age, standing in front of me.

“Come in Mary. This is my best friend, Ian. I've been boasting to him about the magnificent blow jobs that you give me. Now he's here and hoping that you'll give him one too.”

“Does he know my rules?”

“Yeah. You cum first and only in your mouth.”

“OK.” And I stripped for them, and sat on a seat waiting for my pussy to be eaten.

Anyway, I think that you've got the picture. I'm a slut, I like being a slut, but I have my own rules.

My boss was pretty good; not only did he take me on knowing that I was pregnant, but when I was close to full term, he offered me 12-months maternity leave on quarter pay. Quarter pay was not very much but it meant that we didn't starve. When Tommy was 1 year old I went back to work, leaving Tommy with my mum at first, then I put him into long day care.

I, Bill, will tell the rest of the story.

“So, if your boss is so good to you, how come he dumped a shit load of work on you today?”, asked Ellie.

“Oh. That boss left and got a better paying job about 1 month ago. They replaced him with a woman. She doesn't particularly like me, but she knows that I'm the only one who knows all the details of the job (I've been there nearly 7 years), she certainly doesn't. She's the one who dumped all that work on me.”

“Well. If it happens again, and it sounds possible, ring me on my phone and I'll be happy to bring Tommy home with me again, until you can pick him up.”, offered Wendy.

so kind. I really don't know how I'm ever going to thank you enough.”

Wendy got a very naughty look on her face. “I think that one thing that you could do would be to give my boyfriend, Bill, here, one of your famous blow jobs. I noticed his dick standing up while you were telling us your story. I'm sure that he would like that.”

“And you wouldn't mind?”

“No. We're all sluts too. Most nights Bill fucks me, but Friday and Saturday are party nights and we like to swap around on party nights. I think you would fit in well with us.”

So we carried Tommy inside, still asleep on his air mattress. Mary, Ellie and I spent the night in my bed and Greg and Wendy slept in Ellie's bed, well, maybe they didn't sleep, but they spent the night together. I ended up fucking both Mary and Ellie in the arse before falling into a deep sleep. Very early next morning I was woken by Tommy climbing over me to get to his mother. She just pulled him down beside her on the bed and tried to get him to go back to sleep. After five minutes of his kicking and tossing about, she heaved a big sigh and got out of bed.

I got up too and found bath towels for them and showed them the bathroom. Then I went into the kitchen and started breakfast. Mary followed the smells of coffee and bacon and found her way to the kitchen, and we ate breakfast together, all three of us still naked.

“Bill! I have to thank you for last night. My day went from shitty to brilliant almost from the moment that I stepped through your front door. But now I have to get to the hospital to see my mum.”

“Well. Come back and party with us again />
“Could I? I'd love to. Can I bring Tommy?”

Of course he's no />
They got dressed and left. As they were going out to her car I heard Tommy say. “I like these people who don't wear any clothes. Do you mummy?”

“Yes Tommy, I do. I'm glad that you like them because we are going to come back here again tonight.”

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