Me and my brothers chapter viii

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VIII. Time Flies

At our high school all students had to take a test that they had to pass before they could graduate. When Bobby first took the test in the 9th grade he passed it with the highest score that any 9th grader had achieved. Before that time everyone knew he was a B student but only we in our family knew he got B’s without really trying. Now, because he had done so well on the test he was expected to do better. Mommy, daddy, his teachers, and the principal all were after him to raise his grades. He told me one day that the pressure was so great that he was thinking of not doing so well on the test the next time. I told him I wanted him to do well because I wanted him to go to college and then we would move to some distant place where we could live as husband and wife. Years later he thanked me for giving him an incentive to do better. In the 11th grade he got the highest score ever achieved at our school on the graduation test. As a result he was told he did not have to take the test in the 12th grade but he took it anyway and he got the highest score in the state that year. He graduated with high enough grades to get a college scholarship.
I was able to keep my brothers from finding out that I was carrying on an affair with each of them until Donny graduated from high school. He and I did nearly as well as Bobby. When I graduated from high school I went on to State College where Bobby was enrolled. He got an apartment off campus and I moved in with him. We had separate bedrooms and for show we kept it that way but of course we slept together. As far as my cherry, I gave that to Bobby when I first moved in with him at college. The first night he screwed my brains out. I could not believe I had waited so long to give him my cherry.
Two years later Bobby graduated from college and had a job starting in Oregon in the fall. I would stay in college and when I graduated, the plan was for me to move in with him as his wife. In the meantime Donny would take Bobby’s place.
When Donny graduated from high school that same year, daddy did something that caused me to tell my brothers about my affair with them. He bought a mini-motor home and told my brothers and me to take a two month road trip out to Oregon together as a reward for our doing so well in school. He said for us to take good care of the motor home because he and mommy wanted it in good shape when they retired in a few years. There was one double bed and a single bed in the motor home.
The first day of our trip we drove only about 30 miles from our home in eastern Pennsylvania. The reason for the short distance was that I was eager to get what I thought was going to be a difficult problem solved. There was no way that I would be able to spend two month with my two lovers without letting them each know that they would have to share me.
We stopped in a very nice campground. We swam in the pool, took a little sun, and went back to the motor home. I sat the boys down at the small table, both crowded on one side and me on the other. I said we were either at the beginning of something wonderful or the end of something wonderful. I then I blurted it right out that I had been having sex with both of them and I wanted it to continue. They were both nonplussed for a time, sitting there looking at me. I could almost see the wheels turning as they analyzed the situation. At last they looked at each other and Bobby extended his right hand to Donny and asked, /> Donny gripped Bobby’s hand and said,
To seal the deal they decided to double team me. They didn’t know but this is something I had been dreaming of for some time. First they played to determine who got to choose which end of me they wanted. It did not matter to me because all I wanted was a peter in my pussy and a peter in my mouth. For the nearly one hour that they worked me over I was in heaven.
This was only the beginning of our trip. That night they traded off until we all fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning I found myself sandwiched between them. Both of them wake up slowly so I was able to get out from between. I was really covered with their sticky hot stuff. I showered while they woke. Soon after breakfast we were on the road. Bobby was driving and Donny was screwing me on the bed. An hour later Donny was driving and Bobby was screwing me on the bed. I now felt well screwed. Then we stopped on the outskirts of Pittsburgh at the home of Bruce, a friend of ours from college, who was my age. His parents were on vacation so he invited us to his house. When we got there he introduced us to his sister Marty and her girlfriend Louise. The two girls like Donny had just graduated from high school.
The reason why we liked Bruce was that he was witty. He always had something nice to say and he seemed to put everyone at ease. In appearance he was more than a little ugly. He was short, about five feet five inches, a little heavy, about 150 pounds. He had orange red hair and a ruddy complexion. He was one of those men who seemed to have no neck and his legs were stunted. His sister, Marty, had apparently inherited a different set of genes. She was nearly my height of five feet eleven inches with dark red hair, long legs, and a curvaceous body with all those things that attracted men. Her girlfriend Louise was a blond, with all the attributes of her friend and larger boobs.
When Bobby and Donny went with Bruce to see the recreation room, Mary could not wait to tell me how her brother had raved about me and wished he had the courage to tell me how attracted he was to me. I was not totally surprised by this and I told her that I had always liked Bruce. She then asked if Bobby and Donny had girlfriends. I hardly had the chance to say no before she said it was, “so perfect that there were three boys and three girls with no adults to tell us what we could or could not do.”
When the boys returned they announced we would be staying for a day or two. I could see that Marty and Louise could hardly contain there excitement. I decided to tell Bobby and Donny that I would be encouraging Bruce as a cover so no one would suspect the truth about me and my brothers and they were to do what the girls wanted them to do. If we all wound up having sex, it would be okay with me. Since I had never screwed anyone except my brothers, I became very excited thinking of being with Bruce.
Soon we were involved in a party with pizza and beer. Because of Bobby’s drunkard grandparents he had always avoided alcohol but he said, “I’ll give it a try this time.” None of us got drunk since we decided to limit our drinking to one beer each. Before too late in the evening Bruce and I were lovey dovey on the big leather couch in the recreation room. My brothers had disappeared, to where I did not care. Kissing Bruce was not like kissing either of my lovers but it was interesting. I found I was being stimulated in the same way as if I was with either or both of them.
Suddenly Bruce stopped and said he had to tell me something. He then told me that he had been teased a lot because of his appearance. He had for a long time thought of himself as some kind of a freak. He had never had a real girlfriend and only once a friend of his sister’s, not the one that was here now, had almost allowed him to fuck her but had at the last minute run screaming from the room. He had never since come near to fucking a girl. He said he did not want to embarrass me but he wanted to know before he got his hopes up if I intended to fuck him.
I thought to myself that this was so like Bruce to not want to make anyone, even himself, uncomfortable. I knew that if I said no, he would accept it. I also knew that if I said yes I would give him a memory that might change his life. I said, “Bruce, what I intend to do with you, I would prefer to do in private. Do you have a room where we can go right now?”
He turned even redder than usual. He was so short of breath, he could not speak. He grasped my hand and led me through the house and down a hall. From behind a closed door I heard sounds that indicated one of my brothers was hard at what I expected Bruce and I would be doing in a few minutes. The room we entered was obviously a young man’s room but it contained a king sized bed. Bruce stopped at the edge of his bed and turned to me to say, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what to do.”
“Tell you what,” I said, “For starters, I’ll undress you and then you can undress me.”
he said rather tentatively.
As I began by unbuttoning his shirt, I said, “I don’t want to sound like some kind of slut who has slept around but I do know what to do. That is to say I have fucked a couple of guys who knew how to fuck.”
“I would he began before I silenced him with a kiss while I pulled his shirt off and dropped it to the floor. He wore no undershirt. I ran my hands over his back. He was one of those hairy men who had more hair than I am comfortable with but I had committed myself and I went on as I continued our kiss by reaching between us and unbuckling his belt. The button slipped free easily and the zipper slid down. I knelt down as I lowered his trousers. I helped him out of his shoes and he stepped free of his trousers. I looked up at the bulge in his jockey shorts. It did not look as big as I had hoped. I had always been told that shot guys had long peters.
I decided to stop there and I stood, saying, “It’s your turn.” I watched as he fumbled with the buttons on my blouse. He was definitely nervous but I decided not to embarrass him by helping him. I looked at the top of his head and saw that already he was developing a bald spot. As soon as my blouse fell to the floor he stopped. I think he wondered what to do about my bra. I said, “My jeans.” He reached for the button and struggled with it until it finally came undone. Soon he was slipping my tight jeans down over my hips. He assisted me off with my shoes and I stepped out of my jeans. He looked up at me with a look that asked, “What do I do now?”
I grasped his hands and lifted him to his feet. I pulled his arms around me and said, “Undo my bra.” Soon I realized he had never even contemplated how a bra was hooked together. I reached back and undid the hooks. I allowed him to slip the bra straps off my shoulders. As he did so I watched his eyes grow big at the view of my titties. I had the thought that if his sister had been like me, he would have had a very different life. Fearing he was likely to stare at my titties for the rest of the evening, I placed my hands on his head and drew his face to them. Soon he was sucking like a hungry puppy. I remembered back to when this alone would get me off. It still stimulated me and made me tingle for more.
I realized that Bruce would have to be lead through every step so I moved his hands down to my panties and hooked his thumbs in the elastic waist band. He got the idea and began sliding my panties down. Soon he bent down to bring my panties all the way to my ankles. I stepped out of them and he looked up at my pussy. I thought this was the first pussy he had ever seen. Again I had to raise him to his feet. I slipped my thumbs in his waist band. His shorts hung up on his erect peter so with one hand I pulled the front of his shorts out to allow them to slip free.
The moment I saw his peter, I realized not all peters were the same as my brother’s. My brothers were about six to six and a half inches long and the right size for my long fingers to encircle. Bruce’s was shorter, maybe four or five inches, and fatter, lots fatter. I could not tell its length for sure because at least half of it was engulfed in a mass of red hair and if there were balls down there they too were obscured. Also my brother’s stood up while his stuck out. He rose to his toes when I touched the head of his peter. I stood and had him sit on the edge of the bed. “Just rest back,” I said, “I’m going to give you a blow job to remember.” He leaned back on his elbows, watching intently what I was doing. I knelt down between his knees and examined his equipment. Beneath the fuzzy red hair he had a large pair of balls. I suspected they were loaded with his hot stuff. I expected that because of his inexperience it would only take a couple of minutes to partially empty those balls.
I began by caressing his peter gently. The expression on his face was that of pure enjoyment. I kissed the fat head of his peter and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. When I sucked the head into my mouth, his eyes closed. When I swirled my tongue around the head of his peter, his head rolled back. I closed my eyes and concentrated on what my mouth was doing. His forest of hair was so thick and long that I had to burry my face in it to take all of his peter in my mouth. There was no danger of chocking on his short peter but it filled my mouth completely. Using my tongue and lips I gave him more stimulation than he had ever experienced and in less than a minute I was swallowing the sweetest hot stuff I had ever had.
“Oh jeez, oh he was saying.
“That was quick,” I said as I made sure none of his stuff had leaked out of my mouth. His peter nearly disappeared in its surrounding shroud of red hair.
“Jeez I’m sorry I shot in your mouth,” he apologized.
okay,” I said, “Now it’s my turn.” I lay down beside him and gave him a long passionate kiss. My pussy reminded me that it was time to get Bruce to work on her. I attempted to guide him to her but he stopped at my titties. Again it appeared he might stay there all night so I said, “My pussy Bruce, my pussy.” His hand found my pussy which he caressed but apparently he did not know what to do. I sat up, pushing him as I did. He slid off the edge of the bed onto his knees. I raised my knees and spread my legs. I said, “Look here, you need to know what you have to work with.” He watched intently as I described my pussy, telling him how to stimulate each part. I concluded by saying, “If you learn to love a pussy right and word gets around, you will have girls lining up. Are you ready to learn?”
“Oh yeah, yes I am,” he said as he leaned forward to sniff of my juicy pussy
“Okay then, try doing different things with your tongue and lips and if I like it I will say, ‘Mm,’ if I don’t like it I will say, ‘No,’ and if I start shouting my pleasure don’t stop whatever you do.” I lay back and let him explore. At first he merely kissed and nuzzled but as soon as I felt his tongue licking at my slit I encouraged him with a, “Mm.” Soon, with more encouraging Mm’s he was licking deep inside. When he found my little button, I called out my pleasure with a loud Mm which encouraged him to do more there. When he sucked on it I again encouraged him. He alternated between licking and sucking my button and lapping deep into my pussy. He seemed to have a remarkable long tongue dipping so deep into my pussy that I imagined his tongue in my womb. As he continued I began to experience that wonderful feeling of floating that I love so much. I stopped thinking of teaching him and simply enjoyed the wonders of my euphoric pleasure. At some time he must have tired of giving me the pleasures of his mouth and had moved up on top of me. As I came down from one of those pleasurable highs I realized he was pushing his fat peter in my pussy. It was different, having my pussy stretched open wide like that. Not different bad but different good.
When he blasted my pussy full of his hot stuff, he collapsed on top of me. A heavy, hairy weight which would have normally repelled me but this time I soaked in his warmth as if he was a blanket of thick wool. After a time I realized he was asleep. With little effort I rolled him off me and covered us both with a sheet and blanket. I had had my pleasure and so I slept well.
I woke, hearing, “Ding dong. Bruce, wake up! Ding dong.” It only took a moment for me to realize where I was. There beside me was Bruce. I poked him in the ribs. Again I heard, “Ding dong. Bruce, wake up! Ding dong.”
“Uh, oh,” I heard him say before he reached over to the nightstand and pressed a button. “I’m awake, sis,” he said.
“Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes,” we heard his sister say.
“Be down in a few,” he said. Turning to look at me, he said, “Oh you are awake, Carly.”
“Just woke up,” I said.
“Me too. Golly jeez, you know I slept with you and I missed the whole thing by sleeping,” he said awkwardly.
I knew what he meant and I said, “We did have a good time before we slept.”
“Oh yes we did,” he said
I moved in close to him and we kissed. I realized he was the victim of bad breath so I said, “We better brush our teeth.” While getting up he explained about the intercom. It had been his idea because he did not like someone knocking on his door.
I took a quick shower while he brushed his teeth. Then while he showered I dressed and went to the kitchen. There I met Bobby and Bruce’s sister Marty. She was cooking breakfast but the thing I noticed first was that she was barely dressed, having on only a sheer, almost totally see through, house robe. I could see she was wearing underpants. I looked to Bobby and asked, Donny?”
“Out in the motor home. I just went out and woke them,” he said.
Soon all six of us were sitting around the table eating breakfast. Marty looked at Bruce and said, “My, my Bruce, you really have a glow about you today.”
“What do you mean?” he asked appearing embarrassed.
“What I mean is…you look like you really enjoyed yourself last night.”
“I didn’t know it would show. Do I have something on my face?” he asked.
“Just a look of she said.
“Ho, ho,” Donny interjected and turning to me he asked, “Did he get his face into it?”
“I don’t know if I should tell,” I said while looking at Bruce for permission. He shrugged so I, wanting him to have a reputation that might bring him invitations to lick pussy, I said, “All the way and was he good.”
“Oh boy, Bruce, if you are as good as Carly says, you will have to carry a towel to wipe the pussy juice off your face,” Donny said.
“Donny! We are in mixed company!” I said.
Donny looked at Louise and asked, you want to know which guys are good pussy /> certainly willing to find out,” she hesitantly admitted while glancing at Bruce.
Bruce, being the subject of the conversation, was even redder than usual. His sister tried to make him feel more comfortable by saying, “Brother of mine, I am so happy to know that you have this talent. If you would like I will let all my girlfriends know.”
I think Bruce was overwhelmed by all this attention. He could not even look at anyone.
Donny, never one to be gentle with people’s feelings turned to Bruce’s sister and said, “You know if you are going to recommend him to your friends, you should experience a sample so you know what you’re talking about.” Everyone was silently looking at Donny. I wanted to tell him to be quiet. Some might be thinking he was talking from experiencing. He realized his mistake and said, “I’ve always wanted to show Carly how good I was so she would be able to tell her friends.” He smiled at me.
I said, “I’ll take your word for it brother.” I turned to Louise and asked, “How good is he.”
She leaned against him and smiled before saying, “Oh, he’s good, real good.”
Marty said, “I guess we are in the company of three real good pussy /> We all laughed but non louder than me since I was the only one who knew for sure how good all three were at licking pussy.
After some discussion Bobby and Donny changed girls and Bruce and I went to his room for a morning repeat of last night. His peter wasn’t as loaded as it had been but it was still sweet.
As we lay there in the afterglow he asked if I needed a roommate at college. I said no because Donny would be moving in to Bobby’s old room but that did not mean that he couldn’t visit.
Then he asked, “Do you want to hear what’s happening in Marty’s room?”
“What do you mean?” I asked.
He explained he was the one who installed the intercom and everyone else thinks that it all operates out of the kitchen but he can also listen in on the other bedrooms. “Usually there is nothing interesting so I hardly ever /> He reached over and opened a hidden door on the intercom box and held down a button. We heard Marty’s voice saying, She wasn’t shouting, just saying in a normal but almost nervous sounding way.
“I know what Donny’s doing,” Bruce said.
“Me too,” I said. Then I asked, “Have you listened in on your sister with her boyfriends before?”
“Oh, she has never had a boy in her room before. The folks wouldn’t let her. This is the first time we have been alone.”
“Then what have you listened in on?” I asked.
“I’ve listened to my sister and her girlfriends talk about boys,” he said. “Yeah, I already knew girls liked pussy licking. I know Marty lost her cherry after the prom last month and I know Louise has screwed two guys this last year and it won’t take much now to get her in my bed.”
“Well you make sure to give her pussy all the attention she needs and she will keep coming back,” I said.
“I think Louise will be nice but I have someone else in mind. I think after I do Louise, she’ll tell Marty how it was and Marty will tell the girl I want.”
got it all planned out then?”
“Oh yeah,” he said as he went down on me. This was a surprise. He had filled it with his stuff only a few minutes before. In only a moment he said, “Wow, it sure tastes /> how you taste,” I explained.
“Oh yeah,” he said as he dove back in. Soon I was flying again. This time I think I flew around the world since he refused to stop even after I told him to stop. Of course I only said stop once because when he didn’t stop I decided I wanted him to continue and I held him in place even when he tried to pull away. When I did release him he turned around and gave me his peter to suck while he went back to my pussy. This is something that has never really worked for me since I so often lose control when I fly high. I tried my best this time and after Bruce shot my mouth full of his hot stuff I was able to enjoy a final few minutes until he stopped.
We lay beside each other and after a while I explained to him that if a girl says for him to stop, he should. Sometimes a girl will say stop when she means, give me a minute, but if she says stop and he doesn’t then the girl has a right to get mad.
“But I have been told that all girls will say stop even if they want you to keep going.”
“They shouldn’t but if they do, you should stop. If they don’t want you to stop they will tell you to continue. Remember if you force them in any way, they might holler rape. Now one more thing, how old are Marty and Louise?’
both eighteen,” he assured me.
“Good, I didn’t think of that before. Remember any girl under eighteen is jail bait.”
“Yeah, my dad has explained that to me at least once a month since I turned eighteen.”
He reached over and turned on the intercom again. We could hear heavy breathing, then Donny called out, “Oh yes, oh yes.” And Marty drowned him out with, Good God that’s Good.” They both concluded with, Then everything but breathing stopped.
Bruce turned off the intercom and asked if I was hungry. He tossed me a long t-shirt and we both went to lunch in only a long t-shirt. In the kitchen he prepared sandwiches while I prepared soup from a can. He called Marty on the intercom and I went out to the motor home to call Bobby and Louise.
When I got to the motor home I expected it would be rocking but it was not. I did not know what Bobby was doing so I opened the door only slightly and said, “Hey you guys, come to lunch.”
“Be right there sis,” Bobby said.
To be continued in Chapter IX. Sex Shows

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