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Hello I am going to start by saying that my name is Jamie and my family is kinda incested I dunno why it's weird I know, anyways when I was 14 and my brother was 12 and his name is 'Josh", we started to bond more witch I know doesn't sound normal…

But me and Josh shared showers sometimes (Rare)
And I was 14 at this point and this was the best moment of my life, and if ur wondering why, well all of the answers to this story is down below, all that u need to do, is read the story 🙂 … And I hope u enjoy the best moment of my life and I hope u have had a great moment as well like mine 🙂 <3

One HOT summer me and my brother was just wearing boxers outside and my brother wears lose boxers and I wear not tight but ones that show my bulge, and I saw my brother look a few times and he said "Can we go and play in ur room" now me and my family was a calm family not like those chavs and all that shit…
I said "Yes of course Josh"
So we went to my room and I sat on my bed and so did my brother… We just looked at each other and smiled

Then Josh just came out with this witch shocked me to hell "Jamie c…Ca… Can I c ur… Well, u know…" I just sat there looked at him and then I said "WTF IS WRONG WITH U JOSH" and he started to cry! Josh wasn't really a cry baby, he just cried when someone got angry with him. And I said "Oh don't cry" and I hugged him as I felt his warm skin touch mine, I felt something, something that I have never felt from anyone before in my life, and this was from my brother, a great feeling from hugging my brother Josh…

I didn't let Josh go for at least 5minutes thinking how soft his skin was…
I loved it I couldn't believe it. Then I thought, 'If his skin is soft, I want to feel the rest of his body'. So I stood up and dropped my boxers. Josh looked at me and said "W…What r u doing" I said "U wanted to c ur bro"

He got up and touched it with his soft hand, and straight away, that feeling was back and I moaned a little… I then started rubbing his arm and my penis got hard.

I sat on the bed and I took Joshes boxers off, I knew that he was gay as I saw his penis grew (Of course my was bigger but his was pretty big for a 12 year old, I can't remember mine being that big at the age of 12) without anyone touching it (I dunno why but still) I am gay and he is too…
Anyways, I took his boxers off and then we laid on the bed with each other feeling each others cocks.

I then got on my knees on the bed and Josh said "What r u doing bro" I said "U'd know in a minute" and smiled at him.

I put my brothers Knob in my mouth, licking around it sucking his Knob, I then went down more and more and more until I got to my brothers very few pubic hair. I then worked my way back up his cock to his Knob.

Josh just laid back and moaned and enjoyed every moment of it, I loved his penis in my mouth as well…

I was doing this for about 5-7minutes now and then I heard Josh moan and groan more and more and his eyes closed and also his breathing was getting heavier, of course I knew that this meant, he was going to do his load in my mouth, so I started pumping harder and harder on my brother penis! Josh was shouting "I'M CUMMING BRO I'M CUMMING" so I went faster and faster until he shot his load inside of my mouth. Josh said that this was his second time (He said he done it once and I done it for him the second time)

I then licked my brothers cum off of his chest and Knob and Pubic hair

Then my brother smiled at me and said "Thank u bro" and then he chucked me on my back…

He then got my junk and put it in his sexy wet mouth that made me harder then ever !! My 6 and a half inch was in my brothers mouth, he tried to put it all in but it started to gag him.

His wet mouth felt AMAZING around my hardon, I have never been sucked b4, by brother Josh was the 1st one to do it for me and I love him.

After 4-6 minutes I cum in my brothers mouth, he didn't swallow but he found some toilet roll and spat it in that.. Brother then licked the rest and swallowed that I think.

Then me and my brother just fell asleep in each others arm and we said to each other that we love each other 🙂

When we woke up, we was still hugging each other and I looked at the clock and it was 17:50, and Josh said to me "Thanks bro ur the best 😉 I hope we can do this another time as well I really love u bro" and I looked at him and smiled and said "Bro I would do anything for u because were family, and family stick together with what ever they do! 😉 I love u bro"

and I will always remember that day… The day when me and my brother sucked each other.

I hope u guys enjoyed this story it isn't fake if that is what ur thinking

(Btw my family is incested and my brother isn't the only person that I have sucked/fucked, the next story is when me and my father has sex… When I was 16)
Oh and please comment on this if u liked it or didn't like it 🙂

Thanks for reading 😉 c ya next time about me father when I was 16 (2years later then this story)

story by: HornyJamie

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Author: HornyJamie

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