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Connor was 16. 6 Foot, brown eyes, Not bad looking either. Not athletic, but certainly not fat. More than anything, he was an academic. He got the grades.

His brother, Cooper was 2 years old. Loved sport, about 2 feet taller and toned. HE was the pretty boy with blue eyes and blond hair everyone loves.

Their parents were well off, and never home due to work. Essentially – the boys ran the house. Did what they liked, ate what the liked and when they liked it. They were both straight guys.

The car pulled up. Connor got out the passenger side with his school bag whilst Cooper lumbered his cricket bag from the boot and began wheeling it towards the door. Unlocking it, they entered their house and preceding in the same everyday fashion. Connor headed for the kitchen to get something sweet before traipsing upstairs to get his work done. Cooper took his bag across the hallway and through a door into his "sporting space". Here, was a table tennis table, football, all his sporting equipment and also his games station.

Dumping his bag in the corner he pulled off his white clothing and threw them in the basket in the corner. Now short (which he wore under the flannels) he got onto his bike and began to pedal hard. to build up some sweat: This nights session had been a little boring.

After about 20 minutes, with the sweat pouring over him, he got off the bike and began stretching his arms and legs. Decided he had done enough he grabbed a towel and wiped his pecks and abdomen. Still not enough, he took of his shorts leaving him in his jockstrap. He needed a drink.
In the kitchen, he grabbed a glass and ran the tap until it went cold. He filled it and took a few deep sips form it. The phone Rang.

Cooper asked. after several minutes he put the phone down and headed upstairs.

Connor was at his desk – changed now into an old pair of baggy tracksuit and a T-shirt – doing Maths. There was a knock at his door. "Come in Cooper" he answered. He continued to work, not turning. He heard the door close and asked what he wanted.

"Mum and Dad aren't coming home at all tonight. They're staying away in London – they're meetings overrunning into />
Connor replied. "what shall we have for dinner?"

Cooper suggested.

Connor, having just finished the problem he was on turned around. "Sounds G-…." He stopped staring at his brother. "The fuck do you think your doing?"


"Your practically wearing nothing in my ROOM"

"I didn't think you'd notice because you never turn around when I come in." said cooper opening the door to go. "See you at dinner."

The door closed.
Turning back to his work, he stared at it – Thinking. He had seen his brother shirtless often. Hell – They'd both had dinner shirtless almost every night. So what was it?
Was it the fact the light had fallen on his pecks perfectly? Giving them a soft brown glow. The shadow of a 6-pack beneath them? And beneath that…The well filled jock….
tearing himself from his thoughts he returned to his work.

Coopers big feet slapped on the kitchen floor tiles as he went to the phone to order a pizza for later; a Meat feast. Going into the lounge he slumped into his armchair and switched on the TV. Flicking through the channels with nothing to watch. FUN!
Bored – He flicked to the daytime chat channels with hot girls not wearing much. It wasn't late enough yet for them to get their tits out. Still. There were some fit birds grinding the air to admire. His jockstrap moved.

Connor was finishing up. He checked his e-mails and Facebook. And then got up. It was decidedly too hot – Being late May. He took off his tracksuit and shirt. He stood thinking for a moment thinking, then removed his boxers too. That felt Good.
He never been unhappy with his manhood, sizeable balls which didn't hang too low, but low enough to be impressive accompanying a limp 6 inches of rather thick meat. Still enjoying the liberating feeling he swung over to the wardrobe and pulled out a pair of shorts. Stuffing his dick down his left leg, he pulled the shorts up and fastened them, then left the room. Jumping down the last few steps he veered off towards the kitchen to get a drink of lemonade. Sometimes stereotyping Summer is fun!
Sipping it, enjoying the coolness trickling into his stomach he walked through to the lounge were the news was on.

"Hey Bro, I heard you come down. Take-out should be here in about 45 minutes". Noticing his brother glare at him, he looked down. "Oh yea, sorry i forgot to change."

"Don't worry, its cool" Replied Connor falling into the seat halfway across the room. "What you />
much, just flicking. Nothing on really. Want to go play some Xbox until the pizza's here?"

"Yea sure, why not" Connor said.

Cooper got up and knelt down in-front of the TV. Fiddling with the Box.
Connor was staring straight at his brothers ass on the floor in-front of him. It was perfect. If he tensed that, it would be solid. Absolutely Rock H- "OW"

A controller hit Connor in the chest. "Wow, watch it dude" Cooper said laughing. "Your not the day-dreaming type, what's up?"

was the reply.

"Cmon man, I know when something's bothering you. What is it?"

He had to get out of this. Fast. He had to divert the conversation.

"Was wondering how your Girlfriend was" was the best he could come up with.

"You think my ass looks like beths?" Asked cooper quizically.

Shit. He was caught. He knew that. He needed to come up with a viable alternative. Something /> "Ok, no. I was wondering…..I was wondering how much bigger my dick would get, ya know". Perfect. A Typical Teenage boy concern, which would get laughed at by the older brother. He was good.

"Haha, Dude. I always wondered when you'd start getting insecure about yourself. I was beginning to think it would never happen, but here we are. Hahah"

"Fuck you" Retorted Connor.

"10 Inches"

"That's how big I am. You probably won't get near that though."

"Fuck off Cooper, no way are you 10 Inches." Connor mocked, getting up and leaving to the kitchen.
He opened the fridge and began to route around. Pulling a apple from the back i straightened up and turned.

Cooper must have crept quietly in whilst i was looking for something. Before i could say anything he'd grabbed my head and forced it down. your fucking proof"

I followed his abs to where a V stood. Unwilling but curiously, i followed to V to i knew exactly where.
Between his thick muscular thighs maybe 7 inches of a thick brown stab of raw power hung there, suspended between 2 golf balls either side. A Jungle of hair was a-mess around the top, balls and halfway down the shaft, even through the foreskin, an obvious head was visible due to it being much larger than the shaft.

"So, Fuck you little bro." he turned and his penis flew out and slapped against his body. as he was walking away, he turned again and said thoughtfully. "You know, I prefer walking around like this. Show me your cock and then I needn't worry about you getting all bitchy about me going about like this.

An unfathomable urge to impress his brother rose in Connor. He straightened up, and unbuttoned his shorts. He let them fall to the floor and expose his 6 inches dangling between his legs.

"Dude! Fuck me it runs in the family" Cooper said with an air of pride. "fucking parents have a use after all!"
Connor smiled. But he liked the arrangement. Deal – I don't have to wear anything around either.

"Wow, not so fast little bro, I wasn't expecting this." He signalled to his brothers hanging pride.
"Now I gotta know if your a grower, or like me – a bit of a shower. You better not have a bigger hard-on then me or i'm gonna fucking knock you out"
Considering the Deal, and whether it was worth trying to show his brother up or not, he agreed and they went back into the lounge and sat side-by-side on the couch.

help" Cooper said flicking to some horny girl shaking her ass at the camera. Almost immediately his dick twitched. He lay his hand gently over it and began stroking too and fro.
Connor mirrored his actions.
Pretty soon there stood a 9 inch pole and a 9+1/2 monument on the couch.
"Bitch" Said Cooper.. "I knew i'd be bigger"
"Fuck off, I'm thicker" Said Connor.
"No fucking way". Coopers hand shot out and grabbed Connors dick. He gasped in surprise and the sudden pressure and sensation.
"No way you are, I can feel mines bigger."
Not wishing to get shown up again, Connor wrapped his hand around his shaft and then his brothers.
"Fuck off, mines like an inch wider."

Without realising, Connor had been pushed off the sofa and his much bigger, muscular and heavy brother sat on his chest.
"look what you did" Cooper said shaking his boner infront of Connors face.

Without a second thought, Cooper opened his mouth and took the thick pulsating head into his mouth. It filled it up, and yet his brother kept pushing. It wouldn't go down his throat! It was too big. He tried to make noises but they were all muffled. He rolled. Cooper fell off him.

"What the fuck dude, i thought you wanted it"

"You can fuck off if you think i'm not getting anything in return for this."

Cooper smiled, and positined himself so they were in a 69 on their sides.

He didn't get an answer for Connor has already taken the head of his dick back into his mouth. Tentatively, He licked the tip of the monster ahead of him. Not bad. He went in with his whole mouth this time. AH! That felt good, his dick all hot and wet and something in his mouth. he started pushing forward with his hips. Connor began to do the same. After several more minutes of pushing they both had large lumps in their wind pipes where the head of their brothers dick lay. Now deepthroating one another, with surprisingly no gagging (it was asif the other had been gay his whole life), Connor pulled coopers dick from his mouth and said, keep going.

Cooper – wondering what was coming waited and pleasure consumed his body. His ass-hole was experiencing ecstasy.Was his Brother Rimming him? No, he didn't care. His throat was getting sawn in two by a thrusting dick whilst waves of pleasure spread up his body. He was a Toy. His Younger Brothers Toy. He was, as the saying goes, Getting Dicked on.

He moaned through the dick in his mouth. as a stranger entered the sacred depths of his sphincter. His ass cheeks cletched around the hand, but pretty soon relaxed. Slower and slower the finger began to penetrate his hole. Little by little. Cooper struggled for a moment before getting the rod out of his mouth. "NO" he said.

"What?" Connor replied

"Don't. I want you to force our dick into me. I dont want it to slide in. I want to scream as you tear me open."

Connor's dick must have just grown another few inches, and certainly turned to steel.
"Whatever you want"

Cooper rolled over onto his side, and Connor got behind him.
"I hope you sucked this good enough for />
Holding his leg in the air, with the other hand he guided his pulsating purple head between his elder brothers legs until it rested between the cheeks.
Connor asked, his breath catching.

"Fuck. Me" came the reply.

Connor thrust powerfully forwards. His dick met resistance, and it buckled a little bending upwards. But he didn't relent his pressure. His brothers hole was putting up a good fight. He kept pushing, he could feel his brothers ass clenching around his head. More pressure. The head disappeared. His dick was suddenly buried half way.

Came the scream from his brother.
He stopped for a little bit. The smell of his brother filled his nostrils. Sweat. His crept his hands around and squeezed his brothers pecks. Panting was coming from in front.
you stopped for?"

He started applying pressure again and he felt himself slowly slide in some more.
Ahhhhhh" moaned and groaned Cooper. This only encouraged Connor more and he continued pushing.

"OH" That must have been the prostate. He kept pushing past it, but felt it move down the length of his dick and he continued to push.
Cooper certainly noticed. He squirmed beside Connor as his prostate rubbed up against the mass inside him.
"How much more?"
Looking down, Connor saw he was on his last inch.
Cooper felt his ass being tickled by Connors pubic hair, pressed against his ass. My God. His brother was in his ass – Up to the Hilt in fact. And he was loving it. It felt great. His body was still contracting from the slight rubs the penis kept making against his prostate. Then without warning, it was gone. Everything.
MMMMOOHHH" He let out of his mouth as Connor pulled the 8 inches up to his Head out of his brothers tight fuck hole.
"No" Gasped Cooper "Put it back, i feel empty"
Obligingly, Connor put back a few inches. In and out, In and out.
"Fuck Off, ALL OF IT" Yelled Cooper.
He gasped as the remaining 7 inches plunged deep into his colon.
Connor now began to pick up some pace. Pulling almost all of his dicks length out of his brothers hole and driving it back in again. Fast.

"Ahhhhhh YEaaaaahahhhhh Fuucccck mmmmmeeee Moaned his brother as he pumped his ass again and again.

He stopped, mid thrust. Grabbing Coopers Thighs, he pulled him onto his hands and knees – still in his brother and remained behind him. Doggy-Style.

Now, he really went for it. Pounding his brothers all. His balls so low that they slapped again Coopers balls and they were both sent into Heaven. Reaching round his gasping brother, Connor grabbed his brothers dick and began rubbing it. Pants and the sweet smell of sweat filled Connors senses. He was so close to his brother. So Loving. Yet "so Fucking GOOD" yelled Cooper from below, bringing Connor suddenly back.

Deciding quickly, he grabbed his brothers hips and fell back, laying on the floor his brother on top.
"No, i dont want to. Fuck my brains out Bro"
He had never intended to let Cooper be in control.
"Put your feet on the floor and raise yourself a bit" He commanded.
After that, he began long-dicking him just like before, but now reaching even deeper.



Managed cooper.

It was getting too much, his balls ached. He needed release.
This time from Connor.
"im CUMMING" he yelled to Cooper. 1….3…..6…7! ropes of hot thick cum liberated themselves from Connors Dick and covered the inside of Coopers Ass. Feeling this, Cooper reached for his own dick and began beating it off, slapping his balls with his spare hand.

"Yea, fucking like it rough dont we boys" he growled.. It didn't take long. 5 Long, powerful spurts of cum shot through the air and fell in his Hair and on his face.

Cooper dick had now gone soft. He Pulled his limp dick from his brothers ass and Cum began to drip out. he plunged his fingers into the hole and loaded his fingers up.

"Eat it" He said to his brother presenting him with the fingers. Without hesitation Cooper licked the fingers clean and began licking his own cum from around his mouth.
"Yeah? You like it? Cum Lover."

"Yeah Connor. I love it. That was fucking amazing. You literally fucked my brains out"

Connor slumped on the floor next to him, Smiling. He kisssed his brothers cum covered face, enjoying the sweet buy salty taste.

The Door Bell Rang.


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