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“Well, okay, I’ll see you this afternoon then. My planes lands at 2:15 and its flight 714. Okay, tell Cindy that Gramps will be there. I wouldn’t miss her graduation for the world. Okay, I’d better go, they’re calling my flight,” I said over the phone to my daughter.

They called my seat assignment so I got in line and we slowly marched to the ticket agent and then down the jet way to board the plane. It was just me, no one else. It has been just me since my bride of 42 years passed away two years ago right after we moved down here to Florida. We had bought a house in a retirement neighborhood so after she passed I decided to stay. The weather’s great and the golfing is sensational with good, understanding friends to keep me entertained, so it’s okay I guess, not as good as if my Molly was here though.

I really wished that my daughter lived a little closer so I could spend more time with Cindy, but after Bill’s company transferred them to Denver, well, I guess it all worked out for the best. Anyway, Cindy had grown up to be a real lady and was now graduating from high school and going to college next fall. I don’t know where just yet, she changes her mind every other week, just for good measure. As I found 24C – I always chose the isle seat, arthritic knee you know, so I can at least walk when I get there – and just got settled in, I noticed a young woman walk up to 24F, stop and look right at me, then she smiled and went to her seat.

There was something very familiar about her but I couldn’t put my finger on it. My mind was straining to recollect what it was about her when she looked my direction again and she smiled once more. She looks so familiar, what is it? She is wearing a white skirt and floral blouse and as she looked out of the window, I saw her long reddish blond hair and then it came rolling back to me. I hadn’t thought of her in a long, long time, but now those memories came flooding back and instantly I was back over forty years, back to 1968.

How can I be so sure of the date? Well, it was December 27, 1968 to be exact and I was on a Greyhound bus going south on I-5 just north of Salem, Oregon. It was 1230 and we were just about to stop in Woodburn. I remembered it as if it was yesterday and all of a sudden, I was there in that time in that place. Yes I remembered it like it was yesterday.

I had been home on leave before heading back to Nam for my third tour. I liked it over there, I guess because no one was ever shooting at me like most of the other fellas over there. I was in administration, a Sergeant in the Army, E-6 on my way to an E-8 by the time I retired after my twenty. Anyway, I was heading back to Fort Ord near Monterey and I was kind of tired having boarded that bus a 0730.

I know three people got on the bus in Woodburn; two Russians, a father and his son and a young woman, well barely a woman, more like an older girl, maybe eighteen or so. She looked my direction for a long second, I smiled and she looked shocked and mortified. Then she turned to her seat, excused herself and crawled over the older gentleman to take the window seat. She never looked my way again but I noticed right off that she was crying a little as she turned her head towards the window. All I saw of her for a while was the back of head and her reddish blond hair.

I had worn my dress uniform because service men got a break on their transportation costs if they wore them, even though it was a target for insults and ridicule from some people. I tried not to let it bother me most of the time but I wondered if my wearing it had brought on such this emotional reaction from the girl by the window. “Oh well,” I thought, “You can’t please all of the people all of the time.”

We arrived in Salem around 1300 and the driver announced that we were to take a scheduled break so we could grab some chow, so I headed for the isle and just as I got there, the girl stood up, looked at me again, lowered her head and walked off the bus. I was right behind her and as we walked towards the terminal, I reached out and took the door for her and said, “After you Miss.” She didn’t look up at me or my uniform but walked through the door and towards the café. I walked behind her and quickly introduced myself.

“Miss, I’m sorry if my uniform bothers you. I know it bothers a lot of people these days and I just want to say to not let it bother you at all. I’m a nice guy, I’ve never killed anyone and don’t intend to either. I’m Staff Sergeant Anderson, but you can call me Andy, everybody does.”

She just looked at me but didn’t say a word.

“I was wondering if I could buy you some chow, you know, some lunch,” I continued to talk, escorting her over to a table and pulling back the chair for her. She sat down and I took the one on the opposite side as I kept up the chatter.

“I don’t know how you feel about this war and all, I started but she interrupted with.

“Have you been over to Viet Nam?” she blurted out.

I smiled at her and answered; “Why yes, two times and she interrupted again.

“I hate that place! I hate it more than anything!” she spat out.

I suddenly got her message and asked her, “Did you lose someone over there?”

She looked straight ahead and a tear came to her eye. She didn’t answer, she didn’t have to. Her answer was in her tears rolling down her cheek.

“I’m so sorry,” I said earnestly and meant it. “Was it your brother or husband or friend?”

She fought for her composure as she mumbled, barely audibly, “My fiancé. We were suppose to be married a soon as he got back home. Well, he’s back home in Woodburn but we’re not getting married,” she said through her tears that ran down her cheeks.

I was truly touched and reached out to took her hand and gave it a squeeze. She looked startled at first and I thought maybe I had been too forward in showing my sincere sorrow for this girl but, just as I was about to take it away, she reached out her other hand and placed it over the pair. I was touched beyond belief as I looked into her eyes and saw the terrible hurt that she felt.

Just then the waitress came up to take our orders and the spell, or whatever it was, was lost and we looked down at the menu. We hurriedly ate our lunch and headed back to the bus and upon arriving at our seats, the older gentleman must have gotten off because he was nowhere to be seen. I let her in and asked, “Do you mind,” indicating that I would like to sit down with her. She looked kind of timid but didn’t say a word as turned her head and looked out of the window. I took that as a “No I don’t mind,” and sat down in the seat nearest the isle for safe keeping.

I chatted and she continued looking out the window, not really saying anything in response. I didn’t mind and kept up the constant drone of chatter all the way to our next stop in Eugene. We stopped but for an instant and were soon on the road again continuing on our way south.

About 1630 it started getting dark as the sky was telling me that a storm was a brewing and the sun was ready to set to boot. I had lived in the Seattle area for most of my life and I had seen many nights like the one we were heading into. I suddenly felt a chilling breeze run through the bus and saw the girl physically shiver. I looked up in the overhead compartment for a blanket of some kind and found one nicely folded right where it should be stored.

Taking it down and spreading it over her lap for warmth, she looked up at me and for the first time she smiled and said, “Thank you Andy.”

I sat back down and scooted over a seat and crawled up under the other half of the blanket and put my hand down on my knee for warmth. She duplicated the movement with her hand and in an instant, they met under the blanket and we both froze.

She turned her head and so did I. We looked into each other eyes and then she did the strangest thing, she placed her hand on top of mind and scooted it over to her knee and rested it there. My heart skipped a beat as my hand came to rest on the nylons covering the skin on her knee. It felt rough and scratchy at first but oh so soft and delicate as I got used to it. She had turned her head back around to the window as my hand rubbed her knee tenderly.

“Did you know Bobby over there. His name was PFC Robert Jones, he was in the 7th Army. He was kind of tall, about 6’4” and kind />
“I haven’t been over there in a couple of years and there are so many guys over there and I…” my voice trailed off to nothing.

“Yeah, I suppose so,” she said almost as a second thought. “He wanted me to give in to him you know.” Turning to look at me she explained, “You know he wanted me to, ah, you know, make love with him before he went over. He said that if he didn’t come back,” she broke down and started to sob out her story. “If he didn’t come back then I would at least have this to remember him with,” she sobbed. “And I wouldn’t do it with him. I said “I wanted to wait until we were married!” she broke down into uncontrollable tears. “Now I’ll never know what it feels like to make love with him. He’s not coming back!”

She threw her head into my shoulder as the tears flowed from her eyes. She was letting it all come out of her soul; the hate, the guilt, the loss and the grief, all flowed out with the tears. As she cried, she moved her face upward and the more she cried, the higher her face went until she was looking right into my eyes, only a few inches away. Then, taking me by my cheek, she pulled me down until our lips met in a warm show of affection.

I realized that she wasn’t kissing me but was giving Bobby what she could; all of the love that she could muster. My hand that was touching her knee suddenly felt the warmth of hers sliding it up her inner thigh, up the nylon covered flesh towards her Holy Grail. It reached her firmness that only a girdle can produce and at that very moment, the coach lights came on and the driver announced that we were arriving in Roseburg.

She removed my hand from her thigh and folded up the blanket. Smoothing her skirt out with her hands, she told me, “Excuse me, I have to go to the restroom,” and got up to file out of the bus. I didn’t know what to do or to say so I just followed her to the restaurant and went to the men’s room to freshen up myself.

When I had finished, I waited for my new friend to come out of the ladies room but to no avail. I waited and waited until the final call for the bus rang out over the loudspeaker. I hurriedly walked to the loaded bus not knowing for sure what happen to her so when I climbed up on the bus and looked at the seat we had occupied, I saw nothing. My heart sank as I walked slowly back to the empty seat. As I approached, I looked all the way to the back of the bus, to the last row of seats and I saw a familiar face and head sticking over the top of the seat in front.

I walked back to the rear as the lights were dimmed and we drove away. I swung down beside of her sitting under the blanket that she had brought back with her and she threw it up to welcome my return. She took my hand and led it down to where it had been but this time it felt nothing but skin, the skin of her bare thigh. She had removed her nylons and I bet her girdle too. Now all I had to do was confirm my assumption of the latter.

As my hand found the softness of her inner thigh smooth and silky to the touch, I wanted to find out if she had, indeed, removed her stiff girdle with the nylons but I didn’t want to rush right up there and take the risk of scaring her off. So as she lowered herself down in a laying position back onto the seats, I ran my other hand down to her lower back to give her the appearance of aiding her down and felt the waist band of her underwear balling up under her skirt. My heart was racing with joy because although I knew that it wasn’t me that she wanted to touch her, I was going to be the one doing the touching.

My hand made its way higher and higher up her inner thigh, very slowly, very tenderly caressing her warm smooth skin as it made its journey. Her legs separated with my advance upward until it reached its destination. A moan escaped her lips as my hand landed on her warm, soft crotch and she jerked involuntarily away from the stimulus of my first time advance. I lightly ran my fingers over her Mons area, slightly tickling her lips as my fingers started rubbing and massaging her junction. Another moan came forth from her lips as she thrust up with her hips to make further contact with my probing hand and fingers.

I ran my first and third fingers up either side of her lips and drug my middle one along her slit. I encountered a patch of moisture as they reached between her legs and she threw out her chin in acceptance of the pleasure. I took my other hand away from her lower back, having served its purpose well, and moved it up her the front of her blouse and started undoing the protective buttons.

Soon her blouse hung open to my other hand and her white bra looked invitingly soft and contoured to her breasts. She groaned in an approving way as I slid one strap over her shoulder and pulled the cup away from her well defined globe. She had her eyes closed tight and I was sure she was enjoying Bobby’s imaginary caresses as she continued to groan and move into his (my) touch.

She was laying flat on her back with her right leg bent at the knee resting on the seat and her left leg, also bent at the knee was flat on the floor. Both legs were as wide apart as possible opening up her crotch to my insistent exploration. My fingers were pressing into her lips as my middle finger was rubbing the interior of her slit and were getting very wet through the crotch of her panties. As I touched her clitoris she would groan in a loud voice.

“Shush Baby,” I admonished her. “Not too loud. You don’t want everyone wondering what we’re doing back here.”

“Oh Bobby, it feels so good,” she whispered. “I knew it would.”

I didn’t let on that it wasn’t Bobby that made her feel so good but just kept up with my action. I pressed my palm into her junction, right over her opening and I could feel her gushing juices flowing out over her lips onto the crotch of her panties. She was moaning again rather loudly and then the light came up in the coach and the driver’s voice came across the intercom.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just received word that we will be stopping in Medford for the evening due to the road closure at the Siskiyou Pass from the snow accumulation. Greyhound Lines has made arrangements with a local Motel to put you up at a discount of 50% for all ticketed passengers. If you do not wish to or can not afford a Motel room, you can stay at the terminal free of charge until we can resume our travels. Greyhound Lines apologizes for any inconvenience this delay may cause and we will try our best to meet your every need. Again />
I looked down as she was panting her arousal through her open mouth and I asked, “Can you afford a room?”

“I don’t know, how much are they?” she answered in a breathy voice.

“I’ll get one for the both of us, okay?” I stated.

she answered.

She put herself back together and was smoothing out her skirt as we made our way forward to the front door. Everyone else had departed the bus already so we didn’t have to meet any stares that may have been coming our direction so I went into the Motel and stood in line for MY room key. Securing it in my hot little hand, I walked out to escort my friend all the way down to the end unit where we would be spending the night. My heart was racing as I opened the door.

We went in and turned on the overhead light and pulled the drapes to the front window. Turning around to look at her face to see if she had changed her mind, I could tell she was as nervous as a cat at the dog convention so I walked up to her and reached around to give her a hug. She accepted my reassurance and rested her head on my chest. We stood that way for a long time until I said to her, “Are you ready?”

She looked up into my gaze and with a trembling lip tucked under her front teeth she shook her head in the affirmative and backed away. My hands went to my tie around my neck and pulled on the knot to loosen it as her hands went back to the buttons on her blouse. We both started removing our clothing and soon we had our outer wear lying in a pile on the floor. I was standing there in just my boxers and she had left on her bra and panties covered by a half slip. I looked deeply into her eyes as she slowly came to me to give me a warm embrace.

The sensation of feeling the tender warmth of her body wrapping itself up against my own sent a little shudder through me as I placed my arms around her and gave her receptive hug. She seemed to melt into it and hugged me back with her arms, her stomach, her hips and her thighs. My cock started to jerk at the thought of her next to me so I leaned down and brought my lips next to hers.

She allowed me to kiss her tenderly but as I increased the pressure and intensity of my lips, her response was one of longing and acceptance. We opened our mouths to each other and we started to heat up with our kiss as I slowly steered her towards the bed and when her legs ran up against the mattress, I stopped my backward motion and broke the trance. I looked down into her eyes and she into mine and then I dropped my hand down to encompass her bra covered breast.

Her eyes closed at the first touch but quickly reopened in a wanting sort of look. I moved my other hand up and placed it on top of her matching breast as she continued to stare into my eyes. I tenderly rubbed and squeezed them for a brief moment and then I moved my hands around to release them from their confining restraint. She never took her eyes away from mind, not even when her bra tension was released and it fell away from her chest. She looked longingly, invitingly into my eyes with a reassuring acceptance of what was about to happen.

I placed my hands on the back of her shoulders and sliding them under the now loose straps that were holding it in place I slowing removed them down over her shoulders as the cups fell away to expose the two beautiful globes to my hungry eyes. I silently gasped at the sight of her two perfectly shaped glands that were now exposed to me as I followed the descending bra with my hands and replaced the cloth with skin. She once again closed her eyes and bit down tenderly on her lower lip.

I ran each hand around on the prizes that I just discovered, slowly rubbing, caressing and massaging them, paying special attention to her tight little brownish areolas with their pebble shaped nipples standing at attention on top of them. A moan escaped from her lips as she tilted her head backward and stuck out her chest in an inviting gesture. I knew that I had to taste them so I slowly bent down at the waist and took one in between my lips.

She put her hands around my head and pulled it down into her breast as the word “Yes” came out of her mouth in a whisper. She obviously wanted this as much as I did and was participating in her seduction with an unanticipated response to my increasing advances, so when I placed my left hand down on her slip right between her legs, I wasn’t surprised when she raised her left knee up and out and threw back her head and sighed loudly, “Oh yes Bobby!”

I pressed my hand deep into her crotch as she ground back with her hips. My mouth was sucking on her breast hard as she rubbed my head with both of her hands. I grabbed the silky material of the half slip and tugged on it until it gave way at the waistband to the descent down over her long thin legs and laid there in a heap around her ankles. She was now on equal footing with me as far as our wardrobe goes so I pressed her backward until she was lying flat on her back on the bed.

I stood there as I watched her scoot herself back on the bed until her head was resting on the pillow. She looked longingly into my eyes, waiting for me to make the next move. I hooked my thumbs on my elastic waistband and slowly pulled down my boxers. I pulled it outward as it passed my erection so as not to get caught and then I removed them completely from my body. I stood back up and let my full length stand out straight for her approval and watched as her eyes grew in size. After she got over the shock of seeing my finest erection, she stuck out her hand and invited me to join her on the bed.

As I approached her position on her back, I crawled forward on my hands and knees until my face was breast high. Tilting my head upward, I looked into her eyes and saw the most wanting look in them so I placed my mouth down on her breast and lay the rest of my body down beside her hip. My hand went right to her crotch as she separated her legs out wide to make room for my groping touch and when she felt my fingers go in between her legs, she raised her hips and turned them into my pressure.

She was panting now as I went up to the waistband of her panties and ran my hand down the inside of them. A welcoming squeal came from her open mouth when I inserted one of my fingers up into her opening as she began to hump her hips into my insertion. She threw her legs out wide as I applied my digit to her wetness and then yelled out loud when I found her pleasure button hiding under its hood up at the top of her slit. She clamped her legs together hard, trapping my entire hand deep inside her panties.

Her crotch was sopping wet from her discharge and clinging to her hair covered labia lips. Her kinky pubic hair was matted and sticky as I peeled down her underwear over her hips. She had them raised up to accommodate with their removal and now her legs were spread wide apart again. I could see her nakedness under the glare of the overhead light and her reddish brown mound that covered her Mons area. Her tight puffy lips were clamped together firmly but the least insertion of my finger revealed the glistening pink slit that opened up to display her hidden treasures.

Her odor was that of a woman; all musty and ripe with the fragrance of a damp dark secret hidden within her depths. Her hooded pleasure button was sticking out is head teasingly, readying itself for the sensations that were to happen. Her hips were quivering and her hands were clucking the sheet below her. She was ready for another assault and I knew just what to do.

I shifted my weight between her two legs and lowered my head down to taste her vaginal nectar that was freely oozing out of her opening. She gasped out her approval as I stuck out my tongue to pull in as much of her fluids as I could into my mouth. Her hips were writhing about from my tongue action and I was having a hard time keeping it buried at her hole so I switched it upward and settled for her hidden node. Finding it right where it should be, I teased it with my tongue but then I picked it with my lips and drew it into my mouth with a sucking motion.

She went wild with stimulation as she threw her head from side to side and her hips bounced me off of her clitoris. She was trying to close her legs but they couldn’t get by my torso as I drove back down with my lips to take another try on her sensitive treasure. It was ripe and ready and this time she grabbed the hair on my head and pulled it away and then pushed it back down as she forced my face into her snatch once again. She was writhing about, trying to force it to build up to a release but not quite getting there. I knew she was ready so I went for it.

I rose up on my hands and crawled up to her crotch. I took my engorged cock and placed it right at her opening as she came to a complete stop. She quit breathing, she didn’t move. I started the slow process of my invasion into her sacred, tight canal of this virgin girl that I met only a few hours before. She wanted me to separate it, to penetrate it with my cock, to deflower her previously unopened vaginal canal. She wanted it, she was begging for it and now she was about to experience her final, unfelt emotional sensation. She was about to loose her virginity.

I didn’t say a word I just started pushing it in. She was so well lubricated that it slipped through the tightness of her unwilling vaginal muscles but the sensation to me was unbelievable. It was as if a tight, a very tight latex glove, one that was much too small for the wearer, was placed down there around my cock and as I pressed it into her glove, the sides of it were extremely restrictive to my penetrating pressure. Slowly it went in through the tightness of her opening to the inner sanctions of her pussy. I didn’t realize that she was holding her breath throughout the entire insertion process but when she finally let out her breath, we were married together, pubic hair to pubic hair, as deep as I could possibly enter her.

I stopped for a second, resting there in her midst, and waiting for her reaction to my presence. She finally did through her hips opening up and pressing forward into mine. I started to remove it from its well earned place deep inside of her womb and as I did, the walls of her vagina almost spat it out they were so glad to rid themselves of its presence. But as soon as I had nearly extracted it out, I started the whole process again, forcing myself back into her most sacred place. It wasn’t any easier this time than the last but I soon was buried deep into her once again.

I started out again, this time taking it quicker and with more force as I reversed my course and started back in. She was enjoying my insertions and withdrawals as much as I was and she started to verbalize with every one that she felt.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she was saying in ever increasing tonal range and loudness. “Oh Bobby, it feels so good. Oh, oh ,oh,” she would say in rhythm with the insertions.

Her eyes were tightly closed and her fists were knotting up the sheet by her side as I continued to increase my speed and firmness. She grabbed me by my butt and dug her fingers into my flesh, pulling me into her wanting vagina with every thrust in. She had placed her heels into the mattress and was raising her hips, trying to force my cock into her opening further and further with every thrust that I made. I could feel the urge as it began to build deep in my loins and I knew that my time inside of this lovely girl was now limited so I redoubled my effort to bring her over the top with me.

“Oh Bobby, oh Bobby, Yes My Love, oh Yes, OH YES, OH BOBBY YESSSS!!!” she screamed out to the heavens. She strained every muscle in her little body as she became rigid as a board, letting it build deep in her womb where I was planting my throbbing cock. She was straining her hips a foot off the bed now as she was trying and straining to get the very last ounce of energy into her release and then, in one final expulsion of emotion, she released it all in one, never ending release that shook the entire room.

“OH GOD BOBBY YES. OH YES, OH YES” she kept repeating over and over as she flooded the bed with her fluids. Her fingernails were piercing the flesh on my butt as she was trying to dislodge me from my position deep within her womb. But as I shot my first rope of sperm into her, I realized that I hadn’t taken any precaution into mind before starting this affair. Now it was too late. I couldn’t have stopped it even if I had wanted to.

The sound of our fluids, sloshing together and out of her tight opening echoed off the walls as I continued to slam myself into her wide spread legs. She was over the build up stage and was rapidly into the total release stage. Her face was contorted, her eyes were tightly shut and her body was rapidly exerting itself into a mass of en energy that knew no boundaries. She was slamming her crotch into mine with no regards to her own comfort. All she wanted was to feel that itch between her legs finally get scratched.

As the last of my sperm oozed out into her womb, her muscle tension finally got the better of her and she settled into a rapid rate of breathing in her non-moving final release. She was spent, so tired, exhausted was more like it but she felt an enormous since of pleasure coming from her orgasm. She exhaled greatly, almost a loud sigh and then opened her eyes and smiled.

“Thank you Andy,” she said coyly. “Thank you for making this happen for me, for bringing it to life. I know that Bobby would thank you too.”

She put her arms around my neck and pulled me down into a very sensuous yet thankful kiss. She kissed me with gratitude for all of the meaning that I put into our love making and with respect for the tenderness that I had shown her. But mainly, I think anyway, for proving to her that she can love and be loved once again.

We slept that night in each others arms. But when I awoke, she was gone, she was not in my bed, not in the room and when I went to the bus, she was not there either. She had vanished out of my life as she had entered it, quickly and meaningfully, leaving me warm and confused but all alone again.

As I glanced over at the girl sitting on my plane, looking out of the window, I remembered the girl on the bus some forty years ago and I suddenly wondered where she was just now. I wondered what had become of her, did she ever find another Bobby and get married. I wondered what her children looked like and hoped that one of them looked like me. I wondered, as I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, if she ever wondered about me.

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Author: 2stfauther

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