Cindy, steven and jenny and carla ch. 1

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Cindy, Steven and Jenny Ch 1

Steven was strangely attracted his sister 16 year old Cynthia when she agreed to skinny-dip in their pool with him. He watched her take off her bathing suit and hid his arousal under the water. With both parents at work they didn’t dream of their teenage children doing this. Cynthia had tiny breasts and had shaved her pubic hair off with a razor. She let Steven touch her breasts and nipples.

They got dressed before their parents came home. Steven said, “Cindy tomorrow would like to play some strip poker?” Cindy said, “Steve for you I will play strip poker.” “If I loose I will let you deflower me.” “I want to use tampons now instead of those messy pads.” “If you loose you can still do this.” Steven thought incest is wrong but he would not make Cindy pregnant from this. He was still very aroused by her being naked.

The next day after school they got home. Steven found a deck of cards and they sat on the floor as he shuffled the deck twice. He dealt Cindy one card and himself one until they both had five cards Steven had pair of sevens but Cindy had two jacks and after that Steven took off his shoes. Cindy said, I am not wearing socks so take those off too Steve. Steve said, I now have only my shirt, pants and underwear. Cindy said, “I have my shirt shorts and panties and shoes on.

Steve dealt the next hand and when there were five cards each he picked up his card and saw pair of aces. “Cindy what do you have?” Cindy said, “I have three jacks. Steve took off his shirt.

Steve reshuffled the cards and dealt five out to Cindy and to Him. Steve had three deuces and Cindy put down her card having nothing and took off her shoes. Steve reshuffled the cards and dealt them out again. This time he had pair of tens and she had pair of deuces. Cindy took off her shirt exposing her breasts.

Steven felt himself getting aroused as he shuffled the cards again. When he dealt them this time he had nothing and Cindy had pair of fours. Steve took off his shirt and shuffled the card twice more before dealing them out again.

This time Cindy would have pair of tens and he had pair of fours so he stood and took off his pants. Cindy could see he was aroused in his underwear. Steve again reshuffled the cards and this time he had pair of kings and Cindy had nothing and stood to take off her shorts. Steve reshuffled the card twice and dealt out five cards each to Cindy and him Cindy put down her hand of pair of fours and Steven had two tens.

Cynthia Herman was naked in front her brother Steven after loosing a game of strip poker. She was just 16 years old when she invited Steven to deflower her. Steven was a year older than her and she had never seen a man’s penis before until now. She looked into his eyes as she took his penis in her hand and stroked it. Steve said, “Cindy you can put it in your mouth now.”

Steve stood and Cindy was on her knees as she looked up to him as she put it in her mouth and stroked him this way. Cindy thought of his positive is her negative His erect penis and her vagina were for each other Cindy continued her blowjob for about five minutes.

Steve laid down face up on the bed and Cindy was above him guided his penis into her. She went down as far as her hymen and up down that far hoping Steven would like this. There were six inches of him and only an inch and a half of her now and it felt good for her now. She looked down at Steve and came up and went down hard it was painful for her to do this and she got off to clean up the blood that was there on him. “Thank you Steve for doing this for me.” Cindy got back on Steve and took him all way inside her. This now felt good for both of them and Cindy ten minutes later had her first orgasm. When Steve began to say “Cindy I am about to ejaculate. Cindy continued to do this and felt the warmth of Steve’s cum inside her. Cindy said, “I just finished my period two days ago so there is no risk of pregnancy.” Steve said, “This was incest Cindy.” Cindy said, “Steve you can get some condoms so you won’t cum inside me next time.” “ I had my first orgasm and it felt great.” “If you cum inside the condom or in my mouth there is no incest.” “I have never tasted cum so next time you can do it in my mouth.” Steve said, “I have never tasted you down there” Cindy said, “Tomorrow we can do oral sex.” Cindy really enjoyed the sex with Steven. That matter of him being her brother no longer concerned her. When she stood up his semen ran down her leg. She leaned over and caught it with her finger and put it in her mouth to taste it. Before she dressed she embraced Steve in passionate kiss.

Steve had girl friends at school he wanted sex from and now he got it from his sister Cindy. He had never seen a naked girl until Cindy came into his life this way after the strip poker. As Cindy was dressing she thought about Steven as her lover more than a brother. She took some of he mothers’ tampons hoping she would not notice for her next period.

After school the next day Cindy disrobed hoping Steve would like her. He did the same when he got home an saw Cindy naked too he walked up and held her breasts pushing her back to the bed in her room. Steve said, “I would like to taste you now Cindy” She held her legs back using her hands while Steve using his fingers inside her and tongue gave her two orgasms Cindy said, “I love you Steve this felt wonderful.” Steve stood and Cindy said, Please cum in my mouth. Steve looked down at Cindy sucking on him. This went on until he ejaculated while Cindy was sucking on him. Cindy swallowed before rising to embrace Steven in a passionate kiss.

They had time to do some skinny-dipping in the pool before they got dressed so their parents would not suspect them.

When their mother Jenny got home She said, “Cindy and Steve, your father and me are going to the airport tonight to travel to the place he has been invited to some business meeting.” There are TV dinners in the freezer you can put in the microwave. We will be back on Monday after noon.
With their parents gone for three days Steve said, “Cindy I would like to sleep with you tonight.” Cindy said, “Steve I would love to.”

At dinner they were both naked and Cindy said, “I know this girl at school named Jenny Dryer that told me she was desperate to ask her for a date you Steve.” “She will be coming here tomorrow morning because she wants you to deflower her.” “She is very cute and skinny and is not opposed to being naked in front of you Steve.” Steve said, “I have been able to get enough sex from you Cindy I have not dated any girls since then.” “I remember Jenny being beautiful and smart sitting next to me at lunch.”

Steven went to bed with Cindy in her room with his arm over her holding her breast. Cindy held it there. Cindy loved him for being her brother and lover too.

Jenny could remember flirting with Steven and as she got up and showered she thought Steven could not ignore her for what she would do this morning. She dried off with a towel and put on the terry cloth robe and slipped he feet in some shoes and began to walk the short tow blocks where she knocked on the door the coded knock that caused Cindy to open the door. Seeing that Cindy was naked she took off her shoes and hung he robe over a chair. Steven who was preparing some pancakes for breakfast noticed this. As she sat at the table as Steven served her the pancakes. Steven sat next to her also he was also naked, as she looked Steven in his eyes. Steven said, Jenny you are so beautiful to be here. Jenny leaned over and kissed Steven on his lips and said, “Steven I have flirted with you at school trying to get your attention.”

Jenny liked the pancakes and maple syrup and the fresh orange juice from trees in the back yard. When she finished eating she stood in front of Steven who touched her nipples. Jenny held his penis. Steven took her hand to go to his room where she got on the bed and at Steven’s attention she held her legs apart as he used his tongue and fingers to give her one orgasm after another for about 30 minutes. Jenny sucked on his penis for about five minutes before going face up in his bed. Jenny guided it into her vagina where it stopped at her hymen. Steve said, “I have noticed you Jenny.” “Jenny if you wish to be deflowered go all the way up and all the way down hard” “It will hurt you so will not continue to fuck you until the blood is wiped away. Jenny looked down at Steven and said, “I am about to do what you suggested.” She cried out with pain as she had all the way down on his penis and came up and got off. She grabbed a tissue and wiped the blood off on his penis. Jenny said, “Steven you got my attention.” “Thank you for deflowering me.” Jenny now loved having Steven inside her and when he was about to come she took him in mouth and swallowed and rose to embrace Steven in a passionate Kiss.

Steven asked, Jenny where would like to be tonight?” Jenny said, “I would like to spend the night in bed with you Steven.” “My mother is gone for the weekend so it could be in this bed or in mine.”

Jenny was spread as Steven shaved her pussy. After rinsing off the shaving cream Steven licked her down there using his tongue and one finger to her delight.
Jenny loved this to no end having two more orgasms from his attention there. She was beginning to love Steven for the sexual pleasure he gave her. Jenny said, “Steven you should come over when my mother is home.” “She would love what you are doing for me.”

Jenny stepped into the shower with Steven. They washed each other with soap and shampoo. They touched each other everywhere. As they were drying Steven said, “Jenny you are absolutely perfect in every way.” “Your face is beautiful and your breasts are so nice for being so small and you are shaped just right.” Jenny said, “That was so sweet Steven I want to be your girl friend.” Jenny and Steven held hands as they walked to the pool for some skinny-dipping. Steven said, “Jenny you will be my girl friend.” Jenny said, “I love you Steven and someday want to be your wife.”

Steven began preparing sandwiches for lunch and Cindy asked, Jenny how do like Steven?” Jenny said, “I love him dearly Cindy.” “Thank you so much for inviting me here. “Your brother Steven is so lovable and nice.” “I was always interested in him at school.” “I sat next to him hoping he would notice me.” “The more I know of him the more I love him.” Cindy said, “Jenny, Steven is strait A student that will succeed in college someday.” Jenny said, “I can hardly wait to introduce him to my mother as my boyfriend.” “Steven is the most desirable boyfriend because of his intelligence and handsome

Jenny looked at Steven as he gave her the sandwich he made with his blue eyes just like hers. She loved him so much after he was so concerned with her pain of deflowering. Steven sat down beside Jenny at the table making her concerned if she was good enough for him as he ate the sandwich. Steven said, “Jenny you are so beautiful and I love you deeply.” “When you are naked like this I can see your flawless skin and body that is so perfect an example of the female form.” Jenny said, “I appreciate your thoughtful words Steven.” “Steven I love you so much more than you can imagine.” Steven said, “Jenny I cannot imagine being without you because I love you so much. After dinner Steven and Jenny embraced each other in a passionate kiss.

Steven could not believe his luck at having the perfect Jenny around him. He was unbelievably aroused by having her naked. Jenny saw this and they went to the bedroom where Jenny laid down while Steven ran his hands across her naked body. Jenny looked at his penis and put on condom on it. She loved having Steven inside her and orgasm came about quickly in her as Steven pumped inside her. This was heavenly sexual pleasure for both Steven and Jenny as they continued to have sex. Jenny was only 16 and Steven 17 but they felt for each other and continued to have sex until he pulled out the condom came off and Jenny put it in her mouth where he ejaculated. Jenny savored the taste of Steven’s cum before swallowing it. They stood and kissed before going to bed. Jenny could not believe how much she loved Steven. Some day she wanted to have his children after college she would apply at the same places Steven did to be there for him. She hoped the advanced placement classes she was taking would be enough if she tried harder to get A’s in everything.

In the morning Steven said, “Jenny let me know where you apply for college so I can be there too.” “I cannot picture being without you at any time.” Jenny said, “I was thinking the same thing Steven hoping to get in where you were.” “My mother gets home today and she stays naked inside the house and I want to introduce you to her.” I will forgive you for my mother wanting to be fucked by you.”

Cindy had breakfast ready for Steven and Jenny. Cindy said, “I wish I could be in your bed so I could watch you have sex.” “Jenny said, “We could both watch Steven fucking my mother.” “She always talks about being horny.” “She could go to jail for this but she doesn’t care.” Cindy said, “Jenny that is something you should keep in your family.” Jenny said, “My mother is only 14 years older than me.” “She is not yet 30 years old.” “I wish I could match make her with a man.” Steven said, “I have a teacher who is not yet married.” “I may get the courage to talk to him about this.” “I will take a picture of your mother to show him.” Jenny said, “I can provide that for you Steve.” “My mother is still a beautiful women who would welcome a phone call from somebody interested in her.”

Before going home Jenny went skinny-dipping in the pool here with Cindy and Steven. Jenny could tell that Steven was erect. Jenny said, “I love you Steven and I hope my mother does not bother you.” “I love you more for your effort to find a man for my mother.”

They showered again together again before going there. Jenny did not mind being fondled by Steven. Steven put on his bathing suit and some shoes and Jenny put on her shoes and the terry cloth robe and they held hands as they walked to her house. Jenny said, “I love you Steven thank you so much for coming with me.” Steven said, “I will follow you anywhere Jenny.” “I never thought I would meet such beautiful young lady.” Jenny said, Steven thank you for saying such nice things about me.

When they got to her house they kissed before going in. Jenny said, “My mothers name is Clara.” “She has always taken care of me since my father died” “I have an A in everything at school except chemistry that I got B in this.” “My mother has helped me understand such things.” “I love her for doing such things.” “She is going to be naked when we go in there.” “I have never brought a boyfriend home before.” Jenny went up the steps with Steven and unlocked the door. They went in and Jenny said, Mom I want you to meet Steven who is my serious boyfriend I met a few days ago.” “He is the only one with all A’s in school that better than me at that.” Clara was naked but did nothing to conceal her nudity as she shook hands with Steven. Clara said, “Steven you are very handsome I hope you are not bothered with my nudity.” Steven said, “Clara I am pleased to meet you.” Cara said, “Steven, Is there anything I can do to relieve your arousal.” She pulled down his trunks and held him that way. “Jenny do you mind if I put this inside me.” Jenny said nothing and watched her mother hug him putting his penis inside her as she moved to stimulate his penis. Clara said, “Steven you may suck on my nipples. With Steven sucking on her nipples Clara said, “Jenny should give him a blowjob.” Soon Jenny was on her knees sucking on him as Clara watched. When he ejaculated in her mouth and Jenny swallowed and stood up and kissed Steven.

Jenny said, “My older sister Joyce brought a boy home when this happened.” She ended up marring this boy but is embarrassing to see this again. Steven said, “It was embarrassing to me but it felt great being inside your mother.” “She told me to suck on her nipples.” Jenny said, “Steven It is too bad you need to show your arousal.” “I should have done this before coming here.” “ I am not angry at you for fucking my mother.”

Clara apologized for using Steven for her own pleasure after hearing Jenny’s complaint. She made up for it inviting them to dinner that tasted great. Clara said, “Jenny you and Steven can stay here for as long as you need.” “I will prepare all the meals for you.” ‘You can use one of my cars to get to school if you need.” Jenny said, “Thanks Mom I know you won’t mind if Steven and I sleep together.” Clara said, “I don’t mind at all you make fine couple.” “I can take you Jenny to my doctor for an IUD so you don’t get pregnant.” “Tomorrow is school holiday but that would be good time to go.” Jenny said, “Mom I will go with you for that IUD.

Jenny took Steven to her bedroom. She cleared part of the closet to give Steven room to put his clothes. Jenny put on her bikini and with Steven walked back to get some of his Clothing so he could stay here and go to school and leave a message that he would be here now. Not having a key Steven knocked on the door and Cindy opened the door to let them in. Steven went to his room to organize his clothing and Jenny said, “Cindy Steven will be moving to my house for a while.” “We will only couple of blocks away” and gave her the phone number there. Cindy said, “Jenny I will let my parents know where Steven is when they get home.”

Jenny held the close to be hung in the closet in her arms as Steven carried two large suitcases into her house and put them on the bed as she then hung them in the closet. There were other things in the suitcases that went to the closet and much of it went to her chest of drawers. Jenny said, “I love you Steven and look forward to going to bed with you here.” Steven looked at Jenny again naked and said, “Jenny you as so perfect in your body, legs, pussy and face” “I feel so lucky to be able to make love with you here tonight.” He put his hands on her breasts and squeezed them a little “I want to marry you some day and have you forever.” “Jenny you are so much more than just a Clara opened the door and said, “I have lunch ready now.

Clara and Jenny were both naked as they sat on each side of Steven as they ate lunch. Steven could not help but look over at Clara to compare her breasts to Jenny’s. Knowing Clara was 14 years older than Jenny He was impressed with Clara’s still high breasts. Steven got up to take his plate to the dishwasher and Jenny put her plate there and excused herself to us the bathroom Clara said, “Steven I would like to tell you if you ever want to touch or suck on my breasts I would not mind at all.” Steve said, “Clara you are still a beautiful woman. Clara said, “Steven I know why Jenny loves you for saying such sweet things to her.” “You have intellect and maturity beyond your age you are so nice you will make great husband for Jenny.” “I wish I could find a man like you Steven.” Steven said, Clara you are so nice and prepare nice food I am beginning to love you. Clara took his hand and brought it to her breast and then embraced him passionate kiss. They broke just as Jenny came back.
Clara said, “Jenny I never thought I would approve of your boyfriend Steven having sex with you.” Jenny said, “ Mom I love Steven and love having sex with him.” “I am sure I will marry him some day.” “I want to thank you for getting me an IUD tomorrow morning.”

Clara was not proud of masturbating in her room but the battery powered dildo felt so good. She was surprised when Steven came in to take her picture. Clara smiled as Steven took her picture and pinched her nipple. Clara so much wanted to make love with Steven but said nothing. She was beginning to masturbate but managed to hide the dildo when Steven came in for the picture. Steven downloaded it to his computer and printed it on the color printer after cropping out her breasts showing her smiling face. Jenny wrote her cell phone number on the back of the picture. They both knew of handsome single calculus teacher they would give this picture.

Alone in her room again Clara held the electric dildo across her clitoris and inhaled with sexual pleasure. Now using the fingers of her other hand on her clitoris she put the dildo inside her and after few minutes exploded into orgasm. She turned of the dildo and put in a drawer and went to the kitchen to start dinner. Steven was there and he put his hands on her breasts and nipples. Clara said, “Steven you are wonderful to me.” “I will ask Jenny if you could fuck me.” She sat on counter and spread her legs and had Steven put his hands in her pussy and fingers in her vagina. Steven washed his hands in the sink and looked at Clara still spread on the counter. Clara said, “Steven you can taste me.” Steven turned and licked her pussy for couple minutes. Clara loved this and was disappointed when he stopped. Now Jenny and Steven watched her rubbing her pussy until she achieved an orgasm. Clara said, Jenny darling I wish we could share Steven.” Jenny said, “Steven my mother needs sex just like me so you can fuck her while I watch. Steven went to Clara and pulled down his shorts and put his penis Clara sitting on the counter. Clara said, “Steven it feels wonderful having you inside me.” Steven continued until she had an orgasm. Steven pulled out and kissed each one of her nipples. Jenny was spread leg on the counter next her mother and Steven got inside her as Clara started dinner.

When Jenny had her orgasm, she got down and helped her mother with dinner. Clara had certain affection for Steven she loved. After finishing dinner she served it to Jenny and Steven and sat beside Steven as she ate dinner as she rubbed her shoulder against Steven. Clara thought Jenny was so lucky to have Steven and she wanted him too. Clara looked down to see Steven’s penis still hard. She could not resist putting her hand on it. Steven looked at Clara and starred into her eyes and they briefly kissed. Clara had both her arms around Steven. It broke when Steven got up to take his plate up and looked back at Jenny and her mother Clara both looking at him. Steven said, “If I am to have sex with both you may it be from the same bed.” Clara smiled and said, “Thank you for that suggestion Steven I will sleep in your bed.”

That night Steven was on his back as both Jenny and Clara sucked on his penis before Jenny lowered her self on him for about ten minutes before yielding to her mother who faced Steven with his penis inside Clara. When he about to cum Clara took him in her mouth. When Steven ejaculated in Clara’s mouth she swallowed.
Steven now had Clara on side and Jenny on the other side of him. Whenever he turned he would put his arm over Jenny or Clara.

On Monday morning went to her room to dress up for the trip to her doctor with Jenny. They left after breakfast. After they left Steven put on some running shoes and did his best to keep on running before resting by walking before running again. He Loved Jenny and wanted her to do this too. He figured it would benefit Clara also. Steven loved having Jenny and Clara in bed but he would not do this again after finding her a man for herself. When Steven got home he went in and finished his homework and read the book for that class.

When Jenny and Clara got home Jenny said, “Steven I have my IUD and also laser treatment so I don’t have to shave my underarms or pubic hair again.” “My mother also got an IUD and her laser treatment as well.” “Steven you can cum inside me now.” Steven said, “Jenny I went out running and walking to get in shape.” “I would like to take you and your mother out tomorrow morning before we go to school.” “I finished my homework and reading.” “I love your clean look of no pubic hair.” “Jenny you are such a wonderful girl that I love so much.” “When I get the money for a ring I will propose to marry you.” Jenny said, “Steven when you propose you can be assured I would say yes because I love you so much.” “If you are up to it I would like to make love with you now.” She took Steven’s hand to take him to her bedroom where they embraced in a kiss. Clara saw this but went back to her vibrating dildo.

Using his tongue and fingers on Jenny he brought her an orgasm. He then used his penis inside Jenny that she loved and she had two more orgasms before Steven ejaculated inside Jenny.

Clara made lunch for everyone and again sat next to Steven when she Clara sat down with Jenny on his right Clara had a glass of wine and Steven and Jenny were too young too drink any of it. Clara put her hand on Steven’s leg and he looked at her and put his hand on her leg noticing how smooth it was. Clara said, “I want to sleep with you and Jenny tonight.” Steven said, “Clara we will welcome you one more time.” Clara stood up with Steven and embraced Steven in a passionate kiss. Jenny could see it was her mother that her arms around Steven holding his head to hers. Jenny tapped the shoulder of her mother and turned Steven and kissed him herself.

Before going to bed Jenny did her reading and homework leaving Steven with her mother. Clara said, “Steven you are so handsome and will make great husband for Jenny.” “I love you too Steven.” Steven put both his hands on Clara’s breasts that were a lot like those on Jenny. Steven said, Clara your breasts are still a lot like those on Jenny. Clara said, “Steven you can touch or suck on my breasts.” Steven leaned over and sucked on each or her nipples. He took his hands to run down her body noticing how smooth it was. Clara said, “I always stay out of sun in an effort to extend my youth.” Clara lifted one leg strait up holding there balancing on one foot and said, “Steven you can finger fuck me at any time.” Steven could not help but to put his finger inside her using his thumb on her clitoris. He then got down his knees to lick her there.
Clara grabbed the table to maintain her balance still holding one leg up to spread her pussy that Steven was licking that felt so good. Clara vocalized her sexual pleasure. This went on for four minutes before she had an orgasm. Clara kissed Steven before starting with dinner. Clara said, “I love what you do to me Steven and I love you too.” “I am certain that Jenny could not live without you.” Steven said, “Jenny is very beautiful and you Clara are very great looking while naked all the time.”

After dinner they went to bed with Clara, Steven and Jenny. Steven had Clara and Jenny together on the bed with their legs spread and Steven used both hands one in Clara and one in Jenny using his finger inside each and his thumb on their clitoris. Clara and Jenny cried out in sexual pleasure from this that resulted in two orgasms from each of them. Steven then laid on his back as Clara and Jenny each spent ten minutes each on Stevens’s penis going back and forth between the two women having more orgasms until he finally ejaculated inside the tighter Jenny. Steven then went to sleep with Jenny on his right and Clara to his left.

They all woke from an alarm when Clara prepared breakfast. After that they all went out in the early morning running and walking when exhausted. They got home in time to shower and dress for school while Clara stayed home. A brisk walk got them there on time for first period. In the second period class Steven gave the calculus teacher named Richard Dreyer the picture of Clara with Clara’s cell phone number on the back.

When Steven and Jenny got home Clara was no longer naked but dressed in a beautiful dress.

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