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Walking home from the station I turned onto the main street in our urban suburb and headed towards the local pub/club. As i neared it I saw a young couple dashing out hand in hand, obviously just having picked each other up. She was a lean girl, athletic I'd say, with a nice arse and what looked like firm breasts. He was also lean but with floppy emo hair. I saw them disappear down the alleyway that i take home as it, conveniently comes out right opposite my house. I knew there was a park near by and expected some pigeons were getting a hell of a x rated show!

However as I turned a corner in the alleyway I came upon this tableau. The girl was leaning against the wall, her shirt undone to reveal she was braless (those apple size tits musta been firm!) Her arms crossed in a huff and a scowl on her face. The dude had his pants round his ankles and was furiously masturabting. "This doesn't usually happen" he stuttuered. I quickly looked away but felt my cock hardening.

Now i'm no voyeur and take no pleaure from watching others have sex however something about the young womans ethereal looks and large innocent eyes caused me to want her. Changing direction I walk straight up to her I said "If you give up on him and want a real man I live opposite the alleyway. Number 25" before walking away in shock of my own boldness.

Getting home I poured a brandy and expected nothing to come from the incident. Flicking on the tv I found some recorded show and started to watch when there was a knock at the door.

Opening the door I saw the girl standing there, her shirt now buttoned and covered by a tight leather jacket. Looking around I joked "ah no cops, good start"

She laughed politely and asked "you serious in your offer?"
"Sure" I said tentively wondering if there was a catch "come on in"
I offered
"Sure, got any beer?"
Fetching a beer I returned to see her standing there like a lemon. "Please sit down!" I chuckled.
The girl sat and sipped her beer. "So whats your name?"
"Tiffany, yours?"
"Im Greg. How old are you Tiffany? "
"21" she said with the speed of a practiced liar.
"Ok, lets try again, how old?"
She sighed "19"
I smiled "thats good, just wanted to make sure we were 2 consenting adults having fun."
We sat for a minute and i crossed to beside her. Stroking her leg i asked "So Tiffany, why did you take up my offer?"
"Why did you offer?" She retorted.
"well as the offer came first only logical i say my reason first. You are an attractive woman and it has been a while since i have felt the touch of a woman. I plan to make this a night to remember! Now you?"
"I like sex. My shrink says i have nymphomaniac tenancies. The boys say im a slut…"
"Your not a slut for liking sex!" I said outraged. "I like sex too!"
she continued sheepishly. "I tend to shag my issues away, and to be honest i like being called a slut and a whore. I have a daddy fetish too so you being an older man excited me…"
"Oh" was my only reaponse
"My shrink, the old bag says sex is evil and spanks me, probably cuz shes not getting any. Trouble is that just makes me wet!"
Taking a large gulp of brandy I pull Tiffany across my knees. "Whatcha.. doi..ooof" she squealed as i put a open palm across her tight, denim clad buttock. "You were very naughty earlier. You offered that man sex! Daddy is upset with you. Daddy will punish you!"

Catching on quick she replied "Oh Daddy, im sorry im so sorry!"
I kept spanking her firm round behind for several minutes until my hand stung and we were quite out f breath. I could see a patch on drool on the floor from where Tiffany had gotten so excited and pushed her from my lap to the floor. She tried to rise and I put my foot on her. "Stay there slut. Daddy knows your a slut and will treat you like the whore you are!" I roared.
"Yes Daddy" she said meekly.
Taking my foot off her i sat back on the sofa. I reached into my brandy glass and grabbed the ice cubes. They felt good on my stinging hand. /> Tiffany knelt between my legs slouched over. "Kneel up straight" I told her. She immediately straightened. Reaching down the front of her jeans, i deposited the ice in the gusset of her panties. "It seems that a bitch in heat like you needs her twat cooling off" I said as she gasped at the shock of cold on her little young cunt. "Now show Daddy some love" i told her leaning back so she could see my bulge.

Reaching up to my waist with her slim arms and petite hands she slowly undid my trousers and with a grip suprising for her lean frame she tugged my cock out. Now i wont lie, im not huge, a modest 6 inches at best, nor is the girth great but i have never had complaints at my use of my cock. With a look that was "too innocent" Tiffany took the tip of it into her mouth. she sighed batting her eyelashes at me.
"Yesss Tiff" i sighed as she started long slow strokes on my cock with her mouth.I let her give me this slow blow job for a little while enjoying the relaxing feeling after a hard day "mmm Tiff you always know how to relax Daddy." I moaned.

After a little while and wanting to save myself I gentlely pushed her off my cock. Standing up i went through the throughly unsexy dance of trouser removal and stood there in just my shirt and tie. Putting two fingers under Tiffanys chin I stood her up. Pulling her close I bent down and kissed her deeply. She returned the kiss with desperation and shivered when i stroked her ear. Breaking the kiss I span her around. Kissing her neck I felt her hands slither to hold onto my cock. "Mmmm Daddy you tease me!"

Growling deep in my throat I hrabbed each side of the front of her shirt. In one quick move i tore it open, buttons flying like it was 'nam, and.slid the shirt down her arms, pinning them in place. With her controlled like this my hand found once of her breasts and roughly mauled it, my body seemingly acting out the role of the angered incestuous father i never thought id play. I squeezed, pinched, groped and twisted and with each new sensation she sigh and move her hands more vigourosly on my cock.

Luckily her limited range of movement on wanking me off meant I got no fulfilment and could go a good bit longer. Taking her by the arms I started walking to the bedroom. Tiffany quickly caught on and walked ahead of me, never letting go of my cock. Getting to the bed I sat down. Tiffany stood in front of me her torn shirt still holding her arms behind her back, forcing her small firm breasts to stick out further. Beckoning her closer i thought of my next idea. "Lose the shirt" quickly it fell to a crumpled mess on the floor. I looked at her jeans, the crotch now a massive wet patch from the melted ice. "And the jeans."
Much more sexily she stripped out of her jeans, slowly unzipping the fly before turning her back to me and bending to pull them down. Standing back up i appraised her in her lacy girl shorts.

At my insistence she came to me and once again i put her over my knee, this time armed with one of her ballet pumps. "You're a slut you know that?"
"Yes Daddy" she sobbed as I smacked her perfect arse with the shoe. "Tell Daddy what you are!"
"A whore"
"Whos whore?"
Whore! Sorry Daddy, Im so sorry".

I kept spanking her arse til it was a nice bright pink and I could feel the warmth.

Pushing from my lap to the floor I pointed at the bed. "Lay there"
She obediantly did so, her body small and taut, flawlessly ivory skin goosebumped with excitment, masscara smeared on her face from crying the spanking I just gave her.
Taking on sides of her panties, I pulled them down in one quick motion to reveal her smooth, succulent young snatch. "Does Daddy like?" She asked meekly.
"Mmmm" i replied before kneeling between her long pale legs. Tentively I flicked my tongue out over her pouty pussy lips that hid her little cunthole.
"Oh daddy!" She moaned.
Spreading her open I flicked my tongue across that hole burying my face deepy into the face of her womanhood.
she squealed as my mouth found her clit and she started to grind her twat onto my face. Pushing my arms under and around her legs I pulled her into my face and licked and sucked her little clit, all wet and cool from the ice but soon heating up as she got closer to cumming.
"Oh Daddy your wicked, a wicked Daddy" she moaned. In reponse i just redoubled my efforts bringing right to the edge of cumming she screamed and then as my tongue flicked into her 19yr old pussy. As i licked up her juices i felt her writhe in my arms and shudder with her come down. As i stood up I used my grip on her legs to pull that lithe body to the edge, looking at the distanced expression on her face of "le petite mort". She was still fazed when I shoved my cock into her right up to the hilt, being as rough as I dared. Her eyes sprang to mine and stayed there as I held her chin, my face sleek with her cunt juices.Y

Holding her face in place I moved my hips, slowly pulling my cock out then ramming it in again, all the while staring into her eyes. I fucked her like this for a while till she gasped "Fuck this little whore like she />
Flipping her onto her front, I pulled her ams behind her back, and pushed my cock back into that beautiful young bald pussy. "You fucking whore!" I shouted as I fucked her hard, pumping in and out of her like a possessed man. "Yes Daddy, more Daddy!" She cried.
'I'm gonna cum!" I said.
"Cum in me Daddy, make me your cum slut"
This was too much and I my cum shot out of me to line that little pussy.

I collapsed next to her, panting. "You on the pill?" I asked.
"No. I wanted your cum, and if it leads to a baby I want that too." I was stunned into silence at this and she curled up in my arms.
"I think I love you Daddy" she said, her face straight and serious as she looked at me over her shoulder.
I realised then, I loved her too.

story by: nikkitassassin

Tags: blowjob consensual sex spanking voyeurism fantasy domination/submission discipline older male / female authoritarian sex story

Author: nikkitassassin

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