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OK, I have read the comments about my stories. I hear you, I just don't care. I will tell you what I'll do to make all of you English majors happy. On this next story, I will structure and edit it so you F. Scott Fitzgerald wanna bees will be placated. There still might be an error here and there but I just can't bring myself to take this kind of writing too seriously. I never intended this to be the next great American novel.

Mom and Amy.

My named is Ron. My mom called me Ronnie until I was out of college. I didn’t like it much but I guess it was better than my given name, Ronald. In my last story "Mom Gets A Surprise" I told you about how I blackmailed my mother into having sex with me and how much she enjoyed it. I surreptitiously took a video trying to catch our babysitter Amy having sex with her boyfriend and got more than I bargained for when I caught her and my mom going at it.

A few weeks went by and I was having regular sex with my mom when I got the idea of including Amy in our fun time. One night, after having fucked my mom in all three holes, I asked her if she was still having sex with Amy.

"Not since we started up" she said with a questioning look in her eye.

"Would you like to?" I asked "I mean do you miss having sex with another woman?"

"A little" She said "Why are you asking?"

"I think it would be fun for the three of us to get together." I said not really knowing how she would react.

"That might be fun.” She said “Amy has been fucked over by most of her ex boyfriends and I know she misses having a nice hard cock to play with. What do you have in mind?" She asked

I told her my plan to get the two of them together and when they were hot and heavy into it, I would make believe that I accidentally walked in and caught them. At that point my mom would beg me not to ruin their lives and suggest I join the party. We set it up for the next Thursday night and everything worked like a charm. About 11:30 I pretended to walk in on them in just a tee shirt and underwear and when I saw them I went into my act. My mom should have won an academy award for her performance and before I knew it Amy's head was bouncing up and down on my cock. I grabbed her by the hair and said:

"Now eat out my mom you lesbo slut'" and she buried her head in my mom's lap and started licking. I got behind her and stuck my cock into her, now very wet, pussy and started pounding her hard. It wasn't long before I was shooting a big load of cum in Amy's pussy. Her reaction to my orgasm was just like my mom's, as soon as she felt me cum inside her she also came hard. My mom was watching the whole thing and she seemed to really enjoy the sight of her son giving this young girl a good fucking while her pussy was being serviced. I pulled my dick out of Amy and moved over so my mom could lick it clean.

"Here you like Amy's pussy so much why don't you lick her pussy juice off me" I said as I stuck my cock in her face and she sucked it into her mouth. It didn't take long for me to get hard again and I proceeded to fuck Amy again while my mom fondled and sucked on her tits.

“Do you like my baby boy’s cock?” she asked as I was slowly sliding in and out of Amy’s well used cunt.

“Oh yes yes” she said “I want to feel his cum inside me”

“If you ask him nice, he might give you a nice big load of cum and then I can lick it out of your beautiful little pussy” my mother said as she reached down and started rubbing Amy’s clit.

“Please Ronnie cum inside me baby. Fill me up with your cum.” Amy begged.

“Oh Amy” I said “You have to work for that” I said and my mother looked up at me and smiled. “I’m doing all the work here. You need to participate a little more if you want the prize and I want to hear you tell me what you want.”

Amy got the message because her hips started pumping up to meet mine and she began begging me for more cock and harder fucking.

“Fuck me Ronnie. Pound me with your cock. Fill me with your hot cum. Make me cum baby please, please.” She said as I fucked her harder and my mom worked on her clit. This extra effort, on both our parts, sent us both over the top and we both came at the same time. When I had emptied myself into Amy my mom got between her legs and sucked out the cum until Amy had another orgasm.

I was sitting at the top of the bed watching the two of them finish off what I had started while I stroked myself to another semi erection. I wish I was that young again. Now, I can only cum three times a night in my dreams.

We all needed a little rest after the two girls had finished getting themselves off and so all three of us laid down on the rug in front of the couch with me in the middle and my mom and Amy on either side. They were running their hands up and down my body and every once and a while stroking my cock or messaging my balls. This produced another full erection and I was ready for round three.

I had fucked my mom in the ass several times and she loved it, so when I asked them both to bend over the couch and show me their asses, my mom knew just what to expect. I took my finger and lubed up Amy’s ass with some of the pussy juice that was still leaking out of both of their cunts and I slipped a finger in her ass. While I was working Amy’s little bud I put the head of my cock into mom and she let out a loud moan. I replace one finger with two and then three as Amy got used to her ass being invaded while I pushed my cock deep into my mom. After pumping in and out of my mom a few times I decided it was time for Amy and I moved over to invade her ass. I slipped the head of my cock in with one hard push and she let out a loud moan. I pushed in slowly until about half of my cock was imbedded in her ass.

“Oh God” she said as I started to stroke in and out of her. My mom reached between her legs and stroked her pussy and clit while I pushed deeper into her ass.

“It hurts so good” she said “Fuck me harder”

I started to pound my cock into her ass and the good ass fucking along with what my mom was doing to her pussy, made her cum hard. I pulled out of her and buried myself in my mom’s ass until I felt my balls tighten. I held off cumming and pulled out of her ass so I could shoot a load in both their faces. I made them both kneel in front of me while I stroked myself to orgasm. They kissed and licked the cum off each other’s faces before the three of us went to take a shower.

From then on, when my mom went out with the girls on Thursday night, I would have sex with Amy till she got home and then the three of us would go at it.

Boy, life is good!!!!.

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Author: juststories

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