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Hi, I’m Tracy and I’m 18 years old. Ever since school graduated, my parents have been stressing me more and more about what I need for college and all that crap. Not to mention my 3 younger siblings acting stupid and running everywhere. So since I wanted to get away, I moved in with my Aunt Gina for the summer.

See, I always like Aunt Gina. Not just because she was fun to be around and was hilarious. She also was the sexiest 25 year old you have ever seen. Her legs went on forever, her stomach flat, he boobs were like 40E, her butt succulent and juicy, and she has shoulder length brown hair that complimented her bright green eyes. Me on the other hand, had 32B boobs, a small but round ass, athletic shape, and had long blonde hair that ran down my back with blue eyes.

I always lusted my Aunt. And no I wasn’t gay or wanted to be with her. I just wanted to have sex with her and fuck her brains out. Maybe it’s weird but I couldn’t help it.

Anyways, as I walked up the stairs to the condo I would be sharing with her with my suitcases, I got excited for how this summer would be. Maybe I would see her naked or even taking a shower. As I walked into the room, I broke out of my reverie and saw Aunt Gina painting by the window. The condo was spacious with 2 bedrooms, a big full bath, and a big sitting area besides the open kitchen that was right next to the window.

I looked around and saw Aunt Gina turn around and run towards me. The first thing I looked at was her tits and my mouth started to water. When she hugged me tight, I felt 2 things. 1. Her boobs crush mine and 2. That she had no bra on. I wrapped my hands around her waist and inhaled her scent.

‘Hi, sweetheart. How is your family?’ she said leaning back but still having her boobs keeping in contact with mine. I started to feel my pussy leak and I smiled from mostly the pleasure I was feeling instead of her greeting.

“Oh, they’re good. It’s just too hectic for me though.’ I said and she nodded with a smile.

‘It really is. Especially before college.’ She said and she looked down and saw my bags. ‘Ok, let’s unpack these in your room.’ She said smiling at me and taking the bags to my room.

After hours of unpacking, I fell onto my bed, exhausted and Aunty laughed at me. ‘Sweetie, this is not even as bad as unpacking for college.’ She said smiling and I shook my head smiling back at her. ‘Well, it’s time for me to hit the sack, babes. See ya tomorrow.’ She said as she headed out. I watched her ass sway as she left and licked my lips.

I looked at the clock and it was 1 in the morning. I came at 8. ‘Good night.’ I said getting up and scratched my head. I went to the shower and washed up- well not before masturbating about Aunty licking my cunt in here- and got out to put on a big t shirt with no bra or underwear. That was how I liked to sleep.

I felt my stomach growl and went to the kitchen. I found pizza in the freezer and decided to cook it. I looked at the stove and I got confused. The thing was so old that I didn’t even try to touch it. I felt my stomach growl again and went down the hall to Aunty’s room so she could teach me how to work the stupid thing.

But as I reached her door, I heard a soft moan. Then it started to get louder. I quietly opened the door to find Aunty on the bed with a long dildo shoved up her pussy, naked! She didn’t see me as I looked in the crack of the door and she started to squeeze her tits as she went faster and deeper with her dildo.

I bought my hand to my pussy and watched her as I started to circle around my clit with her finger. As she got louder, I pushed a finger in my cunt and let out a sigh but thankfully she didn’t hear me. I started to go faster as I closed my eyes and pretended that she was rubbing my tits. Well, I must have gotten too loud because next thing I know, I hear Aunt Gina’s voice say ‘Tracy, come here! I know you’re out there.’

My eyes widened and I wrenched my finger out of my pussy and dried it on my shirt. I went in guilty and Aunty shook her head at me. She was still naked and her legs were open showing me her glistening pussy. I felt mines get wet and bit my lip.

‘Sit down in front of me, Tracy.’ She said and I did as I was told. I knew I was getting sent home for this and I sat there like a sad puppy. ‘So I see you like to watch mama work her pussy, right?’ she said catching me off guard and I looked up to see her moving a finger back and forth in her little cunt. My mouth opened and I moved my hand to my pussy. touch yourself! Just watch me since you like to watch others without She said with authority and my pussy started to tingle. I was so freaking hot watching her finger herself and touch her soft boobs that I started humping the bed a bit.

‘Do you want to eat my pussy?’ she said as she stared at me and I got lost in her eyes. I wasn’t even caring if I looked dumb right now. Her pussy juice was making the air smell like sex and I started to get intoxicated by it.

I said breathless.

‘Well, beg for it, bitch.’ She said as she put 3 more fingers in her cunt.

‘O please let me lick your cunt. It’s so pretty. Please. I want it! So fucking badly.’ I said sounding like a whore. I didn’t care. I just wanted her in my mouth.

she said and I groaned, still humping the bed and touching my breasts.

‘P-please let me lick it!’ I said and she smiled at my torture.

‘Come and get it then.’ She said as she took her finger out and I dived for her pussy. It tasted salty but sweet at the same time. Her scent was magnificent and I was in sexual bliss. I flicked her clit and went down her whole slit. She moaned in ecstasy with her head hanging back. I stuck two fingers in her ass and started tongue fucking her cunt. That’s when she really went crazy.

‘Oooo! Fuck me! Fuck my dirty little cunt! Make me cum, you slut! Make me fucking cum.’ she said as she started grinding herself with the rhythm of my fingers. She was screaming now as she gripped the sheets. She kept repeating ‘Fuck me you bitch. C’mon fuck me’ the whole time and I smiled against her pussy at moments. Her breasts were heaving up and down as she breathed heavily. ‘Oh shit! I’m cumming!’ she said and I opened my mouth wider for all her juice to land in there. It tasted so fucking good that I gulped it all down AND licked the rest of it off her pussy.

She smiled as I backed away from her pussy with cum over my face. She sat up and licked all the juice off my face. When she backed away, she said the best cunt lapper I ever had. Are you a virgin, baby?’ she said and I shook my head no. ‘Well, since you did something for me, I’m going to reward you. Get your hands and knees and close your eyes.’ I did what I was told, ready for what was coming. I heard some noises behind me and then I felt the bed shake.

Aunty smacked my butt hard and I let out a yelp. She laughed and rammed something into me. I screamed and looked behind me. She had on a strap on and I could feel that it was almost 10’ inches. I yelped every time she thrusted into me hard but then the pain slowly turned into pleasure and I began to moan in ecstasy.

‘O! Fuck me, baby! This pussy is yours! F-fuck it harder! HARDER!’ I said holding onto the headboard with one hand. I felt her soft hands grip my waist as she rammed harder and harder into my pussy. I heard her moaning in unison with me and I smiled as my dreams were coming true.

such a fucking whore, you bitch! You better take this cock! O yeah! You’re so fucking sexy!’ she exclaimed as she fucked even harder-if that was even possible.

‘O Gina! O fuck! I’m going to cum!’ I screamed as I felt the most powerful orgasm in my life. I fell onto the bed and felt Aunty come out of me, laughing. She walked around the bed to where I was and smiled down at me. We were both breathing heavy and were both red.

‘Lick your cum off, you slut.’ She said as she brought the huge dick to my face. I had practice with my last boyfriend and took the whole thing in my mouth. ‘From now on, you follow these rules. You stay naked in the house, let me fuck you whenever and wherever, and you do whatever I say. Got that, bitch?’ she said and I nodded as I kept licking it clean. She pushed my head back and said ‘Go to your room and I’ll see you in the morning.’

I got up off the bed and headed towards the door, light headed and smiling.

In the morning, I got ready like normally. That morning I took a shower and I came out with a towel on.

Before I even got to my room, Aunty snatched the towel from me and stuck a finger in my cunt as she stood behind me. I moaned out in surprise and she whispered in my ear ‘What I say about being naked?’

I moaned out ‘But I-’ and she pulled my hair making me yelp. I felt so much pain but so much desire in one moment that it turned me on so much more. I started humping her finger harder.

‘Just shut the fuck up and take it!’ she said as she started to suck on my neck. I was in bliss and then when she touched my clit, I went off like a fire hydrant. That was the first time I ever squirted. Once I came, she dropped me to the floor and walked straight to the kitchen, without even looking back at me. That turned me on so much more.

The summer went like this. She would always call me to her room and make me lick her, finger her, let me suck her somewhere, let me hump her, or let her fuck me. She never let me fuck her but she did everything else to me which didn’t bother me at all. I liked being submissive to her.

Sometimes when she wasn’t even turned on, I came into her room completely naked and beg her to make me cum while I masturbated. She would usually be on the computer or watching tv while I played with my pussy and tits. I would say stuff like ‘Aunty, I need your pussy. Fuck me please! I want to cum soooo badly! Please me! Ohhhh!’ I would exclaim. It usually ended with her fucking me or her mouth around my nipple.
I loved that summer but once college came, everything changed….

Should i make another?

story by: loveithard1113

Tags: fiction female / girl incest domination/submission lesbian female domination sex story

Author: loveithard1113

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