My awakening – part 7

sex stories


Friday came too quick. I was enjoying my new sexual awakening. In my mind something special was missing. I knew that I was missing something.

Tonight was Connie’s big graduation pool party. It was going to be held at her family’s house. Connie had been my best friend since forever. We met through our parents. Connie comes from a very prominent family that is a whole lot north of being considered rich. Her mother is a ex-diplomat that was stationed in embassies in Asia and also in the Caribbean. Her dad had worked in the intelligence community for over twenty years, but was now working as a lobbyist for several big defense contractors. Connie once told me that her dad was a spy for the CIA and that he met her mom when she was stationed in the US Embassy in Thailand. That is where Connie was born and where the family owns a big compound in Pattaya. Their house is about the biggest one in the neighborhood. It is set on 8 acres. The house has 10 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. It has four guest cottages and a garage that holds 8 cars at once. Their property has an indoor/outdoor pool, with several private cabanas, a enclosed gazebo that has a sauna and a ten person hot tub. The property also has a set of tennis courts. There is one building on the property that Connie told me only her parents have access to.

Connie’s parents were the only ones to welcome my family into the neighborhood when we first moved here. My parents had brought the property and when the neighbors found out that we were a black/biracial family there were threats and even some damage done to our property. Connie’s parents hired a special security force to patrol around our property. They stayed on duty for about six months.

Connie wanted me to spend the night and I had already gotten permission from my parents to stay. Her parents hired a party planner for the event who even got to stay on the property until the party was over. Connie had worked it out with the planner to include several surprises that her parents did not know about. I tried to grill her about it but she said to make sure my Kitty got a lot of rest because it was going to be epic.

I packed me an overnight bag and made sure that I had at least four bathing suits and plenty of sexy night and loungewear.

I got to Connie’s at about 2 o’clock, even though the festivities did not start until 6. I looked around for Connie and all I could see was a lot of people setting things up. I finally caught glimpse of Connie going into one of the cottages that was located in the wooded area of the property.

As I got very close to the cottage, I was able to see into one of the widows. What I saw made my mouth drop open. Connie was seated in one of the cottages love seats and at her feet was a nude woman who had a collar on that was attached to a chain. Connie had the chain in one hand and a riding crop in the other. I soon realized that the woman at Connie’s feet was the party planner, Gina.

Connie seemed to be giving her orders to do things. Gina rose off of the floor and removed her skirt. Underneath was a pair of boy shorts that were tight to her ass. Next came the shirt. She was bra-less because her boobs just jumped out. Connie yanked on the chain and Gina was on her knees again.

I knew that Connie was a freak but this shit was outrageous. I was getting aroused and feeling wet in the Kitty.

I watched as Connie continued to give out commands. One of them must have been for Gina to take off Connie’s panties with her teeth. Gina had been able to pull the panties down Connie’s legs and down to the floor. She next picked them up with her mouth and sat still waiting for Connie’s next commands. Connie snatched the panties from Gina’s mouth and smeared them all over Gina’s face. Gina was smiling to no end, enjoying the smell of Connie’s coochie.

Connie finally looked my way and saw me standing at the window. She motioned for me to come on inside. I was so horny again, that I did not have to be asked twice.
“Karmen, come on over here and meet my sex slave Gina. Gina, show Karmen how we greet our guests.”

Gina was led over to where I was standing by Connie and started to kiss and lick her way up my legs. I had on a loose fitting micro-mini skirt with t-strap panties underneath. Before I could say anything, Gina was halfway up my leg and heading towards Kitty Kat heaven.

I had to sit down for this, so I moved back some so that I could sit on the love sea. Gina followed me on her hands and knees. Every so often Connie would yank on the chain to get her attention.

Gina continued her assault on my coochie.

All I could get out of my mouth was, “Oh shit, this bitch knows how to say hello.”

Connie yelled out to Gina, “Bitch chew on her pussy, make her panties soak with her juices.”

Gina followed orders precisely. She was munching on my pussy so hard that my panties were molded to the lips of my kitty Kat.

I yelled out, “Tongue my Kat!!! Finger my ass with three />
“Bitch you hear my girl, tongue her pussy and finger that pretty black ass.” Connie commanded her.

Connie yelled to me, “Karmen, get on your knees on the love seat. Let the bitch have access to that beautiful ass.”

I turned around and knelled on the love seat as I was told. Gina moved the string to my panties and spit on my asshole. She jammed her index finger and middle finger into my ass.
“Ouch bitch, slow the fuck down.” I yelled to Gina.

Connie yelled at her again. “Slow the fuck down, bitch. My girl wants pleasure not pain like this.”

Connie yanked hard on the chain to make sure that her slave understood.

As she slowed down, Gina got into a rhythm of eating my coochie and fingering my asshole. If anything this bitch was good when she took her time.

Connie was now straddling over Gina and was close enough to give my ass a few love smacks. Connie also had Gina by the back of her head and was pushing her head deeper into my pussy.

“Deeper, deeper…go deeper in my ass. Suck on my pussy. I am about to come. Shit this feels so, so good.” I blared out.

Connie knew by my voice that I was close to coming. She walked around the love seat and untied the halter top that I had on. Connie started to slowly rub on my tittys. She went from rubbing to pinching and pulling. This excited me even more.

Gina was sucking so hard on my clit. It was throbbing from being over stimulated and was so sensitive.
“Karmen baby girl, how is this shit feeling?” Connie asked in her sexiest voice.

I reached out and pulled Connie towards me. We met in a lip lock. Connie and I were deep in a soul kiss and Gina was going to town on my pussy and ass.

When the feeling finally hit me, I yelled out, ”Bitches, I am />
I was gyrating my black ass on Gina’s fingers. My sweet pussy was flowing cum into Gina’s mouth and I had my girl’s hands on my tits and her tongue in my mouth. This was going to be a great party.

Gina would have brought me to a second big “O” had it not been for Connie yanking her away from me by the chain. Connie told me to take my panties off and give them to her. When I followed her request, she stuffed them into Gina’s mouth and told her to suck all of the juice out of them.

Connie told Gina to stay where she was while she and I went into the bedroom. She told me to hang up my clothes from my bag and that she and I would be staying in the cottage for the night. After looking at how big the bed was, I knew that we were going to have the best time.

While I put my things away, Connie went back into the living room. I could hear her chastising Gina about not following her orders. Connie took the riding crop and was really tearing into Gina’s ass. When I walked into the room, Gina was whimpering that she would do better for her mistress. Like I said before, Connie was into some heavy sexy shit.

After a few more whacks of the riding crop, Connie told Gina that she could get up. Connie walked over to Gina and grabbed her coochie with a death grip. Gina winced and moaned at the same time.

Connie said, “Good bitch, you had better not come all over my carpet. I might let you get off later after the party. Take your ass into the small room and take a shower and get dressed for the party. You have fifteen minutes. Hurry your ass up.”

Connie and I sat down on the love seat and talked about the party. She told me that her parents had hired Gina to do as she wished for the party and had given her a budget of fifty thousand dollars. Connie and Gina had hit it off from when they first met. Gina was able to plan out the party just as Connie wanted. Connie went on to say that during a meeting about a month ago, Gina started making the moves on her. Being who she was, Connie did not fend her off. After each of their last few meetings, Gina would eat her pussy, suck on her ass and twice she fucked Connie with a strap on dildo that she brought with her. Connie said that Gina was a freaks freak. Anything and everything goes. Gina gave Connie the slave collar and the riding crop this morning. She told Connie that she was her slave until the party was over.

Connie said, “My eyes lit up at the opportunity to play sex games with this beautiful woman. I am going to take it to the max, because anything goes with this bitch.”
I could not wait to see what Connie had in store for this evening. My pussy was getting warm already.

Gina came out of the room in a white two piece string thong bikini. She walked over to Connie for inspection.

“Karmen, how does this bitch look to you? Is she slutty enough?” Connie asked me.

“Tell her to turn around and bend over.” I told Connie.

“Bitch, you heard her, turn around and bend over.” Connie barked at her.

Gina did a slow sexy half turn and with her back to us, she slowly bent over to show her ass in the air. I walked over to her and smacked that ass as hard as I could. Gina jumped a little and then moaned. Connie told me to hit it again and again. Not one to ask questions, I spanked that ass until it was beet red. Gina was moaning and loving it. I gave her thong a hard pull from the back and then reached around the front and did the same.
“Gina, turn around and let us see what that ass and pussy looks like.” I told her.

Gina did her best at doing a models turn. When we saw her ass it was beet red from her spanking and the strings to her bikini were wedged in her tight ass. When she turned so we could see her pussy, the thong was wedged high between her clean shaven fat pussy lips. I could hardly contain my self. I pinched her fat pussy lips and watched her whimper.

“Karmen, my bitch is hot as hell. She is ready to perform her party duties. You agree?”

“Hell yeah, Connie. I am loving her shit right now.” I answered Connie back while at the same time, I was pushing the thong bikini farther up into her coochie.

Connie walked up to her and pointed her finger into Gina’s face. She told her, “You do everything and I mean everything that Karmen or I tell you to do. Your pretty ass belongs to us.”

Gina shook her head to show she understood and then wrapped her cover-up around her waist.

“You can go now and get my party started.” Connie commanded her.

Gina walked towards the door. She was a beautiful woman with olive skin. The white she was wearing just brought it all out.

Connie and I Talked as we prepared ourselves for the party. I grilled her on some of the specifics like who was coming, what was going to happen and where everything was going to take place. Connie told me that she had given Gina a list of all of the invitees that she wanted to come to the party. Gina went to each person’s house and told the parents about the party and got written permission on whether or not it was okay for their child to drink at the party. Connie had gotten permission from her parents to serve beer and wine coolers. Connie got all of the parents signed permission. All of the invitees had to be dropped off and Connie’s parents had hired two party busses to take people home through out the night. The part was to start at 6 and the gates to the property would be closed at 6:30 and you could not get in after that, no matter what. She had heard that there might be some outside gate crashers, so her dad hired a security team to patrol the property. The tennis court had a tent over it and was where all of the food was being served through out the night. The pool was outfitted with several slides and the diving board was removed for safety purposes. There were tables all around one side of the pool for people to sit on. There were lounge chairs set up as if this was a resort pool and the six pool cabanas had been set up with video screens and each one had a different game system. Gina was able to get a prototype of a gaming system that was not even released to the public. Gina had a dance floor assembled next to the tennis courts with lounge chairs and outdoor couches for seating. So that no one had to enter the house to go to the bathroom, Gina secured these ultra-modern portable bathrooms that were far better than those you saw at the county fair. There were also going to be several surprises as the party went on. The party was for about 125 seniors in our graduating class. Most of the invitees lived in our neighborhood with a few living in other places.
While we were getting dressed, Connie gave me a pussy check. I had a bit of stubble on my coochie and Connie took it upon herself to touch it up. Connie’s touch up consisted of her shaving the stubble off, cleaning it up and then munching on my fat pussy lips until I came two times. Connie said that was just a warm-up.

Connie and I left the cottage holding hands. We walked up to the pool house and made our entrance. The party was in full swing even though it was only 6:15. Gina walked over to us and informed Connie that all of the invitees had checked in and that the guards had closed the front gate. Connie and I walked around exchanging greetings and hugs with everybody. The last group that we greeted was a group of football players. We all knew each other from the different classes that we took but I noticed that each of the five players gave Connie and I an extra special hug and even some ass squeezing. I was enjoying the attention.

As we walked towards the food tent, I asked, “Connie what the hell was that all about? That was some serious ass />
“Oh girl, that was nothing. Just the fellows being friendly.” Connie smirked at me.

“Bullshit, but I trust my sister.” I told her as we hugged and smiled at each other.

We checked out the food tent to make sure everything was in order and moved onto the cabanas. All of our classmates were marveled at the extent of the games and systems that were in each one. Guys and girls were competing against each other. It was a hit.
We moved onto the dance floor where the DJ was kicking it with some rap music in high gear. Since Miley Cyrus was twerking on the awards show, every white chick was trying to get into it. Some were not too bad at it. Connie and I got on the dance floor and joined in on the twerking. We went full tilt. When I backed my ass up to her, Connie took full advantage of it. She was grinding her pelvis on my ass bone and getting me all hot and bothered. We were not the only girl/girl couple doing the nasty dance. There were plenty of others and even some guy/guy couples dancing.

I still had my back to Connie when she grabbed me by the waist and pulled me closer.
“Baby are you enjoying white Mama’s party so far?” She asked me.

I shook my head yes as she nuzzled her lips on my neck and whispered that she was going to do her baby good tonight. We grinded our way through several more fast and slow songs before we moved on to the pool area.

On the way to the pool, we grabbed a couple of fruity wine coolers that the bar tender had made up. We kind of gulped them down because we were sweating from the dancing. As we were standing by the pool, we were suddenly grabbed by four of the football players. Each player had a set of arms or legs. We were summarily tossed into the pool, cover-ups and all. Connie told them that she was going to kick some asses and then kick them out of the party, but everyone knew she was bullshitting when she started smiling from ear to ear. We threw our cover-ups to the side of the pool and started playing pool games with everyone else. We got into a game of Chicken Fighting. I was asked by one of the football players to be his partner and Connie was asked by another one. Both of the players ducked down in the water and placed us on their shoulders. Connie whispered in my ear that we were going to team up against everyone.
Connie yelled out to everyone to join in on the fun. In the end there were about fifty couples in the water. The rules were that there were no rules except hair pulling. Connie told Gina to give a signal to start the game. Connie and I did as we said we were going to do. We were grabbing tittys, asses and whole swimming suits. We had knocked out about 15 couples with most of the girls losing all or part of their swimming suits. When we looked around there were about 5 other couples left. We all moved to the center of the pool and got the tables turned on us. They were ganging up on us. Were able to hold our own and was left with two other couples. Were overpowered them with both girls losing their suits. The crowd began chanting Bitch Fight. Connie and I locked arms and kept trying to pull each other down. Connie did get my top off and my tits were swaying in the wind. I grabbed her bottoms and thru it out of the pool. We continued until we both were naked. Gina finally called it a naked draw and Connie and I hugged it out.
“Connie are you going to put your suit back on?” I asked her.

She looked around and answered me, “Nope, look at everyone else. Most people are without theirs.”

We nodded in agreement as we were handed two more coolers by our pool partners.
Marcus who was my partner was black and KT, who was Connie’s partner, was bi-racial. As I looked both of them over, I could see that our nakedness was taking effect. Both of them were hard as rocks and were not ashamed to show it. We walked over to the gazebo. As we entered the space, I noticed that you could not see in but you could see out. We were going to use the hot tub.

Connie and I got in first and laid back and relaxed. The guys stopped past one of the bars and got some beers and coolers. Before they got in, I could see them whispering to each other. They handed us the drinks and then dropped their suits. There was swinging dicks everywhere.

Connie yelled out, “That is the shit that I am talking about. Swinging dicks /> We all laughed at her crazy ass as the guys got into the hot tub.

Marcus sat next to me and put his arm around me. He asked if I was okay and I nodded yes. Connie was feeling no pain as KT sat next to her and did the same. I could see that Connie was fast at work. She was giving KT a hand job underneath the water. He had laid his head back and was in bliss. I followed my girls lead and did the same with Marcus. His dick was so thick that I could barely get my hand around his dick. He was enjoying it too because he asked me to slow down because he wanted it to last. Connie winked at me and gave me the okay.

The hot tub was set into the ground and had a deck going around it. There were several couches positioned around it. Connie had stopped her hand job on KT and told him to follow her. She had KT to lay down on the deck and she positioned herself in the 69 position.

KT told Connie, “Lower that sweet pussy onto my face. You know that I loves some snow bunny pussy.”

Connie followed his direction and immediately started to grind her pussy on KT’s face. KT took to it like a champ and showed that he had been on this block before. He grabbed her ass cheeks and took control of her movements. KT held her up and was flicking her clit with his tongue. From experience, I knew that Connie was loving this shit.

“KT, do me baby. Do me good. Eat that pussy like it is your last meal. Damn, this shit is so Connie yelled out in her sexy voice.

KT stopped his assault on her pussy long enough to tell Connie, up with the brain, Snow, you know he loves those lips wrapped around him.”

Connie took the hint and started tonguing the skin around his dick. She would alternate her movements to include sucking on the head of his dick. Connie was showing that she had skills. When Connie started bobbing her head up and down and spitting on KT’s dick, he just started moaning like crazy. When she started beating his dick and licking and sucking on his balls, he just about lost his mind.

Marcus was feeling neglected because I had stopped with my hand job on him to watch Connie and KT. He cleared his throat to get my attention. I started stroking his cock again and with the other hand I was fondling his balls.

Marcus murmured, “Keep that up baby. I got a lot of built up cum for you.”

“Okay, Big Daddy. I want it all!!!” I whispered in his ear.

We were all in our own little worlds and did not even notice that Gina had come into the gazebo and was sitting on one of the couches with her cover-up and bikini bottoms pulled to the side.

I could see her slowly rubbing on her exposed clit. When she saw that I was looking, Gina started using her other hand to finger her pussy while keeping a steady rhythm of stroking her clit.

I watched her watch me and had not noticed that Connie was back in the water and was sitting next to Marcus. She whispered something to Marcus that caused his eyes to open wide.

Marcus started to get out of the hot tub and grabbed my hand to pull me with him. He laid down on the deck and let his dick point straight up. I realized again how big he was.

Connie motioned for KT to come and lay next to Marcus.

Connie yelled to Gina, “Stop working that pussy and bring my toys over here.”

Gina went to one of the many storage cabinets and brought a bag over to Connie.

Connie pulled two round pieces of plastic out of the bag. She gave me one and she kept the other one.

“Karm, put this on Marcus’ dick lick this. It is a cock ring and it will help him last longer.”
I followed her direction and even though I had a hard time getting it on, I finally did.
“Now sit that juicy coochie on Marcus’ face and let him get a spray of your cum.”

When I sat on his face, Marcus went to work on my coochie. I found myself humping and rubbing my coochie hard on his face. Marcus was able to get a good hold on my clit with his lips and was flicking it like crazy. I was riding Big Daddy’s face and he was doing a job on me. I felt my first small orgasm coming on. I increased my grinding on his face and when it hit, I yelled to the heavens. My body was shaking and I know I squirted into his mouth.

“Yes Big Daddy, make me cum some more. I want to I said to Marcus.
Connie pointed to his dick and told me to do him.

“Suck that big black cock. I know that you can do it.” Connie screamed to me.

I leaned down and started kissing the head of his dick. I kissed his dick and his balls. This got his dick stiff as a board again. I tried to suck the top of his dick into my mouth but it was too big. I just licked the head and jacked him off.

Connie saw the problems that I was having and told Gina to help me. Gina sucked on his balls and had Marcus moaning again. He was moaning hard into my pussy. She took over my sucking and was able to get the head into her mouth, along with half of his dick. She kept up the pressure on his dick by bobbing her head up and down. I grabbed his balls and rubbed and juggled them around.

Marcus yelled to KT, “KT, these bitches is serious. They got my shit going. If I take off this cock ring, I am going to put somebody’s eye out with my shot. Damn don’t stop!!!”

KT took that as his cue and carried Connie to the couch. Connie was well prepared for what ws coming next. When she was laid on her back, she immediately cocked open her legs. KT asked her real quick if he needed a condom and she told him to go raw dog because she was on the pill.

KT had her in the missionary position and was rubbing his dick on her clit. Connie was moaning and cursing him at the same time.

put that cock in my pussy. Let me milk it for you.” Connie cried out to KT.

KT immediately slammed his dick into Connie’s pussy and started stroking her out. The two of them were moving in rhythm. Every time he slammed her and pulled out, Connie clutched his neck even tighter. Connie was loving the rough shit.

Gina and I had Marcus calling us all kinds of names because he could not cum. That cock ring was working magic. I decided that I wanted more of Marcus and that I was ready.

I had Gina get behind me and nuzzle her tongue into my ass. She was tonguing my ass and was trying to lubricate it. While I was still playing and sucking on Marcus’ dick, Gina got something out of Connie’s bag of tricks.

I felt something cool and wet on my asshole. Gina was lubing me up. This made me more and more horny. Gina was fingering the lube as far as she could up into my ass. Gina stopped me from sucking on his dick to help her put some lube on him. We used the lube up and down his dick. When we were ready, Gina told me to lay down on the deck. She handed me another one of Connie’s tricks, which was a cordless vibrator.

“Here play with this on you clit. Keep doing it and don’t stop.” Gina told me.

I flipped the switch on and could immediately feel the vibrations on my body. It got me going and quick. I used it to flick my clit back and forth.

When Gina thought that my mind was occupied she used her fingers to open my ass up. One, then two, then three and finally four fingers. Since I had my ass played with before, it was not painful at all. Gina switched over to Marcus and worked his dick to keep him hard. She pulled another toy out of the bag. This time it was a twisted butt plug.
Gina inserted it into my ass and worked it hard. She was banging my asshole good. Between the vibrator and the butt plug, a sistah was in high heaven. Gina let me work the vibrator and the butt plug by myself. She jumped on Marcus and slid that monster cock into her asshole. It was a tight fit but she took it all. She rocked herself on his dick, until he started calling her names again.

“Bitch, your shit feels so good on my dick. Don’t stop until I cum in your ass.” Marcus was yelling to Gina.

Gina slowed her movements and let Marcus cool his jets. When she thought I was ready, she told me to get on my knees on the couch. Following her direction, I moved to the couch and got on my knees. Gina came and worked the butt plug for another minute and then pulled it out.

“Keep that vibrator on your clit like I told you.” Gina barked at me.

Gina motioned for Marcus to come over to the couch. He was almost running to get there. Gina grabbed his dick and told him not to push until she said so. Gina slowly put the head of his dick onto to my opening. She pushed a little in and I could feel a little pressure. Gina did not stop. She kept putting more and more into my ass. When she had him halfway in, I was really feeling him. She told me to push out with my ass muscles as she pushed in.

“Come on Karmen, take this big dick in that pretty ass.”

Gina’s words echoed in my ears. Push out, push out. The more I pushed out, the more she pushed in. At about three quarters in, Gina stopped all movement.

“Karmen, turn the vibrator to high and really work that pussy. Marcus, start pulling out, but not all of the way out.” She told us.

Doing as we were told, I played harder on my pussy and Marcus started sliding a little of his dick in and out of my pussy. The pressure was turning from intense to pleasure. Marcus was getting into a strong rhythm and started to really bang my ass.


Marcus let us know that he was going to cum and was not going to last. I told him to give me what he had.


Marcus tightened up and I could feel his seed in my ass.


He held his dick in my ass until he thought that it had softened enough. As he eased it out of my ass, it finally came out with a plop.

As if on cue, I had my second orgasm. Gina had worked her way under me and was there to catch my squirt. I told her not to swallow my seed and to get to my ass and suck out his cum. Gina did as she was told and immediately sucked the cum out of my ass.

By this time Connie had been sufficiently banged by KT and had cum twice. She was working his dick trying to get him to cum. Gina walked over, with the cum still in her mouth and stuck a finger in KT’s ass.

“Connie, I am there. I am going to cum in your pppuuussssyyy!!! This bitch put her finger in my ass.”

KT shot off like a rocket.

“KT give Snow all of that good shit. Don’t hold back!!!” Connie told him

Finally KT stopped coming and Gina immediately sucked his cum out of Connie’s pussy. Connie got up and pulled Gina over to me.

“Gina, give that cum to Karmen and don’t drip any of it.” Connie yelled to Gina.

Gina gave me a soul kiss and all of the cum. It was tangy and salty. I turned to Connie and gave the cum to her. Connie dripped some back to me and Gina. We all swallowed the combined load.

“Sister, how you like being bent over and fucked in the ass?” Connie asked.

“I loved that Big Daddy’s black dick in my ass.” I said.

We had a group hug and grope.

As we left the gazebo to join the party, we received an ovation from the party-goers. They were chanting our names. All we could do was smile. Connie and I headed to the cottage to get our other bathing suits on. It took us about five minutes and we were out.
Gina was organizing everyone by the dance floor for the next surprise. As everyone sat down at the tables and on the couches and chairs the music was turned up and the lights turned down. There were spotlights pointing towards the stage. Connie and I were seated front and center. I was wondering what this was all about.

From behind a curtain appeared about twenty male and twenty female dancers. All were loosely clad in stripper attire. I looked at Connie and before I could say anything, she shook her head yes.

The dancers went through a complete routine of gyrating and sexy dancing with each other. It was driving the crowd wild. This was followed by each dancer bringing up a chair to the stage. The DJ then played the song CANDY. Each dancer picked someone out of the audience to dance for. Of course, Connie and I were picked.

The dancers did a sexy number for us, but it was what happened after the number. The dancers peeled off all of their clothes and were butt naked. Connie took the lead and started giving her dancer head. I followed suit and then the crowd followed us. Guys were getting their dicks sucked and girls were sucking dick. This was not enough for Connie because she was ready for another fuck.

Connie switched places and had the dancer sit down on the chair. She faced him, pulled her bikini bottom to the side and then sat on his dick. She took him in one movement. She was riding yet another dick and enjoying it. Connie was all over this guy. She pulled her top up and had the guy sucking and biting on her tittys.

Meanwhile, my dancer whispered to me that he was going to cum.

“Oh hell no. You are brought and paid for and will cum when I say so.” I told him.

He smiled and said, “Yes Madam…I do as I am told.”

I had the guy to sit down in the chair and told him to lick and spit on my asshole. I was still pretty loose from Marcus’ fucking. He looked at me with a funny face and I told him to do it. He pulled my bikini aside and went to work. He was acting very funny before but he was showing that he knew what to do. When I felt a little wet back there, I sat on his dick facing away from him. He was nowhere the size of Marcus but was still bigger than average.

“Ease that cock all of the way in until I tell you to stop.” I told him.

He keep up the pressure and had all of his dick up my ass. This motherfucker felt good.
I yelled to him, “Pump my ass like there is no tomorrow. Don’t cum until I tell you.”
He grabbed my hips and controlled my movements. He was raising and lowering my ass onto and off of my dick with precision.

it baby. Fuck my black ass with that dick. Yes, yes, harder, harder. Don’t let up now. Come on, right there, right there, and hit that spot over and over.” I screamed to my booty lover.

He keep hitting my sweet spot as I played with my clit. I was rubbing my clit and then I was smacking it over and over. The dancer had his full attention on my ass. I knew he was close and so was I.

“Baby, I am felling your shit. I am almost there. You want to come in my ass now?”
He shook his head, trying hard not to break his concentration. He was sweating up a storm. I had him!!!

“Ok, its here. I am feeling my squirt cumming. Cum for Karmen, cum for Karmen.”
The dancer let out a loud groan and I could feel his legs shaking. That was it for me. I squirted a load of come at the person that was sitting right in front of me. It hit his legs. I could see him wipe it off and then taste a bit of it. He smiled at me and all I could do was smile back.

I lifted my well fucked ass off of his lap and could see that his leg was soaked. He jumped up and hugged me and said thank you. Another satisfied dick. I was getting good at this.

I looked around and saw that Connie was still holding her own with her dancer. There was sex everywhere. A lot of sucking dick and eating pussy. In the far corner of the dance floor, there were two gay couples knocking boots with each other. This was a party for all.
I walked over to where Connie was. She immediately stuck her fingers in my ass and brought out the dancers cum. She licked her hand in delight and smiled at me. As her dancer increased his speed and told her that he was ready to cum, she jumped off of his lap and pulled me down to the ground with her. We both caught a face full of jizz. This guy was loaded because he kept cumming and cumming. When he finally finished, he beat his dick against both of our faces. That shit was so sexy.

Connie licked my face clean and I licked hers clean. We then traded soul kisses for a few good minutes.

We walked away from the dance floor hand in hand. We rinsed off under the portable shower by the pool. Connie rubbing my body and I rubbing hers. We then went and jumped in the pool and sat with each other in the shallow end.

“White Mama, do you have any more surprises happening tonight? I have been sucked, kissed on, fucked in the ass twice and been the mistress to a slave bitch. What the fuck else can you pull out of that pussy.”

Connie answered, “My Black Sistah, you a wild bitch. You almost lost your “V” tonight. Marcus really wanted that tight pussy but he did your ass well. Our slave bitch has worked out well and those dancers were off the hook. I want to try some of those female bitches, but I will have to see. We have two more surprises for tonight. Wait and see.”
I laughed at how coy she was being with this wait and see shit.

Gina walked over to the swimming pool and help both of us out of it. She took our hands and walked us back to the cottage. She took us to the bedroom where she had laid out our last outfits for the night. Both of us were not going to be wearing any swim suits. We would be wearing just the wraps. As we put the wraps on, Gina adjusted them so that were partially decent. Both outfits were totally sheer.

Gina had everyone seated in the food tent. Connie and I had front row seats. Gina announced that after the last activity, everyone should be very hungry. We all agreed. As Gina clapped her hands, the music started and in walked groups of gentleman dressed as slaves. Each group of four was holding up a big tray with a nude woman on it and loads of food surrounding her body. By the time all of the food was marched in there was twelve trays of women and food. Gina said go for it and touching and squeezing and fondling and fingering are allowed.

Connie and I went straight for the pussy. We worked our way through the fruit and finally was able to pull a few grapes and strawberries out of her pussy. We grabbed some chicken breast meat off of her tittys and got some salad off of her belly button. This shit was unique and interesting. The party-goers were loving this and were digging into the food. The girl who we got our food from signaled me to come over. She whispered to me that she had more fruit in her pussy. I leaned down and tongued my way to the fruit. I got a few pieces and told Connie to get the rest. Connie tore that pussy up working that fruit out. I know that the chick came several times.

Gina got everyone settled down and asked everyone to watch the screen upfront. When the video came on it was Connie thanking everyone for coming and hoping that all had a good time. Her last statement was, see you all at the ten tear reunion. Everybody clapped and said thank you in unison. The video played on with some upbeat music. Next came highlights of all of the activities. The cameras which were all hidden caught folks fucking and messing around all around the party. I was caught on camera trying my best to suck Marcus’ dick and then letting him to fuck me in the ass. It was embarrassing to some but funny to all.

The party broke up at about 12:30. Connie, Gina and I made sure everyone got on the party buses and was on the way home. Afterwards, we headed over to the cottage to get some rest.

When we entered the cottage I noticed that there were three massage tables set up in the living room area. As soon as we shut the door, three very beautiful Asian women appeared from one of the bedrooms. They were dressed in sexy lingerie and little else.
Gina told us, “Ladies here is my surprise for you all. These are the best masseurs in DC and they are ours for the night.”

Connie and I had that WTF expression on our faces. When the women started removing our clothes, we were starting to get more into it. We did not have much to take of, but the way these chics seem to rub our body parts as they removed the clothes, felt so good. We were exhausted but we had the rest of the summer to sleep.

We were helped to a sitting position on the massage table. They next placed clips on our nipples. They were not too tight but I could feel them. Next they told us to lay back and open our legs as wide as we could. The women started rubbing our coochies until our clits got super hard. A clip was placed on our clits that was a little tighter than the other ones. I was feeling very warm.

I looked over to Connie and she was about to go into hyper-drive. When I looked at Gina, she was just smiling and mouthed to me to enjoy the ride.

They started at our necks and moved on down to our tits. As they massage around our tits, we suddenly felt a jolt on our nipples that made each of us send out a low groan. This was followed by a steady vibration through the nipple clips. My nipples were suddenly hard as a rock. Misha my girl started to pinch and rub my areolas. The pleasure that I was feeling was so intense. Connie’s girl Mina was doing the same thing to her and of course she had to show her excitement.

“Bitch I don’t know what the fuck you are doing but don’t stop. Gina, where the fuck did you find these women. They are sex-experts. My tits are on fire. I might put out some milk for this bitch.”

“Connie, you are crazy as hell. Now shut the fuck up and let me concentrate on this!!” I told her.

Gina just giggled as she was feeling no pain and was enjoying seeing us in ecstasy. Misha, Mina and May our Asian masseurs went relentless. After the titty massage, they moved slowly down to our midsections and then onto our coochies.

I yelled to Connie, “White Mama, how you />
“He he…” was all that she could get out.

“Slave girl, we gotta hang out some more.” I told Gina.

We laid back and let the three ladies do their work.

They turned the power on our nipples down some and slowly turned up the vibrations on our clits. The ladies had turned their backs so that we could not see them. When they turned back around, each one had on a strap on butterfly. These butterflies were specially made so that the vibrator was on both sides. We waited in anticipation for what was coming next.

The sensations on our coochies was getting intense. It did not help that Misha, Mina and May had put some warming oil on our pussy lips. The vibrations and the warming oil was doing a good job. We three held hands as we went into total bliss. With me in the middle, I could feel both of their hands shaking.

Not thru yet, they got up on the table and laid down on top of each of us. Their rubbing motions were very slow and sexy. These chics were light as feathers. In unison we were moaning and groaning. Connie was even giving her girl a deep soul kiss. I grabbed Misha by the waist and was grinding on her leg. My pussy was rubbing on her like crazy. Gina had turned her girl over and was kissing and licking all over her body. These girls were well trained; they showed little emotion but a lot of action.

We were in a true group sex environment. No holds barred. The girls slowed down the action before anybody could cum. I tried my best to cum but Misha took control. She held my arms down and pinned my legs down with her legs. I could not move. She moved her legs away so that I could not grind my pussy. I could see that Connie and Gina were in the same position.

Misha next turned up the nipple clip vibrator and the one on my clit. She did it gradually and I just relaxed laid back and gyrated my body on the table. I could feel myself humping in the air.

Gina was on the verge of her big ‘O’ because she was almost moving her table around by her movements. Connie was just moaning and groaning that she needed to cum and cum now.

As quick as the power was turned up on our clits it was turned back down. The three ladies removed the clit clips much to our dismay. What they did next was to rub and finger our pussies so that our juices were rolling out and onto the table.
Each girl positioned their legs in a scissor fashion between ours.

Connie was crying out, “These bitches are about to trib with us. I am going to flood this room with my cum!!!”

Misha, Mina and May had turned on their double vibrators and was now in the scissor position to trib with us. Misha grabbed my thigh and made sure that her butterfly was grinding hard against my pussy and clit. She was shifting up and down and rotating in circles.

my fucking GOD!!! Don’t stop don’t stop. I need to cccuuummm now.” I screamed to my Asian honey.

Connie chimed in, “Karmen, hold that shit in. I am going to ride Mina until my pussy falls off. This shit is so, so />
Misha and Mina had turned the butterflies to the top level and had us in position to feel the full force. I knew that I was not going to be able to hold out and neither was Connie.
I looked over at Gina and noticed that she was laid out with her eyes closed. She had her silent ‘O’ and nobody even heard it. May was just gently rubbing Gina’s head. That bitch had passed out. When I looked at her table there was a river of cum flowing down to the floor.

I was pulled back to what Misha was doing when my ‘O’ showed up. It showed up big. I felt it coming.

“Shit, shit, shit…help me Connie. This iiiissssss too much. Fuck, fuck, fuck!!!” I yelled as I was so close.

“Mina, rub White Momma’s pussy till it’s raw. I am going to cum so hard.” Connie kept yelling at Mina.

Connie and I came together, holding hands. She was squeezing my hand as her ‘O’ hit her. This was some beautiful shit. Me and my Boo.

I squirted about a gallon of cum on Misha’s pussy and her legs. Connie came too, lifting her body and Mina’s body off of the table. Mina had to grab the sides of the table so that she was not thrown off. Connie was in the throes of her orgasm for what seemed forever.
We laid on the tables for about five minutes until we were tapped on the shoulder by each young lady. They walked us over to the bathroom and the soaker tub. We fit in there perfectly. The girls washed each one of us down thoroughly. I mean they went from head to toe and all in between. What ever was in the water was very soothing for our bodies. We stayed in the water for about 20 minutes until the three ladies went and readied the shower for us.

They walked us to the shower without even drying us off. They sat us on the bench in the shower and turned on all 12 of the water jets. We had water coming from everywhere. It felt so good. After ten minutes, we were led out of the shower and dried off with the biggest and fluffiest towels that I had ever seen.

Misha, Mina and Maya laid us on the king bed and rubbed us down in an oil that was cool to the skin but after a minute or so it became warm. They even dressed each of us in baby dolls, without the panties. Lastly they rubbed a cream on our coochies that sent sensations straight to your head. I was too bent by now to do anything else.

We crawled up under the covers with me spooning Connie and Connie spooning Gina. We all were in La La Land in no time flat. THERE WERE NO IF’S ANDS OR BUTS.

story by: Southern Boob Lover

Tags: fiction blowjob first time bi-sexual cum swallowing domination/submission lesbian female/female discipline oral sex teen female/teen female interracial black ass to mouth sex story massage

Author: Southern Boob Lover

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