My big, happy family! (part five)

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After a good night's sleep, i woke up refreshed. We were going over to my cousin's house again, and i knew what that meant.

We drove to their house and were welcomed in just as last time. It seemed like nothing was different. But i knew that tonight was going to be interesting. Me and jack went to his basement to play around for a bit, and mia joined us too. We played hide and seek and other childish games for a while. We went up to eat dinner, and my aunt was setting the table.

We ate in almost complete silence, and my uncle went off with his friends after dinner. We went outside for a little until it got dark, then we came in and sat on the couch, me, jack, mia, and my aunt judy. my aunt tells Mia to go off to bed, so she goes upstairs, leaving me and jack alone with her.

After our last confrontation, Jack and I made a deal. He agreed never to tell anyone as long as he could do it too. I talked to my aunt and she agreed. We were going to have a threesome. I was very skeptical at first, but i decided to just go with it.

I didnt know how to begin, but my aunt tookt the lead. She took us into the bedroom in the next room, and stripped naked. I went over to her and we began to kiss, and she took off my clothes. Jack was standing, watching. Me and my aunt fell down onto the bed, our bodies locked together, and her amazing breasts pressing against me. Without warning, i began the first penetration of her. I stuck my cock into her amazing pussy, and i felt a wave of pleasure.

Jack began to strip down naked, and i was surprised to see he was pretty big. at least 6 inches. He came over, and my aunt judy grabbed his cock and began to jerk him. I was still stuffing her and she moaned loudly as i filled her with my cock, over and over. She took Jack's cock into her mouth and sucked away at it, and he could hardly help himself. She slid off my dick and me and jack switched. He laid down, and she lowered herself onto his cock, grinding at him.

She grabbed my cock and stuffed it into her mouth, sucking on it like an expert. I was relived that i was shaved, and so was she, but jack was not. She fell of his cock, and readjusted, guiding his cock into her immaculate pussy with one hand. After about 2 minutes, we changed positions.

She laid down onto jack's dick, and i laid on top of her. I put my cock at the entrance to her asshole, and jack pumped into her while she moaned for me to stick it into her. I pushed into her and fucked her tight, warm asshole. I loved the feeling of her asshole surrounding, consuming my cock. it milked my cock over and over.

Suddenly, i heard the door open. I saw Mia standing in the door, somewhat shocked. Nobody else seemed to notice, but i motioned for her to come over. she stripped down and walked over to our threesome with a smile. I took my cock out of her ass, and laid down next to jack, and pulled mia on top of me and began fucking her pussy.

"Mia! Unnghh, you slut!" my aunt judy said with a smile

"Ugghh, Mom, We'll talk later!" She said, grinding onto my cock.

Jack was fucking his mom hard, until she got off and laid on top of him. she was breathing hard, and told jack to get on top. He moved over while my aunt judy laid next to me, and jack penetrated her, fucking her roughly. I pulled mia off me. I pulled jack off and told him to fuck mia. He was scared, but penetrated his young sister with all his might. She moaned while i went over to his mom, and began to fuck her hot, wet pussy again.

"Uhh, im gonna cum!" Jack said

"Jack, I want your cum" Mia said between moans

He came into her, her tight pussy milking every last drop of cum from his dick. He pulled out and a bit of cum began coming out. Jack picked up his clothes, kissed his mom and his sister, and went upstairs.

"Wow Mia, I guess i'll never compete with your tight little pussy! Look at that, you dont even have any hair yet." She commented, looking between Mia's legs.

Mia giggled "Oh, mom, its okay. You have the most amazing boobs in the world. I guess it's just us 3 now." She said, looking at me.

"Oh, yes, Mia, I guess now would be a good time for me to teach you how to give a good blowjob" My aunt said, motioning for Mia to join her on her knees in front of me.

Mia came over, and my aunt Judy began to suck on my cock. She was most definately an expert, and it felt amazing. She stopped sucking and let mia try. Her small mouth hardly fit me, but she began to suck anyways. She wasnt as good as her mom, but she was really good for a first time. She stopped, tired, and my aunt judy took over. She sucked on my dick like there was no tomorrow, and i felt an orgasm rising up. I warned her, and she just sucked harder, and soon enough i shot spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth. She swallowed my cum.

I went over to my clothes, but she told me not to bother, because my uncle wouldnt be back tonight. Mia, My aunt Judy, and I all slept together that night, naked.

Just before i was going to slip into a deep sleep, My aunt judy whispered into my ear "By the way, Next time, I want to try some real freaky stuff, if you dont mind."

I smiled back at her in the darkness, and responded "Not at all." and we fell asleep, clutching eachother's naked bodies.

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story by: jmaley

Tags: fiction young consensual sex anal incest sex story

Author: jmaley

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