My bold and beautiful aunt, part 1

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I was happy to be staying with my Aunt Betty for a couple of weeks last summer while my parents went on a long anticipated cruise to the Caribbean. I was a sixteen year-old then, with long blond hair, blue eyes, and a nicely developing figure. . .at least I thought so!

I loved to display my budding blessings in my string bikinis. I wore a different one every day, and they seemed to be getting skimpier and skimpier–or was I just a "growing girl"? In any case, I enjoyed strutting around the house giving my aunt quite a show of my budding breasts and my barely covered bottom.

I suspected that although Aunt Betty had been married, she also appreciated the beauty of other women, and might have even tasted the fruits of Lesbos at some point in her life.

Sometimes as I was lounging around, I would let my aunt get glimpses of my perky nipples pushing out against my bikini bra. I would thrust my chest out wishing to tempt her to reach out and pinch them to see if they were real. (nah, she knew they were real!)

Occasionally I would sit in such a way that Aunt Betty could see the beginnings of my pubic mound with a few tendrils of my adolescent pussy hair straying out from my bikini bottom. I never caught her staring at me, but I could catch her quick glances as she passed her eyes over me, and I could sense the heat in her gaze .

The other day when I came home from the beach, which is just about a block away from my aunt's home, I brought my girlfriend Carla with me. She was a little younger than I, but was already showing her emerging maturity in slightly flaring hips and bulging bikini top, smaller than mine, but nicely rounded nevertheless.

We went down in the basement to wash the sand and salt water off our bodies, and upon removing our bikinis, we were both interested in examining each other to see that all the sand was off, and then to touch and compare our budding bodies. Carla, as I said, was younger and slightly smaller than I, but her shape was going to be fuller than mine, and I was interested to see that she had more brownish nipples than my pink ones. Also, though her pussy hair was thinner than mine, hers was a darker color, like the dark brown hair on her head.

It seemed only natural that we would play with each other's breasts, bringing the nipples up to firm little pips that invited sucking and licking. I was the first to succumb to the temptation, and I bent to lick, and then to suck at Carla's nipples, savoring the taste of the berry-like buds and sucking them into my mouth one at a time.

While I was doing this delightful duty, Carla's hands wandered over my body, caressing my breasts and moving down to cup my ass cheeks as I bent over her. I pushed her down onto the couch my aunt kept there for an occasional nap.

Then Carla pushed my head away and pressed me down to the floor to a kneeling position between her legs. I looked up and saw her clean, slightly hairy pussy staring me in the face, and I couldn't resist moving up and planting a nice wet kiss on the crack that separated the two halves of her pussy peach. Carla squirmed and wrapped her legs around my head and pulled me into her so that I could hardly breathe, except to take in the musky smell of her teenaged cunt and then run my tongue into the sweet folds of her labia, finding the nub of her clit.

As my tongue thrummed her clit, my fingers explored the outer limits of her pussy and I slipped them into the folds of her vagina. That's all it took to send Carla over the top into a frenzy of orgasmic writhing and moaning.

I was afraid Aunt Betty would hear her, and I tried to shush her by reaching up and putting hand over her mouth. This made us both giggle, as she took my fingers in her mouth and began licking the pussy juice off them.

I needn't have worried about my Aunt Betty, because unbeknownst to us, she was spying on us from the stairs that led down to the basement. She later told us that when we took longer than usual to come up from washing the sand off our bodies, she became curious and listened from the top of the stairs. When she heard the sounds of Carla's cumming and our giggling, she knew something was going on, so she crept down the stairs far enough to get a good look at what was taking place between the two young girls.

What she saw, at first shocked her, but then she was captured by the sight of us two young girls doing things that she had done at our age and had longed to do again for many years.

She later confessed that by this time she was so turned on that she just sat down on the step and let her hand wander up under her skirt to finger her panty clad pussy. She said her panties were already soaking, so she slipped a finger inside and reached up to finger her clit, giving herself an instant mini-orgasm.

About that time Carla and I changed places. Carla then worked her hands and mouth up between my wide open thighs to find my juicy pussy and begin the same licking and sucking I had done to her. At this point Aunt Betty couldn't stand being a spectator any longer, so she went back up the stairs, and then came down, letting her footfalls be heard by the us girls.

Carla jumped up from between my legs so fast that I was shocked into sitting up just in time to see my aunt moving toward us. She asked us what we thought we were doing (duh!), and we just stared at her, at each other, and then we both began to blush and attempt to cover our nakedness with our hands.

Aunt Betty told us to move apart, and then she sat down on the couch between us. She put her arms around both of us and smiled at us, letting us know that she completely understood our youthful curiosity, and approved rather than disapproving of our activity, as we might have expected.

Her hand roamed down our backs until she was caressing the tops of our ass cheeks, and then she asked whether either of us had ever seen a fully developed woman in the nude. We both admitted that we hadn't, and she asked if we would like to see how we would look when we had completed growing into womanhood.

We both eagerly responded in the affirmative, so my aunt stood up in front of us and had us unbutton her blouse and remove it. We admired her bra and its contents, and then she instructed me to unhook her bra and let it drop.

Both of us gasped at the sight of my aunt's mature breasts, which though not large by adult standards, were huge compared to our adolescent swellings. She invited both of us to fondle her breasts and to see how the nipples felt. We ran our fingers over her nipples, which were like hard knobs surrounded by her pink aureoles, more like mine than like Carla's. Aunt Betty actually shivered at our touch.

When she saw how fascinated we were with her breasts she invited us to taste the nipples as we had done to each other. I guess with our young mouths nursing at her breasts, we must have looked just like a pair of twins, feeding from our mother!

After we had sucked and licked at Aunt Betty's breasts for awhile, She told me to unbutton her skirt, and Carla to pull it down, revealing her pussy juice soaked panties, and the wetness running down the insides of her thighs.

Then my aunt slowly worked the panties down over her hips, revealing, a little at a time her curly, brown, pubic hair. Her pubic hair was plentiful, but not thick, so it was just a nice curly fuzz around her pubic mound.

Carla and I stared in awe at her womanly charms until she took our hands and pulled them to her, inviting us to explore the dense delight of her vulva. We started by first running our fingers through the fascinating forest of her pubic hair. Then we moved tentatively to her slit, which opened readily, allowing us to get in between the outer lips to discover the inner lips. Eventually our fingers found the clitoris that hid beneath–well, it wasn't hiding, since our pawing had made it stand up like a little penis.

Aunt Carla decided that we had gone about as far as we should on this first exposure, so she let us finger her until she had an orgasm, then she told us to get some clothes on and go upstairs for lunch.

I'll have to tell you the rest of the story on a future installment.

story by: DONNIE

Tags: fiction consensual sex girls / female lesbian sex story

Author: DONNIE

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