My dark gift

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My Dark Gift

Alone, standing in a darkened doorway in a city whose name escapes him, a man is leaning against the wall. His coat pulled up close around his neck trying to ward off the elements, oblivious to everything but his own thoughts, as cars with their passengers pass by on journeys of their own as the rain is pouring down all around him.
The night hides his true intentions, that of a man unsure of his nature. Still he stands unmoving; people go by unaware or just uncaring of his presence, as no one approaches.
Slowly the rain eases its torrent as this man for the first time in half an hour moves, he raises his head slightly as he stands erect, his muscles tighten as an animal’s would just before an attack. His nostrils flare as he catches a scent on the air, ever so faint but still there, he recognizes it; perfume. Eyes as black as coal, dart back and forth cutting through the darkness, he is searching for someone or something, his head unmoving.
Suddenly finding the object of his search, his eyes stop. Turning his head slightly and looking across the street toward another doorway, dimly lit and casting long shadows, stands a single figure. It is that of a woman, tall, thin and very provocatively dressed.
As his eyes focus on her, they cut through the darkness as he sees that she is wearing a short skirt that lies high above her thighs, with a split high up one side. She has on dark fishnet hose that go from under her skirt down to a pair of high heel stilettos. Her top is revealing as her pale breasts are pushed together and are barely covered, she is dressed to sell her body. Any man seeing her would be hard pressed to not take a second glance at her captivating body. She has short, dark hair that outlines her face, making her very attractive looking as well.
She’s trying to stay dry but knows that before the night is over she will be wet and exhausted. Waiting here for the rain to stop, she is hoping for a date, someone that will pay for her services. She prides herself on not being cheap, like a lot of other girls, at what she does.
She is a true professional in her line of work, no attachments or emotions, just the way she likes it. Looking around she sees a man standing across the street; suddenly a chill runs down her spine. She shakes it off, thinking it’s the cold damp air. Believing this man to be a drunk or a bum for the simple reason, he’s just standing there.
Lighting a cigarette she takes a long draw, feeling the smoke in her lungs, hoping to warm herself slightly. Glancing back in his direction she is surprised to see he has moved to this side of the street.
Noticing the rain had stopped she sees that fog has begun to creep up all around in its place. She also sees that he has slowly started making his way toward her, she begins to feel nervous. Pulling one final drag on her cigarette she dropped it to the ground, crushing it with the toe of her high heel stiletto. Exhaling the smoke and looking back up, she finds he is there in the doorway with her, as a shudder hits her, she takes a step back.
Looking up at him she finds that he is a very tall man, his eyes are blacker than anything she has ever seen. He has crowded her into a corner of the doorway and has her body pushed up against the wall. Still she doesn’t struggle. She could have sworn his body was made of cold steel the way it feels as he pushes against her, pinning her to the wall.
His breath, cold as ice as he whispered into her ear with a voice so dark and sinister, she felt both terrified and exhilarated, “I… have a gift for you my dear.”
As his words faded into her ear, all her fears faded as well, she was totally his and desired this… gift. she whispered her voice hoarse with anticipation as she felt herself become wet with desire. Suddenly she desired this thing more than life itself, not knowing what it was. She opened her legs as she panted slightly, wanting this man more than anything she has wanted in her life.
“Do you accept this… this that I offer? Freely and with no he asked this question his voice sounding darker still, his breath cold against her neck as he kissed it. Sliding his hands down her body, stopping as he squeezed her breast tightly through her top, then pulls it open. As her breast fall out, he takes a nipple between his index finger and thumb and pinches slightly. She lets out a low moan as he did this, spreading her legs wider for him as she lifts one up slowly against his side.
With his body against hers, he lowers his head as he sucks a nipple into his mouth, twirling his tongue around it. She gasps as she says, trailing off in another moan, her voice hoarse with desire. Electricity raced through her body as he gently kissed her nipples again. please she moaned, as she stood there helpless to his advances. Opening her soul to him was all she could do, she was powerless otherwise.
Sliding his hands down her sides as he kissed her breasts and nipples, he reached her skirt as he pulls it up over her hips. He finds she has no panties on as his hand run across her swollen mounds of flesh. Involuntarily, she pushes her hips forward as his hand brushes gently across her sex. Letting another moan escape her throat as desire has taken complete control of her senses, she wants nothing more than to let him have everything of her. She closes her eyes as he does this, her lips parting slightly as she licks them, her breathe becoming ragged.
As his hand caressed her fleshy mound, he suddenly slipped a finger over her clit as she cried out with excitement. Then he pushed it passed the folds of her labia as his finger sank into the depths of her hot sex. She suddenly grunted as she bucked her hips, feeling hotter than she has ever felt with a man before, she wanted his rigid cock sliding in and out of her pussy, now.
This man that she had just met, standing here with her in her doorway, with his finger inside her sex, working it in and out, was more exciting to her than anything she has felt in a long time. Feeling the heat from inside her rising up, she felt a shudder deep down begin as he slipped his finger in and out of her wet sex. Suddenly she felt the electricity of an orgasm rising up, as he worked it harder and faster.
As he slid his finger in and out of her, working her clit, she buried her face in his neck kissing him as she wrapped her arms around his body as he continued to bring her closer to orgasm. Suddenly it hit her like an explosion of heat, her muscles deep inside her gripped at his finger as he pushed it deeper into her. She cried out as she threw her head back, as an orgasm hit her hard. Her legs felt weak as he fingered her clit faster still, if not for the fact that he held her, she would have collapsed onto the floor.
The whole time he was kissing her neck as he fingered her hot, wet pussy. She was panting and out of breath as she stood there in his arms. Her legs had stopped quivering as she slipped her hands down to the front of his pants, feeling the tremendous bulge there. He stepped back slightly as she kneeled down in front of him, rubbing his cock through his pants.
As he pulled his coat open, she undid his pants, allowing his trapped and engorged penis to be free. As she looked at it in the dim light, she thought it was the thickest cock she had ever seen. Slowly she wrapped her hand around it, her finger tips barely touching as she then began to stroke his cock as he stood there, sliding her hand up and down its shaft. Wanting to see his face she looked up into his eyes, she found they were closed and his head laid back, as his breathes were raged and quick.
Slowly she put her mouth over the head of his cock as she went all the way down its length to the base. He reached down as he grabbed her head and held it there; she felt his cock grow thicker in her mouth. She gagged slightly as she pulled her mouth all the way back up, his cock was shiny in the dim light from her saliva. As his cock slipped out of her mouth, she licked the tip of it as a drop of pre-cum appeared.
With his hands still on her head he pulled her back onto his cock, as he began to rock his hips back and forth, fucking her mouth. He began to moan slightly as he did this.
With his pants open, she pulled them down to his knees as she reached up with one hand and rubbed his balls as the other followed her mouth, up and down the shaft. Faster and faster he went, fucking her mouth, his breathing coming faster and shorter with each thrust. He continued doing this for several minutes until suddenly he stopped as he pulled her from his cock and stood her up. With her breast exposed and her skirt over her hips, he reached down as he slipped both arms under her legs, just behind the knees.
As he picked her up he positioned her against the wall as he slid his cock easily into her wet cunt. Pushing it all the way in, she cried out as he began rocking his hips. She began to moan louder as he fucked her there, faster and harder than she had been in a long time. She felt like she was in heaven with his enormous cock pushing in and out of her cunt.
His hips meshing with hers as he slid in and out easily, he began grunting like some kind of animal, pushing his cock deeper into her. Her breathing was ragged as well as she felt another orgasm building inside her. His cock jack-hammering inside her as her juices began flowing heavily.
Suddenly for the second time tonight, she began to cum. Feeling like a volcano erupting and spewing hot lava over the land, she came. As her body began to quiver and shake involuntarily, she felt the heat from their sex as it flushed her skin, covering her in a film of sweat. She could smell his musk as he fucked her; this turned her on even more. Grinding her hips down on his cock she wasn’t going to stop until he was finished, which wasn’t long, as he began to grunt louder, pushing harder into her cunt as he came.
She felt his cock erupt inside her as he filled her cunt with his seed, thrusting hard as he released everything he had. Still holding her in his arms, he lowered his head to her neck as he began to kiss it gently.
Pulling his head up slowly then opening his mouth, he revealed rows of teeth, pointed and sharp as razors. A single tear formed at the corner of his eye as he bit deeply into her throat. With a sudden surge, blood pulsed into his mouth, hot with the essence of life. Eagerly he swallowed it down as he tasted the sweet nectar of this human woman. His cock still inside her as he slowly pushed it in a few more times, grinding his hips against hers as she pushed back down on his.
As he bit into her she cried out in pain, and then stopped as he pushed his cock into her again, then the only sound heard was the slightest of whimpers as it escaped passed her lips while he drank deeply of her life giving blood, her arms wrapped around him. As he continued he thought to himself, ‘Once again I have given this gift unto the world of man.’
Warmth filling her body, she at last felt a release as her vision blurred with tears. For the first time in years she thought about love and happiness. Then as the blood was drained gulp-by-gulp darkness began creeping into her world. She felt no pain as the last drops ebbed from her body.
Still holding her in his arms he raised his head and savored the last of her life as she went limp, her heart no longer beating in her chest. As he looked on her body, blood covered her neck and breasts. Kissing her gently on the lips he knew that within a few hours she would awaken to carry on this plague of his. Sliding his cock out of her, he pulled his arms from under her legs as he held her up. With one hand he reached around her throat squeezing it tightly, and with a quick jerk snapped her neck. This one act of mercy was to end her torment before it began.
He let her slid to the ground as he pulled his pants back up and then fastened them, as he turned to walk back out into the night and the fog; he took one final glance at her lifeless limp body, her eyes closed with a look peaceful surrender on her face. Then just as quickly turned away once again, he is alone, to search the nights for someone to offer his gift to, someone who needed or desired to be released from this world.
His hunger never ending, the only solace he has is their his gift.

story by: Lord Sholvaiel

Tags: erotica fantasm sex story horror

Author: Lord Sholvaiel

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