My first serious affair – part 1

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At the age of 13 I had an operation to remove a tumor at the back of my brain. After the operation I was left blind. It was a great shock and it took me months to come to terms with it. Sometimes I still rebel against the fact, but what the hell, I am enjoying my life and it is why I am writing this.

I stayed at home for almost a year, but then I was sent to a school for blind children. It was far from where we live so I had to stay in the school’s boarding home. I had actually completed Grade 8, but they thought it best if I repeated the year to learn to read Braille and adapt to the life of a blind kid. I managed quite well and within a short time I was tuned into my new life.

My parents were strict Christians and the school which I attended was also owned by the church and they enforced the religion quite strictly. Girls and boys were kept apart with strict rules. We had separate boarding homes and the play grounds were separated with path ways which were borders not to be crossed. It was thus that I did not get to learn much about boys for quite some time. I was also timid and shy and tried to be a good girl. I did not mix much with the girls that were considered to be the BAD girls. I had a little brother that was 10 years younger than me so I knew what a boy’s thingie looked like, but for the rest, I was very ignorant.

In grade 9 a boy named David asked me to become his girlfriend. He was in his final year, so I was very honoured and excited by this and eagerly agreed. We could not see much of each other, because of the strict rules, but here and there we found ocasions to meet secretly. At first we just chatted and held hands. Then, one day, he kissed me when we said our good byes. I was both embarrassed and excited by this. I lay in bed that night and went over the night’s events over and over, savoring the feel of his lips on mine. The next time we met he held me close and began kissing me seriously. For a long time we stood holding each other with our lips pressed together. Then I felt his lips opening a bit and his tongue press against my lips. At first, I was too shocked to do anything, but after a while I opened my lips and he pushed his tongue into my mouth. It excited me tremendously and after a long time I managed to pluck up enough courage to push my tongue into his mouth as well. It felt so good to feel his strong hard body against me and our tongues touching each other.

We did this for a couple of times after that until one night, he moved his hand slowly in between us and began touching my tittie. Again, I was embarrassed, but it felt so good that I did not resist. Eventually he was fondling both my titties while we were still kissing. Then he moved his one hand down towards my crotch. This embarrassed me too much and I held his hand. He then tried with his other hand and I had to hold it as well. He broke my grip and tried again. I began to cry and told him to stop it. He became angry and told me I’m a stupid little child. I was very badly hurt and cried all the way to my room. The other girls in my dormitory wanted to know what happened, but I could not tell them. The next day I told my best friend about what happened and she said that I did the right thing.

Then later that day another girl told me something that made me feel that I would never want to see David again. She said she had overheard a couple of boys talk the previous day. One of them asked David what my private place feels like and when he told them he had not touch me down there yet, they laughed at him and told him he must let them smell his hand that night when he comes back from seeing me. I was so, so disappointed and sad. When David tried to talk to me later that day, I ignored him and basically ran away. I cried a lot over the next few days, but I resolved not to speak to him again.

David soon began dating one of the “bad” girls in the school. She took much pleasure in telling me all about them. I tried to avoid her as much as possible, but she made a point of it to tell me each time the met, what they did. It apparently, did not take them long before they had sex.

After that I kept very much to myself and did not become involved with boys for a long time. It was only half way through my final year that a guy called Peter, who was in the same class as I, asked me to date him. Up to that time he was dating another girl in our class and I initially told him no. After a few days, the other girl told me that they had indeed broken up and I must not feel bad about her if he wants to date me.

So, a few days later we went to see a Shakespeare play. Peter asked if he could sit next to me on the bus. During the play he took my hand and my heart was pounding excitedly. On the way back to the school he held my hand again. At some stage he put his hand on my tittie, but I took it away and he did not persist. As I lay in bed that night, I thought to myself that I was a fool to take his hand away. He will probably think I am too stuck up and quit dating me. Fortunately I was wrong. The next day he moved his desk right next to mine.

We had compulsory study time from five in the afternoon till nine at night with just an hour brake for supper. Peter told me to ask permission from the boarding home parents to go studying earlier in the afternoon. They had no problem with it and actually encouraged me to do so. So Peter and I met in class at three. Our chairs were close to each other and leaning over we could kiss. There were a few other kids also studying at their desks, but as all of them were just as blind as Peter and I were, they knew nothing of our kissing there at the back. It was rather exciting to kiss so passionately with other people in the same room.

Earlier that year I was chosen as head girl of the school and it gave me a lot of influence with my boarding home parents. I asked them whether Peter could visit me sometimes. They agreed with the provision that we had to sit in the sitting room with the door always open.

That Saturday night he came for his first visit. I bought some biscuits and made coffee and waited impatiently for him to come. My heart almost jumped out of me as I heard the doorbell ring. It was peter. We went into the sitting room and sat on the couch behind the door. The home had wooden floors so we could hear if someone approached. No one did, though and after we had the coffee and biscuits we soon embraced and began kissing. Peter ran his hand all over my back and shoulders and eventually his hands moved to my titties. This time I did not resist. He fondled them for a long long time making me feel as if I was floating in the clouds. I felt very warm between my legs and I was slightly embarrassed by it, but I felt so good that I soon dismissed all qualms about the feeling between my legs. When he left that night I went to the toilet to have a pee and was quite shocked to find my panties soaking wet.

The next day I asked a girl who was well known to be a rather naughty one, to tell me a bit about sex. She was very much surprised to learn that I knew virtually nothing about it. She told me that it is normal for a girl to become wet down there when she gets aroused. She further told me that a guy's thing becomes big and hard just as our private places becomes wet. She said it will probably hurt a bit if a guy puts his thing into me for the first time, but that it should not be too bad and should not hurt after that.

Peter and I continued our daily kissing in class and I noticed that I had wet panties every time. I wondered a lot about his thing. How hard and big it must be every time we kiss like that. Two weeks later he came for another visit to my boarding home. We went through the same procedures as the previous time. I made my mind up that I will not resist if he wants to touch me between my legs, but he did not try. He just played with my titties and got me very very wet. Two weeks later the same situation took place as he visited me. That night when I got into bed, I put my hand into my panties to feel how wet I was down there. I had never masturbated before, because we were taught that it is very wrong to play with one’s sexual parts. However, as I thought about Peter, how he kissed me and how he played with my titties, I just began rubbing myself and it felt so good. I could not stop until a massive orgasm exploded through my body. When it was over, I felt very guilty.

I was plagued by feeling of built, but I could not help myself, I took to playing with myself almost every night. I always imagined it was Peter touching me down there and somehow it helped driving the feelings of built away.

The next time Peter came to visit, I close the door of the sitting room. I thought to myself that no one ever came to look in on us, so I might just as well take a chance. When we began kissing I drew him down on the couch and we lay facing each other. We kissed a long time and then to my horror I pushed my hips forward so my private place pushed against his. I could feel the hardness in his pants pressing against my clitoris and the feeling was so fantastic. He responded by pushing his hips forward as well so that his hardness press right in between my legs. We kept on doing it for a long time till I felt an orgasm approach. I felt embarrassed and kept very quiet as the orgasm hit me. I made sure I did not reveal anything. He just kept on rubbing against me.

A few days later we were alone in class. As we kissed, I put my hand on Peter’s leg. He sat quite still as I stroked his leg. His legs were bare as he wore shorts. Ever so slowly, I moved my hand higher and higher up his thigh. When I moved my hand to the inside of his thigh he parted his legs. At the hem of his shorts I paused a long time. I knew I was being very naughty, but I wanted to find out what happens in his pants while we kissed. Slowly I moved my hand up the leg of his shorts. Then it happened, I touched the hard bulge in his underpants. He gave a slight moan and I knew he enjoyed it. I stroked all over the huge hardness. Then somebody was at the door and I had to stop.

A few days later we had another chance to be alone and as we began to kiss, I put my hand down the front of his shorts. For a while I stroked the bulge in his underpants then I became very bold and thrust my hand into his underpants. Wow it was so weird to feel that long hard thing! I thought it would have hair all over it, but it was so smooth and felt so nice to touch. I did not know how to handle a guy’s thing properly, so I just stroked it and moved it around a bit. I noticed that he really enjoyed it when I touch the little hole at the end of it, so I rubbed there quite a bit. Then, suddenly, he held me very tight and groaned. The next moment it became all wet in his underpants. I thought he had an accident, but as I took my hand out, I noticed that the wetness on my hand is all sticky, nothing like pee. He told me he is sorry to have messed on my hand and that he had to go clean himself. I was amazed at what happened, but I also felt very good that I made him have an orgasm. I smelled my hand and noticed a most peculiar smell. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and then went back. When he came back he whispered in my ear that I was a very naughty girl. I became very embarrassed and blushed profusely, but I was happy as well.

I made my mind up that I wanted to go all the way and have his thing inside me. My conscience plagued me much, but I was determined to have sex with him. I was so in love and I just knew I wanted him to be the one who takes my virginity away. I also thought that if he had intercourse with me, then he would never leave me.

When next he came visiting, I once more, closed the door and, as before I drew him down beside me on the couch. For a while we lay kissing and rubbing our crotches against each other. Then I moved away a little and put my hand between us. I felt his belt and I loosened it. Then I undid the button and the zip of his trousers. I put my hand into his underpants and began playing with his thing. I did not do it for too long, because I did not want him to orgasm then: I wanted it inside me. I was too shy to say it so I just pulled his thing out and left it like that, hoping he would do the rest. He took the clue, because the next moment he put his hand on my leg and found the hem of my skirt. He pulled my skirt right up and began tugging at my panties. I turned on my back and helped him take my panties off and then I spread my legs wide. He kneeled between my legs and I felt him pushing his thing between my legs. It felt so good when he touched my private place. After about a minute he still could not find my vagina and he gave a sigh of frustration and lay back down beside me. I turned on my side and pushed my hips forward. I reached down and got hold of his thing and brought it to the opening of my vagina. He pushed forward and his thing went right into me. I felt a slight burning sensation, but it was not bad at all. I rolled on top of him and he began rocking his hips so that his thing pushed deep inside me. It felt good, but it did not last long. Probably 10 or 20 seconds later he groaned and I felt the strange sensation of his wetness spurting deep in my vagina and then he lay still and with a shock I knew it was over. I got up and searched for my panties. I found them on the floor and quickly put them on. He also got up and got his trousers zipped up and then we sat down and I said That I am not a virgin anymore.” He said that we should not have done it. I felt very, very guilty. Then we realized that we did not use any protection and that there might be a possibility that I could become pregnant. We prayed together and asked the Lord to forgive us and to stop me from becoming pregnant.

To be continued.

story by: BlindGirl

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Author: BlindGirl

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