My life 7 – 3-some with my sister and my best mate

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Susan announced a few days later that she had wanted to have a threesome with me and Colin. She had declared it was only fair as I had been with her and Lynne and she was keen to broaden her horizons. I think she was also curious to see the pair of us together and although Sue hadn’t told Colin that I had been watching the pair of them through the keyhole when she and Colin had sex, I felt sure Colin wouldn’t mind sharing her with me.

I made the suggestion to Colin later that afternoon, when he came over and I told him I was too tired to do anything myself, and he thought this was a great idea. I think the fact that he thought himself bisexual helped, and he obviously looked forward to having a boy and a girl to play with.

It was therefore a couple of days later when I asked Colin over one morning, and he hadn’t been in my room more than a minute or so when, as arranged, the door opened and Susan walked in. I grinned at the look on Colin's face as she was completely naked – Susan and I had planned this and she also laughed and Colin's expression.

“Well I’m ready! What about you two?” Colin and I grinned at each other and quickly stood up and start to undress. Susan came and sat down the bed, watching us as we stripped off, which didn’t take long, and we sat down either side of her. At first we weren’t sure what to do so Susan took the lead and lay back with her arms outstretched.

We followed her lead and lay down next to her, her arms wrapped around each was as she pulled us to her. I brought my hand up and started to slide it up and down her body, while Colin did the same on the other side. Susan closed her eyes and grinned as our hands roved over her young body. We took in turns playing with her breasts and whilst one of us was doing that, the other would be stroking her between the legs.

“Shall we lie on the bed properly?” Susan asked. We agreed this would make sense and we quickly arranged ourselves so Susan was once again between us. This time we were lying full length on the bed and it was much more comfortable. We carried on where we had left off and as Colin leaned over and started to kiss Susan’s breasts, I shuffled down the bed and started to play with her pussy properly.

Susan spread her thighs and I carefully slid my hands between her legs and started to run my middle finger up and down the lips of her pussy. She gasped, which caused Colin to glance down and he grinned when he saw I was doing. He was kissing one breast and playing with the other and then he moved up and started to kiss Susan properly. Susan put her hands round Colin's neck and pulled him to her and I glanced up, almost enviously, to see them kissing passionately.

I carefully eased myself almost off the end of the bed and then I was able to lie between Susan’s legs, and I started to lap at her pussy. She gave a low moan and I continued to lick her, flicking my tongue across her clitoris. Of course with Colin on the bed at the same time his groin was close to me and out of the corner of my eye could see his erection lying across Susan’s thigh. This gave me an idea!

I gave one last lap at Susan’s pussy and then casually moved my head across and started to lick Colin's cock. He gave a gasp and glancing up I saw both of them now staring at me. Colin with a grin and Susan with a shocked expression. Colin turned to her.

“You didn’t know he did that did you?”

“I knew he did but it’s still funny actually seeing it.” she murmured. Colin had now turned onto his back so his cock was sticking up in the air and with a quick glance at the pair of them I carefully took the head in my mouth and began to slide my lips up and down it.

“How does that feel?” Susan murmured.

replied Colin who now lay his head back, eyes closed. I brought my right hand up and returned to playing with Susan’s pussy, so she did not feel left out, and I suddenly realized that she was close to orgasm.

I quickly allowed Colin's cock to flop out of my mouth and returned my attention to Susan’s pussy, lapping vigorously at her clitoris which soon brought her off. Susan gave a cry and clasped her hands to my head, pulling me to her as she came.

I eased myself up gazed at Susan.

“That didn’t take long!” Susan grinned back at me.

“I think it’s better with two of you!” She gave Colin a quick peck. “Who wants to come next then?”

“Well I’ve done most of the work so far!” I exclaimed which made them both laugh.

“Come on then, on your back! Let’s see what we can do.” Colin shuffled to one side and I moved up the bed to lie between them. It was now my turn to be pampered as Susan started to kiss me and I felt Colin's hand curling around my cock. I ran my hands through Susan’s soft blonde hair and started to kiss her passionately as Colin expertly wanked me. It was fantastic!

Then I felt Colin move and although I was unable to see I felt his warm mouth engulf my cock. My eyelids fluttered and Susan noticed the expression. She turned to watch as Colin returned the compliment by sucking my cock.

“Can I have a go?” Colin looked up and nodded, allowing my cock to fall from his mouth and Susan quickly shuffled down the bed and took his place. It was as good as the last time. It was almost as if she had been practicing as her head bobbed up and down on my shaft and Colin watched. Then Colin slid his hand between my legs and cupped my balls, jiggling in them in their sac. This was fantastic!

My sister was working on my cock and my best mate was playing with my balls. Did life get any better than this? I don’t think so! I lay back and closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation of Susan’s soft wet mouth on my cock and Colin's expert fingers. Occasionally they would slide between the cheeks of my backside and I carefully lifted myself up allowing him to rubbed one finger across my anus. Suddenly without warning I felt my orgasm approach.

“Here he Colin obviously recognized the signs. Once again I came in my sister’s mouth, and once again she bravely swallowed everything that I spurted into her.

“Fuck me, I’m impressed!” Colin whispered as I continued to pump into my sister’s mouth. This almost set my sister off laughing and she quickly pulled away, allowing a couple of small spurts to ooze out to the end of my cock. Susan coughed again and a small dribble of my sperm hung from her chin. To my surprise Colin casually leaned over, poked out his tongue and licked the sperm of my sister’s face. Love indeed!

Susan kissed him back appreciatively and then the two of them looked down at me.

“I guess it’s is your turn now mate!” I looked up at Colin.

“Can I fuck you then Sue?” Susan and I exchange glances.

“It’s all right if you start off inside her but make sure you don’t come in her. We think it’s too dangerous.” Sue and I looked at Colin who raised his eyebrows but nodded in agreement.

“Okay then. I guess you’re right.” Susan lay down next to me and I moved to one side to give her more room. She spread her legs and I watched as Colin carefully positioned himself between them and I took the opportunity to reach out and guide his cock to the entrance to my sister’s pussy. I rubbed the head up and down her lips a few times which brought forth a long sigh from my sister and then Colin eased forward and I watched fascinated as his cock slid into her pussy.

lovely as always.” Susan murmured as Colin started to thrust away between her legs. He was up on his hands, taking the weight from her and this allowed me to slide my hand between them and run it up and down her body, caressing her breasts. She turned to grin at me.

“This is lovely!”

I grinned back. you come again – you’ve already had one today!”

“I can’t help it!” Susan squeaked and then closed her eyes. To my surprise her body started to tremble and then she jerked up at Colin as her second orgasm of the day coursed through her. Then Colin started to grunt.

“I’m going to />
Susan muttered and started to pull away. Colin was good to his word and pulled out, his cock waving in the air. I quickly grabbed it and started to vigorously slide the foreskin up and down. Colin put his hand on my shoulders and closed his eyes as I brought my other hand up to clasp the cheeks of his backside and suddenly I felt his whole body freeze and a jet of sperm arced out his cock and splattered across my sister’s chest.

Susan gave a squeak as Colin came and to my surprise the second jet went even further and splashed across her face. Sue blinked in surprise and brought her hand up to protect herself as several more bursts erupted from the end of Colin's cock on to her body. Eventually Colin subsided and hauled himself up onto his knees between Susan’s thighs. We both looked down at my sister who was splattered from the waist upwards in his spunk.

“Gosh Sue! Sorry about that!” Susan surveyed her body and then looked at me.

“I’m a bit of a mess aren’t I?” I grinned back.

“Another shower I think!”

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