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Well, don't hate on me too much, this is my first sex story. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Gabby and the title are properties of Razzika on, and John (aka Master Chief) is property of Microsoft.

Gabby lay next to John in bed. They had been back in Tamworth for a week from their ordeal aboard the United Front, and were mostly recovered. Gabby had helped John understand that the warmth he felt in his chest when talking to her was love, and they had spent a lot of time with each other (not that they didn’t already). She crawled over to him and laid on his torso (he was a foot and a half taller than her). He brushed a lock of her blond hair behind her ear. She giggled from the ticklish feeling, and he smiled. Her hazel eyes met his brown.
“I love you, John,” she whispered.
“I love you, too,” he replied. He pulled her up so their faces were even. He put his lips against hers, and kissed her passionately. She kissed right back. Gabby pulled back, and stripped off her shirt and bra. Her medium sized breasts felt cool against John’s chest.
“No, John. That first time, I was had no idea I loved you. Now, I know I love you, and I want you more than anything, so what do you say?” she told him.
“I say, let’s go,” he said smiling. She crawled up so her boobs were even with his mouth, and he started sucking them. It was the best feeling she had experienced since she was nineteen, and she had first had sex. She hadn’t fucked since them, and she was 34. John had fought in the Covenant war, and had been a soldier his entire life. He was still a virgin. She didn’t care, and everyone had to start somewhere. He tugged off her cargo shorts, exposing her panties. His cock started getting erect faster. Gabby moved off him, and tugged off his shorts and his underwear. His cock sprung forth. Gabby’s jaw fell open. His cock was nearly 15 inches long.
“And I thought you were a big guy in general,” she muttered. John snickered.
“Come off the bed, I want to deep throat,” she said. John followed. Gabby knelt. John placed his cock at her lips, and she opened her mouth expectantly. He shoved his entire cock in, and Gabby gagged slightly.
“Can you breathe?” John asked, concerned. She tapped her nose. John started thrusting slowly, not wanting to hurt her by thrusting as fast he could. He was Spartan, and could run at 55 kilometers per hour. For the next two minutes, the only sound was the squelching of his cock in her throat, with the occasional moan of ecstasy from Gabby. After two minutes, he was ready to cum. He pulled out of her throat, and leveled his cock at her boobs. Gabby held them up, and squeezed them together. John slid his hand down his cock one last time, and nearly 40 years of no sexual experience (includes masturbation) burst from his cock. He poured nearly a gallon of cum onto Gabby’s chest. It took nearly 50 seconds for him to stop cumming. When he was done, Gabby’s face and most of her chest were coated with cum. Her hands were sticky with it, and parts of her received it too.
“Holy shit,” she said finally. She licked the cum off of her lips, and stood. She gestured toward the bed.
“You lay down first,” she instructed John. John did as told, and Gabby clambered on top of him. She knelt and used on hand to stabilize herself, and the other to insert John’s cock in her already wet pussy. John raised an eyebrow.
“No he asked. She shook her head.
“I told you I had always wanted a child,” she reminded. John rolled his eyes. She slowly lowered herself onto his cock. Her pelvis finally touched his, and she felt the tip of his cock poking her uterus. She raised herself up and down several times. She wanted to kiss John again, so she wiped her face on a sheet. When she was done, she said,” Now sit up and kiss me.” John needed no further instruction. He wrapped his arms around her, and she placed her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. She pulled off, and said,” Fuck my brains out John, as fast you can go, I’ll be fine.” He started out slow, and progressively faster.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” Gabby squealed in ecstasy. John barely seemed to stay in her, his hips were a blur. He kept up the pace for nearly half an hour before he slammed into her one final time, and cum gushed out of his cock. She was quickly filled, and her pussy was leaking. She clambered off the bed with surprising ease, and sat on all fours.
“Lick my asshole before you fuck it,” she said. John did as instructed, and licked her asshole. Her asscheeks were warm on his face.
“Uggh, ahhhh,” Gabby muttered. John got on all fours above her, and inserted his cock inside her, and began pounding away. John grunted a few times, and Gabby was almost constantly screaming in pleasure. Any pain was washed away by the pleasure of an incredibly hard pounding in her tight asshole.
“God, you have a small asshole,” John grunted. Gabby didn’t hear him amidst her screams. John fucked her for half an hour and then came again. He pulled out, and started wanking off on Gabby, who was now lying on her back. 20 minutes later, she was completely covered in cum, her hair sticky with it, her makeup smudged. She wiped her eyes.
“Lay down on the bed again,” she said breathlessly. John once again laid down on their bed. She balanced herself above him in a reverse cowgirl position.
“Fuck my pussy again, but if you cum, don’t stop,” she said. He inserted his cock, and pounded her again. Nearly two hours later, after cumming in her pussy nearly 6 times, he finally ran out of steam. Gabby collapsed on him, his cock still in her pussy.
“I love you, John,” she said.
“I love you, Gabby, you are the only one I love,” he replied. They fell asleep like that. In the morning, they showered, and made wedding plans. Three days later, they went to the hospital, and found that Gabby was pregnant. Seven months later, they were married, and their wedding was attended by friends and family alike. Even Dr. Halsey, who had broken the law multiple times and was in military custody, was allowed to attend. She later remarked that in 7 hours she saw him, that was happiest she had ever seen him. Two more months later, Gabby gave birth to John Edwards, Jr. They had two more children, both daughters. They lived a happy life, riding horses, and living in the outdoors.

story by: Halifax

Tags: male/female first time anal science-fiction sex story

Author: Halifax

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