My step sister heather.

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It’s been eight years since my mother died, three years passed and my father started to date once more. Four years later and my dad remarried to a young woman named Helen at first I was upset about this but that all stopped when I met Helen’s daughter my step sister Heather, while Helen was average looking her daughter was anything but average. Heather was five foot eleven inches tall with red hair, green eyes, a bubble but, and a nice pair of d-cup breasts. She was the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen, for the past year I have gotten as close to her as I could. We are now best friends but I wanted more and I could tell that she did as well. For the last month or so I have thought about how to approach my step sister and ask her out. It wasn’t until my dad and step mother left to go on a vacation did I get a chance to make a move on her.
It’s been three days since my father and step mother had left and I still hadn’t found a way to approach my step sister, ironically it was my step sister who ended up making the first move.
“Hey Jason why don’t we watch a movie together,” Heather asked while sitting down on the couch.
Entering the living room I looked at my step sister and asked, “Sure what do you want to watch?”
“Sit down and I’ll go get the movie,” she told me before getting up and running to her room.
Sitting down on the couch I waited for a couple of minutes until she returned with a movie in her hand, looking to see what type of movie she had gotten I noticed that she had changed her clothes while she was upstairs. When she went upstairs she had on jeans and a t-shirt, now she wore a pair of sleeping pants and a sports bra. Looking at her chest I immediately got hard because as she was running down the stairs one of her breasts had slipped out of her bra.
“Sis one of your breasts are showing,” I said to her while pointing to her right breast.
“Oh sorry about that I was in a hurry so I probably didn’t put my bra on right,” she replied as she fixed her bra and put her breast away.
okay,” I said in order to reassure her that it wasn’t her fault.
“Now let’s get to watching the movie,” my step sister said as she put the movie into the DVD player and sat down next to me on the couch. After a while of watching the movie I had finally noticed that my sister’s hand was resting right above my cock. Looking to my sister I noticed that she wasn’t watching the movie in fact the only thing that she was paying attention to was how my cock was growing harder in my pants due to her touch. Spreading my legs apart I unbuttoned my pants and zipped the zipper down, watching in excitement I watched as my step sister used her hand to reach into my pants and pull out my cock. Moving her hand she gripped the shaft of my cock and began to jerk me off, feeling my sister’s hand on my cock I got so excited that I began to leak pre-cum like crazy. What happened next got me so excited that I almost came right then and there, all I could do was watch as my sister got up off the couch and kneeled down in front of me. She grabbed my cock and slowly slid it into her mouth sitting there frozen I could only moan out in pleasure as my sister began to suck me off before it was too much and with a loud moan I came into her mouth.
Swallowing all of my cum my sister pulled her head back and took my cock out of her mouth looked up to me and asked, “Did that feel good?”
Nodding my head stunned at what just happened I caught my breath and replied, “Yeah it was /> “Good now you can return the favor,” Heather said as she got up off the floor and removed her bra. Moving off the couch I went down onto my knees and kneeled before my sister waiting for her to remove her pants, but when she did I got the shock off my life for where her pussy should have been instead there was an eight inch rock hard cock. Stunned at the sight of a cock on what I thought was a girl my sister took advantage of my shock and pushed her cock into my mouth.
“Ah your mouth is so warm you should use your tongue brother,” Heather said to me as she thrusted her cock in and out of my mouth.
Deciding to just go with the flow I did what she asked and licked the underside of her cock as well as began to bob my head up and down her cock. Listening to my sister moan out in pleasure I looked up into her eyes and saw complete and utter lust in them, my sister was completely out of it as she grabbed my head and began to face fuck me. Choking slightly as her cock began to hit the back of my throat all I could do was sit there and allow my sister to do whatever she wanted to do. After a while my sister moaned out and released her seed down my throat causing me to choke and swallow as much of her cum as I could, causing some of her seed to spill out of my mouth and down my chin.
Pulling her cock out of my mouth Heather wiped some of her cum off of my chin with her finger and licked it up. Looking down at me my sister said in excitement, “That was great I just knew you would be such a good cock sucker.”
“Really because I have never done anything like this before,” I replied to my sister in surprise.
“Yes I know but I could just tell that you would be good at it,” Heather said as she bent over the couch and raised her ass into the air. “Now come and fuck me.”
Moving over to my sister I used my right hand to spread her ass cheeks apart and with my left hand I slid my cock into her. Entering my sister was the most incredible feeling of my life she was so tight that just being inside of her was amazing. Thrusting in and out of my sister’s ass I thrusted as deep as I could hitting her prostate and causing her to moan out in pleasure.
“Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” my sister yelled out as I plowed into her.
“So tight” I groaned out as I sped up and began to slam into her as hard as I could. Thrusting in and out of Heather I felt her ass begin to squeeze as tight as it could before she screamed out and came. Moaning out in pleasure I released my seed deep into my step sister’s ass before pulling out of her.
Sitting down on the couch I sat back as my sister laid down across my lap, and ran my fingers through her hair. Getting her attention I said to her, “That was great we have to do this again /> “We have a whole month before my mom and your dad get back we will do this again I /> “Just for the month or more?” I asked worried that it was just for the month.
“Relax your my boyfriend now okay?” she replied to my unasked question.
“Good now rest I’ll wake you up in an hour or two,” I told her as she fell asleep.

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