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It was late at night in Pattaya-a beach resort south of Bangkok, Thailand, when I decided to go for a walk around the local nightspots.

It was 1988 Pattaya was well known as one of Asia's premier sex tourism destinations, with thousands of girls eager to sell themselves for around 500 BAHT ($20 US) per night I was a young student on vacation from College, and as horny as any 19 year old male…

As I wandered past the bars I marvelled at the spectacle of hundreds of scantily-clad girls They were everywhere you looked-hanging outside the doors of go-go bars and discos, hanging around beer bars…,many of the latter were sitting on the laps or hanging off the arms of Western tourists or of American GI's on their R and R stopover…

"Want a fuck?" said a girl as I walked past a particularly noisy establishment. "No thanks-I'm just looking around," I said, not expecting the girl to understand me. "Why you not go with me??" asked the girl plaintively, with a wounded expression on ther face "Maybe another time" I said ":I just want to look around" The girl was quite attractive, her almond eyes and olive skin framed by straight jet-black, bob-cut hair. "I want you go with me" she pleaded, grabbing my arm and trying to pull me in the door of her establishment. "I very good take care." "I'm sure you are" I said, "I just want to look around" As I walked off I heard the girl shout out "Falang Kee-Nok ba ba babor. Gyed Mung Iheea" The year before I had been in hospital in Phuket for 3 months following a motorcycle accident, and had learned quite a bit of Thai. I knew exactly what the girl was saying, but decided that the girl probably didn't dream that I could understand Thai, so I decided to let it go (She was saying I was a mean good-for-nothing foreigner and that she hated me and that I should f**k off!)

As I wandered around I came upon a bar where two of the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life were sitting (alone!). I went over and took a seat, and both girls joined me-one on either side of me "You like a drink?" asked the younger (and more attractive) of them She had a natural beauty-she wasn't even wearing any makeup-that captivated me. "Pohm tong gaan gin cha Khrup" I said, asking for a cup of tea. "Oh-khun pood phasa Thai Keng Mahk!" (you speak Thai very well) said the first girl as she scurried off out the back of the bar to put the kettle on. The second girl cuddled up to me and whispered in my ear "take me your hotel-we have good time Free-OK?" I looked her in her deep brown eyes She was about 20 years old with a nice face, clear skin, a slim figure. She was quite tall for a Thai at about 5 foot 7. I really wanted to look around town a bit more, and in any case I really liked the other girl better but I felt my resolve crumbling "OK" I heard myself saying, and we wandered off into the night The girl (whose name I never did learn-or at least if she did mention it I can't remember) hailed a taxi and we went back to my hotel where we had some quite nice straight sex. Afterwards she asked me for money I was then to find out, has a similar meaning among Thai bar girls as it now does in spams advertising X-rated Internet Websites…) Anyway, I paid her the 500 Baht and was glad to see her leave.

I felt a bit depressed as I showered for about the 3rd time that day and got ready for bed. What a waste of a good evening. Then I realised (with mounting excitement) that 1) Pattaya never closes all night and 2) I wasn't actually very tired-just suffering from a touch of post-carnal It was now 3am and the night was still relatively young-so why not go for it?

I got the taxi driver to drop me off just around the block from where I had been before and started walking I must have been propositioned at least 20 times during the walk down the street, but my resolve was firm, I was determined to get to drink my cup of tea this time! Then I heard someone call out to me-"hey you-naughty boy! over here! over here!" I went across to the bar girl who was calling out at me. "Why do you call me naughty boy? I asked "Don't you remember me? Naughty boy! I just go to make you tea and when I get back you gone away with another girl!" She screwed up her face in a mock snarl. This was obviously the girl who's been making me the tea before I left with the other girl "I'm sorry" I said. And I meant it The girl had put her makeup on during the interlude, and looked more beautiful than ever, but in a different way-that was why I hardly recognised her. She must have been about 18 and really was quite something She looked like she must be of Chinese descent-her skin was paler than mine. Looking at her again she was barely 18-maybe just 17. She was slim but well built with a firm, curvy figure and (judging by the bulge in her skimpy tank-top) some fairly nice sized breasts for an Asian girl. I felt a stirring in my loins, and my hormones started to surge. (I WAS only 19 at the time, OK???)

Before I knew it I was in yet another taxi back to my hotel-this time with the "tea girl" The hotel receptionist raised her eyebrows when she saw us enter the hotel foyer Just a few hours before she'd seen me go up to my room with the other girl! The boys on the door were grinning from ear to ear. Once in the room we made love in every conceivable (straight) way for about an hour. Boy was this girl horny! She just couldn't seem to get enough of it. I've never had such an excessively horny girly before or since. Finally I was exhausted.. "I stay with you for all your holiday in Thailand" she said "No" I replied, seeing all my free-wheeling fun in jeopardy "I don't want to stay with somebody all the time." At this the girl went wild. She grabbed a glass from beside the bed and broke it on the bedside cabinet. The she took the broken glass and made like she was going to slash her wrists. I grabbed her arm and removed the glass from her hand. Immediately she started biting into one of her wrists-so hard I was afraid she would bite right through one of her veins,..All of a sudden I had a crazy lady on my hands!!! "Alright, alright-stop it-I'll let you stay with me" I said Immediately the girl stopped biting her wrist, showing me deep bite-marks right over the vein…this girl wasn't bluffing! "Now we fuck some more" she said. "I'm tired" I protested Immediately the wrist went straight back to her mouth "ok-ok-we fuck some more" I said wondering what on earth I had got my self into here Was this girl crazy or something? This time she got on top of me and grabbed me by the ears as she forcibly french-kissed me. Her tongue thrusted deep into my mouth as I felt her fingernails begin to draw blood from behind my earlobes. Now, I have never been a Masochist and I get no pleasure at all from painful experiences. This had to stop-but what would I do? I tried to prise her off me, but she seemed to have developed incredible strength, and I couldn't shift her. She had me pinned down like a judo black-belt. As I stared up into this girls eyes I realised that something was terribly wrong. She had changed since we first met Then realisation hit me like a thunderbolt. Her eyes were glazed. She was ON something. I'd never been with anybody who had taken drugs before, but she was definitely on something. I had to do something to get the upper hand, or who knew what she would do to me? She had stopped kissing me now, and had started to bite my left nipple. The pain was excruciating It was now or never.

"I want to try something" I said, trying not to let the panic show in my voice "I get on top, OK?" Quick as a flash she got off me and lay flat on the bed beside me "What you want to do?" she asked "Make me hurt-I want you hurt me" As I said before, I've never been a masochist, and I'd certainly never been a sadist either. But this girl was insistent "You hurt me or I hurt me. Up to you" she said-wrist going straight into her teeth again…It was "lesser of the two evils" time again…I had to get this girl under control so I could buy some time, hoping she would 'sober up.'

I hardly like to remember the things I had to do to that poor girl to keep her satisfied…I bit her nipples until I drew blood, and she still screamed for more . I have always been particularly well-hung and have always been very gentle with the oriental girls I have bedded in consideration of the havoc that my large piece of meat could cause (I've nicknamed it "Shocking Asia!") -but not this time! I rammed my over-sized cock into her tiny little oriental pussy-right up to the balls and so so hard and fast that I was afraid she sould haemmorage. She just groaned and said How was I going to satisfy this girl without doing her an injury? To my horror I felt her grab my cock in her hand firmly between forefinger and thumb-what was she going to do to me now? She pulled my tackle out of her tight vagina and inserted it firmly into her back passage. "Fuck me-fuck me hard" she panted. At first I thought it wasn't going to go in all the way-but suddenly "pop!" and it was there… I was utterly exhausted by now, sweat pouring off me, but I didn't dare slow down-I pounded and pounded her up the ass until my cock felt like a raw piece of meat. It was about this time I realised I had forgotten to put on a condom…a silly mistake that was to cause me a hell of a lot of worry later on (I am pleased to say, 10 years later, that it doesn't look like I caught anything…)

Utterly pooped, I eventually collapsed on my back, panting like mad I didn't think I'd ever catch my breath again But this girl STILL wouldn't give up. Sucking and feeling my cock until it became erect again, she straddled me and pounded me like a jackhammer until I just wanted to die I had never had enough sex before, but right then I would have given my left testicle to make this stop…

Finally she let out an enormous groan (about the 5th orgasm I was aware she had had since the wrist-biting incident) and collapsed beside me Her skin glistened with sweat mixed with faint traces of blood, and we both caught our breath for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Wordlessly she had a shower and put her clothes on I did likewise.

Still wordlessly we left the hotel together and I escorted her to a motorcycle taxi. As she mounted the back of the motorcycle (somewhat gingerly, I must say, and still without saying a word) I handed her two 500 BAHT notes (about double the going nightly rate) She looked at me bewilderdly as if it was the first time she'd seen me in her life. It was as if she'd just woken up, or just noticed me or something. "What's this for?" she asked. "It's for your taxi" I said. As I watched her being driven away on the motorcycle I felt sad for her. She was probably a nice girl who had just had a bad trip after experimenting with god knows what…I hoped I hadn't hurt her too much. I never saw her again…


story by: Older & Wiser

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Author: Older & Wiser

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