My wife’s surprise part 2

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The next morning I rolled out of our guest bed and went to fix coffee. The thoughts of the prior night’s experiences were still running through my mind, causing a familiar feeling. I decided I would check on the ladies. I opened the master bedroom door and saw them curled up together sound asleep. What a vision from heaven with both of them lying there naked and exhausted from each others lust. I knew I had to back out of there or I was going to jump in the middle of them.

I cleaned the kitchen and straightened up around the house. I fixed a fresh fruit tray as well as breakfast. The aroma of food must have caused them to stir as Casey was the first to appear. She had borrowed a robe from Joanna. She sat at the kitchen table and picked at the fruit and drank the cup of coffee I had made for her. Joanna soon joined her and while they were eating I asked how long they stayed up after I left. To my surprise they had went at it two more times and did not turn the lights out until around 2 am.
We all laughed and decided we would make a day of it poolside. Even though we are in a crowded subdivision our house is somewhat secluded, especially the backyard. So it was nothing to sunbath nude, which we all three did. I was treated throughout the day watching the women apply lotion to each other and making out.

Casey was lying on her stomach with that wonderful ass exposed. I could not help myself I reached over and started rubbing it. Joanna laughed and said she wondered how long it would be before lost my cool and grab hold. My mind was a wash of thoughts of Casey sitting that nice ass on my cock. She must have read my mind, as she looked back at me and informed me that I left her ass hanging last night. I looked a puzzled and she explained that Joanna got received a hot ass fuck and she expected hers today. My dick immediately stiffened, so fast Joanna made a comment. I felt like a teenager at his first party.

I regained composure and told her that her wish I my command. All three of us relaxed and fondled each other the rest of the day. After we all got showers we fixed dinner and settled in for another evening of fun. The girls locked into the sweetest 69 I ever witnessed. I sat there for an hour as they licked and fingered each others ass and pussy. They look as if they were starved for pussy. After many orgasms Casey looked at me and asked for me to join her in the bedroom, I look at Joanna and she gave me an approving smile.

Once in the bedroom alone Casey proceeds to give me the best blow job I had ever felt. My toes was curling up she sucked with suck force. The sensation was unbelievable, I was on the verge of blowing my load when she stopped and told me she had other intentions for that. She called for Joanna. Joanna joined us. She lay back on the bed and Casey mounted her in 69 again, she then told me she wanted me in her pussy while Joanna licked us both. I moved up to her beautiful ass and slowly pushed my rock hard cock into her lovely pussy.

Her pussy was alike a vice grip and immediately went to sucking my cock. The feeling was wonderful, but not half as much as when Joanna’s tongue started licking both Casey’s pussy and my cock at the same time. My balls were resting on Joanna’s face as she was licking and sucking on whatever she could.
Casey started bucking on my cock with everything she had, the whole time she had her face buried in Joanna’s sweet pussy.

I felt Casey’s pussy spasm, tighten, and in a rush let loose like a fire hose. Her orgasm was spraying juice everywhere. Joanna was steadily lapping at the nectar. I was pumping her for all I had, I felt my balls tighten. In one big explosion I filled her pussy full, as I pulled back my cock came out and my last load dumped on Joanna’s face.

I lay back spent once again. Casey turned around and cleaned my cum from Joanna’s face, licking every drop up. Joanna headed to the bathroom to wash up as she was covered with Casey and my juices. Casey moved up in the bed and laid her head on my chest. She took my limp cock in her hand and slowly started stroking it. She told me how bad she wanted my cock in her ass. I so wanted to feel that ass muscle wrapped around my cock. The thoughts started some stirring in my cock; with a smile Casey lowered her head down to it to work it back to life. She got up on all fours and asked me to finger her ass while she sucked my cock. It did not take long before I raging a hard on again.

Joanna had reentered the room by this time and sat in a chair across from the bed. She told me she wanted to watch me fuck Casey in the ass, that she would fuck herself with her toys while watching. I was so ready after hearing that. Casey retrieved the lubricant and applied it to both of us. She positioned us so Joanna had a good view of her ass and my face. She straddled me and reached under took my cock and guided to her little puckered asshole. She settled down on it and slowly pushed the head past her anal ring. She paused a second and then quickly descended on my cock until it was buried deep in her ass. I could feel her meaty cheeks pushing against m legs, her tight asshole squeezing and milking my cock.

She leaned forward slightly so Joanna could see my cock in her ass. The look on Joanna’s face was like an animal looking at its prey. She was staring intently on my cock in Casey’s ass. As Casey started fucking me with her ass I saw Joanna push a dildo in her own ass, she never looked away from the show that was being presented to her. This made my cock even harder, I literally felt as if my cock grew and additional inch and from the looks on Casey’s face I had.

The sounds emanating from her were animalistic. She would push all of my cock in her ass and let out a throaty groan that drove me wild. I grabbed her and pushed down farther onto it. She started fucking me more vigorously and my mind was locked on the sensations in my cock. I could hear Joanna moaning and telling me to fuck that sweet ass, but it was like she was in a far distance. All of a sudden Casey raised straight up and impelled herself on my cock driving as deep as she could, I felt her ass spasm hard and explode in the most powerful orgasm I had ever felt a woman have. It was all I could do to force my cock to stay in her ass.

Once the wave passed she told me her ass was mine and to do with it what I wanted. I rolled her over on her back pulled her legs over my shoulders. I drove my cock deep into her guts. The feeling was heaven sent. She was loving it was well, begging me to fuck hard and deep in her ass. I was slamming her ass as hard as I could. I look back at Joanna and she had a dildo in her ass and her pussy tearing both holes apart. The look on her face was complete satisfaction. She was getting off watching me assault her friend’s asshole with reckless abandon. She was screaming to the top of her lungs for me to fuck that ass and to tear that ass up. I turned back to the task at hand. Casey was delirious by this time, the orgasms were hitting her wave after wave, and she no longer controlled anything her body was in reaction mood.

I pumped away, pushing her legs farther up, driving deeper into her ass. Her pussy let loose, spraying her juices all over me, she was screaming and begging for me to fill her ass with cum. Once again I felt my balls tighten and the cum to enter my cock shaft. I tried to hold back, her ass felt so good I did not want it to end. I could not hold back any longer. I grabbed her tight and forced everything I had into her ass. I literally felt as though I was going to push my cock out of mouth, and with a mind blow release dumped wave after wave of cum in her.

I let her legs down and roll off of her, we both are gasping for air. Joanna joins us, completely spent as well. We curl up and drift off to sleep.

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