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…I was at an art gallery with my friend Steve and his girlfriend Christine. It was the debut of a mutual friend's exhibit. He'd taken to painting crude depicitions of life around the city, looking like something a kid would draw with chalk on a suburban sidewalk. It was shitty, to say the least. Everything was. I mean, the guy painted razor blades to make some kind of or whatever, and now was selling them for eighty bucks each. Fuckin' douche.

They had been trying to hook me up with this friend of Chris's named Samantha for the past few weeks, and we'd hung out a few times already. She thought things were going well for us. She'd been giving me all the signals, trying to make eye contact, taking opportunities to make light physical contact, laughing at everything I say to sound funny…typical mating dance. Nothing special to say about Sam. Dirty blonde hair, a few freckles, full face. Not unattractive at all, but just not my type, you know? I prefer someone who can't blend into a crowd of college students on Two Dollar Pint Night.

Then, she came into the building: short black hair on a beautiful pale face, dark eyes, petite frame, a body that was just blessed with the perfect physique, wearing jeans and a black t-shirt. She smiled at a friend that she noticed there, almost lighting up the whole place when she did. As she turned her back to me to hug her friend, I could see a tattoo at the top of her spine; a butterfly, wrapped in a wreath of leaves. Everything about her was just…perfect

I saw her walk away to get a drink. I excused myself from my friends and followed her. I'm pretty sure Sam saw where I was going and didn't like it one bit. "Fuck it" I thought. "You aren't worth it anyway". When I got to the wine table, I poured myself a cup. Cheap plastic cups for cheap fucking wine. I asked which one she was drinking. I didn't pay attention, it was just to start a conversation. We talked a bit and I introduced myself. She said her name was Mya. And from there…god, i don't even know. It was so easy to talk to her. I didn't have to force any conversation, everything slipped out naturally. Mya seemed to be feeling the same. We walked around the gallery, where she shared my contempt for the guy's work. Beautiful and with common sense: my two favorite traits.

By now I think Sam had left, and Christine was staring daggers at me. I didn't care, I was engulfed in Mya's glow. Later that evening we left and walked around. Then she asked if I'd like to come back to her place and hang out. Of course I said yes, and soon we were in her apartment, making out, touching, licking, biting, and eventually fucking.

She was amazing…perfect little lips and tongue that glided around my cock, little tits that I sucked on, a round ass you could bounce a dime off, and a tight, shaved pussy that was just dripping, begging for me to fuck her. I happily obliged, going deep, fast, rubbing her clit. Every position, lost in a wave of pure pleasure, mixed with the smell of her perfume she'd been wearing…

Can you focus on what we want to know?

Huh? Oh, yeah.

Well, we passed out after all of that. When I woke up the next morning, I turned to look at her. Her back was turned to me, and she was still naked. I leaned over to kiss her on the neck, and that's when I got it: the

The Scent?

Yeah. Apparently her perfume had worn off enough for it to come through. It isn't a smell really, it's I guess. The natural essence that bleeds off of a person. It filled my nostrils, then my whole body. I felt like a beast, smelling blood in the air from a freshly mauled creauture. Normally I can keep the Scent from getting to be too much for me to control. But not this time. Mya's scent was beckoning me, calling me into that fog, turning me into the animal I am. It />
I see…

I began sniffing up and down her back and neck, then started licking, kissing. She stirred and woke up. I could see her smile as she let out a small moan. "Horny much?" she said. I ignored her and started to nibble her neck. She moaned some more, and I started running my hand on her ass, digging my nails in. She let out a small yelp as I clawed into her flesh. She tried to reach back to pull my hair in a sexy way, but I grabbed it by the wrist and held it on the bed, then started rubbing my fingers across her pussy.

Apparently she liked me being so rough, since she started grinding against my fingers. When she was nice and wet I forced them into her, biting my teeth into her shoulder when I did. She moaned so loud, arching her back and matching the rhythm of my fingers. Finally, I grabbed her by the hair and forced her head into the bed, rubbing my cock on the outside of her pussy.

"Wait," she said. "Get a condom first." I let those words just slip right on past. I bent my head down to her shoulder blade and got my teeth around a nice chunk of her trembling flesh. I think she was getting worried now. She was right to be; when I shoved my cock inside her, I bit down on her with all of my might, the Scent and my own horniness getting the better of me.

She screamed as I broke the skin, and tried to buck me off but it didn't work. I kept humping her from behind, holding her down and tearing my teeth through her flesh. Finally, I was able to tear that chunk off. I swallowed it, and took a moment to savor how delicious it was as I fucked her. It tasted like sweet pork, or maybe veal. Either way, it was more than I could handle, and I wanted, needed more. She was screaming and bleeding now, saying shit like "You fucking freak!" and what not. I just grabbed her ass for support and went in for another bite, this time getting some of her shoulder meat.

She was crying, realizing that she couldn't escape me. I'd eaten a good chunk of her right shoulder by then, and my cock was feeling so good. I turned her over, and she slapped me. I grabbed her by the throat and punched her in the face, causing her nose to start bleeding. I said, "Don't do that again, you fucking whore". I growled a bit at her, the animal inside me finally out in full. I choked her as I went back inside her. She struggled and clawed for air, and that just got me hornier. I pulled her leg up for support, and started biting her calves, ripping and tearing my way through. It was tough meat, but I got through it. My hand came off of her neck and began clawing at her tits. My nails ruptured her skin, and then I was ripping her tits apart piece by piece, bringing it's delicious meat into my mouth. I was humping her furiously, the taste of her flesh giving me a kind of vigour I'd never had. I knew I was going to cum soon.

There was blood, tears and sweat everywhere, and she was going quiet, either from blood loss or just shock. I pulled out of her and bent down to her naval. As I jacked myself off, I biit hard into her gut until I was shredding my way into her abdomen. Blood started pooling out of her mouth as I teared through her meat, and I knew this little piggy was about to go to market.

I got on my knees straddling her midsection and slipped my dick into her now showing organs. The warm blood and flesh felt so amazing on me, I couldn't stop. I just stared at her, watching her horrified expression slowly give way to the face of death, more blood coming out of her mouth every time I plowed into her.

Finally I couldn't take it, and I grabbed a hold of her body and with one final thrust, I came the hardest I ever had in my entire life, all over Mya's organs. I just sat there panting for a while, and then finally collapsed on the bed for a while as Mya, my first, glourious kill, took her final, shaking breath.

After a few minutes, I got up and showered all of my prey's fluids off of me. I got a knife and plastic bag from her kitchen and cut off some strips of the kill to take home with me. After that, I washed my hands and left, eating the most delicious steak I'd ever had in my life that afternoon.

You had to have known we would have caught you

Yeah, I did. But you know what? I'd have to say it was worth it. I've finally become the beast I always was, and now Mya, the most beautiful and perfect woman I'd ever met, is now a part of me forever. And I am truly grateful for that.

The officer outside will escort you back to your cell. Thank you for your cooperation in confessing.

Sure thing, long-pig.

Sick fuck…

story by: Glitch92

Tags: male/female rape fantasm death murder sex story cannibalism

Author: Glitch92

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