Nascio gets powers

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Chapter 01
It was night at my house and I was yet again with a book in my hands. I have always been smart loving math, physics and stuff but I never stopped to actually study anything. In my free time I usually was reading something science fiction fantasy and such. I’m 18 and in school anything that interested me was always easy to understand. In the start or at most middle of the explanation I already had the rest figured out. When everyone was doing the second exercise I had finished. But even then I never went out to the library to study more stuff, except occasionally when I want to find out some things that were relatively simple like calculating approximate terminal speed or delta v of rockets or exhaust speed of chemical reactions. And as long I it didn’t take me too long I was fine with it and was something I was curious about it was ok.

In my head day and night there were numbers popping up more complexes ones I could make head or tails of it but the simpler ones and how they related to each other always fascinated me. Like when you divide one by seven and u get a six digit repeat and how any integer that u divide by seven will end the same way except off fase as long as they aren’t multiple of seven obviously.

More complex ones popped out from time to time but those I tended to ignore. The maddening thing was when a simple question showed up and I couldn’t figure it out. One of those got stuck in my head for years and none of my teachers could even understand it. Bunch of dimwits. If my grandpa was still alive he probably would have at least understood what I was talking about. And the question was in a nut shell way and body anywhere under any circumstance behaves as it own point of reference. I simple didn’t get until I did. And if you think that it dumb of me to take some 3 years to understand remember those professors they couldn’t either. Sure that doesn’t make me a genius but still there is so much in the world that I understand that no one I have met even understand it’s frustrating sometimes how people don’t get it. And it’s those people that will someday be my boss because I was too lazy to study.

I know it’s stupid but instead of spend some of my time actually apply my amazing intellect to anything like that I just spend every single minute of my day reading and sometimes watching and interesting tv show. That was until about 17 months ago. At the time I was at a book shop that had loads of olds books they selling. I go through the books searching to see if I find anything interesting like an addict waiting for his next fix and I indeed find a book, a very strange book. Looking from outside it seemed like one of those old books that a wizard or a coven of witches would have but when I open it is just a book with some math formulas and the biography of a mathematician. Not only that but some of it is flat out wrong. The heck is up with this book I though at the time but still there was something thing wrong with this book. My mind stats to wander away but I stubbornly just take the book put in my bag pay the bill and go home. I start an intense internal dialogue tangentially related to the book. I’m stubborn and impulsive, those are some of my more defining attributes. I mean I never start fights or jump in front of busses but I do take some risks one my bike that most people would think crazy like doing 60 miles downhill where most people would do 35 and would already have thought they were doing great. Or read a bit of a light novel in Korean and just go learn the language. No matter what other people though or said about anything. The other thing about me is that unless those impulsive and stubborn things were finished quickly I would just as fast give up. Only occasionally I would keep it up and even them not whole heartedly. Like I might ride my bike might do 500 miles a month all year long. Might do 200 miles events with other people in a single go, but none of that is steady. I don’t actually train just ride normally because I like it. And do it for as long as I like and them, new book I was waiting for, I ratter do that and days go by without me leaving the house. One of the few things that I actually am proud of having learned is Latin. It was one of the impulsive things that I did. Exccept in this case after a lot of procrastination and a dozen times I started to looking at anything that resembled a normal start to learn a language I just took the untranslated books I wanted to read cleaned my messy table and got to work. Slowly with the help of online dictionaries and translators I started to translate. After each page a fire burned in middle. The same fire as usual when I was reading any other good book. I took months but I managed it. The excitement that I felt reading it and in some parts the felling of the MC that was also translating a book, it was awesome. That became my favorite series. In a lot of online circles people trash talked the author about his books and about his writing style and the story of the books itself but I didn’t care.

Those were actually my first good series of books. The real start of my book addiction. I mean sure before I had read other stuff. But when I was little with all my parents taught me about the bible and stuff I couldn’t really just take one of those books and enjoy reading it. And to take any other book home was just asking to have them looking at me and asking why I could read all day long every day and not have one of those books be about god and some such. Sure I could have read one of the good books I actually wanted to read and then one of those boring books that the church provided. But I was too lazy to do anything like that. And then it was than even when I find a book I wanted to read I never actually got traction going anywhere. As I got older came the computer age and with computers all the gadgets attached to it. That was when I started to read a little. I bought a small video player and it had an option of reading .txt files so I put books there and read on the minuscule screen. I can’t remember the first book I put into it but there were some. I liked them just fine but mostly they were light reading and it didn’t really got me in to it. I remember HP, Eragon, Dragon something, I started cronics of Narnia but could finish, actually I didn’t finish Eragon eigther. Eigther way What most interented me at the time was watching animes. What started the decline other forms of entertainement instead of anime was the books in Latin.

Years later I though of reding it again, my favorite series of books but couldn’t. I never manage to read something twice. I wonder if it was just my youth and the fact that I hadn’t yet read any actual good books that let me got trough the mistakes of those but since no books are read twice it might be nothing.

After reading them I searched for other books that interested me in the same language. Any time I find one I read it even before any books in my own language. Even books that are translated I read in the original language. My knowledge of the gramatics and details like that are awful I can understand most of what I read without any problem and only need to look at the dictionary once in a while.
I have always I was going to die and belong to oblivion. No soul not anything like that, it was what I was though by my parents, and sure I could chance my ways and be resurrected in paradise but ever since I can remember understanding myself as a person a human being I have always done in secret all that I wanted instead of doing what would take to the metaphorical heaven. Outwardly, sure I’m the golden boy that always says and do things diligently and zelozlly, but in my heart I always knew I wasn’t just a human with forgivable mistakes I just flat out ignored all was taught to me. I was blind, I didn’t saw that few if any of those that in this religion actually did what they taught. I always saw that but didn’t let it register. Damn god might exist, hell he probably does but he surely has nothing to do with religion like that. After all it was this religion that created me.

Maybe when I was little I might have been pure but now regardless of anything that they taught I know I’m evil, Ok I’m being dramatic but if you could see into my mind you would probably understand.

I get to my house and go upstairs drop my back pack in the bed and open it, why I’m opening it? A book is inside with some effort I remember that I bought it. Ok this is going into my main book case. I turn around and forget that the book was there. What was I doing? I don’t pay much attention to this fact because it’s a ratter common mon occurrence. I go to the grocery store just to forget what I whet there to buy in the first place. Or remenber something I want to ask in the midle of a conversation and forget what it was before the other person finishes speaking. Ohh, yeah I remenber, I think, I need to change and go to church. Otherwise I won’t be living up to my usual time always get at least 20 min early. That is of course just the side benefit my buddy John is there and we talk our ears off until it’s time to shut up and put up with the lecture, or rather the sermon from the />
Getting home afterwards I change clothes get into my bet and stare at the book case. It’s one of the few things I keep organized. I look at it and it seems it has an extra book after all the space it is occupying is bigger then what I remember in the upper part.
Counting the books I realise there is something wrong. Nine books but it seemns that the space consumed is closer to eleven. I go to the book case and intensely stare at it finding the extrabook in the midle…ok, how did I miss the biggest book in the pile, where did I get this book? Ohh yeah I bought it. It seems there is something wrong with this book and it makes me angry that I can’t understund what it is.It looks like an old spell book on the outside, how the hell did I forgot that book. It’s just beoind strange. I mean I no longer have the memory I had when younger when I could could remenber details of casual conversations from years before but still, I don’t usually forget anything that interest me. Much less that a book even exists in a just a few hours.

How cool would it be if it was actually a spell book or something? My mind wonders only a little bit and I forget the book was there. I laid down and go straight to sleep. The next morning I wake up with a pounding headache. Damn how did I get this, I open my eyes and the first thing I see as I am sitting up it is the book case. The head ache gets stronger. I get up and close my Eyes. It gets weaker I change and leave the rrom my head ache starts to pass. After a while the pain has lowered but it doesn’t seem to going away. Today is sunday so I have the whole day free. I go to Miss Miag apothecary and tell her about my headache we talk a little and she gives some herbs so I can make a tea.

-Look be careful, this is strong stuff start with one tea spoon in the morning and one in the afternoon if it doesn’t go away 2 tea spoon tops.
-Ok, I get it, I m not some idiot coming here for that first time that thinks a pill is worth the whole bag and any kind of tea will help at most a bit. I know what not being careful with herbs like this can do to the body.

-Ok, ok, I know it’s just this time with how strong the headache was and how weird it behave itself, and this is not herbs you want to toy with too much and the body will start to reject it. Be careful and come back with new of how it works out.

I go home and when I get there, great there is Arya my sister’s BFF. The bitch is fucking annoying. And that would be ok except she basically hangs 24 o’ 7 at our house. Technically not true after all there is school and other stuff but she spends like 90 percento of her free time at our house. She even sleeps here on my sister’s rom Monday yes Monday no. And she hot, like the most hot girl in school period. And it wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t followed my sisters lead in all things concerned me. My sister hates me always has probably because I kind do everything I supposed to do like go to the church 20 min early and always go do biblical study and stuff. What she doesn’t get is that instead of waiting for my parents to nag me about it I just do it and get it over with. If she only knew. I’m the one that has cause to hate her. I mean If I miss something I’m spiritualy weak, Im shirking my duties, and other nonsense, if she does it is theyr daughter being a bit rebellious and as long as we keep aperences and it doesn’t go too far god forgives. Arya is basicly the most flagrant of those violations because we aren’t supposed to have friends of any other faith, but my sister has come up with some bullshit about trying teaching about god and having her serve him too, and they actually bought it. I have a couple bodies at school and once in a while I manage to sneak out to hangout with them but not very often and she gets to have her friend around any time she wants. And damn how I wish she didn’t have turned her against me. And I don’t even know how. Before my sister she always nice to everyone with one or two exceptions after it became two or three and I was one of them.

I mean Ok, you don’t want to be my friend, or you don’t even like me ok, but no need to be a bitch. And that she is, as long as there is only my sister along she doesn’t even bother to be courteous.

I go to the kitchen and turn on the kettle.

-Ohh, is your brother gonna be here all day?

-Don’t know…Hey Piass- I hate that nickname she put on me, it isn’t even creative, I just ignore her and sit- Damn, ok just answer me, are u going to be here today?

-Good morning to u too. And yes I will, I got a head ache so I’m canceling everything and resting.

I go back to ignoring her and wait for the water to hit the temperature I want. From the corner of my eye I see Arya, damn those bums and that chest, smooth skin about 5’7 tall and just the right amount of fat, enough that u can grab at it without feeling like she a sack of bones but very far from being fat. And damn that hair. Long, smooth, and it smells wonderful. She is 4 feet away so I take a pinch of my tea and inhale deeply. The smells mix and yeah, it is just how I remember.

The water heats up, I prepare the tea and to the porch, there I sit. I’m a bit anxious to get back to my books or my computer but I take my time otherwise the head will not go away so easily. I breathe deeply and try to concentrate on anything else but my raging boner. I smell the tea and slowly drink it. I didn’t put any sugar as is proper off a tea even though I would rather have done so but the taste is still slightly sweet. Damn this tea tastes amazing, I mean sure it is a bit faint for my usual tastes but just a bit more concentrated and I could drink it all day long. I contrite on breathing again and the head ache is suddenly gone. The heck? She said this tea is strong but I never the strongest pill should have still taken a minute or two to even begin entering the blood stream and the effects of herbs are even more subtle. I finish the tea in my mug and fill it again with the rest going up to my room. When I get there my mind had already started to wonder back to the back side of a certain lady, so I laid on my bed and imagine all the things I would do to her if I ever get the chance. After a quarter hour I finish and go to my book case. Looking at the upper part I see the nine no wait no wait, ten book on the “to read” queue list. I take them out one by one but none gets my attention, they sound interesting enough but none of them are what I’m looking for at the time. I might go search a book online and download it, viva le Torrents. Wait nine books, ten books, there is, ten books, there is something wrong. I tare at the last book, now intensely I forgo everything else and focus on that book like I’m going to jump from a 9 feet tall wall, or like the final and most critical moments in a game the fuck. I search my memory with an intensity I rarely dedicate to anything, I boutgh the book, yes put it into the at it last nigth…And this morning, the headache, the bookcase, the book made it way worse.

I take the book in my hands I sweep the table with only a cursory glance to check nothing breakable is going along with it. Everything that was disorganized in the table is sprawled on the floor and I stare at the book. I pull a block of paper and start writing into it. Without taking my eyes of the book and keeping a mental image of the book in my head I write notes of the times I looked at it and the effects. After a minute or so I Look at it and open it. I feel like I’m forgetting what I’m doing but I force myself to continue. The book is about math and has the same content than yesterday, wait this formula here was wrong yesterday. Instead of question it I just close the book make a note of it put the exact time unlike the other time before because now I experienced the phenomena first hand a bit aware of it. I feel like I’m getting tired so I put everything back to their place. And sit on my chair again. When I sit I relax And I feel like I’m forgetting something I look down and see some notes I scribble it down. When did I do thins And why are my things all scattered around the florr. I read the notes and startled Look at the book case at first I don’t find the book but with a bit of an effort my eyes focus on it. I stare at the paper again and I forget seeing the book. I repeat this cicle a dozen times until my head ache hits again. This time very suddenly I continue focusing on the book and drink a sip of the tea. The pain instantly goes away. But while starring it suddenly comes back. Perhaps about ten seconds later. I take a note of the occurrence and fall into a loop. A couple of hours later the head ache starts again and I leave the room.

Without even looking, I know from heart and without effort in the notes But I still can’t remember the book. I focus onto it and some of the memories comeback but even then they are very fuzzy. I know I can remember them all when looking at the book.
So far I can’t come up with anything definitive but there are a few things that I managed to grasp. Basically that looking at the book gives strong headache being near it induces mild headache. Probably a side effect of what I imagine is a spell or something to induce memory loss about the book. It can’t however affect sufficiently tangential subjects. Otherwise it would have made me forget what I wrote in the notebook. Maybe it’s not mart enouth to do that. Now let’s make some more tea.

I spend another hour thinking and drink plenty of tea. I go upstairs and take pictures of every single page of the book. After returning it to the bookcase I read trough a portion of it but this is a dead and as well. It’s mostly nonsense. For a casual reader it is exactly what u would hope to find in a utterly borring book almost as if it was tailored so that it would show the most utterly book possible. But maybe that is exactly the whole point. Make a book that people would overlook and garaties that nobody would buy it. That is anyone who might bypass the “perception filter” the spell provided. That is very interesting. I basically spend the whole day resting drinking tea and looping between forgetting about the book and looking at it. And damn it’s not boring at all, it’s like sex, well, it’s not like I know what sex is like but more like wat I wonder sex would be like. You can have it all day long, you always want more, you might be to tired to do anything, but you still want it.

For a whole week I spend every waking moment Looping As I called it. Witch basically consisted of looking the notes, noting the time and looking at the book, maybe drink some tea. After a while I developed a slightly resistance to the effects of the book but I basicly still had to drink double portions every day. I went to Miag’s shop next Sunday and after promising to be carefull and explaining that I just really love it the taste of the tea I bought A fuck load of it. Like 200 bucks worth of it. Just about all the money I had. I spend weeks without much progress day and night wondering what the book might be until finally I saw a sign. There was a fuzzy page a bit after the middle of the book. After of weeks looking at it I basically knew each page of it. This page was slightly damaged and after some rest and a double portion of extra strong tea I really looked at it and saw a bit of Latin writing, some symbols and I quickly transcribed everything. A couple minutes later the head stars pouding heavy.I quickly put the book away and go to the copied page. Perhaps the damaged page was the first to fail because the spell there is weakened or something.

In the weeks after I got the book I had pretty much decided to consider it magic with spells on it. It’s basicly the only thing that made sense and until I acutaly got decent information on what it was that was what I was going for. Magic book, spells, unbelievable. I did the test in dozens of conditions and it basicly came back that It worked mostly by sigth and some by proximity. Barriers, electromagnetic fields, lighting conditions, humidity, time, none of that made any diference as far as I could tell.

As I got used to the spell and grew some imunity I managed to increac the percentage of time I spend with it. The page I copied seemed to suggest that I was correct in my assumptions but it was too out of context for me to uderstund. Like seeing the explanation for Lorentz contraction Equation without knowing how to do the basic operations.

The full moon comes and goes and I keep at it 2 days before the next moon I look at the book and suddenly the spell is gone. Thefuck?? I start reading it From page1 to the last It goes by quickly. I have always had a fast reading speed around 300 words a minute without skimming or anything. And I ignore anything I don’t understand in this first fast read. I feel elation. I mean 99 percent of the book is undecipherable, but any math book some read that didn’t already had things someone actually knew, would be like this. And I finally got so much that I didn’t knew. Basically this book was the personal grimoar from some kind of wizard. In it should go all that he truly understud. The start was an explanation of how magic worked. And it basically worked like people wanted to work, like telling stories, sure there is involved in it like don’t kill the MC in the midle of the storie and even that is not always true. Properly worked it can be a great movie or book or whatever. That doesn’t mean u just sing the huba hubba and lightning will fall from the sky.

There were all kinds of magics from believing in a deity for healing to sacrificing virgins for power. Some people tried to studi and understand all kinds of magic but in many cases what was true for one mage wasn’t for another. Some people took power from the sun, others, from the earth, others from metals, plants, from other people, or their own power. Sometimes with some of their own blood the spell woul increace in power, other times the act of taking a bit of blood takes that power from the actual spell. One of the few things just about all of them have in common is that the amount of power someone can use depends on how much he has practiced and increased his “power reserves”, mana pool, strength of the bold, or whatever other way the person calls it. For the previous owner of this book the power he used was the moonlight power. Every night even new moon a bit of power could be incremented the biggest amount would of course be the full moon. And the amount of power gathered in a single night surpassed half every other night combined. The other is parentage. If your parents praticed magic you will probably have a easier time with it.

There is plenty I don’t get and some of it seemed like it wouldn’t work, but the most import thing for any mage or wizard is to basically find their own way, find out how their magic works. I can’t get tired after finishing it even though it is so late. I spend the whole night copping it because with the full moon 2 days away the spell will comeback full blast. I make a couple preparations and on the full moon I go to sleep on the roof. It’s a bit strange, but kind of cool. I don’t know how my powers work, or even if I will ever manage to awaken them but I will try, and doing this seems like a safe bet, what is the worse that could happen.

In the morning before school I get on my table and look at a single strand of of a feather. I try to lift it with my mind. Having read the book I know that it’s almost impossible to do the telekinetic kind of things you see in movies. With enoutgh training raw power a mage genius might be able to accelerate a rock in his hand weighting a couple pounds at hypersonic speeds with only a though as long rock survives even hit something with it. The problem is control, telekinesis is like blowing on a feather and awaiting for a result. If you want to push in a directions it is actually easy, but blowing so that it keeps not only floating but steady in the air is hard. What I want however is simple to blow the feather this tiny weight is just perfect for it. Days go by before my first success kind of. What I do is basically make the whole feather close to move a centimeter, and it wasn’t my breath. I repeat the feat several times until a familiar head ache hits. And then it really begins.

Sure before I knew was real, now, I’m a wizard. Even with this massive head ache in my head I’m still grinning like kid who is just discovered M&Ms. I drink some tea and to my amazement manage to keep moving the feather. I tough I might reduce the amount I would be drinking but it seems like it is just the opposite. I will be drinking loads of it. And maybe, just maybe find other teas that increace my magic pool or what ever.
Months go by with me always testing new stuff. It seems the Original Miag’s tea was the best option after all but I managed to gather a couple more that I can drink as much as I want. I also found out some drinks like coffe diminish slowly my mana reserves. In my room I work an incantation. I have drew all the simbols in a virgin wood slip with treaded chalk and few other peculiarities. With the help of the board basic movements of telekinesis becomes easier. A book goes over it I use my power through the incantation to levitate and achieve a good result. The book a bit over a pound levitates as steadily as if I had being lifted by my hand. And I hold it. Ten seconds And I drop it. Power runned out. Mana pot. Repeat. I do this four times and my daily quota runs out. I think It’s time to bring John in the secret, I mean before it was like I didn’t even had anything to show for it but now I not only have a bit of telekinesis it can move heavier objects too. I sleep on the roof again and meet John next day.

-Hey man.

-Hey. – We talk a bit and soon he realizes I want to talk about something so he just let me stear the conversation.

-So, look there is this thing like I was talking about about how if we ver got powers, or something just as amasing happened to us we would talk and stuff, so like…- I pull a small magnet from my pocket and levitate it a bit resulting in it shooting about a feet in the air.

-Cool but that is a magnet.

-Yeah, let me do it again. – I show my hand place the magnet in it and repeat this time about 3 feet high. Then same thing with a stone, finally he picks up a stone and on his hand without ever touching it I do it. Before each time I did it he looked like was watching something cool, like a good parlor trick. But after the last one he just freaks out and just comes up with some excuse that he needs to get home fast, and goes like a bullet to his home.

Damn, the fuck is wrong with him? Never mind, it seems like a good insight on what most likely would happen If I showed it to anyone else. Hell probably even worse, we trust each other, I mean When we need to do something that would be complicated otherwise and can’t meet up I give him my login password, for Email games anything he needs and the other way around as well. I mean It’s not 100 percent trust I do keep my porn stach private. But that is the bottom line, just about everything else is in the open. And my banking password, not because I don’t trust him but because I don’t trust that he wouldn’t write it somewhere and I have never written it anywhere, I randomly selected all the digits, and never even spoken it aloud. When I say randomly I do mean randomly. I came up with the best system I could to explore the chaos of things. But that is beside the point.

Maybe he will calm down and come to his senses. And if he profusely apologizes I might just lend him the keys to the palace and try to teach him. He s gonna se reason.

Months later I see John at a distance and he basically avoids me. It’s nothing obvious but still makes me remind of what he said.

-I, mean, ok I got your secret but if you want to continue hanging out you going to have to give it up, and I don’t think you going to do it. I don’t know where u got those from but it sure as hell from god so that only leaves the other option. That means, men u in dip shit, if u ever want to stop it and confess and stuff ok but now bye.

I can still remember, almost to the word what he said that day. The fuck he knows, power from the devil, sure if that was the case a third of the word would have already starting curses and fireballs and stuff. And he was freaked out, like I was a ragging lunatic with bombs strapped to my chest, though deactivated bombs but still. He couldn’t catch his breath, sweaty palms, fidgety and fast talking barely hearing the end of my answer when flat out going over the middle of it, and worse of all not listening, hearing sure but just in a daze. We never talked after that, not even a single time. On the only online game I still played because I just couldn’t forgo the 5 years it took me to get to that level He left the alliance with some bs excuse, over 200 players baffled at his choise, but he just left. I having pretty much droped the game before only doing the daily runs to gather all resources for scientific research dropped it all together. The few tv-shows I still watched dropped to the barely essential witch at this time of the year consisted of only weakly Suits episodes. I pretty much dropped everything else and focused on my magic with an intensity that defied reason. I kept at it until I could keep the book up for a whole minute and the tea wasn’t as much help as at first but the four doses increased a little in effectiveness so each dose gave about 15 extra seconds. The only day when this would be diferent was the full moon on my roof receiving the most efctive recharger I manage to basicly fill up my power in 40 min. When on the rest of the month it would that up to half day.

Even as my magic powers soared the rest of my life went in to crapper. I find excuses to avoid going o church, sure good ones but still I never did that before. The most common one was me getting sick and with a little spell I learned I could make myself look pitiful. I didn’t overuse it but still got me a well placed sick day every month or two and with another bit of power I got myself off unwanted sick days by healing myself. It was nothing fancy and draining as hell but got rid of colds and mosquito bites easily. Although my power wasn’t anything to speak of, below ordinary to tell the truth, it was pitiful. And not pitiful like the kid in the gym class that couldn’t do a push up, but the kid that couldn’t do a push up while on his knees.

From what I gather closing to a year of dutiful training most mages would have been able to use perhaps 10 times my power but I apparently must have a lausy bloodline or have been born in wrong day. On the other hand what I wasn’t pitiful about was that I had pretty much already cast ever single spell in the book and drawn all kinds of incantation, and even invented some based on what I had learned. The only things I hadn’t done was the more powerful spells that I couldn’t be reduced in power. Like a fire ball can simple be made smaller and weaker even if it takes a bit of adjusting for similar effects. A spying spell however was another matter. Or a rat mind controlling spell. It was already at the minimum power that it would work. And except for a single spell all of the others would soon be at my reach. The last spell was basically a teleportation spell and it would consume hundreds of times the power I had.

Arya the cunt was at my house again and bitching about something to me. Unlike usually I didn’t even bother to listen to it. I just walked out and she got angry. Saing that I was pathetic, damn that got through to me and start to listen.

-…u are just a creep, always staring at me behind my back I know it your sister tells me. – I give a laugh, and continue to walkout.
-the fuck u think you are, Im talking to you, and don’t go with that atidude I know it’s true I cauth u starring at me once and ur dick was like tenting so high I couldn’t believe, You always so high and might making your sister look bad just be the good son.

-Haa, you say all that but u really don’t know what u talking about. And regardless of any bonner I ever had I never not even once misstreted you. I never said anything offensive or rude, I was never starring at u, always give you two as much space you want the house. Before you met my sister I even though u were cool. I mean we never really talked or anything but unlike most girls in school that are popular, if I asked you did give me the time of the day you never treated any anyone except may that Jeremy, and now me.

-That is because you are a creep and I don’t believe in you, you just so much worse than all of the other guys at school. That is why I treat like crap. – Now that got me angrier even as she got angrier as well, I turn around to go to my room but say this first:

-In so many ways your so ritgh but if u even got in the changing room and listend to the guys there you would know the there only one person there who never talks about how much he would wish u gave him head or something of the sort.

I magically block my hearing and go on my way. The bitch, I mean She actually was right in one or two details you only have to look at my porn stash to see I’m sick but never ever mistreated her once and she comes talking shit to me. Some of it is because I never tal anything about that of any girl outside my head. And even if I do have some fantasies they likely will never be realized. Even in my fantasies I never did anything to her then she would have given any boyfriend with whom she went all the way. The chains and whips and humiliating stuff were always for other girls, the rape fantasies always for some anonymous porn star, maybe I secretly always liked her, It wasn’t anything I decided it was just how I did things and looking back now I was pretty pathetic. But that is the love of a fool. I need to make her pay somehow. I would often come up with plans for people that piss me of and once in a while if it was easy quick I still had my rage on and no chance of getting caught I followed trough. But the most out outlandish ones I would always forget it about because the anger would pass and I had better thing to do with my life. This time though The anger burned deep, deep in my heart. Perhaps I would kidnap her and lock her in my personal dungeon. Using her at my leisure to fulfill my every pleasure in my heart. I would whip her, I would fuck her, I would feed her exclusively with cum for days on end until she craved it as the most important thing in her life. I would make her experience Stockholm syndrome and then be so cruel to her that it would make her see the truth of her captivity. I would use my magic to make her a virgin again and would fuck her in the most brutal manner imagined, and if I couldn’t do because my dick hurt too much there is dildos. Dildos 3” thick and 12” long being slammed home with her whole weigh on the movement. Being tied to a contraption that didn’t allowed movement and having a machine slamming home on ass and pussy both. And do that for hours, days on end. Maybe even invent some spells that made sure it hurt even worse after all it would be no good if my toy died. Speaking of spells maybe, just maybe I could come up with something. A maniacal grim appears on my face.

I listen to the shower of Arya starting After perhaps 40 seconds with a quick peak inside I enter the bathroom. Just last night I reoiled the door so it makes no sound at all. I take her panties and run to my room. I look at it and find a single short black hair toobad it doesn’t have the folicule but this is already better than expected. I trow a spell that consumes most ofmy power The body fluids that were there moment ago start to drip in a small vial 3 drops I drink tea while I wait and keep feeding the spell. About a minute later and about 6 or 8 drop, which should be mostly sweat I finish and go to the bathroom, total time 3 min 12 given that her baths usually take eitgh minutes and rarely less than six it was I still had 2 min 8 of safety.

In my room I look at my collection. A dozen drops of sweat collected pretty fresh no rehydration needed. Maybe 6 drops of 90 % saliva, the rest strawberry shake. Three hairs from the head with follicles. One hair from the pubic area no follicle. And probably about a single drop from vaginal fluids mixed in the sweat. This should be enough. It isn’t powerful set of power identifiers I could have wished. In purity, quantity and kind. The single drop and the single hair, the sweet mixed in and there was no real living conection. The closest was saliva but even that had died long ago because of the shake. Nails could have been a nice addition But I couldn’t get any my sister and her always cleaned the nails and tossed in the trash after they were done and they always had similar nails painted both same color. That is annoying, ruining my plans. Blood, flesh and tears would have been even better.

I had tested this spell a few times and it would always work though never for so much as I was asking now. And since the nature of the spell was also diferent it was defenilly need to include a little of cunt juice. But I still had a long ways to go so I went to the roof checked around. No angles someone could see me, laid down dropped my pants and went hunting with my spying spell this was the best night of the month. I only had about 3 or 4 min until my mana was used up but under the moon it only took 20 min to fill it up. Flashing trogh the city on the rooms of a dozen girls I had painstakenly found trough out the city until, jack pot a blonde petite girl probably 14, still didn’t knew much about the world watching some softcore porn and with a small dildo up her cunt, damn this is going to be good.

Two weeks later comes the day. It’s full moon, dinner is going on And I offer to bring deserd. It’s a sweet blue berry mousse. I take the cups prepared fill them and for last one that has a incantation on it. I used all the ingrediants from Arya and my blood, my flesh, my tears, and my cum. Painstanking applying and conciling it in the cup I quickly put the rest on her cup and go deliver her dessert first. Going Around the table I give everyone their own and sit down watching her from the corner of my eye. She is digging in just like I hoped. I pour as much power in the incantations as I can a moment before she put the spoon in the cup and hold it until it’s in her mouth I drink my tea greadily and rept the process Only stoping After I’m dry.A small almost umperceptible smile comes to my face. That is it u cunt, u r mine. I eat my desert quickly and go to my room. Only a minute later she comes along. Knocks very softly and I imidiatly open the door. I look at her eyes. It worked, it actually fuccking worked.

She enters I close the door and ask:

-What u doing here.

-I, -she drops her eyes a bit – I don’t know I just, suddenly really got hot and was thinking about you, and…

-Sooo, now the true you come out. –I see fire in her eyes – Ok, ok what do you want exactly?

-I, …I, …I, wan…want you to finger me and I suck off.- Damn this is just priceless, I mean she Probably wouldn’t be stuttering like this normaly. But she hates my guts, and she is here begging to be fingered.

-Ok, but A few conditions first.- She looks at me as if I asked here to do it In front of her parents or something. She nods. – Good first I want a couple suveniers from you.- Her eyes go round and I say hair from down there, juices from down there, I want to rub some of your skin off, plenty of saliva, and tears. And I will collect it myself. –

She seems fiery at the lest request but just nods her head after a moment. I asked all this knowing I could probably have gotten had to agree for some blood but better not to push it and I will have blood soon enough. I get all except the cunt juice and I take a dildo showing it to her she immediately says:

-No, I have still…intact you know? – I grim and drop the vibratorI want to her and lower her skirt. Again, this it isn’t just me with a pincer doing discusting things down there this time she knows that she wants this at the same time she doesn’t. She hates this little piece of shit but for some unknowable reason she wants him to fuck her. She talked about fingering because she never done anymore herself. And and never let any of her boyfriends do any more than that to her. She would suck them off, no problem but when they pushed for real sex she was off. She didn’t exactly why, but she never inserted anything in her pussy and anything in the ass would be at most a tooth-Brush at most. It always felt like the time she gave in she would become a slut that would fuck anything standing. She did masturbate quite often and the three boyfriends she had sore fingers as long as they had some time alone together. Not that they were unhappy about it having a girlfriend hot all naked and sucking you off and many times and as deep as you wanted. The problem was only when they started to push for more.

She gasps as Nascio inserts his fingers and fell a bit. So her hymen is intact he starts to work with his fingers gently trying to make the most of it. She is wet but only a good orgasm will bring the good juices out, the most intence the better. I use a very small spell that work up to a few millimeters from his finger tips and extimulate the blod. It makes most sensations more clear and stronger. I can’t make anyone cum but it makes It a bit more pleasurable. Enjoy it There will be plenty of moments the opposite of this.

I make her cum after a only two or three minutes with my other hand I quickly take a vial and put it below her cunt with a spell I pull most of the juices in her cunt and replace it with lube. I put the vial away and continue as long as I can until the orgasm rides itself out. I sit on my bed and drop my pants. And with a evil smile I say:

-Now drop to your knees. – She starts to take her skirt to put back but I say.

-Nope. No skirt and open your shirt a bit. – having spend quite a few minutes after she ate the desert already plus the orgasm and the lust spell out of her system she still did it. She had promised and she had let him finger her good thing it was out of herr system now she would suck him a bit, he would cum and that would be it. She opened her blouse and the lacy brack bra could be seem, droping to her knees she pulled his boxers down and had a surprise. Damn it’s a bit big, nothing porn sized but still.

I look at her surprise at my raging eight inch boner, haa, expected a small dick. Now suck it. And that she did. God, her mouth was heaven, like probably one one of my five best boners. It’s rare for anyting to fell so good. It was like when spend a week for some reason with wanking off and when he go the time and the right fantasy boom, he saw sparkles. And this time was like that. Damn Why did it have to be like this, if I could have had something like this normally I wouldn’t be doing this to you now. It’s you own fucking fault for being so stupid and inconsiderate. A minute goes by, then two and I start to get happier, I though that I might cum having barely gotten my dick out of my pants but that is not happening. I’m lasting a bit longer and some 10 minutes later he finally cums into her mouth. She pulls out silently cursing at him and he holds her mouth closed gently.

-Swallow lady a lady please. It’s no good letting good seed go to waste.

-Now I clearly remenber why I hate you, you dick, you miserable excuse for a man. – I just look at her letting her see me lustily starring at her breasts and her cunt. She angrily put her clothes on and goes to the door.

-Come back an hour after my sis sleeps.

-You wish.

-I won’t force to do anything I just want to talk to you.

-Why would I come?

I turn on the computer screen and the view of a camera show on the screen. She turns horrified to me, and I quickly say.
-Just want to talk, seriously. – She grates out:

-Ok just talk, nomatter what you might have my reputation is not worth my dignity.

She leaves and I start my preparation I qikcly take my saliva, tears, blood, flesh and cum. I get to work I use perhaps a third of the fluids I got from her with mine providing a clear recipient. It takes about 2 hours but I finish in time I go on the roof draw a curting I put there and place the incantation in human form there the incanted spoon Itake from my pocket and reinforce the incantation a bit more while my mana reserves are toped of. I go downstairs and wait she knoks and enter my room I put my finger on her head and the first spell flies out she basically freezes. I take the spoon fill it with my cum from a small vial I kept from the last week specially for this. This last detail isn’t needed but it adds up to dramatic. I love it. I close her mouth with my fingers and she stares at me with deep hatred, good, very good. I pour all my mana in flare on the incantation flip the spoon and pull out. I tilt her head upward a bit and after a few moments she is forced to swallow. It takes full effect in only a couple seconds. I relies the trickle of power holding her still. The other spell has a lifetime of only some five minutes but it’s very powerfull
-Don’t make any noises and flow me quicly.

I pass trough the window and go to the roof. She follows me.

-Strip. – she tries to struggle but her body moves of it’s volition and soon she is as naked a the day she was born. She term lays on the incantation table and I firmly strap her in. the Hate in those eyes mixed with a growing sense o horror at what I might do to her. I pull all my tolls And soon lok at her.

-Now, we can have it the easy way where your shuut your mouth and don’t struggle or I drug you again. You can speak lowly.

-You sick fuck. I always knew there something wrong with you.

-No you didn’t, u just didn’t like me. Now your aswer.

-No I will scream as loudly as I can to anyone the will hear that you are raping me.

-Oh, you misunderstood. No raping involved, sure you r naked and I got I boner but your pretty pussy will stay intact. I just want to chant and draw on your skin.

-Ok. – She shuts her eyes and tryes to ignore him and all the terrible things she is afraid he will do. He takes the concoction he mixed and starts all over her body he takes acunputure needles prepared for this day and places in precise points. With a tricke of power in the enchantment taking place he takes the pain away and all around do everything he can to not make her struggle otherwise he might not be able to finish it before morning. He will already have truble enough eliminating the pain of cutting her flesh to make the enchantment for life and selfsustining, meaning she would be the one powering it up, so even as she struggles against it she exhaust her own strength fighting herself.

Two hours before dawn exhausted he commands her.

-Don’t talk about this to anyone, go to sleep u still might be lucky to get a bit of sleep.

Now I can say life is good as I watch her dress and so to my sister’s room.


I text Arya with a burner chip and tell her to invent some excuse to go sleep somewhere for her mom and she does it. I wait in my room a bit inpatient it’s been a week and I only managed to get anouther BJ in the next morning before school. But now I completed the modification in my room. How good to have magic. In less then a day I manage to make it a bit more sound proof then any reasonable commercial option. The expensive version and even the doors and window had the same treatment and Enchantment. I could turn the sound medium blast and only someone with theyr ear at the door would hear anything. I also reinforced all the planking and took care of all the creaks. I can jump up and down all day long and no one would be able to hear a thing, maybe a bit if u were gona use your heals, but who is that stupid. The door was also reinforced and u would need a battering ram to break it. All around I prity private. Around 10 o’clock Arya shows up and comes to my room through the window. She quickly takes all her outer clothes and is wearing only a negligee. She knells down in the position I tough her lowers her head and keeps quiet as a mouse.

-Good, it seems you do understand your situation. You are now my slave, my sex slave the only goal in your life is to please me. You will continue to do everything as you like outside, but in here with me this is your real life. – She let’s out a pitiful squeak, damn I must really have done a number on her. She broke up with her new boyfriend, apparently the didn’t even had done anything yet. That means I’m the forth guy ever seeing her naked. Her cherry is mine for the popping, there is even a sort of romantic poeticisc in the whole thing, she popping my cherry, metaforicaly, of course, and I being the first to ever plunder her. I look at her and signal for her torise- Do you know I never even kissed a girl? How would you like to be my First?-She get angry and I can see it in her eyes but the full meaning behind my words sink home and she realizes, truly that this time isn’t like all the other hundreds of times and he is going to fuck her, god he is going to rape her and he will be cruel about it. All those girls saying that if only the guy has a bit of patience and she can control the pace it only hurts a t the start, but is not gonna do it this way.

He reachs for her grabing with both his hands on her chest them on her but he glues his chest on her and kiss her she starts dry and strong squeeze at the arm remembers her she is supposed to make this enjoyable for him. She them puts her tongue in his mouth and makes the best of it. She doesn’t enjoy it but tries to the utmost of her ability to please him. At first she just scared and angry but didn’t get it, but soon she did get it he had some kind of magic, and after what he did that night she lost absolutely all control of her life. If he told her to go in the street naked, grab the first dog she saw and fuck she knew she would and the shame, the utter humiliation would be flet trough out the entire thing. Hell he probably could have her come harder than anytime before in her life, and even tough she knew those were not really sensations from her own body she would still enjoy this bit. It was too mind boggling and that was the reason she was utterly terrified.

The kiss lasts about a minute and Nascio pulls away.

-Damn, that was interesting, I will probably do some more reserch in the matter now I tough to start out the night slow but I just can’t keep my pants on. – He grabs at the negligee and ulls ripin apart he repeats the same with her panties and Arya lets out a small scream. As if suddenly realizing she just let ou a noise someone might hear he just grims – And don’t worry about making noise soundproof walls.
Roughly grabbing her by the arms he throws her to the bed now with only the bra she is using covering her body. He lets it on. He goes over to her climbs on the bed and roughly adjusts her position in the bed. On her back side and spread legs he comes at the edge of the entrance. Looking at her eyes now mostly holding her terror at what is about to happen He positions himself and enter slightly, hitting her hymen, comes aout and repeat a couple of times,

-You know tonight is our wedding night when we both lose our virginities, it has even some kind of twisted sence of rightness. That is why you came on this white transparent negligee. It would be the nightclothes I would have bought if we lived in a society with arranged marriages. It would have been similar to what is happening now except I would be far more gentle and you would far less terrified of what comes next, maybe even a bit excited. And now you will become my one and only fuck toy – pre cum leaks out and he exit one last time gets ready and slam home with all his might. Eight inches long two and a half wide. She screams, loudly, Oh, such beautiful screams.

The pain is terrible anything worse than I ever imagined though it seems like he did on purpose. To hurt her, to make her suffer, and she suspected, no, she knew to make her pay. To make her pay for ….PAIN, as he slams once more…pay for despising him, make fun of him, humiliate him, at the start she even pitied him a little as his sister clearly hated him big time but as time passed he eventually realized her friend wouldn’t be making things up and he was always so strange, and slowly she started to believe her…PAIN, he sems to push it even harder this time and the pain is even a bit worse so she he probably wont get tired of fucking me anytime soon. Doubly so considering she was not only beautiful but he would only get to fuck her one or two days a week tops. If he uses his magic he might just come up …PAIN, her scream this time a bit hoarse because her vocal cords started to hurt….he might come up with a way to at least get a BJ without anyone knowing at the school.

she feels him slamming home but she can’t stop it she tries to push him away he just pins her arms. She tries to close her legs but his trusts are too strong and it just makes everything worse. She starts crying in earnest and speaks trugh the red have of pain:

-Please, I’m sorry for all I did, really, just ..I will be a good willing… just PLEASE be a bit more gentle.

It’s them that she can’t say any anything coreent any more her mind having experienced too much pain half shuts down and between cries and sobs she says:

‘il be good…- and keep repeting it over and over again. He looks at her now with her eyes closed and she in great pain if the half mumbling. She just shuted down. He is aproachimax and this is haven, she utterly humiliated, in deep pain , a beautiful woman under his control, at his utter mercy in the most profund manner. With a single phrase she would kill herself. And besides all that what an amazing pussy, tight as hell, sure she was dry and even with pre cum after some 5 minutes his dick is raw and it’s starting to hurt badly, but he ignores it because he knows that for every once of pain he takes she receives several pounds. Normallly the pain would having being a deterrent and he would have stopped but he couldn’t, the power, the control it’s intoxicating. So he just keeps slamming and slamming his dick is at the verge, he tries to hold on for as long as he can, and then he cums, a weeks worth of cum. A week watching Arya at her home watching the videos he send over. Some of them videos that turned her own and she had to watch it about an hour long every one of them, watch them and every minute rub her pussy for a couple of seconds and stop. Never coming even close to release but with the deep burning desire to do so. The rest of the time she supposed to massage her nipples and thighs, the first day she got trrrough ok the second not so much the tird onwards were hell, she would always think that he might not know if it was only once, or maybe… better not enterin those kinds of thoughts. He is cruel, I just image what sort of terror I might suffer from if he finds out and he probably could use his magic to make me tell the truth. This fear and the second set of videos he send her. They were videos from his personal collection and he told her with great elation that morning that they all gave him great pleasure as he wached them and wondered what would be like to do the same. Those videos were brutal. They shorter but stringed togueter so she would watch 2 or 3 per night and she imagine in absolute terror what kind of monster would derive pleasure from this videos. Brutal gangbangs, rape gang bang, kidnap and rape, torture and rape all kinds of strange videos. A father showing up at daughter room putting his hand over her mouth and mounting her, a girl completely tied up is raped by her abductee and master in such a brutal manner. She hoped he had only send her this to scar her but she was afraid it wasn’t like that.

The cum accumulated from wanking of as he watched she every night not being able to cum, or rather allowed to cum, the horror as she watched the videos he liked. And he never once came. Always just stimulating his dick to produce a more fantastic result. With a bit of help from his magic his cum didn’t just increase from 10 to 15 ml, witch was a normal amount but rather all cum was added up so that he could cum a weeks worth and that was about 100 ml. He released it at his deepest penetration point. The usual felling that he actually knew nothing about that a woman felt when reciving cum in their cum box was switched to a burning sensation like someone droped pepper on a open wound. This was magic result as well, pepper cum and he was immune to it. Instead of stopping like he would usually he kept going and he felt his dick climaxing and an utter desire to stop simple stop inside her and not move until the pleasure and sensitivity would go away but he didn’t he slammend once more, twice, trice, and then waited deep into her cunt to the last of his seed to flush out. This felling was heaven and never ending usualy in only a couple seconds it goes away but nowit has lasted for a whole 15 seconds and there is still cum coming out. As he comes back to himself and slips out of Arya sheballs over the side cring and saying “It’s burning, it hurts, it’s burning”

My dick is now soft and covered in a prodigios amount of cum. And I stare at the beauty at my side, my beauty, only mine, she is no longer owner of herself. She wont eer have sex with my cunt, except with me. She won’t ever please herself my my cunt, except with my express permission. I move to the side and spoon her. She gives little shiver but I ignore it and speack:

-By the way if someone ever tries to rape you try to resist at first if you can but if can’t stop let then do what ever they like to you and make sure you inform them at the end that your master is displeased with your services. You should have managed to escape. And if he let’s his contact info I mitgh send you to him if you displeases me again.

I fell her shiver at the though but she just nods. After my dick start to get hard again without me even thinking about any dirty thoughs I look at her back side and release the clasp in the bra and cutting at the front and side with my power so it came out without changing our positions. I grab her hip and start kissing her neck, I inhale the amazing smell from her hair and gently slip into her. Although I do it gently and slowly the flesh inside her with hundreds of small tears and the burning felling of my cum makes the slow entry simply torture.

story by: Nascio

Tags: virginity rape mind control fantasm bdsm male domination sex story

Author: Nascio

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