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I had just moved in to my new apartment. You knew I had spent weeks putting together a special room just for us to play in. I had even purchased a sybian and all of its attachments plus a number of other toys and items to play with. Knowing what the sybian was but not knowing much about the attachments you spent some time looking over the site and were excited to try them all. When you finally arrived I welcomed you at the door, the apartment was light and smelled slightly of citrus. I took your coast and hung it ushered you in to the living room had you sit and then offered you your choice of wine as I pulled out a rich red and a chilled white. I poured your choice and we sat and chatted, I was as charming, well-spoken and funny as our texts and emails had hinted at. You could feel my eyes, almost physically caressing and exploring you. When the glass of wine was done I smiled and you could see my eyes change, a heat and intensity filled them. I stood, took your glass into the kitchen and on returning stood there and asked you to remove your clothes and kneel at my feel. You stripped your clothing quickly, dropping it to the floor. With a sharp tone I tell you to bloody well pick up and fold your clothing neatly, chastened you quickly move to fold each piece. When done you are left feeling very exposed and vulnerable you lower yourself to your knees. You find that you don’t want to look in my eyes, oddly we had never talked about this but it just felt right to you. Standing there, I tower over you, you could feel my focus, strength and size poised over you ready to possess you, consume you. I step in close and pulling something from my pocket I place a leather collar around your throat, you can smell the rich leather, pungent, like sex, you feel yourself moisten just with the smell and the feel of the rough leather on your throat. You could see that the collar had a number of D rings placed all around it I pulled you close holding you against my thighs. I release you and the take one arm at a time and place a thick heavy black leather cuff on each of them. Pushing you forward on to your face I pull one leg up at a time and place larger cuffs on each ankle. “Crawl to the couch girl,” I say calmly, “climb on to it lay back spread your legs and fuck yourself for me.” You can hear the tone of my voice change as I speak; it sounds more like a growl filled with promises of sex, orgasms, and darker things. It’s the darker things that have your cunt clench and nipples harden. You sit back on the couch with your eyes closed, bring your knees up and part your legs. The cool air washes over your already wet cunt. You begin to rub yourself for me the wet sounds of your flesh fill our ears just as the smell of your wet cunt fills your nose. You smear your lubrication all over your mound and your asshole. You look up to see if there is any reaction, if I like what I see, my intense stare at your sex and what you are doing to it you could not help but get even more aroused and has you a little embarrassed. I walk up to you and grab the D ring on the front of the collar and from my pocket pull out a thin chain with a catch and a handle. Click, the snap of the chain is loud and makes you jump just a bit, I turn and walk away towards the back of the apartment. You were a little slow to get moving. You fell and it forced me to stop or I would have been dragging you by the throat. "Oh, I am sorry that I have to do this but you need to learn to anticipate and behave properly or I am never going to be able to train you properly. Stay on your hands and knees just like that. You need to be I walk up to you and CRACK my hand slaps your bottom, hard. The pain shoots through you and you cry out. "Oh , I didn't give you permission to make noise either, this is going to take a while to get you properly trained." Crack, crack crack. I spank your bottom over and over again. Your bottom is on fire in no time. In the midst of the spanking I stop every so often and rub your bottom gently and I reposition where I spank. I keep it up until your bottom has that glowing red heat and is feeling numb and vibrating. "Good girl, you managed to stay quiet this time, I am so glad! If you disobey me a second time I may choose your breasts to spank or I may spank your pussy. I don't think you would like that but to make sure you are properly trained I need to be severe and strict with you. Now we will continue to the room."

I stand up and walk away picking up the strap of your leash and keep walking. In order to avoid another one of those spankings, you make sure you are following me closely. I lead you past a bathroom around a corner and in to a bedroom. There is no bed though. There is a weight bench looking table with what looks like stirrups and another table covered with items and a sheet covering the items. I lead you to the bench and indicate that you are to lay on it. There are arm rests and leg rests and steel clips to clip the rings onto on each of your arms and legs. You are in a pretty comfortable position and I finish by clipping your collar on to the bench too. You attempt to lift your head and find that you are not able to lift yourself very much without choking yourself. I pull out a strap and place it over your lower ribs and Velcro it together securing to you the bench. I look in to your eyes and smile, tenderly I say "Oh my pet we're going to have a wonderful day together. Just wait until you experience all of the items I have picked out for you. Such wonderful sensations" I lean in and kiss you delicately on your lips and run my hands down your body rolling your nipples and rubbing your wet pussy. I make some adjustments to the bench and part your legs wide and lock it in place so that you do not have to hold your own legs apart. Your arms are already held quite wide. The position, when you take a moment to think about it is very open and exposed, you are incredibly aware of your nudity and vulnerability. I stand back and look you over, like a new toy or a treat I have wanted to eat all day. I pull off the cloth covering the table but from your vantage point you can't see much. I lower the blackout blinds and light a series of candles around the room they are on tall stands and very large themselves. They provide more than enough light. The warm soft light adds a further sense of surreal-ness to all of this but just being secured and spread wide for me to look you over has left you wetter and wetter. I walk in close and again run my hand down your front and rub your hart clit with my thumb. I spread more wetness over it and then walk behind you. As I walk back around I have a few dildos of varying sizes. It is hard to tell in this light. I move down between your legs and place the first one against your lips and slowly push it in. It is not very large but it is fairly long and I fuck you with it for a little while pulling it all the way out to rub your clit and then pushing it back in. Once your hips begin to rotate and try to grind it more I put it down and place a different dildo against your lips this one is quite a bit bigger in girth and fills you more. Again I begin fucking you with it, never talking never slowing the insertion except when I take it out to rub your clit. Again after a while I put the dildo aside and put a larger one against your opening and push it in. It is larger and stretches and fills you deliciously. It is not too large but it is getting close. Again I fuck you with it and rub your clit periodically. The stimulation is too much and you cum hard on the dildo. I slap your clit with the dildo, it hurts but in a delicious way. "You are not allowed to cum unless I give you permission, I am going to have to discipline you again, I don't think spanking will be appropriate this time." I reach down and grab the first dildo and insert it slowly in your ass. I push it in as far as I can get it and then I begin to fuck your pussy with my fingers. This is not the kind of punishment you were expecting. I add a finger each time I pull my hand out to rub your clit until I have all 4 fingers pushing inside you. I can get the fingers to my second knuckle quite easily but then it gets a little tight. You hear a click and then feel some cold lube dripped on your pussy and my hand. I keep fucking you with my hand and pushing harder and harder to sink my hand inside you. Finally the bridge of my knuckles slides inside you and your pussy is completely filled with my hand. I push and pull inside your pussy and begin to rub your clit. "No cumming!" I bark at you as I feel the muscles clench in your pussy. I keep pushing and pulling my fist inside you and rubbing your clit. Your eyes roll up in your head and you are doing everything you can to limit the orgasm that it building inside you. "You may cum on my fist now"

And you let go.

You crest and your pussy is trying to expel my fist at the same time as I keep pushing it inside you and then I pull the dildo from your ass triggering even more intense feelings. You have never experienced anything like it. "Shhh, that’s a good girl" I pull my fist from your cunt and move to your face and put the fingers that were inside you in to your mouth to lick clean. I think you are ready would you like to see your special treat? I pull off the cloth covering the sybian and on top of it is the largest cock you have ever seen. It is absolutely massive. I free you from the bench and pass you the lube. You pussy is slick already but the cock needs a lot of lube if it is going to get inside you. You lube it up extensively and you begin to lower yourself on to it. It is bigger than my fist but the stretching and the sensation of being pushed to your limit is incredible. Then I turn it on the vibration runs up the cock and inside you your clit is touching the pad and is being directly stimulated and then the cock begins to rotate slightly. I sit on a little bench in front of you and lean you in to my chest and start to say sweet nothings "Who owns you?" "Will you cum for me?" "Are you a good little girl?" I rub your breasts and I rub your back, I spank your bottom a little bit and then I stand up and release my cock from my pants. "Suck me dry" I grab your hair and shove my cock in your mouth and fuck your face as you begin to cum, you choke on the ring as it hits the back of your throat. The sensation keeps coming and coming, you keep spasming and spasming. I make you gag more, your mouth fills with the mucousy stuff from heavy dry heaves and with that lubricating my uncut pierced cock I fuck your face until I shoot my load filling your mouth with jets of hot cum. I pull your hair tight and then gently fuck your face letting you suck me clean. You are barely conscious as the sensation keeps coming. I lift you off of the sybian and you try to stand but collapse to the floor your legs just won’t support you and your pussy is tingling, engorged, stretched and used. You lay and rest in an almost sleep as I clean up your cunt some and clean off the toys. "Ok time to climb back on the bench we need to get the wax from the candles all over you now…"

With me doing most of the work I lift push and pull you back to the bench. I again clip you back down and immobilize you. I walk around you and rub my hands over your body. I walk away and when I reappear I am not holding a candle like you expected, I am holding what looks like a riding crop. "You were such a good girl. I need to punish you for that orgasm that I did not say was ok, and slapping your cunt with the dildo was not enough." I look in your eye and smile, something half way between the grin you are used to and something feral and hungry. SLAP I slap it against your breast. You cry out in pain and I slap a ball gag in your mouth you were not even aware I had. Now you are left mouth open wide and unable to make the noises you want to make. Slap, your other breast is slapped. Then I run my hands over the hot tender skin. SLAP I thwack your lower belly then your inner thighs are slapped too. Over and over the light and medium slaps rain down. None heavy enough to leave a welt but each leaving the memory of its impact. I stop. "Oh my dear, you are crying. I am so sorry that I had to do that but you will be a good girl won't you now?" As best as you can you look at me and nod in hurried agreement. As much as you can feel the pain vibrating and radiating through you, your clit still engorged and hard and your nipples erect and aching. You want to avoid my punishments if you can. I can see it in your eye and say "Oh, I know you want to be a good girl for me, I am so glad. No more punishments unless you really need it." I lean in and kiss your nipples gently to not hurt you and then kiss your pussy like I was kissing your lips. I stand up and spray you down with some cool water from a spray bottle. "This will help sooth some of the redness and heat" I say and the cool does feel good and it feels surprisingly sensuous as the water slides off of the sides of your body to the floor below, like little fingers tracing lines on you. After that I come by with a rough towel to dry you off and rub you down from head to toe. It is rough and hurts a little bit on the red marks on you but also feels good rubbing against your nipples and your pussy. After I dry you off again I walk out of view and reappear holding a tall 3 inch diameter candle. It has burnt down significantly and it is deep celery green. "Here you go girl." and I begin to drip little bits of wax on your nipples. Not lots but the intense heat and then the cooling and the feel of the wax running down is surprisingly sexy. I dribble some on one and then the other breast then I move down to your sex. Here I drip some right over your clit. The gasping sound you make makes me smile. The candle is pretty much out of its liquid was and I walk off and come back with a blue candle that is otherwise the same as the green. I again drip it over your breasts and pussy. The feel is not as intensely hot but the sensation is delicious as the wax runs down the previous wax and hits uncovered skin giving you more sensation. Then finally I go for a third candle, red this time and do the same. "A work of art, you are so pretty. I walk away again and return with a camera and snap several photos of your wax covered body with real close-ups of each part and then I walk away again and return with a fair sized mirror. I held it up so you can appreciate the colored wax spread over your beautiful body. "See how pretty you are like this?" Again you nod quickly and then I walk away again. I return with what looks like a very small penis enlarger. There is a glass cylinder and a tube to a bulb that looks like it is used to suck out the air. I move in-between your legs and apologize for ruining the artwork but the next thing had to be done. The wax comes off quite easily as you are freshly clean and smooth. Then you can feel my tongue on your clit flicking it lightly and sucking it until it is hard. Then you feel the cold glass placed over your clit and then you feel suction. It feels good to begin with then it teeters on the verge of pain while still feeling good. Then you hear a pop and I get up and walk away again leaving that sucking feeling on your clit. I appear again with another cylinder and I again peel the wax off of one of your breasts and lick and suck it until the nipple is hard and then the cylinder was placed against your nipple and it was suctioned in as well and finally with your last nipple I repeat the process. Your pussy and your nipples are hovering close to pain but not quite the sensation is so incredibly intense that you go quiet and just focus on how it all feels. I once more walk out of your field of view and return with a fair sized vibrator and hold it against the glass tube on your clit and the vibrations shoot right to the center of your sex. The sensation was incredible. Then I pulled the vibe away and began to slide it in and out of your pussy. Slowly at first and then faster and faster. I can hear your breathing growing faster and ragged. "Careful my dear, I would hate to have to punish you once more." I continue to fuck you with the vibe it is vibrating away as I saw it in and out of you. Finally I can tell you just can't hold it off any longer and I say "My sweet you may cum for me now. " And you do it is intense and a hard cum rocking your body and I pluck off the three glass tubes to incredible feeling of release that is only intensified.

"Oh my, my cock is all hard again I think I need to do something about that now." I reposition your legs on the bench so that I have access to your pussy, I slide in close on my knees and you can feel my cock against your ass. I push my cock inside and rub your clit while I do that. I fuck your ass hard looking you in the eyes until I can't hold off any longer and I cum hard and deep inside your ass.

I pull out and sit down. "I think you are ready for the next surprise"

“My dear I think my cock needs a rest. May I introduce you to my landlord? He has been watching this entire time and is very excited to meet you.”

An older short man walks out of the closet he is naked from the waist down his cock is rigid it is a very respectable size, his pubic hair is a salt and pepper color and his balls hang quite low and are a fair size. He is mostly bald with a wide fringe of grey hair. He has glasses and a pug nose. He is not a very attractive man his eyes are wide and he is staring at your pussy. He walks slowly in a trance towards you. I bend down and adjust the bench for him. He gets down to his knees and shuffles forward. He leans in and smells you. He parts your lips and rubs your pussy with rough stubby fingers and kisses your clit. The he straitens back up and shuffles in closer and places the head of his cock against your hole. He slides in slowly and then begins to saw in and out faster and faster. His breath grows ragged and he begins to paw your breasts and pound faster and faster. He jumps to his feet and begins to shoot his load all over your thighs and pussy jet after jet of hot sticky semen.

I turn to him, “Are we square this month” the man pauses and catches his breath, “Yes” he pants, “That was worth it.”

“Ok put your pants on and go” I say dismissing him. I turn my back on him and I cup your face with my hand. “Oh my pretty you are all messy and have been well used, it is time I take care of you better isn’t it?”

I see the landlord out and then you hear water running in the bathroom you crawled past. The water seems to run for quite some time and then I reappear at your side. I undo the clips holding your collar and ankle and wrist bands and lift you in my very strong arms. I carry you through the door out the hallway and in to the bathroom. There is a large soaker tub many candles and all kinds of bath items. I lower you in to the water; it is hot but not too hot. Your spanking barely hurts and the marks on your breasts and thighs burn a bit but it is glorious to soak and rest in the water. I begin by wetting and shampooing your hair. Once done I put some cool mint conditioner in to your hair and begin to soap your hands and arms and slowly work my way to your waist and then I start at your toes and work my way to your pussy. I gently wash your ass and pussy cleaning and soothing. I sit you up and scrub your back cleaning you entirely. Lastly I rinse your hair out and pick you up again. I carry you past the “Play room” and to the other bedroom. In the bedroom is a king-sized sleigh bed covered in a large quilt done in a very masculine pattern and one side of the bed is covered in thick rich towels. I lower you on to those towels and pull another towel from beneath the bed. I dry you gently and thoroughly and then I kiss you on the lips. “Oh my sweet, thank you so much for the wonderful play time we had.” Again I kiss you on the lips and then nibble your ear and the nibble on your neck. I kiss my way down your chest to your breasts and kiss each one gently, licking the nipples. I draw each one in to my mouth and lave them gently. I kiss my way down your thighs and again stop at your sex and kiss and lick your pussy gently sucking your clit into my mouth and licking it. Then I turn you over and have you get on your knees. I kiss your ass licking it and pushing my tongue into your ass. Then I climb on to the bed behind you and slide my cock into your pussy and slide a finger in to your ass. As I slide my cock in I slide my finger out and as I slide my cock out I slide my finger in. I keep at this slowly increasing the pace until I feel you begin to buck under me and then I slide my finger in as far as it will go and begin to fuck you faster and faster increasing the tempo until you are writhing under me cuming and then I grunt and slam my cock into you as hard as I can and begin to shoot my load into you.

“Ahh, such a good girl.” I lay you down on the quilt next to me I position your head so you can suck me clean and then I pull you close so we can nap.

story by: BigDaddyGorilla

Tags: voyeurism domination/submission fantasm toys discipline bdsm prostitution sex story

Author: BigDaddyGorilla

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