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He came an picked me up at my house around 7pm. My mom knew I was going to be out with him all night, so she didn’t really expect me home or anything that night. I sat next to him in the front seat of his SUV. Nice an comfy I thought. It was kind of a quiet ride at first. I moved my body so I could look at him better than smiled. “Hi,” I said. “Hi yourself,” he replied back with a very sexy grin. God he was so hot, even when he wasn’t trying to be. I could see his eyes looking up and down my body, almost taking my clothes off with them. That was a turn on. I felt a tingling sensation down below, worse than I’ve ever felt it before. Then his hand slowly went up and down my thighs. I wanted them to go up higher and higher then go under my skirt to my now wet pussy.
“Wake up sleeping beauty,” he said smiling. I think I fell asleep on the way. “Where are we?” I asked, not knowing where the hell we were. He softly kissed my forehead, my cheeks then my nose, which made me smile. “We are at a park hun,” while kissing my neck. I smiled, wanting to feel his sweet lips on mine. go to the backseat where it is bigger and we can have more space,” he said while grinning. I grinned back and slowly started to crawl back there, letting him have a good view of my ass sort of wiggling it to let him enjoy it even more. All of a sudden I felt something slap my ass and I jumped. I turned around an saw him grinning from ear to ear. “That wasn’t very nice now,” I said while loving it the whole time. While lying on the seat I took off my light jacket, looking at him wondering what he is going to do. He takes off his shoes then gets in the back with me. Slowly I sit on his lap facing him. My lips softly touched his, they tasted sweet and I knew I wanted more. His hand was moving up and down my body. They found their way up my shirt an slowly massaged my breasts through my thin lace bra. I started to moan while his tongue licked my lips, wanting to explore my mouth. Our tongues entwined with each other while his hands massaged my tits. Oh god I wanted more. I wanted his skin to touch mine so badly. We stopped, his eyes looking up and down my body. I took off his shirt than he took off mine and unclasped my bra. He took my tits into his hands n massaged them. Moving his head down, he put one of my hard nipples into his mouth. I let out a gasp, feeling his wet mouth on my nipple made me even wetter than what I was. don’t stop. It feels so good!” I moaned. Scott then stopped and took my other nipple in his mouth, switching from nipple to nipple. I stopped him, wanting his mouth on my clit and pussy. I took off the rest of my clothes n said, “take off your clothes now.” “Oh, doesn’t someone sound feisty?” he said with a grin. Grinning back I whispered into his ear, “yes, and I want your tongue on my pussy now.” He took off his clothes and laid me down on the backseat. Thank god it folded down. I parted my legs while watching him get between them. Looking up at me, he slowly started to lick my nice, tight, wet, shaved pussy. “Oh, yes.” I softly moaned. He circled my clit with his tongue n then very slowly moved a finger inside my pussy, making me moan a lil more. While licking my clit a lil harder n faster, he put in another finger an another. “Ohh, SCOTT, god don’t stop. I’m almost there!” I moaned. Faster and faster he fingered my pussy. I started to breathe harder about to cum in his mouth, Scott finally tasting my pussy juices for the first time. My body started to quiver as I came in Scott’s mouth. “OHHHH SCOTT, GOD DON’T STOP, PLEASE DON’T STOP!” I moaned loudly as I came. He never stopped licking my pussy while I was coming. I think he was actually loving it. He licked up all my juices then slowly kissed up my body then finally kissed my lips with my juices still on it. He smiled, “how was that honey? I hope I did a good job.” “I loved it honey, it was the best I ever had in my whole life.” I said still out of breath. I grinned. “Your turn now. Lay down now.” I instructed. And he did what he was told. I sat above him and kissed his lips. I slowly kissed down his body, licking his nipples on my way down. He was squirming wanting my mouth on his hard cock. My mouth was finally hovering above his cock. I licked up and down the side of the shaft and heard him moan. Slowly putting the tip of his cock in my mouth I grabbed his balls in my hands an played with them. Putting more of his cock in my mouth, I looked up and watched his expressions. He moaned a lil louder when his whole cock was in my mouth and his balls in my hands. “Ohh baby. It feels so good. Don’t stop,” he said while moaning. I started to suck on his cock faster wanting to taste his cum in my mouth. He moved his hands in my hair. While moaning louder, feeling that he was about to cum I started to suck even faster than before. “Ohh god hun, I’m gunna cum!! AHHH!” then the first stream of his cum hit the back of my throat. Some of his cum went out the sides of my mouth, me not being able to swallow his tasty sweetness fast enough. When he was done cumming, I let his cock slip of out my mouth an cleaned him up then licked the sides of my mouth tasting his cum even more. I said grinning. He grinned looking down at me. “Wow honey, that was so good.” he said. I kissed back up his body n felt that his cock was still hard. Sitting on top of him, I grabbed his cock n moved it so it was at the entrance of my dripping pussy. Slowly sitting down, it slid into my pussy, making me softly moan. I started to go up n down, but knew I wanted it hard n fast. Fucking him harder n faster made me moan even louder, him moaning along with me. “Ohh yes! God it feels so good!” I moaned loudly. I felt like I was about to cum all over his hard throbbing cock in my tight wet pussy. “OHH IM CUMMING!! OH GOD YES!” I screamed as I came all over his cock, my pussy juices going down his shaft. As I kept riding him wanting him to cum also, he started breathing harder, moaning louder n feeling his cock get bigger in my pussy. “Oh god, I’m gunna cum! AHHH!” as he came right into my cunt. I collapse right on top of Scott, trying to catch my breath along with him. I softly kissed his lips as we both smiled. The next words out of his mouth were, “Ready for round two?”

story by: sexxy heather

Tags: blowjob male/female spanking fantasy cum swallowing hardcore oral sex sex story

Author: sexxy heather

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