Nine inches and counting part 2

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I'd spent several days thinking about sex. Several years ago I was involved in a threesome with my x-wife and another man. The other guy was definitely hetero and interested in fucking my beautiful wife. But he was someone I could experiment with. A tall well built athletic black man with a huge cock. A cock probably in the 8 to 81/2 inch range and six inches in circumference. He was beautiful and so was his cock. The night we got together we were all nervous but drank lots of wine and smoked some good dope. Each of us did a strip tease with me first and my woman last. Our friend saved his pants for last. When he exposed himself we could hardly breath because of the sexual tension in the room. Oh god, he was hung. My woman couldn't wait to get undressed. We started what lasted a couple of hours by giving each other a massage. Both men doing my wife. When it came to massaging him I finally got to hold his big cock in my hands. Gently I explored it holding his balls and feeling the shaft with all its little ridges and veins. I decided to lick it to see what is was like.

Slowly, I began to lightly kiss the big mushroom tip with my lips. Licking around the smooth fat top and down the sides I found licking to my liking. Then I put my lips around the head and began to suck. My lips barely circled him. As I slid him down into my throat I began to notice the new strange feeling in my thighs and groin and into my chest. Sucking this beautiful cock turned me on. I suck and licked him while he ate my wife who was sitting on his face. I must have been good because after a few minutes he began to breath harder and faster as my sloppy lips and mouth bounced up and down on his long shaft. I nearly choked as he began to thrust deeper and deeper into my mouth. I felt his orgasm start near his ass hole and rise up that 8 inch shaft erupting in my mouth. As I swallowed his spermy fluid I realized I wanted to do that again.

Little did I know that we would do it again and we even 69ed together. But we never took the next step. He was to macho to let me fuck him and he refused to fuck me. We just fucked the shit out of my now x-wife.

So, now that I am into anal fucking even though it is with dildos I remember how turned on I was back a few years giving blow jobs to my friend. I want to be with another man.

On the internet I got a hit from a guy that lived rather close. He said that he was a top and would entertain me and show me the ropes. He met my critereia for cock size. He listed himself as a little over 9 inches and medium thickness. The right size for my thight white bubble ass. He seemed a little hesitant to meet me but I suggested that I give a good massage. I also emailed him a picture and he said ok. By now I am shaking with excitement. I can hardly work because thats all I can think about.

I worked out early in the morning and showered before leaving for my date. Of course I have to be discreet because my family would be devistated if they knew what I was doing. I told everyone I was going to meet a client. As I left I was nearly blind with sexual excitement. My nipples tingled and I had a rock hard erection as I drove to meet my It took about 35 minutes to get to the agreed place to meet. I got a little nervous as I drove around to check the place out. A nice highrise area with lots of people. I had no Idea what my guy looked like. He said he would have a leather jacket and boots and tight jeans, was bald and had a mustache. John was his name and he would meet me at the deli on the corner. I arrived at the deli and nervously wlaked around. No one seemed to match his deion. Finally, I saw a guy about a block away that looked like it might be him. When we looking at each other near the entrance of the deli I said John and he nodded. The hook was in. He suggested that we got to his place and get aquainted.

His apartment had a great view and as we looked out he began to squeeze and massage my shoulders. I turned and began to do the same to him. He said that it felt so good he that I deserved a kiss. I had never kissed a guy before. A light brush of the lips and then a lip crushing tongue swallowing adventure began. I was lost in the moment and began kissing not a man but a sensuous soft mouth and body. We folded onto the couch where we began to disrobe each other. I finally stood up and stripped. He did the same. His cock was half hard as he sat back on the couch.

He told me that he loved having his cock sucked from flacid to hard. He loved the feeling of my mouth sucking and his blood churning into his rod. I of course obliged him gently sucking him until the big dick began to grow filling my mouth pushing me off all but the top 5 or 6 inches. He withdrew himself from my mouth and laid a blanket on the floor inviting me to get on my hands and knees.

What happened next has change my sexual life forever. He went into the other room for a condom and lube, came back and began to manipulate my ass massaging lube into my tight, and it is tight, white hole as I kneeled on his carpeted floor. I felt like a cheap whore moving so fast to sex, but that is what I was there for. Lets get this fuck on! I told him to be gentle and slow. As he rolled the condom down his big dick I nearly burst with fear and excitement. Anxiously, I anticipated the fucking I was about to get. I first felt the feeling of his huge manhood touching the area around my ass. He gently but firmly massaged my ass cheeks sticking one,two and then all of his fingers inside me. Firmly with his strong hands he spread my cheeks and began to push the big mushroom into my ass. My god the feeling was not pleasant but painful. Then pleasantly painful. He held me tight and pulled me to him. I felt the tight rim of my ass opening and stretching, reaching for him pulling him on and into me like a glove. He groaned as his mushroom entered and I groaned as my entrance opened welcoming him. Slowly he pushed deeper and I pulled him deeper. It seemed like several minutes as his inches were sliding into me. Almost breathless I felt his wet belly touch my ass and I sat up fully burying his cock inside me. He hugged me from behind kissing my naked sweating shoulder blades and back. I goose bumped all over. I felt my thighs, slippery, shiny with sweat and rough from excitement. I turned my head and we kissed, a wet, tongue fucking, sensuous, passionate kiss. He moved deep inside me and I moved back to him pushing hard and pulling him as deep into me as I could. I reached around a grabbed his ass pulling him to me his cock now a full nine maybe ten inches inside me probing my insides ready to splash my guts up into my throat.

As he fucked me from behind my thighs loosened and relaxed and my muscled tits bounced nipples swollen from arousal like little mountains. My new friend squeezed my tits and pinched my screaming nipples. The room smelled of raw man sex. Two men together, one mans sex locked into the other, both passionately dripping with sweat, kissing and bucking, fucking and moaning. His first eruption begain with a small moan, as the intensity of the climax increased, he held his breath pulled me to him, holding me tightly as his cock spasmed somewhere deep in the pit of my stomach. I loosen and relaxed giving myself to him fully as we came together like animals in lust.

After he came he stayed mounted on me and I kept bucking on him. I hammered into him ramming my ass down on his cock nailing myself to his body again and again. I did not want to stop. Exhausted I slowed down and remarkably he came again with a muscle tensing body squeezing groan, exclaiming that he didn't know he could do that… cumming twice in a mere few minutes. I was sore as he pulled his wet shiny black cock from the depths of my ass.

We lay sweating, chests heaving waiting to catch our breath. I rolled over and we kissed one last time, a soft warm kiss tongue passing tongue. I lubed my own cock and began jerking off as he moved around the room, his beautiful shiny spent manhood hanging between his thighs still dripping cum. It took about minute for me to shoot cum up my belly and onto my nipples. We both toweled off and dressed. I left walking gingerly, my ass hiding a satisfyingly passionate sexual secret .

I love fucking, the deep penetration, the feeling of cock deep inside. I was so sexually turned on I immediately went home and got on the internet. What happened next cums later.

story by: estaban

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Author: estaban

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