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It's a hot summer day and I decided to cool off with a nice cool shower. I just get out of the shower when I hear the doorbell ring. I grab a towel which is hanging by the door and go to see who it is at the door. I open the door and you are standing there with a distressed look on your face. You tell me that you car has broken down and you need to call a tow truck to come and help you. I invite you inside while I'm still wet from my shower. I show you to the phone and you make your call. You introduce yourself as Andrea.

I look at you up and down once. You're wearing a sleeveless white shirt that is tied at the bottom. It seems to definitely hug your body and shows off your amazingly gorgeous breasts as it hugs you. You're also wearing a pair of shorts that seem to fit snug against your every sexy curve. They definitely hug your sexy ass. You sit on my chair as you're talking to the tow truck guy. You ask for my address and I give it to you. My gaze drifts from your beautiful face to your sweet tanned sexy legs. I don't know what made me do it but my eyes started to look carefully at the legs of your shorts and I noticed that I could see up the leg hole.

I know I shouldn't have been looking there but I noticed that if you were wearing underwear they had to be thong and they had to be bunched between your lips because I noticed your slightly parted smooth pussy lips. I must have been stating because not only was my cock twitching and starting to get hard but you also shifted your legs. That broke me out of my trance and I looked up. You said the tow truck guy would take about an hour. I smile and tell you that maybe in that time I could take a look at it. I tell you that I'm just going to go throw on some joggers and a t shirt and be right back.

I go to my room and take off the wet town. I didn't know you had followed me but I was standing there now completely hard after gazing at your firm breasts being hugged in your tight shirt and looking at your sweet smooth pussy lips from the leg of your shorts. I grabbed a pair of joggers when i noticed you standing at the door. You apologize but ask if you can use my bathroom. I point to the bathroom still standing naked and hard. You smile at me and walk slowly away with your eyes locked on my heavy hardness. I put my joggers on and find a t shirt. When you get out of the bathroom I ask you to take me to your car.

We get to your car and I open the hood. I take a look and find that you have no coolant so I grab some water from my house and fill the over flow and your radiator and it starts up again. I tell you that maybe it over heated and the car had some kind of temp switch which turned it off before any real damage could happen. You thank me and ask if there's anything you can do for me. I simply smile and ask for nothing. You smile back and ask if I'd like to have dinner with you at your place. I'd be delighted I tell you and you give me your address. You tell me I can come at 7. You wave as you drive away.

7pm I'm ringing the door bell as you answer the door. You look absolutely gorgeous wearing a gorgeous black dress that it seems is form fitting. It hugs your every womanly curve and once again my cock is twitching and getting hard just looking at you. You invite me in.Ohhh Andrea, you look heavenly. Well thank you you say with a smile. I have brought a bottle of sparkling wine with me and you take it from me and put it on ice. There's soft music playing in the background. You tell me that dinner is almost ready and to have a seat. I sit in your nicely decorated living room and wait for you. You tell me to come to the table. I take out your chair and you sit and I slide it in for you. You dish me out a really nice noodle and chicken dish and I go and uncork the wine. I pour for both of us and we eat and talk.

I can't get over how beautiful you look. I must have done something right in a previous life to be having such warm company with such a gorgeous lady. We finish our meals and I help you load your dishwasher. We head to the living room and have more wine with a pie dessert. After dessert, I can't hold back anymore and I ask if I might have the pleasure of a kiss. You smile at me and lean forward. My lips lightly brush against your lips and then ever so slowly and softly. my lips suck tenderly on your bottom lip. My tongue slightly pushes forward and your mouth opens and accepts it. Soon we are both kissing very passionately. You pull back and tell me we should calm down a bit. I smile and we talk a bit more.

A song comes on the cd player and you love this song. I ask you if you'd like to dance to it and you stand up. I get up and take you gently in my arms as we move to the slow song. My hands gently rub your lower back as your head rests on my chest as we move slowly around the room. I stop just before the kitchen and I put my finger on your chin and tilt your head up to mine. I lean down and softly kiss your delicate tender lips. Once again our kisses become passionate and our tongues are dancing together as well. I walk you closer to the table. You lean on it and my hands are now caressing your sexy firm ass. You moan and squirm as your hands move from my back to my chest. I think you're about to push me away but you don't. Instead you run your hands under my shirt and start to caress my chest. My hands move up your back and I move them to your heaving breasts which look like they want to just bust out from the confines of the dress.

My hands caress your breasts as your hands run down my chest and soon they are softly gripping at my hardness that is ready to burst out of my now tight jeans. Your caress my throbbing manhood through my pants as our tongue and tips are kissing all over. My fingers move to your tender neck as my tongue softly trails along it. Again, I go back to your sweet soft lips and kiss you strong and passionate. I easy my hands down to your firm hot ass and slowly start to inch the dress up so my hands can get to your sweet soft flesh. My hands finally accomplish what I wanted and I feel your hot soft smooth ass in my hands. Meanwhile your fingers are nibble as well and have undone my zipper and my button on my jeans and your hand is inside my jeans where you find I'm not wearing any underwear.

You moan as my hands caress your sexy ass and I play with the small string which is part of your black thong that you're wearing. My hands caress your sexy firm ass as you moan. My tongue softly kisses your neck and then your lips. Your gentle strokes of my now thick and throbbing cock are making me completely hard. You slowly kneel and take my pants down with you. You look up at me and smile and tell me you wanted to do this when you saw me naked in my room with a big hard on. You then take my throbbing manhood in your hands and gently lick the smooth hard head of my hard lengthy thickness. You slowly slide your tongue down the length of my hard cock. You then slowly slide your tongue up and other side. You softly take your hand and stroke it as you open your mouth and take my thickness in. Your mouth sucks softly on the head and then you move down the shaft. I can't believe how incredible this feels not to mention how far down your going on it.

I've never witnessed anyone take as much of me as you are right now. I can feel your tongue wiggling around the head as your take more and more of my cock in your mouth. You get half way down and you pull off it slowly and softly. Again you stroke it a few times and lick it all over. Again you lower your mouth over it and slowly start to descend on it. This time more of it goes in your loving mouth as I stand there both in awe and in pleasure.Ohhh Andrea, that feels so damn incredible!!!! I watch as your head bobs up and down my lengthy hard thick cock. You have over half of it in your mouth and it feel so incredible. You slowly pull up off it and lick it all over again. It is soaked with your spit and you slowly stroke it again. I take you by the arm and pull you up for fear I might let go and cum and I don't want to just yet.

I kiss your sweet sexy mouth again and I lift you onto the table. You giggle telling me that you've never thought of your table as a place for sex. I laugh and slowly kneel down. I pull your now wet thong off as I then slowly kiss my way around your inner thighs to the sweet hot wet area around your soft delicate pussy lips. I gentle lick over your sweet wet smooth pussy lips and you squirm under my tongue. You lay back on the table as my tongue slowly tastes your tender wet wanting pussy lips. I then lick tenderly as my tongue slips along your inner wet pink lips. You moan softly as my tongue travels along your wet pink hot lips. Ohhhh Andrea, you taste so good!!!!

My tongue explores your sweet horny wet slit as your moans echo. Ever so slowly my tongue laps at your sweet honey lips and I slowly trace down to your sweet hot puckered ass. You wiggle as my tongue lightly circles your tight back door hole. I lick softly at it and slowly dip it in and out. Just the tip of my tongue lightly. You moan louder and I work my tongue back up to your amazingly wet horny slit. I then feel along with my tongue until I come across your hardening throbbing horny clit. The tip of my tongue lightly dances on it making you moan louder. I then slowly slip my middle finger inside your wet tight hot and horny pussy. Your squirm under my touch as my finger pushes in and out slowly to match the motion of my tongue. You moan louder as my finger thrusts in and out faster as I lap harder at your throbbing hard clit. My tongue furiously lapping as my finger drives in and out of you harder and faster. I want to taste your hot juices flood my mouth.

Your hands grab the back of my head and pull me hard into your hot wanting wet pussy. I'm guessing you're getting close so I double my efforts. I start to drive my finger inside you deeper and faster. My tongue laps furiously at your quivering hot wanting wet pussy lips and throbbing clit. Moans echo as your legs press against both ears. Your body is squirming around the table as my tongue and finger work your horny pussy over until you can't take anymore. I feel your hot sweet juices flood my mouth as your legs squeeze my head and your hands hold my head to your hot and horny wet pussy.

Your body finally relaxes and I stand up. I pull your body closer to the edge of the kitchen table and rub my thick lengthy cock along your now soaked red and pink tight pussy. One it's nice and wet, I slowly aim my thick smooth cock head and slowly push into your ohhh so tight drenched wanting horny pussy. I watch as I push more and your pussy slowly stretches to take my thick length inside you. The head finally pushes passed and you moan. You tell me to be gentle because you've never had anything so big inside you. I watch your sweet smooth hot pussy lips almost suck my lengthy cock inside as I push more and more in. Inch by thick throbbing hot pulsing inch, it disappears inside you. Almost 3/4s is inside you when you tell me to stop. I pause to let your sweet pussy get use to being invaded by such a big hard horny cock. Finally, your legs wrap around my waist and pull me into your again. More of my hard cock disappears inside you until I am pressed firmly against your body. I flex my hard cock inside you as it swells and throbs. You moan and I pause again. I reach down and my fingers slowly start to rub your red swollen clit. I feel your pussy juices drench my cock as I start to move it inside you. Very slow and gentle at first and then I pick up the pace a bit.

You're moans echo the room as I start to pump in and out of you. My nimble fingers rubbing slowly at your throbbing hot clit. My cock working its way in and out of your drenched horny pussy. Ohhhhh Andrea, you're so damn tight and it feels magnificent!!!! I feel your hot drenched tight pussy grip my cock as your eyes close tightly. I thrust in a bit faster now as our bodies slap together. I pull your legs over my shoulders which allow me to drive deeper inside. You moan louder and your pussy becomes even tighter. I don't know how much more of this I can take. I take you in my arms and lift you off the table. I push you into a near by wall for stability as you thrust into you. Your legs wrapped around my waist as I drive into you deep and hard. Your arms around my neck as I thrust deeper. I then carry you over to the couch and lay you on your back. One of your legs goes on the floor and the other on the back of the couch as I'm still connected to you. I then start to thrust harder and faster. Driving deeper and harder into you. Your moans louden as you want me to cum with you.

My thrusts become more powerful as your hot pussy becomes drenches as your juices bath my cock and my smooth shaven balls. You moan loudly as I pound into you harder and faster. It's going to happen soon. My hands grip your sexy ass as I pound in deeper and harder. The slaps of our bodies crashing together echos in the room. Our moans of pleasure and ecstasy sounds off in the entire house as we're both so close. I thrust harder and faster and deeper. Finally with one last hard stroke, I pull out your your soaked juicy hot tight pussy and stroke my cock twice as a stream of hot thick creamy cum shoots all over your hot and horny pussy. The heat of my cum pushes you over the edge and your body spasms as you cum hard. I can see the juices soak your pussy as your body tenses and then finally relaxes. I lean down to you and kiss you softly. Now that's what I call dessert. LOL!!!!

You offer me a shower together and maybe a good long hot nightcap. With an offer like that, how could I refuse. I kiss you passionately again and get ready to help you out of that sweet black dress….

story by: itsonlybarney

Tags: fiction consensual sex male/female hardcore romance reluctance sex story

Author: itsonlybarney

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