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I spent the morning doing what I always do, classes first at the local college I attend, and then off to breeze by Dad’s office to bring him lunch, and today I thought perhaps I’d go to the gym and work out for a bit. I pulled my Honda into the parking garage at Dad’s office; I adjusted the mirror to put on some lip gloss and ran my fingers through my hair. I grabbed the Chinese I had picked up for Dad. I locked the door and walked to the elevator. I pressed the button to the elevator and the door instantly slid open. I stepped in; inside the elevator I pressed the ground floor and rode the short trip to the bottom. I walked out of the elevator and into my Dad’s office. I stopped at the desk to tell the Receptionist I was there; she smiled and waved me through. I pushed the button on the lobby elevator and when it slid open my friend Elizabeth was inside.

“Hi Brooke,” Elizabeth said.

“Oh, how are you Lizzie,” I asked.

“I’ve been better, having a rough day with that new guy up in finance, he’s such an asshole,” she told me.

“Well what’s he look like,” I asked.

“He’s sexy as hell but he’s really uptight, I think he needs to get fucked to get his attitude fixed up,” she said.

“Introduce, me Liz,” I said.

She smiled, Liz and I had been friends for years since high school, she was interning here while she was in the community college for accounting. She knew what I was capable of, and she knew that if this guy needed a good fucking I would certainly give it to him. We got off on the 6th floor, and I walked into Dad’s office area, I stopped to chat with his secretary. Her name was Jan, she was a gorgeous girl, and she was in her late 20’s with black hair in a cute little spiky style with beautiful blue eyes.

“Brooke, are you here for your Dad’s lunch,” She asked.

“Yes, I sure I am, “I answered.

“Well your Dad is in a meeting with some important clients he said you could leave it with me,” she said.

I leaned in over her desk to pick up a post it note, I was aware of Jan looking down my dress. Today I had worn a cute little pink sun dress that was low cut where the tops of my breast bulged out. My dress hit me thigh about two inches above the knee. Of course I wore no panties, I never did, and I loved to be free of clothes that were restraining. Today I wore no bra; they tended to push on pierced nipples when I decided to wear my little silver hoops in them.

“Jan are you checking me out,” I asked her slyly?

“Brooke, you look very, delicious today,” she said.

I straightened up and jotted Daddy a little note that told him I loved him, hoped he enjoyed lunch and I’d see him at home tonight around 8. I sat the pin down, when Jan rose from her chair she took my hand in hers and walked me over to a door in the office, she opened it, inside was supply room it was rather large.

“Jan what are we doing,” I asked inquisitively.

She didn’t answer me she took me into the room and shut the door and flipped the lock on the inside of the door. She moved to the back of the room in front of me. She took her hand a caressed my face gently, and leaned in her lips brushing against mine. I stood very still, as her tongue ran along my bottom lip and then parted my lips. She kissed me softly as her tongue searched earnestly for mine. I gave it to her, as our tongues danced I was aware of her hands one around my waist pulling me close to her, I could feel her large breast pushing into mine. Her other hand was reaching into the top of my dress. She continued our passionate kiss as her hand found my nipple, she had no idea they were pierced but she found out quickly as she gently tugged on the ring. I could feel my pussy getting wet. She pulled back from my mouth and looked into my eyes; she could see I was certain that I was excited. She reached into my dress with her other hand and pulled my breast out of my dress. I had nice round tits, they were a size D cup, and I had nice hard nipples with large brown areolas. She kissed down my neck and to my breast that she held in her hand. Her tongue flicked at my nipple as I began to exhale, her hot wet tongue licked my nice shrinking brown spot and then she took the nipple ring and all into her mouth. I put my hand on the back of her head as she continued to assault my tits. She pulled the other one out, and did the same thing, her tongue dancing and sucking and flicking my nipple. My pussy was dripping.

She stopped what she was doing for moment, and rose to look at me; she turned around on the bottom shelf she pulled out some big cushions that were once on the sofa in her office, she took the four and put them on the floor. She took my hand and led me over to them and encouraged me to kneel down on them. We were both on our knees facing each other; my tits were still out of my dress. She reached under my dress and began to gently rub my pussy lips. My pussy was shaved so nice and smooth I had just shaved this morning, as I did every morning actually. She continued to rub the outer lips of my cunt as she pulled on my nipple rings with her other hand. I wanted her very badly at that moment. I moved away from her and I decided to lie down on the cushions. I positioned myself where I could hook my shoes on a shelf on each side so I was as spread out of Jan as I could get. She sat down cross legged between my legs and began to gently caress the outer lips of my pussy. I knew that I was wet and she could see because I was so spread out for her, but she continued to rub my outer lips gently. She watched my face for an indication that I was enjoying what she was doing. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling between my legs. Her soft hands ran gently across my lips she started at my mound and worked her way down over the lips past my clit that was sticking out and hard down to my ass and then back up. I was throbbing because I wanted her to touch my cunt inside, but being submissive required me to allow her to do it her way.

She took her hands and peeled my outer lips out to open me further, she held me open with one hand. I felt her long finger nails brush over my clit just the tips of her nails hit my clit, and then ran down those tender pink inner lips. She moved her nails back up and I felt the pressure of her finger on my clit. She rubbed slowly and methodically little circles around my clit.

soaking wet Brooke, does this feel good baby,” she asked?

“I want you to fuck me Jan,” I answered breathlessly.

“Oh don’t you worry baby girl, I’ll fuck you, I’ll fuck you like you have never been fucked before,” she answered.

She continued to rub at my hard little pink clit, I opened my eyes and looked down at what she was doing, it looked even better than it felt. Her long red nails inside my pussy lips, my clit being pulled up where she could rub it, I knew I was getting wetter by the second. She moved her fingers between those pink inner lips to my soaked pussy hole. She stroked that area between my clit and my hole; I rocked my hips as she continued to slowly fuck me. She took her finger and gently put the tip into my hole, she moved the tip of her finger around inside of me, and then she moved more in until she was up to the first knuckle. I rocked my hips even faster soon I had her entire finger into my pulsating pussy; she moved the finger in and out of my cunt. She decided to add another finger, her second finger made me feel a little fuller as she began to give my pussy long strokes. Her fingers moved deep inside until she hit my cervix and then back out until I had just the tips of her nails inside.

“Please Jan, fuck me hard,” I begged.

She didn’t answer me, she instead added another finger to my puss, and she moved it in with the other two and began to work them into my G spot. She sped up as I rocked my hips, she had turned my lips loose she had been holding open and began to gently rub my clit with her thumb as she worked my pussy hole over with her three fingers. She moved them faster all the way in and turn and all the way back out. The feeling was divine, I knew that I was going to cum soon for her; the massaging on my clit was more than I could stand with being fucked. It was then that I felt her hot mouth, I felt her breath first close to my clit, then I felt that wet hot tongue flicking the other side of my clit, her thumb massaged one side her tongue the other. Her fingers never stopped moving inside of me, I rocked my hips faster and harder.

“Jan, I’m going to cum for you, my pussy is going to cum on you, “I moaned.

“Cum baby, you can cum I have my mouth here to lick you all over when you cum,” she purred.

I lost it, I came, my pussy clamped down on her three fingers as they were worked deep inside my wet cunt. I blew it my thighs stiffened and I began to shake and rock my pussy against her mouth, she pulled her fingers out and true to her word, her mouth was on my pussy, her tongue was inside me she fucked my pussy with her tongue and her thumb worked over my clit as I neared another orgasm, I bucked my hips against her face as she tongue fucked my dripping hot little pussy. I came as she shoved four fingers into my hole, my legs stiffened again and I rose up to grab her head and shove it back into my dripping snatch. She tongue fucked me once more after she pulled her fingers back out of me. Her tongue was so wet and so hot, I came again this time I squirted my load into her face. I had never squirted before so this was new to me, the feeling was overwhelming. I lay back as I tried to catch my breath, once I could breathe again; I opened my eyes to find Jan still squatting between my legs with a paper towel trying to wipe off her face.

“Baby, you got me good, “she said.

“I’m so sorry Jan, I’ve never done anything like that before, “I said />
“Oh fuck no don’t you ever be sorry Brooke for that, you squirted, there are not very many women that can pull that off,” she said.

“But you have to go back out here to work,” I said.

“You know what Brooke, if I have to go out there with your pussy on my face all day, baby I have something to smile about because I know what I’ve been doing,” she said laughing.

I got up off the cushions on wobbly legs, smoothed my dress out, and my hair. I surveyed the damage, I had gotten Jan’s black dress soaked, and even her hair was wet, not to mention it was all over the cushions. We cleaned up the mess and her as best we could and walked back out of the storage room. Her office was still empty, I kissed her bye and invited her to come to the house the next night, and I could fuck her again.

I walked out of the office and into the lobby of the 6th floor; Liz was once again waiting for the elevator,

“How was your Dad,” Liz asked.

“He was great,” I lied.

“Come on, let me introduce you to Tony the asshole in finance,” she said.

I got on the elevator with her, and we went to the 5th floor, stepping off I could almost smell the finance department all that printer ink, and toner, I swear it smelled like hot erasers to me. I knew I was being silly. We walked into the first office on the left, on the door was a sign that signed Finance Manager, we walked in, behind the desk sat an absolutely gorgeous guy, he had black hair that touched brushed his shoulders, he had a dark complexion and appeared to be of Mediterranean decent, he wore a black suit with a thin burgundy colored tie. He rose when we walked in, looking me up and down I extended my hand immediately and gave him a warm smile, and he reached out and took my hand in his and shook it.

“I’m Tony Amburggo,” he said.

“Hi, I’m Brooke LeRamey,” I said trying to appear shy.

“Tony, Brooke is Mr. LeRamey’s daughter,” Liz introduced.

He cleared his throat obviously uncomfortable that he was just checking out the big boss’s daughter. He gestured for me to have a seat. Obediently I sat, I was aware my pussy was still rather moist from my store room fucking I had just received. I crossed my long tan legs, and I was aware that Liz had left the room. I was also aware that my short dress went I sat down was hiked up somewhat on my right hip and I was certain he could see my right cheek. He was indeed staring, so I knew that he could see my ass.

“So what brings you in here, Brooke,” he asked?

“I bring Dad his lunch every day when I get out of class,” I said.

His smile faded, he must have thought I was in high school. So I swung my leg for a few seconds to appeal to him some more.

“I’m a freshman in college Tony,” I said sweetly.

He grinned, “Oh I see, what are you studying,” he asked?

“Well right now I’m taking general studies but I plan on pre-law,” I said seductively.

“Brooke, I don’t usually do this, but you are ummm an ummm very sweet girl, would you like to come to dinner tonight? I have another friend meeting me as well. We are going to The Bridge Restaurant tonight,” He said.

“Sure, what time,” I asked?

“How about you meet me at 6:30 just ask for me with the Maître De will show you to my table,” he said.

With that he stood up, so I stood I assumed he was probably busy, but I obviously had made an impression on asshole Tony. I picked up my purse and head toward the door, when I dropped my purse. I bent over at the waist well aware my pink sun dress had just pulled up so he could see my sweet little brown ass, and I parted my legs just a little, so he could see my sweet little pussy as well. I picked up my back and stood back up, turning around to wave at him, he stood with his mouth hung open, and his dick was obviously very hard, I could see the outline through his black suit pants.

When I got to my car I looked in the mirror I still looked good, I reached between my legs and felt my pussy it was still wet from Jan, she was so damn good, I couldn’t wait to fuck her tomorrow night. I looked around the parking lot, beside me was an older guy about 45 or 50 sitting in his convertible, he smiled at me. Perfect I thought, I raised the top on my Honda, and leaned my seat back just a little bit, I moved my leg up on the dash board spreading my legs. I turned my head so slightly I realized the guy beside me was taking this all in. I reached between my legs and parted my pussy lips. I began to rub the right side my clit with my index finger. I moved it in small little circular motions my pussy getting wetter. I began to breathe heavier, turning my head the guy in the car next to me was up in his seat craning his head so he could see my pussy. I moved my hips up so he could watch what I was doing. I rubbed faster and harder, I could feel myself getting close when I decided I needed to have something hard in me. I moved up and placed one leg over the gear shift on the floor of the passenger side, leaving the other leg on the driver side. I pulled my sun dress up around my waste as I eased myself down on to the gear shift. I felt it push against my pussy lips, I pushed harder and it went between my inner lips, still harder I pushed when I felt it pop into my waiting cunt. I slid down on it, taking the gearshift into my puss. I began to ride the gear shift taking more and more each time. I reached into my sun dress and pulled my right tit out; I grabbed the ring and began to pull harder each time I went down on the shift. I looked over at the guy next to me; he had his cock in his hand stroking it while he watched me fuck my car. I rode it faster and harder, when I knew I was going to come, I jerked the ring in my nipple making it red until you thought the ring would pull out, I came. I rode my pussy almost all the way down on the gear, when I began to rock my hips, I moaned loudly and I was aware when I closed my eyes of the guy in the next car moaning very loudly. My eyes opened and I was aware that he was coming all over himself. Once I had finished I pulled my pussy up and off the gear, I settled back into the driver’s seat I waved and the guy next to me who was trying to clean his dick off with a napkin from his car. I squealed the tires as I zoomed out of the parking garage.

I had one more errand then I could go and meet my friends from dad’s work for dinner at 6. I drove to my best friend Leslie’s house. Leslie and I had been fucking each other all through high school. Leslie had decided that she was a full-fledged lesbian after out flings; she wouldn’t even try a guy. I was taking some papers to her mom for Leslie. I pulled into their circular driveway through the car in park and bounced up the steps papers in tow. I rang the bell, and waited for her mom to answer; I waited a few seconds and rang the bell again. I hear her mom from within the house, her feet running through the hallway. She peaked out the door and she saw who it was, she threw it open. She stood in a towel her huge breast peaking over the top of her towel, covered but barely.

“Brooke, sweetheart, sorry I just stepped out of the bath, come in please,” she said.

“Sorry Mrs. Sweingarden, Leslie asked me to drop these off,” I said.

“Brooke, how many times have I told you to call me Wendi,” she asked?

“I know sorry, here are the papers,” I said handing them to her.

She reached out to take them and as she took them she dropped the towel. She was completely naked under that towel, and was she ever built. She was about 5’9, had a DD breast, and a small shapely waist with a little strip of black hair covering her pussy. She looked at me for a few minutes, before doing anything.

“Sorry, I’m so clumsy,” she said.

She reached for the towel, when she rose back up she had the towel in her hand I took her hand and held the towel down.

“Wendi, you have a beautiful pussy,” I said seductively.

She smiled sweetly, “Brooke, would you like to taste my sweet little quim,” she asked?

I looked at her, and knelt on the floor in front of her, I parted her pussy lips, and her hard clit stuck straight out. It was dark red, and very hard, I had never seen a clit as big as hers. I hit it with my tongue, flicking it, as she let out a very loud moan, I flicked it again, and she put her hands in my hair. Flicking it again, she quivered all the way down to her feet. I sucked her hard clit between my teeth and she came all over me, wet, and hot thick juice slid from her pussy onto my tongue, as she squealed in delight. I rose and kissed her gently on the lips. I put the towel in her hand and opened the front door. As I turned to close the door I saw that she had propped herself against the wall and was breathing hard. I slid into the car and headed home to get ready for my hot date with Tony the finance manager from my Dad’s office.

I went home and showered got out a blue cocktail dress sat it on the bed. I took the silver rings out of my nipples and picked up my gold hoops. I put them into my nipples. I picked up the dress put it over my head and slid into my gold sandals. I brushed my long hair out and put on some lip gloss, grabbed my bag and headed back out to my car. I put my top up on the car and drove to the restaurant. I paid the valet and headed inside. I told them who I was there to meet and they took directly the table. Tony was sitting at the table in a white oxford cloth button down shirt and black slacks. He had a brunette with him who was wearing a black and white dress, with her hair swept back on into a loose French twist.
As he stood, he took my hand, “Brooke, glad you made it, this is Tamara,” he said.

“Hi Tamara,” I said.

“Nice to meet you,” she stated.

He pulled my chair out and we sat chatting. He ordered an expensive bottle of wine, which we drank, all of it and started on a second before the food came. After we ate, we sat and talked easily some more. Tony kept smiling at the girl sitting next to him.

“Brooke, would you like to come back to my townhouse with Tamara and me,” he asked.

“Of course I’d love to,” I said.

We went out to the valet, they brought our cars around and I followed them to Tony’s townhome. We parked in the front and went up the steps to the house. His townhome was beautifully decorated with modern décor. We went into his living room, and he fixed us drinks at his bar, and sat down between us both. We drank and talked for several hours, until I was pretty drunk. He invited me up to his room with Tamara. I happily went along I was going to have a long good fuck tonight and I knew it. I started getting wet again as we walked up the steps. Tamara walked behind me, her hand up the back of my dress feeling my ass, and touching my asshole as I walked. We reached the top of the steps; I was off for the fucking of my life.

story by: sweetbaby6820

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Author: sweetbaby6820

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