No sleep

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“It sure is good to see you again! I can’t believe how tall you’ve gotten,” Tom said to Renee, the only daughter of his best friend.

He was making a cross-country drive and had stopped in for a nights rest before continuing on the next morning. At least that was his plan.

“Do you know it’s been 6 years since I last saw you? Heck, you were just a scrawny little thing back then. You have really grown up,” he said, trying not to stare at her breasts.

“Yeah, well I’m 13 now. Pretty soon I’ll be driving,” Renee replied, trying not to blush.

“That is a truly scary thought,” he joked. “Well it really is good to see you. So, when will your folks be home?” he asked.

“They should be here within the hour. Mom called and said she was picking up Dad about 5 so they should get here about twenty after,” Renee said. “You can hang out wherever you like ‘till they get here. Mom said to tell you there’s beer in the fridge and you can eat anything you want.”

Tom replied, “a beer sounds good. I don’t know which way the kitchen is so if you don’t mind, I’ll just follow you.”

said Renee as she turned down the hall with him in tow.

Tom knew she was talking to him but he did not hear a word she said as he looked her over from top to bottom. Renee had an incredible body. She was about five and a half foot tall with a ponytail of blond hair that had just a hint of red. She was wearing only a white tank top and jean shorts. She had a great tan and Tom could tell by the tan lines on her back and neck that she preferred wearing a bikini at the pool. Her legs were well toned and athletic. Her ass and hips had an almost hypnotic quality about them as they swiveled from side-to-side, and he wondered to himself what her round ass would look like if she was bouncing up and down on his cock doing a reverse cow-girl. He was getting a hard-on from staring at the backside of this beautiful 13 year old girl.

“Uh, Mr. Cole…did you hear me? Which one?” she said, holding out two beers.

He absently took one of them without even looking, as she put the other one back in the fridge.

“I guess when you get older the hearing is the first thing to go, huh?” she joked.

He couldn’t help but to laugh out loud at himself, “Yeah that’s what they tell me,” he said, coming out of the trance that her ass had put him in. “But I don’t plan on getting old any time soon. And you can call me Mr. C, or Tom.”

Tom was just past 50 but he felt like he was 30. He had always been active and involved in sports and prided himself on keeping in shape. He glanced at the beer in his hand and saw it was a beer.

he said, “I think I’ll get a real beer.” Reaching for the refrigerator handle, he couldn’t help noticing Renee at the entrance to the kitchen. She was watching the TV in the family room and her face was silhouetted against the window. His stare examined her beautiful face. She had large green eyes set within long, blond eyelashes, and the whites of her eyes were almost blinding. Her skin was tanned and perfect, and there were little blondish/reddish hairs on the back of her neck. Shit, even her ears were sexy. Her lips were pouty and full, and he wondered what it would feel like to split those lips with his cock. She was standing with her hands clasped above her head, her back arched. She was slightly turned away, stretching her back for all it was worth, stretching in that way that only a girl can.

Her tits were exaggerated and sticking out further than normal. She had an absolutely beautiful set of tits, and she knew it. They had a firmness that only young girls’ tits have. They were as round and full as baseballs and Tom was having trouble taking his eyes off of them. Her nipples were erect and stiff and they punished the material of her bra, threatening to poke right through. The small of her back had that curvy, sexiness to it, and Tom wondered what it would be like to caress her there. He quickly suspected that she was putting on a show for him, and that was confirmed a moment later when she glanced over at him and he was busted for staring at her.

He gave her a quick, nervous smile, all the while thinking he would have some explaining to do to her parents as to why he was mentally undressing their 13 year old daughter. But to his surprise she flashed back a perfect set of white teeth behind full lips and trotted out of the room yelling behind her: “I have to finish packing for my trip tomorrow or my parents will be pissed. See you later.”

“All right, no problem,” he said back, suddenly painfully aware of his swollen cock trapped within his jeans. God, he hoped she had not noticed the bulge in his pants.

Tom had never been affected this way by such a young girl. From the moment she had opened the front door in response to his knock, he had not been able to take his eyes off of her. He owed it to the fact that he had not been fucked in 2 months and, of course, her stunning beauty. He popped the cap on his beer and went in search of a snack and the TV.

“Tom, how the hell are you?”

“Jeff, Lori, good to see you guys,” Tom said, turning off the TV and standing up to give his friends a hug as they came into the family room.

“I see you found the house okay?” said Lori.

“Yeah, no problems at all,” Tom said. Oh yeah, I mentally fucked your daughter, but we can talk about that later. “Renee took good care of me and made me feel at home.” And I just want to pound my cock into her pussy for an hour. “So, how have you two been?” And shove my dick into her mouth and drain my balls down her throat.

been great,” Jeff said. “My new job’s going well and Lori’s been very successful with her consulting business. We haven’t regretted moving out of the city for a minute.

excellent,” Tom said, “glad to hear you guys have settled in.”

“Yeah, I imagine that “settling in” is the last thing you’ll do, huh Tom,” said Lori.

“Well, if they want to pay me to travel all over the world and write, why should I argue?” said Tom.

Jeff said, “Nice work if you can get it. Hey, you hungry?”

“Yeah, I could use some real food. I kind ‘a get tired eating on the run and on planes. What ‘r you />
“Well, we need to leave early in the morning for Renee’s riding competition, so we were thinking of going around the corner to a great little restaurant, you know, make it simple,” said Jeff.

work,” Tom said, his mind starting to drift at the mention of Renee’s name.

“I’ll get Renee so we can get going,” said Lori as she left the room.

She was back with Renee two minutes later, both of them hugging each other as they came into the room.

“Jeff, Renee said that Sarah’s dad could drop her over after dinner so we could just leave straight from here in the morning and save half an hour.”

“Sounds like a great idea to me,” said Jeff, walking over to give his daughter a peck on the forehead. “Well let’s go, I’m />
The walk to the restaurant was pure hell for Tom. Lori and Renee were walking a few steps in front of he and Jeff, and Tom had to force himself not to look at Renee as she swished down the street, talking excitedly to her mother about the upcoming equestrian competition across the state.

Tom heard Renee say something about “barrel and “quarter horses”, and that “bitch Bethany” who would surely be riding the most expensive horse in the show and have on the most expensive outfits. But he did not grasp most of what Renee was saying or what Jeff was saying to him because try as he might, he just could not take his eyes off of Renee.

She had changed into a blouse and a skirt, and Tom already had her skirt pulled above her hips, her panties pulled to the side, and he was ramming his rock hard, 10 inch cock deep into her ass without mercy. Renee was squealing with delight and growling with passion and begging for him not to stop and he was absolutely lost in the lust and ecstasy, and consumed with the feeling of taking this beautiful young goddess.

“Here we are,” Jeff said, snapping Tom out of Renee’s ass and back into reality. He opened the door for the girls and they all entered the restaurant.

For the next hour, Tom was able to concentrate enough to actually enjoy dinner and participate in the conversation. Jeff and Lori could not be happier and they loved their relaxed life of living in a small town with all the comforting things that come along with it. Renee had taken up riding when the family moved 3 years ago and she liked to barrel race the best. She was a sophomore in high school – having skipped the seventh grade because she was “so smart”, and she was sure she would be a horse doctor when she grew up.

“That is really cool guys, and Renee, I am sure you will be a great veterinarian. Waitress, could I get another?’ said Tom as he ordered his third drink and rose to make his way to the men’s room.

“I’ll be back before you know it. Don’t skip out on me and leave me with the check.”

“No way Tom, this one’s on us,” said Lori, laughing at his joke.

He relieved himself and washed his hands. His mind was on his day tomorrow and how far he would drive as he came out of the men’s room door. He never saw Renee until he ran smack into her. She fell somewhat backwards and Tom reached to catch her.

But she had steadied herself and his hands went too far, landing squarely on her breasts as he grabbed for her. He was left with two handfuls of teenage tit.

“Oh shit Renee, I am so sorry”, he said as he withdrew his hands. He could feel the blood in his face rising. was just trying to keep you from falling,” he stammered.

“It’s ‘k, Mr. C. It was my fault. I shoulda been watching where I was going.”

“Well, I really am sorry. I didn’t mean to….touch />
“It’s really alright. Don’t worry, I won’t say anything”, Renee said, giving him a sidewise smile as she went past him and disappeared into the ladies room.

Shit, shit, fuck, fuck! thought Tom as he started heading back towards the table, realizing for the first time that his dick was once again alert and paying attention. Did that just happen? Son-of-a-bitch, I have got to get laid, he thought as he went back into the men’s room to wash his face with cold water, hoping his cock would stand down.

Tom was able to make it through the rest of the dinner with no further groping, though he was not able to concentrate on anything except how sexy and beautiful Renee was and how much he had actually enjoyed groping her tits. Though touching them for just that brief moment, they were everything he thought they would be: firm, round, and perfect.

Making their way back home, Tom made sure that he and Jeff walked in front to try and eliminate any further lustful thoughts he had of Renee. It worked and by the time they had walked the 7 blocks, he was feeling tired enough to go to sleep.

said Lori, “you have your choice, you can take the bedroom on the second floor next to Renee’s, or there is a bedroom on the lower level. Whichever you want.”

“I snore like I’m sawing wood so I’ll take the room in the basement. I don’t want to keep you guys up all night. The basement door is right off the kitchen right? I can find my way”. Besides, if I am that close to Renee, no one will get any sleep, he thought.

Jeff said “Hey Tom, we’re out of here at 5 in the morning so we may not see you. Just let yourself out the garage door when you leave, okay?”

“Yeah, no problem. It was great to see you guys. Thanks for letting me crash, and I promise it won’t be another 6 years before I see you again. Have a safe trip”

“You too,” said Jeff and Lori as Tom headed down the stairs to his room. As he was drifting off to sleep he heard the doorbell and thought to himself that it must be Renee’s friend coming over.

Renee. Why couldn’t he get her out of his mind? Even in his dreams he was holding her and kissing her. He took her in his arms and bent down to her lips, those beautiful full lips. When they met, bolts of electricity shot through Tom and his knees buckled. She probed his mouth with her tongue, hungry for his taste. A lustful passion rose in her and she started to grind her body into his. They stopped kissing and looked at each other.

He reached behind her under her blouse, and undid her bra. He stroked her sides down to her hips and then he grabbed the bottom of her blouse and lifted it over and off her head. Renee reached up with her thumbs and eased her bra off of her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.

Her tits were as perfect as Tom knew they would be and her pink nipples were standing straight out like two pencil erasers. He sat down on the bed and pulled her to him, positioning her between his legs. His mouth found her right breast and he greedily attacked it. He sucked on her nipple and bit it and swirled his tongue all around. Renee was softly moaning and she pushed her tits further into Toms’ face.

He switched his attention to her left tit and she responded again by grabbing the back of his neck and holding him there as he continued to suck and nibble. By this time he had worked his hands around to her ass and he was massaging and squeezing her cheeks under her skirt.

He had been concentrating on her tits so much that he had forgotten what an amazing ass she had. He could not remember when he had held a more perfect ass in his hands. Dream or no dream, he was having the time of his life.

Tom had an incredible hard-on and he felt it straining against his boxers. Renee realized this and she pulled his mouth off of her nipple, and aggressively kissed him on the lips. She pushed him back on the bed and looped her fingers into his waistband. Tom raised his hips and Renee slid his boxers off, his cock happy to be free, slapping against his stomach.

Renee knelt down and started stroking his upright cock. She began at the top and slowly worked her hand down to the base, and then back up again. She established a rhythm and soon had Tom bucking his hips up off of the bed. Then she stopped. Tom could not believe it as Renee bent down and took the head of his long shaft into her delicate mouth.

Her lips were so wet and firm that Tom thought he was going to blow his load right then as she impaled her face on his 10 inch cock, her lips almost touching his balls. She worked his thick member up and down with her mouth, her tongue gliding along the bottom of his cock, exciting the nerve bundle on the underside of the head.

It was a long time since he had experienced a wet dream and he half-woke with the thought that he did not want to shoot his cum all over his friends’ bed. He blinked the sleep out of his eyes and realized he was not alone in the room. The faint street light coming through the window illuminated the dark hair of his bed partner as her head bobbed up and down on his shaft.

She was working his cock in and out of her mouth and masterfully stroking his balls. This is no fucking dream! I’m awake!

She felt him move, and she removed him from her mouth but continued to massage his balls.

“I hope I’m doing this right. I didn’t mean to wake you”, she said, as she gently rolled his nuts around her hand.

“What the fuck…who are you?”

“I’m Sarah.”

“Jesus Christ, what are you doing?” he said. “Why are you doing that?”

“Renee said you were hot and she dared me to suck you off,” said Sarah.

“Yeah, I sure didn’t think she would do it,” said Renee. Tom had not realized that Renee was sitting on the end of the bed out of the light, but as she bent a little forward, he could clearly make her out.

“You girls should not be doing this. This isn’t right. What if your parents find out? How the fuck old are you anyway?” he said to Sarah. “You really shouldn’t be doing this.”

“I’m 16, and I do what I want. My folks don’t really care. They always pay more attention to my older brother, like he is some kind of movie star or something. They’re pretty lame.”

Tom stammered, you two really shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Well Mr. C, I noticed you haven’t told Sarah to stop rubbing your balls,” said Renee.

He looked down and she was right. Through this whole conversation Sarah had continued to stroke and massage his balls, and his cock was standing straight up and was rock hard.

He laid his head back. Oh fuck, I’m going to jail. “Okay, look girls. Renee, your parents could come down here anytime and catch us and that would not be a good thing. I mean that would be a really bad thing. And I could go to jail.”

“Oh don’t worry Mr. C; once they’re asleep they don’t ever wake up. They had lots of booze and they won’t get up till the morning. Besides, my dad put lots of insulation into the ceiling down here so that you can hardly hear anything on the first floor, so it’s cool.”

“But Renee, you’re only 13 and Sarah you’re only 16. This isn’t right.”

Sarah said “I know Mr. C but you grabbed tits earlier at the restaurant. She told me. And I lied, I’m only 14”

“14?…Oh fuck…But that was an accident; I didn’t mean to do it.”

“But in the kitchen this afternoon you were watching me,” said Renee. “You smiled at me and it made me feel good. Were you just joking?”

Renee. I really do think you are a sweet girl and you are very beautiful and yes I was looking at you. />
“And your dick was so big in the kitchen that I could see the bulge. I mean, you must have liked it when I was stretching, didn’t you?

“Yes Renee, I did like that, but you don’t />
worry Mr. C, we won’t tell,” said Sarah.

“I know you won’t Sarah, but />
“And Mr C?” said Renee.

“Sarah is still rubbing your balls.”

He looked down at Sarah’s hand as it stroked and rubbed his nuts. He knew there was no going back. The head of his cock was so engorged with blood that it was purple. The skin of his shaft was as taut as a drum. His enlarged balls were straining against the skin of his nut sack. He felt that his entire unit would explode in a glorious mess if Sarah kept this up much longer.

“Ohhh fuck,” he said. />
Renee stood up and walked around the side of the bed, sitting next to Tom. She switched on the light and turned it low. Sarah renewed her effort at stroking his nuts, and motioned to Renee to take him into her hand. Renee reached down with her left hand and gently grabbed Tom’s cock. It was bigger and harder than she originally thought, and the only thing she could say was “Oh my God” as his cock reacted to her touch and it jumped in her hand and seemed to grow even bigger.

Sarah was massaging Tom’s nuts with her right hand. She was rolling them in between her fingers and caressing the tight skin with her fingertips. Sarah reached up with her left hand and grabbed Tom’s erect cock at the base, making a ring with her thumb and index finger and pulled the skin down even tighter. Tom let out a guttural moan as he was brought even closer to cumming.

Sarah said to Renee: “Now rub it up and down like I showed you”.

Renee obeyed and started stroking Tom’s cock with a long, slow piston-type motion. His cock was long, she guessed, even though she had never seen a real one before, just in the movies that Sarah’s brother had hidden in the basement. Renee was not able to get her entire hand around his shaft. Her fingers were just barely apart as she held it in her hand and kept stroking. The head was reddish-purple and the skin was smooth. His balls were heavy looking and as big around as golf balls. His sack hung down like some of the cows she had seen on the farm. Renee didn’t know why, but she was enjoying stroking Tom’s cock.

She tilted her head a little to one side as if to get a better look at the huge member she held in her hand. When she did her hair swept across Tom’s chest and caused electric waves to run through his entire body. Renee felt as his cock grew even bigger. Sarah’s improvised cock-ring caused the veins on his shaft to bulge out even further than normal. Sarah gripped even tighter when she felt his cock enlarge. The tip of his head was an impossible shade of purple and the skin was glistening with the first hints of pre-cum.

Renee was a quick learner and she was stroking off Tom’s cock with the experience that belied her 13 years. She knew that stroking his cock was making him feel good because Tom had his head back and he was taking heavy breaths. His hips began bucking up and down, lifting his ass off of the bed with each thrust.

Renee kept up her rhythm and she started to experience a warm feeling deep within her abdomen. It was the same feeling she had felt when she had fooled around with Sarah a few times. She enjoyed rubbing Sarah’s cunt, and having Sarah rub hers. Heck, Sarah had even kissed and sucked on her pussy once, but just once. Boy did that feel good. But she was amazed at the reaction she was seeing with Tom’s huge dick.

“Renee keep on stroking him just like you are and no matter what happens don’t stop, okay?” said Sarah.

“Yeah but what could />
Tom’s cock exploded in an orgasm like he had never experienced in his life. His cum shot straight up into the air two feet and fell with a thick on his stomach. The second shot was just as high and thick. And so was the third and fourth. He kept cumming for what seemed like a minute, depositing thick, gooey cum all over himself, the bed, and the girls. His hips bucked up with each stream of cum, and he felt as if his nuts would rip off of his body. He had pulled a pillow over his face to mask the grunts and groans that were emanating from his mouth, though at that moment he didn’t care if the whole world woke up.

motherfuck, Tom was in absolute bliss as his balls surrendered shot after shot of cum to the two girls.

It felt as if Renee had fire in her hands as she stroked his spurting cock over and over, up and down. He was sure Sarah was stroking his balls with a thousand needles in her fingers. He could not control himself and he let go with all the might that his 10 inches of manhood could produce.

Renee was amazed and surprised at the cum which was shooting out of Tom’s cock with each thrust of his hips. It got all over her hands, her thighs, and all over Sarah’s hands and arms. Some even landed in her hair. Renee did not know for certain what it was but she remembered the people in the movie talking about semen and cumming so she figured that’s what it must be. She kept pumping her hand up and down on Tom’s dick and it made her feel good to be causing him to have this reaction.

Sarah kept stroking his balls and kept a tight grip around the base of his shaft. She too was surprised when Tom’s cock exploded and started cumming. She had spied on her brother a couple times when he was rubbing himself – they call it she thought – so she kind of knew what to expect. But her brother did not shoot cum out of his dick like this. She watched every thick stream of cum that came out of Tom’s cock shoot up into the air and land with a satisfying Just when Sarah thought there could not possibly be any more, another long, thick stream shot up and further soaked her, Renee, Tom, and the bed sheets. She too felt good to have made Tom’s dick squirt cum.

Sarah released her grip on Tom’s balls and removed her hand from the base of his shaft. She looked at Renee who was still sitting in open-mouthed amazement at what had just occurred.

“You can let go of his dick now,” Sarah said.

Renee looked at her as if she did not understand and then back at Tom’s dick. She saw her hand was still sliding up and down his semi-erect shaft. His heavy breathing had slowed and he was murmuring under the pillow “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Renee let go of Tom’s cock and felt a tingling in her abdomen. She looked down to see her right hand had pulled back her panties and she had two fingers buried in her pussy. She was rubbing her clit with smooth, even strokes. Renee felt as if her abdomen was getting warmer-it was definitely starting to tingle. Her pussy was starting to tingle too. The feeling started deep down somewhere that she could not reach, but it was feeling good.

Tom had recovered and taken the pillow off of his face. Looking at Renee he knew she was going to bring herself to orgasm and he knew he wanted to help her get there. What did it matter now? He had just allowed a couple of high school girls to jack him off. He knew it was not right but the feeling was too incredible to resist.

Tom swung himself over the edge of the bed and stood up, his balls hanging low and heavy; his spent cock still semi-hard. Renee looked at him while she continued to stroke herself towards ecstasy. Sarah watched them both. Tom scooted Renee further up onto the bed and turned her so that her ass was resting on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging over, her feet resting on the floor. He told her to lay back as he knelt in between her legs.

Renee laid back and kept pinching and stroking her clit, thrusting her fingers deeper into her pussy. Her pussy lips were becoming engorged with blood and bulging out, increasing Renee’s sensitivity. She increased her pace. Tom bent down and licked her pussy.

A lightning bolt shot through Renee’s body and she yelped. Her entire body was rigid and tense as Tom kept licking her pussy and darting his tongue in and out of her canal.

Sarah moved up on the bed and lay down next to Renee. She started caressing Renee’s breasts through her top. She kissed Renee on the neck below the ear and Renee felt light headed.

“Sarah, what’s happening to me? Oh my God! Oh my God!”

Renee turned toward Sarah and pulled her face to her with her free hand.
They were eye-to-eye.

said Sarah.

Sarah’s lips met Renee’s and they eagerly explored each others mouths. Renee had never been kissed like this before and she felt her head swim. Sarah worked her hand beneath Renee’s top and massaged her tits. She fondled her nipples and pinched them. Renee moaned and made a high pitched squeaking sound. She bit Sarah’s lips and held her tighter.

Tom had worked his tongue to the top of Renee’s pussy and was thoroughly concentrating on her clit. He had two long fingers buried in Renee’s pussy and was keeping up a steady in and out motion. Her clit was the size of a small gumball. He took it into his mouth and gently sucked on it, bit it, and sucked on it some more. Renee was lost beyond all comprehension. Her pussy was on fire and she had shivers running up and down her spine. Her hips started to uncontrollably move up and down, in rhythm with Tom’s stroking fingers.

Sarah had worked Renee’s top off and was completely consumed with Renee’s tits. She held them in her hands and rubbed them and stroked the erect, penis like nipples. Sarah was turned on by Renee’s tits and especially her nipples. Renee was larger than Sarah and her nipples stuck out further. She lay across Renee’s chest while her tongue explored every beautiful inch of Renee’s firm tits. She licked them all around and it tickled Renee.

Renee did not know what was happening to her body. She felt weak and light headed, her pussy felt hot and tingly, she was sweating, but she had never felt better in her whole life. She realized that she had taken her fingers out of her pussy and that she had hold of Tom’s hair, pulling his face into her pussy as hard as she could.

She felt a welling up of pressure from deep within her belly. It started traveling up through her spine and down her legs.

The tingling increased ten fold and she felt dizzy. Her head was thrown back and her vision was closing in even though her eyes were wide open.

“OH GOD!!!!”

Suddenly her emotions exploded in what seemed like a storm of fire and lightning. Her pussy felt as if it was being pricked by millions of hot pins over and over. She felt an incredible pressure in her pussy as the muscles clamped impossibly tight around Tom’s fingers. Her legs and her upper body were rigid.

Waves of pure pleasure rocketed up from her pussy and she nearly passed out. The room became dark and there was an echoing in her head. She was scared but she did not want the feeling to stop. And it didn’t stop. Wave after wave of her orgasm overtook her body and laid her open to raw, animalistic emotions. It consumed her and flew her to places she had never been before. She didn’t know where she was or what was happening to her. She felt lost and she loved it.

Sarah was freaking at the way Renee was thrashing around on the bed. High pitched squeals were coming out of Renee’s mouth and her eyes were rolled back in her head.
When Renee’s orgasm broke, she had grabbed Tom’s hair on both sides and did not let go. Tom had done his part and kept right on sucking and biting on Renee’s clit and stroking the inside of her pussy. Neither Sarah nor Tom could believe the intensity of Renee’s orgasm. Sarah at first had thought there was something wrong but then realized that Renee was in the throes of unbridled passion and lust, and Sarah knew that she wanted to experience it too.

As Renee’s orgasm subsided, Sarah slid off the bed and shed her clothes. Tom was still sucking on Renee’s pussy and Sarah lay down on the floor and wiggled her head under Tom’s crotch. His cock was rock hard again from bringing Renee to orgasm and Sarah slid him into her mouth. Tom immediately started moving his hips in and out and face fucking this wonderful 14 year old girl who had sucked his cock into her mouth.

Renee’s rapture finally subsided and she let go of Tom’s hair. She wanted it to go on forever but for now she was satiated. She switched position on the bed and brought her face up to Tom’s, as he was steadily pumping his meat in and out of Sarah’s mouth. Renee kissed Tom passionately. “That was the most amazing thing that I have ever felt. Can we do it again?”

“Oh yeah, I am sure we can,” said Tom panting with the effort of penetrating Sarah.

“Sarah, you are such a slut,” said Renee. “I like it! Save some for me.”

Sarah pulled Tom’s dick out of her mouth: “It’s my turn now. You’ll have to wait”

Tom stood up and pulled Sarah off of the floor. He laid her down on the bed and fell on top of her, assaulting her entire body with his hands and tongue. Sarah squealed with delight and squirmed. Tom had not realized what a gorgeous girl Sarah was. Auburn colored hair, dark brown eyes, puffy nipples set on perky tits. God! How he loved this girls body. She was a little shorter than Renee but just as sexy and beautiful. Her hips were curvier than and her waist just a bit smaller. She had an incredible hourglass shape to her body and Tom wanted to consume this girl.

He reached down between Sarah’s legs and his hand was met with a warm, wonderfully wet and slick set of pussy lips. Sarah’s pussy was perfectly free of hair and he wondered if she shaved. Renee had just a slight covering of fuzz on her pussy, but Sarah was absolutely clean so he figured she must shave. That turned him on even more. Sarah was completely turned on by all that had happened and he knew he would be able to fuck her immediately.

Sarah willingly opened her legs wide and started grinding her hips slowly. Tom positioned himself with his cock hovering just above her pussy lips and she reached down and grabbed his thick member. She expertly guided his shaft to her waiting lips and he wondered if she had done this before.

Her hips rose slightly and the head of his dick penetrated the outer folds of Sarah’s pussy. He pushed in about an inch and heard her inhale. He pushed in another inch and she inhaled more sharply. Tom pulled his cock back out a bit and went in 4 inches deep. Sarah was absolutely in shock by the size of this grown man’s cock. She felt a pain deep in her pussy and she loved it, she needed it. Tom pulled out almost all the way and as he started his next stroke, Sarah bucked her hips up and plunged Tom’s cock in all the way to the base of the shaft.

A mix of pain and pleasure shot thorough Sarah’s young body as this snake of a cock was buried deep in her.

“Oh my fucking God,” she shouted, “Oh my God.”

Tom, unable to control his lust and surprised that this girl had impaled herself on his cock, began pumping his massive shaft in and out of her tender young pussy. He seemed to lose his senses as he pumped his cock in and out of Sarah’s tight pussy; he showed no signs of letting up.

Sarah. Goddamn your pussy is so fucking tight. Jesus Christ you feel good.”

“Fuck me, fuck me, Mr. C. My God, please fuck me. Please don’t stop.”

Tom had no intention of stopping. In fact he could probably go all night fucking Sarah’s sweet, tight pussy. He had much better control of his cock now, having had an orgasm, and he was just getting started.

He reached down and pushed Sarah’s legs wide open. She willingly obliged and spread her legs completely to the sides, as if she were doing the splits, holding the insides of her thighs.

“Fuuucckkkk mmeeeee,” she screamed as he continued to pump in and out of her pussy.
She felt it building up deep in her pussy and it came upon her quickly. As Tom pounded his meat in and out of her teenage pussy, Sarah had orgasm after orgasm. She had masturbated to orgasm before and she had fucked one of her classmates, but this was the first time she had a real cock burning a hole in her pussy. He was relentless as she screamed through the pillow that Renee had placed over her head.

Fingers of ice and fire ran throughout her body and her pussy and entire body convulsed with the rapture of one orgasm after another. She did not feel faint or like blacking out. She wanted more dick. She wanted Tom to keep pounding her until his dick fell off. And then she wanted to put it back on and have him pound her all over again. She just could not get enough of his cock.

Renee was fascinated with the sexual beating Sarah was getting and she was staring at Tom’s massive cock penetrating Sarah’s bald pussy over and over.

Renee soon found her fingers back inside of her own pussy and she started to feel tingly again. She lay down and started sucking on Sarah’s tits, switching from left to right as Sarah absorbed an impossible pounding from Tom’s rock hard cock. Renee had always liked how Sarah’s tits looked. She liked the larger puffy nipples and she loved sucking on them like she expected to get milk.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” Sarah continued as Tom was still rhythmically slicing through her cunt. Sarah’s orgasms started to fade and Tom slowed his pace but did not pull out.

“Fuck sweetie, you feel so good. Goddamn I can’t get enough,” he said as his cock slowed down to a steady pumping.

“It’s her turn,” Sarah said as she stroked Renee’s hair.

Renee looked at Sarah and then Tom. She shifted her position on the bed and lay next to Sarah. She opened her legs like she had seen Sarah do. Her fingers found her pussy again and she continued to stroke herself.

“Are you a virgin Renee?” Tom said.

“Okay, that’s alright.” He finally pulled out of Sarah and she let out a little moan. Sarah was not a virgin but she had never been fucked like that before and she knew she wanted more.

Tom positioned himself over Renee and ran his fingers inside of her pussy. Renee was incredibly wet and her hips started gyrating.

“Mr. C, don’t hurt me.

“Renee I could never hurt you. I’ll take care of you.”

He lowered his cock to her pussy lips and gave a small push, just enough to barely penetrate. Renee let out a small moan but did not resist. He pushed in an inch more, and then another. Damn she is tight! He thought.

“Oh Mr. C…that feels so fucking good”

“Relax let me know if I go too far.”

He pushed his cock in two more inches and felt resistance. Slowly pulling back he pushed in again with a bit more force, again feeling resistance.

“Oh me God…oh my God,” breathed Renee as his shaft pushed into her virgin pussy. There was a slight pain but the pleasure was much more intense. She started pulling on her nipples and rubbing her tits. Sarah knelt down next to her and concentrated on her right breast while Renee worked her own left tit, punishing the nipple.

Tom pulled out again and penetrated with more force. The resistance gave way and his cock slid in a full 6 inches.

It felt like someone had inserted a baseball bat into Renee’s pussy. “Oh /> The pressure from his cock was almost unbearable and it seemed as if her pussy would explode, but she liked it.

“Oh my God…my God…oh Renee was sure he was in all the way.

Tom pulled out till the head was just inside Renee’s canal, then he slowly and steadily sliced his cock into the tight, wet envelope of Renee’s pussy, sinking it in to the base of the shaft. The head of his massive member bottomed out against her uterus.

Renee let out a low, throaty groan “Ooohhh ffuuuuck,” and her left hand continued to assault her nipple. Sarah was sucking and nibbling on Renee’s right tit and she loved how the hard the nipple was.

Sarah reached down with her right hand and started massaging Renee’s bud. Tom rose up and plunged again.

“Fuuuucckkk fuck Mr. C…fuck me.”

Tom obeyed and plunged into Renee’s sweet sexiness over and over. He did not assault her pussy like he had with Sarah but rather he was pumping slow and steady, and he loved it.

“Goddamn Renee, your pussy is so fucking good. My God!”

He continued his steady assault on her. Renee thought her middle would explode because of the intense pressure. But she found herself lost in the lust and passion of being thoroughly fucked by this 10 inch cock. Her passion was reaching a climax, and then suddenly he stopped.

wrong? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, no. Not at all,” he said.” I just wanted to try something />
He slowly pulled his meat out of Renee and stood up by the side of the bed.

“Roll over and get on all fours,” he said.

“Like this?” she said, rolling over and presenting him with a perfectly round, firm ass.

“Yeah, that’s beautiful.” He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her to the edge of the bed until her knees were right at the edge of the mattress. Renee instinctively spread her legs as if she was fully aware of what was happening.

Tom stepped in between her legs and guided his cock head to Renee’s waiting pussy. One little push and his shaft easily penetrated.

“Oh God that’s fucking good,” she said. Tom slowly slid his cock in a few inches and then back out. He plunged in again and this time he completely impaled her on his cock.

fuck Mr. C. Oh shit,” Renee gasped as his cock seemed as if it would split her in two.

He started pumping his cock in and out of her and they soon had a steady rhythm going. On every stroke her ass would push back and slap into his stomach. His balls were smacking Renee’s clit with every thrust, adding to her immense pleasure. She never wanted it to end.

Tom had hold of Renee’s ass with both hands. He spread her cheeks using his thumbs so that he could get a better look at his cock as he plowed into her pussy. He was amazed that a pussy that tight could swallow his entire cock with each thrust. He stuck his thumb into her ass, up to the first knuckle, and Renee cried “Oh God!”

Renee was sent over the edge. She started feeling the pressure building deep down, and it started rushing throughout her entire body. Tom felt Renee’s pussy tighten even more, if that was possible, as she started moaning louder and louder.

“Mr. C, Mr. C I’m gonna cum! Fuck I’m gonna cum! Oh shit, shit..”

“Goddamn Renee, oh shit!” he said as he could feel Renee’s pussy muscles contracting violently, threatening to rip his dick right off. He was close to the edge and he felt his balls tighten.

motherfuck. Oh God Renee!” he said, out of breath as he increased his pounding of her sweet pussy.

Sarah jumped off the bed and knelt next to Tom. She placed her hand on his ass and seemed to help push his cock deeper into Renee as Renee let loose with another violent climax. Renee was rocking back and forth harder than ever trying to plunge his cock deeper still into her pussy as she bit not the pillow trying to silence her screams.

Tom could not take it anymore and relaxed his abdomen muscles just slightly. It had the intended effect.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum right now!” he shouted. To his surprise, Sarah quickly grabbed his cock, pulled him out of Renee, and inhaled him deep into her mouth just as he started to unload.

Tom shifted his weight and grabbed Sarah by the back of the neck and shoved his cock in the rest of the way until his balls were solidly against Sarah’s chin. He dumped shot after shot of hot cum down Sarah’s throat.

Sarah could not breathe as his cock filled her entire mouth and half her throat. She could feel his cock jump as it shot cum into her body; it was hot as it flowed down her throat. She thought it would never end. She grabbed his ass to steady herself and she gulped down every bit of cum.

“Oh Jesus Sarah. I can’t believe you did that,” said Tom as he slid his cock slowly out of her mouth, the tip trailing cum on Sarah’s chin. that felt good.”

“That tasted good!” said Sarah, licking the trail of cum from her lips. “I thought I was going to drown! Fuck that’s a lot of cum!”

“I just can’t believe you did that but fuck it felt good,” he said, collapsing on the bed next to Renee.

Renee had recovered and was laying on her side on the bed. “You know it’s like almost 4 o’clock. My folks’ll be getting up soon.”

Tom jumped up. “Shit, is it really that late? Or early? Fuck you two have got to get out of here.”

Sarah stood up and hugged him. She started stroking his soft cock. “I really like this cock,” she said, smiling up at him.

He held her by the shoulders. “Honey, if you and Renee don’t go right now, we’re all gonna be in trouble,” he said.

“Yeah Sarah, we really need to get upstairs before mom and dad get up,” Renee said as she got up and started dressing. She was sore but she was incredibly satisfied. She tossed Sarah’s clothes on the end of the bed.

“Well you guys are no fun. Alright, if you say so. Where the fuck are my panties?” She found them and finished dressing.

“You girls may want to shower right away. You both smell like you’ve been fuckin’ all night,” Tom said as the girls headed out of the door.

Renee turned around when she reached the door of the bedroom: “You gonna be back?”

Tell her no, no, no! We shouldn’t do this again! “Yeah sweetie, I’ll be back,” he replied.

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