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Office Girl[b]

As I sat there staring at the monitor, watching the stats of the call center people taking the calls, how long they were on the phone with the different clients, how long they were logged off when they went on their breaks I just basically just started vegging out. I began thinking about the many people I was managing. As a call center manager it was my job to pay attention to the stats on the screen and if someone either took too long on a break or was on the phone too long I had to go over and speak with them and find out what was happening. I could also intercept the calls and listen to what was being said to make sure all the calls were legitimate. We were a multifaceted call center. We took calls for transportation services, doctor’s offices, as well as a plumbing company. So all the call center employees had to be trained to answer any type of incoming call and be well versed in the type of service being requested.

As I sat there I noticed one particular employee (they all had numbers on my screen but I was pretty familiar with what employee went with what number) kept taking more breaks than usual. This usually indicated a problem. I got up and went over to the cubicle where the number belonged and saw the chair was empty. I looked at the paperwork on the desk and saw some scribbling and my name, Joe, kept being written and then being scribbled over. Wondering what this was about, I moved around the 30 seat room and watched the other employees doing their jobs, occasionally plugging into the additional phone socket to listen to their conversations, all the while keeping an eye out for the missing employee to come back to their seat. When I saw her come in and return to her seat I went over and asked her to come to my station as I needed to talk to her.

Her name was Cindee. She was 22 years old, about 5 foot nothing, and had a waist I could put both my hands around. Her butt was stunning in the tight jeans she was wearing and I got an immediate hard on while following her to my station. I had to control myself though as my managers had a strictly enforced no employee dating policy. They said it would keep friction to a minimum. After 5 years of being with the company I had never dated any of the girls in the office (but had dreamed of them often).
I was 35 years old and had been divorced for about 5 years. We had been married for about 2 years when she told me she wasn’t happy anymore and felt like she was being sheltered and just one day took off while I was at work and never contacted me again. About a month later I got some divorce papers via certified mail not asking for anything but a divorce. I signed them and sent them back and 6 months later I was single. We had no kids so there was really nothing to gain by contesting it. I moved on with my life and just got comfortable being a bachelor.

After Cindee and I sat down I just came out and told her that as a call center manager it was my job to monitor all employee activities and if I noticed an unusual situation I needed to investigate and find out what was going on, attempt to help resolve the situation and help the employee get back on track with their job. I told Cindee what I had seen on my monitor and what I had seen on her desk. Cindee looked me in the eyes and flat out just told me that she thought I was sexy, and how just being in the same room with me made her wet and horny and how she wishes she could just fuck me right here right now on the desk. I was stunned!! I had never had a female employee come right out and talk to me this way. I was also flattered that this young girl felt this way about me.
All of the employees have to go through an orientation class upon being hired so I knew Cindee was aware of the no employee dating policy. As gently as I could, I explained the policy again and thanked her for the compliment. I also explained that even if I wanted to nothing could ever happen between us. I sent her back to her desk (as tough as it was) and looked at the clock and saw it was almost quitting time. Thank goodness because the previous few minutes had me hornier than hell. As everyone logged off their computers and prepared to clock out, I saw Cindee looking at me. When she saw I was looking at her she winked, gave a little smile and out the door she went. I waited until I was sure everyone had a chance to leave the building, then very uncomfortably stood up and walked around the office a little bit willing my hard on to go away.

I went home and made myself some dinner and tried to get the day’s events out of my mind. No matter what I did I kept remembering Cindee’s tight ass in those tight jeans and her comments to me. I decided to go to this little bar down the street and have a beer. I only went there every few months or so but the bartender welcomed me like I was a regular. I ordered a beer and when he brought it he also handed me a note saying “Joe, some girl walked in her about an hour ago, asked me if I knew who you were and asked me to give you this when I saw you again.” I asked “Who was she, what did she look like?” The bartender looked at me, smiled and said “She was short, had short blonde hair and was sexy as hell. I have never seen her in here before. As soon as she handed me the note she left.” I handed him the money for the beer and sat there wondering who the hell she was. I hadn’t had a date in a few weeks and that was with a redhead. I tried to think of all the blondes I had known but couldn’t come up with any I had dated that fit that deion. I finished my beer, ordered another and decided to open the note. Inside was just the drawing of a heart with Uncle Joe written inside it. I had no relatives in this city and could not figure out who the hell this was from. I finished my beer and went home to try to get some sleep.

The next day at work I was monitoring my computer monitor and kept a particularly close eye on Cindee to make sure she wasn’t taking too many breaks. She basically was on track but the breaks she did take seemed to be longer than normal. I didn’t say anything though because I didn’t want to cause her to get back off track or make it seem like I was picking on her. About 430 I noticed she was on another break and got up to wonder around the room watching the other employees doing their jobs. Plugging my headset in at various stations listening in on the calls making sure they were all legitimate calls. While doing this I kept an eye out for Cindee to return. I worked my way over to her station; glanced down at her desk and saw a couple slips of paper with scribble on them but could not make out what was underneath the scribble. Cindee returned to her desk looking like she had just run the 100 yard dash. When I approached her I asked her if she was okay. She looked at me, smiled and said “Well since I can’t take as many breaks as I used to it takes me a little longer to get mean to use the bathroom.” Again, I was stunned. I walked away to my desk and tried to fight the hard on that was growing in my pants. Finally quitting time came and I waited for everyone to leave before I could get up and go outside without anyone seeing the bulge in my pants.

After work I decided to go to the gym for a little while to try and work out the frustration of the last 30 minutes at work. As I entered the gym, I saw a few people I knew, waved and went over to the rowing machine I usually start on. As I sat down I saw a paper taped to one of the handles. I had my name on it. I opened it and saw a quickly drawn heart with Father Joseph written inside. I thought to myself “What the hell?” I folded the note back up, stuffed it in my pocket and began my workout. One of the trainers came over and said “Hey Joe, I see you found the note that cute little redhead left for you.” I said “How long ago was she here?” He said “She just left; you probably passed her in the parking lot when you were coming in.” I thought for a few minutes but couldn’t remember seeing a redhead pass me outside. I asked the trainer if he remembered what she looked like. He said “Hell yea, one doesn’t forget a girl like that. She was short, had short red hair, and was sexy as hell. The man that hooks up with her is lucky as hell.” He looked at me like he was jealous that I could know someone like that. I just kept rowing and thinking about the only redhead I had ever gone out with. She had been tall, as tall as me, and her hair was long, all the way to her waist. And she hated gyms so I knew there was no way it could have been her. I finished my workout and went home. As I was showering I kept thinking to myself what the hell was going on. I didn’t know any short blonde or redhead girls. I didn’t have any relatives in town. And I didn’t go into the gym or the bar often enough for anyone to leave me notes there. I wondered who the hell these girls were. And to top it off my mind kept going back to Cindee at work and her nice, tight ass in those nice tight jeans. I ate something, watched some sports center and went to bed. I couldn’t help myself, I had one of the best jerk off sessions I have ever had thinking about Cindee and the things that had happened in the last few days. Well, tomorrow was Friday I thought to myself and after work if I am not too tired I might just have to go somewhere and see if I could find me some pussy to hook up with to help take away all the tension inside me.

Work the next day was slow. When it is slow I don’t mind if the employees talk amongst themselves in between calls. It helps relax them and takes the tension out of the room and I don’t have to watch the monitor as much either. I didn’t usually join in on these conversations but did find myself listening once in a while as I did my end of the week reports. Around 430 I felt someone standing next to my desk. I looked up and saw Cindee sitting standing there. I looked her over quickly and trying to keep my voice neutral asked her if I could help her. She looked at me, smiled that sexy as hell smile and said “Some of us are going out tonight and celebrate and we would like it if you would come along.” I thought for a minute or two, and said “I don’t know. I usually don’t go any place after work and I usually don’t hang out with employees after work either.” Cindee looked at me and said “Come on Joe, you never go out and do anything fun. It is just for a week’s end relaxer. Just have one beer then you can leave if you want to.” I finally agreed and asked Cindee “So where is this little get together after work.” She said the name of the bar about a block away from the office. I told her that I had some paperwork to finish up after 5:00PM but I would be there. I was actually looking for a way to get out of it because I really wanted to go to my regular bar, have a few beers and see what kind of women might be there.

After everyone left I finished my paperwork and walked down the block to the bar. As I went in and my eyes adjusted I saw my employees over in a corner hooting, and hollering and having a good time. I walked to the bar and was surprised as hell to see the bartender from my regular bar there. He looked just as surprised to see me. He said “Hey, Joe, Your usual?” I nodded yes, took my beer and headed over to the table with my employees. I said hello to each of them there and then sat down and drank my beer. As I made small talk with each of them I kept my eye out for Cindee, who I didn’t see when I came in. I went to the bar and asked where the rest room was. The bartender pointed down the hall. I went down the poorly lit hallway and found the men’s room door. I went in did my business and went back out into the hallway to return to the bar. As I went back down the hallway I felt a light slap on my butt. I turned around to see who was there and was grabbed by my shoulders from behind, pulled back against the wall and was pulled to the floor. As I was trying to regain my senses about what had just occurred, I felt a pair of hands grab my face, pull me forward, and a kiss planted on my lips. It was the best tasting kiss I had ever had and the tongue that followed was doing incredible things inside my mouth. All of a sudden I felt a hand grab my crotch, rub my hard cock several times then let go. The hands pulled off my face and I opened my eyes trying to adjust to the dimness of the hallway. I looked around but could see no one in either direction. This was baffling. I know I didn’t just imagine this.

I returned to the table and saw Cindee was there. I reached across her to get my beer and she brushed against my thigh with hers. As I leaned back Cindee said to me “Oh look you have red lipstick on your shirt collar. Here, let me wipe it off for you.” With that she picked up a napkin from the table, dipped it into a glass of water and wiped my collar. I felt her hand brush against the base of my neck and I felt my cock throbbing in my pants. I wanted this girl so bad but knew it wasn’t going to happen because of the company policy. I decided that I was going to leave this party (as much as I enjoyed Cindee’s company) and move on to another place where I could possibly find a woman to be with for the night. I finished my beer and told everyone good night and got up to leave. Cindee said she was tired as well and was leaving also. I told her she didn’t have to leave just because I was. Cindee looked at me with hose sexy eyes, smiled and said “Joe, I gotta go because if I stay I might end up doing something that will get me in trouble.” As I walked to the door with Cindee the bartender waved me over and whispered in my ear “Joe that girl you are leaving with looks almost like the girl that left that note I gave you the other day.” I said He said to me “Yea, but I couldn’t swear to it, just thought you might want to know.” I left, hoping Cindee had already left the area. I sure wanted to do something I might regret later. I walked outside and walked down the street slowly, wondering where I might go to get laid. I was so horny since Cindee had touched my neck and wiped my collar. Having her touch my thigh with hers, having her hands touch me just left me so hard I was ready to jump any females bones right here in the street. I wondered around the streets for about 30 minutes just thinking about Cindee and trying to convince myself I couldn’t go there no matter how much I wanted to. I passed a lively little bar and decided to go in and have a beer and see what available females were there. It was Friday night there had to be someone in here that just wanted to get laid.

I went in and found a space at the bar. It was about 7:30 and the place seemed to be hopping. I ordered a beer and looked around. There were quite a few girls there and they all seemed to be doing the same thing I was, just looking around and sizing up the men and scoping out the competition. I spotted a little blonde sitting at a booth by herself, slowly sipping on a mixed drink. I made eye contact with her and smiled. She smiled back and raised her glass in a salute. I ordered another beer and asked the bartender if he knew what she was drinking. He brought me one of those and I wondered over to her table. I sat down the mixed drink and said “For you my dear. The drink is not dependent upon your answers but I must say you are one lovely lady.” I looked her over as she said “Thank you, my name is Karina, and you are?” I introduced myself and pointed at the seat and said “May I?” Karina looked at me, smiled (God this woman was sexy!), and said "I would be disappointed if you I sat down and briefly looked this girl over. I had already noticed she was wearing a tight top that showed off her breasts nicely. She also was wearing a pair the tightest white jeans I had ever seen and this pair of “come fuck me” heels. I was going to fuck this girl tonight if it was the last thing I did. After being teased by Cindee for the last couple of hours I was ready to just go home and fuck the first girl I saw. I was sitting there picturing myself kissing those lips, teasing those tits and running my hands up and down those curves of hers. Then I felt a light tap on my shoulder and looked around and saw Karina looking at me and smiling. She said “So what’s on your mind, Joe?” I looked stunned for a moment then realized I had drifted off into my thoughts and wasn’t paying attention to Karina. First time I had ever had that happen. I must be so horny the only thing on my mind was sex. I looked at Karina, apologized and told her I just had lot on my mind from work. She looked at me, winked and smiled and said “I bet I know what’s on your mind.” With this she reached over and grabbed my hard cock through my pants and rubbed for a few strokes. She leaned close to me, whispered in my ear “Take me home, Daddy, and fuck me good.” My mouth dropped open, my mind began to swirl, and I felt light headed. All of a sudden this girl, who I had never seen before, made me realize this was the blonde that had left me the note at the bar. I grabbed her hand and said “You are the one?” She just looked at me with those wide, dark sexy eyes and those sexy lips and nodded. Her smile widened and she whispered again into my ear and said more but that will be for later. Let’s go.” We got up and walked the few short blocks back to my apartment. After going inside she said I need to go to the bathroom. After she went inside I saw her purse sitting on the couch. It was a big thing, almost like an overnight bag. It was unzipped open so I stepped closer and just looked inside. Let me say this, I never go into other people’s things. It is not in my nature to snoop and I figure if a person wanted me to know something they will eventually tell me. But this girl was so mysterious to me and acting so devilish that I had to find out who she really was. I looked inside the bag and saw a red wig. Then it dawned on me that this girl was also the one who had left me the note at the gym. It began to intrigue me. Was she really a blonde? Who was this woman? I began to really wonder as I heard the bathroom door open behind me. I felt a pair of hands go round my eyes and a warm, moist pair of lips begin to nuzzle my neck. A tongue began to lick my ear. A whisper in my ear said “Close your eyes sweetie and don’t look until I tell you.” I nodded my head, closed my eyes and felt the hands leave my face. I felt something being slipped over my head and realized a blindfold had been put on my eyes and tightened. I sat still wondering where this was going. The lips nuzzled my neck again, and I felt a hand grab my cock and rub it through my pants. I was so horny that I felt ready to cum at anytime. Just as I started humping up into the hand, she let go of me and said softly “Not yet sweetie…I am not ready for you yet.” I sat there trying to calm down. I said “So Karina, can you at least tell me what is going on. I like this game as well as the next person but sometimes I like to know before it happens.” I heard some rustling around, then felt her sitting in my lap and raise my hands above my head. Her lips came close to my ear and she whispered I have been so horny thinking about you that sometimes I have to just rub myself off wherever I am.” Her butt was rubbing back and forth on my cock as she said this and I heard her moan. I was really so damn horny by now that if I could have, I would have thrown her down, pushed my cock into her and came almost instantly. But I couldn’t. My hands were secured at the wrist, I was blindfolded and she was sitting on my lap with me fully dressed and her…I didn’t know yet as the only contact between us was her but on my lap (through my pants, her hands on my wrists and her lips on my ears and neck. I began moaning and thrusting my hips up and said “If you don’t do something soon I am gonna cum.” I was so close. I felt her get off me, unzip my pants, pull out my cock and suck the head into her mouth. That was all I could take. I came pouring what felt like a gallon of cum down her throat. She moaned like she was cumming as well, eagerly licking and sucking me until I was dry inside and out. I felt her let go of me, then unbuckle my belt and pull my pants and shorts off in one swipe. When she got to my feet she pulled my shoes and socks off then pulled my pants and shorts off the rest of the way. I felt the cool air hit my cock and then her warm hands grabbed me again and massaged me back to hard. She let go of my cock, pulled me up of the couch and led me to (what I assumed was) my bedroom. She pushed me face down on the bed and took a pair of scissors and cut my shirt off me. I was lying there on my front, I felt my cock rubbing against the silkiness of my comforter and I was thinking “What the hell is this woman doing.” I wasn’t too worried until I heard a male voice whisper, “You got this?” I heard a female voice giggle and softly say “Yea, he will cooperate it won’t be any problem now.” I heard the front door open and close. I was now starting to get worried about what the hell I was in for. Was I being robbed? Was I being taken advantage of for what? I had no real money to speak of. I didn’t even own a car. I just lay there trying to use my hearing to tell me what was happening. I heard a bunch of rustling, some soft footsteps, some heavy breathing. I said out loud “Look, I don’t know who you are or what you want but I really don’t have much.” I didn’t hear anything but footsteps coming closer then I felt myself being turned over and felt a warm, soft female body lay over me. I felt a pair of lips come down on mine and began kissing me. A tongue worked its way inside my mouth and wrapped around mine. I felt a wet, slippery pussy snuggle against my cock and I instantly became hard again. She didn’t let me enter her but just rubbed her wet, slippery pussy lips up and down my shaft and her juices were dripping down onto my balls. I was so horny, even though I had just cum a little while ago. This woman was doing things to me I had never thought of. I heard her moaning into my mouth. She pulled her lips off mine and began kissing and nuzzling my neck. She whispered “I have waited so long for this you have no idea.” I thought I recognized the voice but wasn’t sure. I felt her raise up off me and then sat down on me, her pussy pulling me inside. She began riding me slowly, gently massaging with her vaginal muscles. I felt her squeeze me, she was so tight it was incredible. She leaned down, put her breasts in my face. Without the use of my hands it was difficult to get one into my mouth. She eventually put a nipple into my mouth and I licked and sucked like there was no tomorrow. She was moaning loudly in my ear. I heard her say “So long…I have wanted this so long. I knew it would be this good.” Oh God…I am gonna MY GOD!” She screamed and I felt hot liquid come out of her and run down my belly, cock and down into the crack of my ass. I began to cum as well. It was the most explosive orgasm of my life with lights going off in my head. I felt the blindfold quickly ripped from my head and looked to She was slowly pumping me. Despite just cumming I was still hard and began pumping up into her as she rode me like there was no tomorrow. It was the most incredible sex I had ever had. We both came again at the same time. She slumped over me, both of us trying to catch our breath. She then rolled off me, untied my hands and we both hugged.

After we had showered and gotten dressed we sat and had a coffee and talked. Cindee told me that when she had started working for me about 10 months ago I had got her attention. She said she had never had an older man although she had heard they were better lovers because of their experience. She thought I was cute and made up her mind that day that she was going to have me no matter what it took. She said she had not shared her thoughts with anyone in the office because she was afraid of it getting leaked out. She said when I had caught her taking so many breaks she had been going to the ladies room and playing with herself until she came so she could try to stay focused on her job. She also said she wasn’t expecting any favors at work from me but definitely wanted to have sex with me more often. I sat there, still trying to recover from the most amazing sexual experience I have ever had and thinking about what she had just told me. I slowly looked deep into her dark, sexy eyes and watched her lick those sexy lips with the beautiful pink tongue. I said “Look you know all about the company policy about employees being involved with one another. I just had the most incredible sex of my life and yes I want more. But I am not going to lie to you and tell it is okay because when we are in the office together I am not going to want to do anything but rip your clothes of you and make love to you. I don’t know how this will turn out but I am going to tell you that I want more of you as well.” I looked at her and said “So you were the blonde that left me the note at the bar and you were also the redhead that left me the note at the gym?” She nodded and said “Yes, I was because I knew that you were going to those places and followed you when you weren’t looking. I also set up the after work celebration tonight so you would have to come out for a drink, I knew you weren’t going to stay for more than one so I left before you and then stayed ahead of you and knew you were so horny that you would go into the first bar you came to looking for any female to bed down. I had put on that blonde wig and redid my makeup by the time you came in. I also put on those tight white jeans because I had seen you in the past staring at girls in white jeans more than other girls in skirts or just regular pants. So I knew what you liked. I hope you don’t think I am bad.” I looked at her and thought about all she had said and said to her “Cindee you are the baddest girl I have ever known and I think you need a spanking.” With that I reached over picked her up and threw her over my knee and began to lightly spank her ass. I said “So Cindee, tell Daddy what a bad girl you have been.” Cindee just bounced her ass higher on my lap, rubbing against my growing cock and saying “I have been such a bad girl Daddy. I deceived you Daddy and made you fuck your little girl. Daddy I deserve to punished. Spank me Daddy. Spank me harder.” I felt her pushing her hips up anticipating my next strike. I felt her juices dripping into my lap and my cock was getting harder. I stopped spanking her and when she raised her hips anticipating the slap that was coming instead I softly rubbed her warm, red ass cheeks. Running my fingers between her pussy lips and felt her wetness. I then said “Cindee that wasn’t enough of a punishment for you. I think you need more.” She looked at me with desire filled eyes and said very sexily “Daddy? Are you going to spank me some more?” I said “No, I am going to punish you in another way.” I picked her up off my lap, carried her to the bedroom and threw her on the bed. I turned her face down, pulled her arms behind her back and tied them. Then I located the blindfold she had used on me and fastened it over her head making sure it was secured well. I lifted her up on her knees and began lightly running my fingers through her velvety soft vaginal lips. I began nuzzling her neck and saying “Daddy doesn’t like bad girls. Daddy likes good girls. Are you going to be a good girl for Daddy?” Cindee just moaned loudly and said “Oh God, yes, Daddy. I’ll be so good for you. Daddy I want to come. Can you make me come please?” I suddenly pushed 3 fingers deep into her, and then used my thumb to lightly rub her butthole. She moaned pushed back and said “YES!!! I am gonna come.” I stopped just as suddenly and then lined my cock up against her wet, slippery pussy and got it wet then went back up to her beautiful brown eyed hole. I pushed gently and felt it give way just a millimeter of an inch. She moaned and I heard her let out her breath and say “No, I have never had that done to me.” I pulled out and went back to her pussy and slid in and out for a little while I rubbed her butt with my other hand. I felt her relax a little and I began working the tip of my thumb inside her, slowly, as I fucked her pussy nice and slow. She was pushing back at me and moaning and breathing deeply. I kept slowly rubbing my them against her butt as I slowly fucked her pussy. I felt a millimeter of an inch slip inside her. I stopped moving my thumb but kept up my slow fucking motion in her pussy. As she became wetter and wetter and her ecstasy became higher and higher I slowly worked my thumb inside her butt. I used slow then fast strokes with my cock to distract her while I slowly worked my thumb inside her. She began moaning louder and louder, while pushing her butt back into me. She screamed “Yes, this is incredible!!!! I’m cumming!!!! Oh my God!!!! Fuck!!! Fuck!!! Deeper Joe!!! Harder!!” I couldn’t stop myself I was fucking her harder, my thumb was deep in her butt. I pulled out suddenly and replaced my thumb with my cock. She moaned and then started thrashing around, writing uncontrollably, pushing her butt back into me, making my cock go deeper into her butt. I put three fingers into her pussy and she came so hard she squirted all over my hand and arm. I felt her butt squeeze hard around my cock and I came deep into her bowels. She fell down onto her tits with me still deep inside her and my fingers still in her pussy. I felt her twitching still coming down from her orgasmic bliss. We laid there breathing hard, trying to catch our breath. I slipped out of her and the come just oozed out of her but and down onto her pussy and onto the sheets. As we laid there she rolled over, hugged me close to her and kissed me gently on the lips and whispered “That was amazing! I have never had anal sex before but you made me want it more but only from you. We fell asleep that way.

I woke up with a start, looked at the clock and saw it was 10am on a Saturday morning. Cindee was already awake and had showered. She had a towel around her as she climbed onto the bed and snuggled against me. She kissed me so gently I immediately got hard. She noticed and said to me “As much as I want to I am too sore from last night. How about I buy you breakfast and then we talk about what happens from here.” I get up, jumped into the shower got dressed and we walked hand in hand to a little café down the street. I could not help but keep glancing at her ass in those tight, white jeans. Thinking to myself how nice and tight her butt was as I was fucking it the night before. I stayed hard all the way through breakfast and all the way back to my place. We sat, had coffee and chatted. I kept seeing her moving slightly like it was difficult to sit in one spot. I asked what was wrong. She said “My ass is so sore but yet it feels so satisfied. I want you to do it again. I will never give up regular sex but I do want my butt fucked again.” I told her I would be more than happy to give her all the pleasure she wanted. She looked at me with those sexy eyes, touched the tip of her pink tongue to her lips and said “Joe, what happens now?” I thought for a minute or so then said “Cindee, I don’t know what to do. I want more of you but I also like my job and want to stay there as well. Why don’t we wait and see what happens Monday.” She agreed, got up slowly, came over and sat gently on my lap. She kissed me, nuzzled my neck and said “Joe, take me back to bed and make love to me.” I couldn’t resist. We stayed together all weekend long just having sex in every position and place we could and eating and talking. Cindee ended up leaving on Sunday night.

Monday morning came and I went back to my normal routine. Cindee called off for the day and Tuesday as well. I was so nervous on Wednesday that I couldn’t get my mind on my work. She had also called off for that day as well. Starting to wonder what the hell was going on I looked up her home phone number on the employee list and decided I was going to call her that night to see if she was okay.

As I went into my apartment I felt the loneliness and quiet there. Although I love quiet sometimes I desperately wanted to see Cindee again. It seems like I had become attached to her. She had struck a deep part of me. I thought for several hours about calling her but every time I picked up the paper with her number on it and began to dial I stopped myself. I didn’t know what she wanted and didn’t know how she felt about me. I was hoping she wanted me as I wanted her but the not knowing was driving me insane. Also, my cock was itching for more of her tight ass as well as her warm, wet pussy. As I thought about that part of her I got instantly hard. I watched some television and tried to take my mind off her. But I couldn’t. I looked at the clock, saw it was almost 11PM and decided to go to bed. I laid there tossing and turning, wondering where she was, if she was with someone else, and wishing she was here with me. My God, I couldn’t believe how hooked I was on this girl. In 5 years I had never felt this way about a girl. All of a sudden I heard my doorbell ring. I looked at the clock and realized I had drifted off to a restless sleep and it was 2am. I heard the doorbell ring again. I got up walked to the door and opened it. There stood Cindee. I was stunned. I couldn’t believe she was standing there in front of me. She was wearing a pair of shorts that showed off a wonderful set of legs and a tube top that showed off her beautiful tits. I just stood there staring at her. She looked like she had been drinking a little but was still in control of what she was doing. She came in, shut the door behind her and jumped up into my arms. She kissed me and said “Joe, I have been doing nothing of thinking about you for the last 3 days. I couldn’t even come to work because I knew something would happen that would get both of us fired. I even tried to go out and get laid by someone else but couldn’t go through with it because I couldn’t get you out of my mind. Joe, I called the managers tonight after you left and quit my job. I am going to a place I know and get another position there. Please take me to bed now and fuck me. Take me Joe, I am all yours forever.” To say I was stunned was an understatement. I was holding the girl I had been dreaming about for three days in my arms, she was telling me wanted to be mine and she wanted to fuck me forever. Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep that night.

The next morning I woke up early, saw Cindee was sleeping peacefully and went to the living room and called my manager and told him I wasn’t coming in because I had caught something in the last couple days. I asked him if there was anything I needed to know or could do from home. He told that one of the employees had called him around 10pm the night before and quit and that he had an interview set up with a replacement on Friday. I told him I did not know how I would feel then but would let him know by 7 am on Friday morning. He wished me well and hung up. I climbed into bed with Cindee, hugged her close to me, felt her rub her butt against me and fell asleep.

There might be a part two if there are enough requests. Please be kind with your comments. Thanks for reading.[/b]

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