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This is a fictional story.

My sister, sally, is one year younger than me. I’m nineteen, I stand five foot eleven and am 170lbs. I am in good shape as I play several sports and am an avid cyclist. Sally stands five two and is about 110lbs. She is as athletic as I am.

Two years ago I accidently walked into the bathroom while Sally was stepping out of the shower. We were both surprised and embarrassed. That incident was dealt with exactly for what it was, an accident. Later that morning I masturbated in the shower thinking of my sister. It was the first time I had thought of Sally in a sexual way.

Back to present day. Sally and I had to attend the funeral of an uncle that we had met no more that three times. We went and did our family obligation and got out of there. We had a long drive home and it looked like a storm was brewing. Sure enough, a half hour into our drive I was white knuckled driving in blizzard. I could barely see ten feet in front of the car, Sally was visibly nervous but we could not decide what to do. We didn’t want to pull over and sit there but we knew that driving in those conditions was very dangerous.

Our minds were made up for us when we came upon a road block. The police had closed the highway. Our only option was to get off the highway and into a small town. We were told by the police where the closest motel was and he informed us it would be a minimum of twelve hours before the highway reopened.

On the way to the motel we passed a strip mall. Sally went into the store for some food and drinks and I went into the liquor store. When we got to the motel the only rooms left were rooms with one double bed. Not a big deal and really we had no options.

We got into the room and gave it the once over. It was pretty standard but Sally; always the optimist said “hey it has a nice big tub.”

“Care for a gin and tonic” I asked.

“Stupid question after that drive” was the reply.

We sat around and had a couple of drinks, trying to relax. We talked and watched TV and looked out the window which looked like someone had put a white curtain over it.

After a little while I really wanted to get out of my suit. I wear a suit only for funerals and weddings so was quite uncomfortable.

I asked Sally “hey would you mind if I got out of this monkey suit.”

She said “only if you don’t mind me getting out of this stupid dress.”

I took my shirt and pants off leaving me with an undershirt and boxers on.

Sally asked “hey would you mind if I wore your shirt, I’m wearing a thong and would like to have a little more />
“Of course not” I said as I tossed her my shirt.

Sally went into the bathroom and got out of her dress and into my shirt. When she came out I just about died. Sally walked in, in bare feet, bare thighs and no bra under my shirt. She looked absolutely ravishing. With her petite feet, sculptured legs and beautiful full breasts all packaged in a sexy little swagger I had to pick my chin up off the floor.

“What are you looking at” she asked.

“Um um um nothing” was my lame reply.

Sally joined me at the small motel desk and asked me to make her another drink, which I did. We had set up our mini bar in the bathroom with the ice and our mix in the sink. I realised while putting her drink down that, from that vantage point I could look down my shirt and see her right tit. So full with a small areola set midway up her breast and a perky little nipple. I sat down as my cock went from manageable to a full hard on.

Sally said “I’m going to take a bath so if you need to use the washroom do it now.”

There was no way I could stand at that point so I declined.

Sally strolled around the room while waiting for her bath to fill with my roving eyes following. My throbbing cock was not going any where as long she was in my sight. Sally got into the tub and with heavy concentration on the TV my cock finally started to soften. Sally had been in the tub for about a half hour when I realised I had to piss like a race horse.

“Sally how much longer are you going to be” I asked through the door.

“I just got in, why?”

“I really have to pee and I mean now” I said.

“Well shit Ted I gave you a chance why didn’t you pee then”

“I didn’t need to pee when you asked but I have to go now, right now!”

I heard the shower curtain closing followed by an “OK you can come in now”

“Sorry but there is nothing I could do about it. When you have to go you have to go.” I told her.

I went to the toilet, pulled my cock out and started to urinate. I looked up and saw in the mirror that Sally had not pulled the curtain all the way closed and she was looking in the mirror watching me piss. I averted my eyes from the mirror and continued with the task at hand. I put the mouse back in the house and left the bathroom. As I left I felt that all too familiar feeling in my groin. With in seconds I had yet another full woody. Just thinking of Sally watching me pee was such a turn on.

Fifteen minutes later I heard Sally yell “Ted can you come and make me a fresh drink?”

I went to the bathroom and opened the door. The shower curtain was closed but not as much as it had been. As I entered a got a full eye of Sally’s tits, I turned my back to her and started to pour her a drink. My cock started to swell regardless of my protests. I turned to hand her the drink and got another eye full of tits.

Sally’s eyes were squarely on my crotch and mine were squarely on her breasts.

“Well look at you! Are you going camping? You certainly are pitching a tent!” She said with a little giggle.

I didn’t say anything; I just put her drink down and walked out, turning several shades of red.

I was so embarrassed I hoped she would spend the whole night in the tub. Luck was not with me. Fifteen minutes later Sally came out of the bathroom dressed once again in my shirt. This time she had obviously left a couple extra buttons undone.

“Hey I’m sorry about that, I don’t know what happened. I don’t know what I was thinking.” I stammered.

“It’s OK, I kind of liked it, that it happened. It means you find me attractive and every girl likes to feel like that.”

“Ya but you’re my sister. A brother should not get like that.”

She looked at me, smiled and said a man first and like I said I find it flattering. If the truth be told I’m sorry you left so fast. I would have liked to get a better look. I’m glad you had to pee so badly, that time I got a nice long look.”

“I don’t know if I like where this conversation is going. It is not right. You should not want to see me hard and I should not get hard when I am around you.” I weakly said.

Sally bent slightly to grab my empty glass giving me a great look at her cleavage. She turned and went to the bathroom to refill our drinks. Although my mind was swimming with different emotions I could feel my penis coming to life yet again.

Sally came back with our drinks and said “OK, right or wrong you like to look at my boobs and I’m glad I got to see your cock when you peed. I liked seeing you hard in your underwear. Since I saw your hard cock I can’t get it out of my mind. My pussy is soaking wet and you are getting hard again. We are in a no tell motel with a raging snow storm outside. We are stuck here for at least a day. I know I need a release and if you don’t get some relief you could be irreparably damaged and I could not live with myself knowing I was the cause.”

With that said Sally unbuttoned my shirt and removed it. I stared at her slack jawed as I took in her beauty. She took a step toward me and took my undershirt off. She placed her hands on my shoulders and ran them down over my pecs and continuing down and over my wash board stomach.

At that point all sensibility left me. I stood and took her head in my hands and gave her a very un brotherly first kiss. Sally grabbed my hips and pulled me up against her. Her tits hit my chest and my rock hard cock was against her hard belly. We kissed each other for some time before I pulled away. I held Sally at arms length and looked into her in her jade coloured eyes and said “are we really going to do this.”

“Either that or I am going to kill you” she cooed.

I pulled her close and reengaged her with a kiss. My hand went to her breast and it was titillating (no pun intended). It felt like my hand was on fire. Sally was moaning through our kiss and her hand shot under my shorts and griped my swollen hot cock. My hand moved from one of her tits to her thong covered ass.

Sally broke the kiss, looked me in eye, said nothing and dropped to her knees. She looked up at me and ripped my underwear down. My cock (which is average, just over six inches) sprang forward. She looked at my manhood and said “holy shit, you are totally manscaped and you shave your balls?” at that she leaned forward and took one of my nuts into her mouth. Heaven. She licked up my shaft and over the underside of my cock head. She took the head of my cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around my overly sensitive ridge. My cock looked so good in my sisters mouth I could not believe it. Sally looked up at me and drove her head down onto my cock to engulf it to my balls. That was it, I just came and came, shooting load after load deep into her throat. I though I was going to pass out.

I sat on the bed and Sally came over and started to kiss me. I pulled her down onto the bed and said to her “that was fucking />
I rolled Sally onto her back and pulled off her thong. Her pussy was shaved with puffy lips and glistening with wetness. I leaned over her and kissed her moving from her lips to her neck and throat, down to her tits and continuing south. I stood and grabbed Sally’s hips and pulled her to the edge of the bed. I got down on my knees and put her legs over my shoulders. I moved toward her cunt, spread her pussy lips and went right for her fun bud. I started to flick my tongue over her clit and within seconds she was shuttering. Sally pushed my head off her pussy and brought her head up, she smiled and then took my head and pulled it right back into her sweetness. A couple of shutters later she said “OK no more.”

I slowly moved my way up her body, kissing and licking giving a little extra attention to her beautiful firm tits. Once again we were kissing and Sally was licking her juices off my face. Sally pulled my face from hers and said “you know when I said no more I meant not right now.”

I smiled.

story by: lestermo

Tags: consensual sex fantasy incest sex story

Author: lestermo

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