Oh what a night

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This evening was getting very interesting I had some time away from home and decided to spend it with a friend of a few years.
Marcie was a bar tender/go-go dancer at a beer bar near work. We and others often spent the early morning hours in one of the many coffee shops in the area, and quite often the conversations were centered around wives, husbands, boy friends, and sex or, lack there of.
On this day, Marcie worked the early shift and got off at ten.
When we got to our cars I asked, "Where to?"
She surprised me with, "Follow me to my place. I'll cook".
When we got there, we sat and chatted about life for awhile. She wanted to delay the food till Nancy, a new dancer that lived with her, got home.
I did not like Nancy that well but I stayed to spend more time with Marcie.
Skip forward: — Nancy got home; we ate; we watched tv; Marcie excused herself; —- to here!
Marcie called, "Bill, come here", and directed me down the hall to her room where I found her in bed.
She said, "I'm tired why don't you go and keep Nancy company".
I responded by loosing my belt, caressing her cheek and saying, "I'm not interested in Nancy".
She said, "Its okay Bill, she fucks /> I smiled, dropped my pants, rubbed my thumb across her lips, bent down by her ear to blow and whisper, "I do not want Nancy. I want you!"
She turned her ear to the pillow exposing her lips to my flicking tongue and gasped, "Here – here Bill!"
I lowered the sheet, caressed her breasts, sat beside her, kissed her navel, smiled and said, "Here works for me".
Her body jerked! She grabbed my head and pushed! And, quietly moaned, "Now! Now!"
I went were she pushed; sucked her clit thru her very thin panties; pushed the crotch aside; drove two fingers into a wet pussy; looked up; and said, "Yes, NOW!"
She moaned as milked my fingers and came.
That is when Nancy chose to enter the room and asked, "Bill are you coming?"
We both looked up I said, "Hell no!".
Marcie screamed, "YES! GO AWAY!!!".
We laughed, Marcie grabbed my head and guided me to her cunt saying, "You bastard! You started this and now damn it you owe me! Finish me!".
I devoured her cunt! I had two fingers sawing away as I nibbled and sucked her clit. Soon her cooing became moaning and more moisture soaked my hand. That was cum number two.
She continued to clamp my head in place so, I increased the speed and power of my pumping hand while adding wiggling fingers to the mix. Soon, number three hit!
She arched her cunt into my face pulling off my fingers and yelled for me to stop! I bit her clit.
She dropped away from my teeth only to drive a finger up her ass. I slipped my thumb in that sloppy cunt and pinched her two canals together causing three point five
As she continued to thrash I reached up, grabbed a nipple, pulled out and twisted.
HARD!!! Number four!
Her body collapsed but her cunt nerves continued to accept input. I rubbed, caressed, poked, prodded, and nibbled until I felt that steamy, wet opening start jerking closed for number FIVE. I looked Marcie in her clouded and said, "And now sweetie, YOU OWE ME!!"
With that, I raised up and drove my very hard cock deep into her tightening sex box.
I just lay there letting her kegal muscles milk my cum filled balls dry. (5.5, 6, 7?)
When I was empty, but stiff, I fucked her with deep slow strokes until I just fell out.
We lay there holding, smooching, feeling, caressing, resting, and relearning to breath.
Marcie pulled back looked me in the eye and giggled, "Bill I don't think buddies are supposed to do that. Or, this".
I replied, "I hate you, Bitch!"
We both laughed and went back into comforting mode.
Soon my cock was growing and twitching against her hip. She reached down to gently grasp and caress my balls, looked at me and giggled, "Don't these things ever rest? Their production is amazing!"
I rubbed my damp cheek across her nipple, "I believe you output at a high level as well".
"Well, I did have extra hands on the job".
"And you don't feel that soothing my nuts might be a problem?"
"I sure hope so!"
With that green light, I pinched the far nipple as my lips repossessed her shell like ear.
She gasped, "Are we really going to do this again?"
"Yes, but lets take a different /> "I will not willingly let a friend fuck my ass!"
Chuckle, "No Marcie I meant slower, gentler, and hopefully longer".
I started by nibbling her neck and following a path up her jaw, across her lips to her pug nose that lead me to dot those sexy eyes. At the same time, at the other end my foot was gently rubbing her feet, calfs and the back of her knees. While that was going on my hands took the middle ground a caressed every inch of her lovely ass cheeks.
Some how, Marcie kept her cool and continued to fondle my tender balls.
It was time to step it up a notch so, my lips returned to her neck to glide down and around her tits but staying away from the waiting peaks. At the other end, my feet slipped between hers and gently began to separate them. At this point my hands gently spread her checks to begin exploring that warm crevice.
She grasped my balls tighter!
Now it was time for my lips to slide to the hardening nipples!
My hands gripped her to help roll us over so she was on top! My knees rose up to help spread her legs giving room for my cock to abrade her moistening lips.
Marcie gasped, freed my nuts, grabbed my cock, pulled her knees up, raised her hips, guided me to a gaping cunt and slammed down and drove me into her depths.
I reached up grabbed her nipples and towed her to me and wrapped my arms around her gaining some control. As she was still humping wildly I rolled us over and pinned her to the bed!
As her gyrations slowed I imbedded my cock in her fuck machine and soothed, kissed, and caressed her flushed face.
When she lay quietly I whispered, "Relax, enjoy, feel. Sweetie, this is love not war!"
She smiled and nodded.
I flexed my cock a few times.
She giggled.
I pressed my lips to hers and eased my tongue past her lips. I found her tongue and pulled back. She followed into my mouth and I slowly rein added her. She was a quick learner and we gently young fucked for several minutes.
As we continued to play, I was making very slow short strokes deep in her sweet pussy
Our tongues slowed to a stop our lips melded my cock slowly Increased the stroke length.
After many minutes: my cock exited; Marcie cried, "NO!"; I hesitated and slammed down! As the head painfully squeezed thru her cervix Marcie yelled, "OOOH it hurts….. So good", and began a very long hard cock milking cum.
I kept my cock in her womb as I blasted gush after gush cum into her gut. And We both passed out for awhile.
When I awoke Marcie was struggling to get out from under me. And much to my amazement her struggles were making my still imbedded cock harden! So, I did what any male would do I started to fuck her.
She pleaded, "No Bill, no more! My pussy is sore! I have cramps! DON'T! I'll give you a blowjob! Please!!"
I muttered raised up, put her legs on my shoulders, pulled out, and fucked her ass.
After that night, Marcie and became just friends again. We were never alone together and we never mentioned "our night". Our smiles seemed to say everything!
Nancy moved on.

story by: Bill69bill

Tags: consensual sex hardcore true story reluctance extreme sex story

Author: Bill69bill

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