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"I want this song! How do I get it?" I said excitedly. I was over at a friend's house on a beautiful summer night. Waiting on our mutual friend to get off work. Going through some of his music to put on my mp3 player. "OK, hang on… there you go." He said moving closer to me.

His name was Norman. Twenty-seven at the time and very hot. I being only sixteen at the time and never even giving a second thought to having any chance with him. Ha! I was so blind. Sometimes I wish I knew what he was thinking at the time. Norman and I had a very good friendship for not knowing each other very well. I'm usually very shy with people. Unable to be loud or open. But with him it's different. Anyways waiting on a mutual friend.

She had only an hour left before she was going to be back, so to kill the hour we surfed the internet and listened to music. Looking at the time nervously he tried harder and harder to get closer to me. I blindly never got the hint. During an argument about good and bad bands, he tickled me trying to get me to give in to my argument. I however, not willing to give up, began to tackled him with ever bit of my strength. But with his huge arms and hard abs, he once again had me down. Feeling his body against mine made me a little wet and i could feel myself kind of wanting him to fuck me right there. But all we could do was stare each other in the eyes. I even thought i could feel his cock get a little hard. hm… maybe.

My friend came inside just in time for anything to happen. After a bit of chatting and bull-shitting. we left. I didn't get to see him all week. And the whole week I thought long and hard about how much I wanted his cock in my mouth. How bad I wanted his fingers inside of me. Teasing my pussy with my small little fingers wasn't enough. But finally a party the next weekend. I shaved and found the sexiest thing i could find to wear then headed out to, my mutual friend, Kiera's house. A few weekends before we had a party and one of our older friends hit on me. He was an alcoholic and kind of a man whore. I didn't to date him or ruin our friendship by telling him so. So Norman and Kiera came up with this plan to keep him away from me this weekend. I had no idea what their plan was or the hot and steamy future it produced.

So Bob, the older man of thirty-six years, James (another friend of mine) and I were the first at the fire. Bob being a mildly smart man left me alone out of fear James wouldn't approve of his actions. But after a few beers became less and less concerned with other people's judgments. He then tried to hold me, I pulled away. Then tried to kiss me. I turned my head. I became nervous and worried this night was going to be me mostly trying to get away from him. Then before I lost all hope, Kiera and Norman showed up with drinks.

I ran to Kiera and tackled her. So very happy to see her. I grabbed the nearest bottle of booz and started chugging. "Norman and I have a plan." "A plan? What do you mean?" I said in between chugs. " I mean to keep you from Bob." I felt a bit of relief. "Oh thank god! What are you guys going to do?" She lighty smirked. "You'll see." I briefly wondered what she meant but then out came food and Norman started a bonfire. i instantly forgot what I was thinking and went to stuff my face.

The night went on, at least two hours had gone by but Norman didn't tell me about this plan. In fact he didn't once talk to me. But It didn't take Bob long to start trying with me again. Norman noticed. my name. "You look tired. Come over here and sit next to me". Without thinking I obeyed. I plopped next him with relief. " How about a massage, huh?" Kiera must have told him I never pass up massages. Quickly I pulled my chair around and turned my body to where my chest laid on the back of the chair. He instantly went to work. Norman always had great hands, and it wasn't the first time he gave me a massage. Irritated Bob sat on his cooler but eventually started with his flirting. Norman realizing the caressing of my back wasn't keeping him away, started on my belly. Norman assumed he wasn't going to get me tonight stormed off. But Norman kept going. He was rubbing up my belly and started rubbing against my bra. At first just barely brushing it, but then more of his hand was on my chest. I felt relaxed and didn't refuse his massaging. So he continued. Slowly rubbing my chest. Then his hands went up my bra. He pulled me close to him and started playing with my breasts. Squeezing and rubbing. Then pinched my nipples. I felt myself get wet. But the fact the Norman was a good friend of mine stayed in my mind. I pushed his hands off. "I'm sorry Norman. I'm tired I think I'm going to go to Kiera's house to sleep." I said shly.

I don't know why I did that. I know I wanted him but was very scared. I'd only been with one guy before him. I started my walk home. We partied out in the woods next to a river not far from town. It was about a quarter mile walk home. So around fifteen minutes to walk it. It gave me a lot of time to think. By the time I got to Kiera's house, i just felt like an idiot. I couldn't believe i could just give a good chance to fuck a hot man. Well, about twenty minutes go by and i here the front door open and close. Assuming it's Kiera I go and greet her. I step out in the Den and am face to face with Norman. Lust in eyes. Breathing hard from his walk.

"Why did you leave?" He asked soundly almost angry. "I… I was tired," I said backing up. The sound of his voice scared me. " You are NOT tired. Why did you leave?" He said a little loud. "I just don't think I'm ready to have sex again. " He softened his eyes a bit. The lust turned to love in his eyes. "Let's just forget about it. I'm sorry. Pop in a movie." I stood there for a second but soon went to the entertainment center. Found myself a scary movie. Popped in it then sat on the couch. He soon joined me with some beer and sat as close as he could. I didn't say anything.

The middle of the movie came. I was so in the zone with the movie and scared. Norman sensed that and at the perfect moment grabbed me threw me against the couch. He climbed on top of me and grinned. "Wow your heartbeat is going fast" He laughed. " YOU ASS HOLE!" I got up off the couch and started putting on my coat. "Where are you going?" He asked with the anger back in his voice. " None of your business." I said as I walked out. " I soon felt him grab my hair and pull me back in. He through me against the wall and started to stare me deep in the eyes. Our bodies pressed against each other so hard. I felt his hard chest against me. "You cannot be walking around alone late at night." He eyes filled with anger. He started to loosen up. But I grabbed him closer to me. And started a Light kiss. I liked the way he through me against the wall. I think he caught the idea because soon he had his hand on my throat and started to squeeze. Then kissed me passionately. Our tongues fought for a while then he started grabbing my breast hard. I squealed in pain. But he was having to much fun and my pain made it worse. He started scratching my thighs, leaving streaks of blood. I started clawing at his back. Feeling my nails fill up with skin. He Moaned then through me against the couch.

He grabbed my throat again and dug in his pocket. The pulled out a pocket knife. Then rubbed the knife up my thigh. After a few cuts up to my shorts he soon got angry and pulled my shorts off. Exposing my pink lace thong. Then ran the knife around my panties. I didn't refuse his violence. He then stuck his hand up my shirt and squeezed my breasts hard one by one. Then pulled my shirt off. He moved his cutting to my boobs leaving new lines of blood. Then back down to my panties. With one swift motion he cut my panties off and exposed my little pussy. He almost dropped the knife with how pleased he was with how little it was. Then again with the knife, cut my bra off. He dropped the knife and started kissing my boobs. I started to moan. He started biting my boobs the my nipples. My pussy was getting so wet. He stopped sucking my nipples then looked down. "Your pussy looks so good. Oh baby, it's so wet." He put his hand down on my clit and started moving it fiercely. I moaned louder and started trying to get away. He held me down then soon i felt his tongue take the fingers place. His tongue was pierced and he used it to hit my clit. Beating harder and harder on it then sending me almost in an orgasm he bit it. I came moaning screaming he covered my mouth with his other hand. He didn't slow down a bit even after I came. I soon started having another orgasm. I want his fingers inside of me but he just keep eating my pussy. In mid orgasm he stopped. He pulled out his throbbing cock from his jeans. At first rubbing it showing off his ten inches of hard dick then slammed it inside my wet and tight pussy. He shook after that first slam and slowly began thrusting. "Oh Fuck, Your so tight. Oh baby, Your pussy feels so good." I screamed taking all of his cock inside of me. He got used to the tightness then started fucking me hard and fast. Then after a growl through me around on top of my knees. Then slamming his cock inside of me again. I took all ten inches of him. He started getting faster and harder sending me into at least four orgasms. Each time i came I got just a little louder. He covered my mouth to muffle my screams. And fucked me hard. Then rage hit me. I pulled out from him and tackled him. He stared at me in shock and confusion. I lowered my head down on his cock and took his whole ten inches down my throat. Sucking him hard and fast. Using the bead of my tongue ring to massage his shaft. tightening my lips to copy my pussy. He moaned and grabbed my hair and fucked my mouth. Then he pulled me off of him and lifted my body on his. I slipped his cock inside of me then rode his cock. "I'm going to come. Oh baby, ride me." I rode him faster and harder then felt him shoot his come inside of me. He rolled us over and fucked me to one more orgasm pulling my hair and biting my neck. We both collapsed on the couch, dripping sweat and breathing hard.

Since then we fucked everyday, sometimes three times a day. Only harder and rougher. this first time was really special to me though. It was the beginning to our addiction.

story by: nymphcrazy

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Author: nymphcrazy

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