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I come to lying on my back, my shoulder blades digging into the hard surface, which I can feel is causing bruises to form. Opening my eyes I see branches surrounded by lush green coverage, morning dew still clinging to the tips of the leaves. I try to move my arm up to brush away the leaves to see the sky, however I cannot. Turning my eyes downward I see ropes, leather and harnesses attached every which way across my body. Harnesses attached to the forest floor beneath me secure my ankles, spreading them wide apart, wrists and upper chest. A cushion of some kind is placed beneath my ass. Leather is wrapped around my upper thighs, almost like tourniquets and another tourniquet of leather is wrapped around my hips, causing my entire pelvic area to be inflamed. Ropes are wrapped around my stomach, around my tits, causing my skin to take on a slightly purplish hue. I breathe in deeply, my situation completely hitting me. I’m in a public place, bound with no hope of escape.
“Well fuck me. This is just great”, I murmur.
“With pleasure” says a deep, commanding voice from above my head.
Craning my neck I attempt to see who it is. I cannot see. I hear a crunch, the sound of a twig being broken. Beginning to tremble, I close my eyes and hope that whatever he is about to do to me will be short lived and painless. Kneeling next to me, he runs one finger down my face before leaning down to kiss me. He pulls back and grasps my tits in his hands, mauling, molding them into elongated shapes. He groans in the back of his throat, animal-like. Lust floods his already desire-filled eyes and in turn, my eyes become mirrors of his. I want this I realize. More than anything I’ve ever wanted before.
A breeze pushes its way through the bushes, over my nipples, causing them to harden, over my inflamed pussy, causing it to become wet. I moan quietly, trying to not give away that I’m now entirely enjoying this situation. He knows though, of course he knows. He can sense how I’ve begun to relax, how I’ve begun slipping into my well-known submissive role. Grinning he clambers in between my legs, grasping his already rock hard cock in his hand and aiming it straight for my raised pussy. Running his head up my pussy I gasp when he runs it over my clit, breathing in deeply.
Running his head back down my pussy, I gasp again when he enters me completely, without warning. Filling me, stretching me, he begins pumping in and out of me, as hard and fast as he can. He pulls out of me with as much warning as he did entering me, jerking himself off slowly while clambering over my body until he is straddling my chest.
he says.
I open my mouth, placing my tongue over my bottom teeth, the tip of my tongue resting on my bottom lip. Smirking, eyes flaring with desire, he shoves his cock, covered in my juices, into my mouth. I swallow, deep throating him. He begins to rock his hips back and forth, effectively fucking my throat. Breathing through my nose, I stay as still as I can. He pulls out, just his head remaining in my mouth. Using my tongue, I lick all around the head. Then breathe in deeply through my mouth. As soon as I’ve taken a second breath he shoves his cock back down my throat, holding it there. Just as I begin to gag he pulls out once more, allowing me to breathe. He then proceeds to fuck my mouth, not forcing me to take anymore than I try to. Soon enough he cums, coating my tongue. I close my mouth and roll my tongue back, moving his cum around my mouth, getting to know the taste, the texture. I then swallow, loving the feel of it as it slides down my throat. Opening my mouth again, I take the head of his cock back into my mouth. Cleaning him off.
Getting off me, he kneels by my side again. He leans over my body, taking one of my still hard nipples into his mouth, gently flicking his tongue across it. I moan quietly, taking care to remain aware that anyone could overhear us. Grinning, he grasps my nipple with his teeth, pulling. I moan louder, pleasure coursing through my veins. He reaches down my body, running one finger around my pussy lips. Locating my clit, he begins rubbing it in earnest, trying to bring me to the brink. Suddenly he shoves two fingers in me, his mouth now attached to my other nipple, alternating between the two. He fingers me fast, adding a third finger before I’ve even fully adjusted to two. Then a forth, giving me no choice but to gasp loudly as the true meaning of full really hits me. Wasting no time he begins thrusting his fingers in and out of my body, his thumb still furiously rubbing my clit. Within no time at all I cum; moaning loudly, completely ignorant to where we are in my orgasmic bliss.

A totally different story about a girl coerced into everything she's ever wanted.

She lays face down on her bed, sobbing, tears streaming down her face. The door suddenly opens, hitting the wall, creating a racket. Startled her tears stop and she quickly sits up. Standing in the doorway is a figure, tall, broad-shouldered. A figure who is clearly pissed off. Stomping across the floor, the room shakes, ceiling, walls, furniture. Reaching the bed in only three steps he grabs her by the ankle, dragging her closer.
"Stupid bitch. How many times do I have to tell you? When I'm talking to you, you stay in the room. None of these pathetic tears".
Her head within arms length now, he grabs her by her dark hair, pulling her around, her head hanging off the end of the bed. Holding her down by her throat with one hand, he unzips his jeans and pulls out his already hardening cock.
"Bite it and you'll regret it" he says before forcing it past her closed lips and down her throat, causing her to gag.
He begins to fuck her face, letting up every now and then to allow her a single breath, mostly to hear her gasp in exertion. Quickly becoming bored he reaches down and pulls her skirt up, shoving his hand down her black lace panties and beginning to rub her clit, hard. Immediately she begins to squirm, her hips thrusting, attempting to get him to put a finger inside her. He complies, sliding two fingers into her. She moans around his cock, causing him to tremble. Reaching up she slides her hands down his sides, sending tidal waves of pleasure racing down his spine. Taking the length of rope from within his pocket, he ties her hands together.
"Not yet slut. You don't get off that easy" he growls.
Pulling out of her mouth and snatching his hand from her pussy, he grabs her arm and twists her around again. Her head is now laying on her pillows, her legs locked together and her feet against the footboard at the end of her bed. Grabbing more rope he ties her feet to either corner of the bed and lifts her arms up over her head, attaching the rope to the headboard.
"Please. Don't do this. Please" she begs.
His cock just gets harder. "Don't pretend you don't like this. Your pussy is dripping. Stupid whore". He strips off and picks up the scissors on the bedside table. Cutting her shirt off first and ripping it off her body before hurling it towards the wall. Next comes her red and black lace bra, which too goes hurling toward the wall. Grinning he pulls her panties up, causing them to slide between her lips and grind against her clit before they too rip apart. He forces them into her mouth, telling to scream all she wants now. She can taste herself and it turns her on even more. Beginning to moan, she starts hunching her hips again, attempting to squeeze her thighs together. Liquid rolls down her thighs, forming a wet patch on the bed. Climbing over her, he presses his weight down on top of her, guiding his cock into her dripping wet hole. Thrusting deep, he impales her, causing her to scream around her panties. He leans down and bites her hardened nipple. Her eyes roll back in her head, and she begins to shudder, as much as the ropes allow. Her pussy gushes liquid, drowning both their legs. He pounds into her, deep, hard, prolonging her ecstasy. She stops cumming and exhausted slumps against the mattress. He doesn’t stop however, he is solely focused on his own pleasure now and soon enough her gets his wish. His balls tighten and suddenly he is shooting into her, causing her to cum again in her near comatose state. Clambering off her, he unties the ropes and takes her panties from her mouth before pulling her blankets up over her and climbing in next to her.
he whispers, holding her in his arms

story by: SereneHoney

Tags: male/female cum swallowing domination/submission bondage and restriction fantasm reluctance sex story

Author: SereneHoney

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