Party games

sex stories

copyright: Lesley Tara, 2009

Each year in June, the MD and owner of the company that I work for hosts a staff party at her spacious house in the hills outside the city, and I am going to tell you about what happened the first time that I attended. I was then just over 30, and had joined the firm seven months previously; I was in a middle management position, doing well and marked out as being on the fast track to the top. The event was ‘bring your partner’, but at that point I had no other’, and in any case I probably wouldn’t have taken her even if I did. After several unsatisfactory attempts at boyfriends in my teens, I had discovered when at college that I am a lesbian, but I was not publicly ‘out’ in my professional life.

I am what is often called mainly because of my height, which is just over six foot. I am quite willowy, but not without some curves, and there is enough to my bust and ass for you to get a grip on. My brunette hair is styled to shoulder length, and I have dark eyes and lashes, and full lips. The party was a classy event and the dress code was formal wear, with men in bow ties and dinner jackets, and the women in full-length evening gowns – many of which compensated for their length by barely existing above the waist. My choice was not more daring than most, but it was nearly backless and plunged between my breasts, which were cupped in a gathered halter-neck top. Its wine red colour set off my healthy tan and dark hair; under it my shoes had only a low heel, as I was already taller than most of the men as it was, and I had learnt that many of them resented that.

Ms Geraldine Morton’s house was lovely, beautifully proportioned and constructed of white stone in a classic neo-Palladian style. It had been built by her father, from whom she had inherited both the mansion and the company – and also, fortunately, his business drive and talents. The firm is in the advertising and marketing industry, and it had prospered and expanded under her control during the previous nine years; indeed, its growth was the reason why I had been attracted to it, from an older-established but rather staid rival. The house had extensive grounds with a pool, and there were several large indoor reception rooms, all tastefully arranged for the event. All of the approximately two hundred employees came, and there was also a wide selection of our clients and contacts in the press, city government, and so on.

I took a cab out there and found the party in full swing, with at least two-thirds of the guests having already arrived. There was a jazz band playing on the patio, and disco music in an indoor ballroom. I drifted around, making small talk with the relatively few staff and clients that I knew. There was quite a lot of toned and attractive female flesh on view, and a few that set the pulse racing, but it seemed that they were all hooked up with husbands or boyfriends. My eye was caught by a stunning black woman of around my own age, maybe a year or two older. She had rich black hair that fell in cascading curls to her shoulders, and her flat stomach highlighted the swell of the full bust above it – easily double D cup – and the curvaceous flare of her hips below. But what really drew my gaze like a magnet was not just her superb body, nor the lively animation of her expression and gestures, but the remarkable dress that she was wearing. It was not by any means one of the most revealing in its upper half – indeed, its attraction was in part that it concealed more than many, showing a full cleavage but only a limited amount of her breasts. It was two things: firstly, it was in a creamy white satin that was an extraordinarily effective contrast with the deep black of her smooth skin; secondly, whilst it was extensive in its drape, it had a long slash on each leg. Whenever she walked or turned, it revealed an expanse of black skin, almost to her hip. In fact, I became convinced that if one was standing at the right angle at her side, you would see across to at least the base of her cunt, if not more, and I began to wonder if she was wearing any panties underneath it – there was no sign of them, but it might be a brief black thong, which would hardly show.

I’m not sure if she noticed me watching, or just noticed me – for we had one thing in common, which was that we were two of the tallest women at the party. At any rate, on one occasion that I was looking her way she caught my eye, and gave a slight smile. I thought that perhaps I had been checking her out a little too obviously, and with a slightly embarrassed flush I ducked away and went to cool off with a glass of chilled Chardonnay and a walk in the grounds. The black woman had been surrounded by a thicket of admiring men (several of whom had also been trying to get the angle to see her pussy), and she had been laughing and joking with them, laying an elegant hand first on one shoulder and then another. As the evening passed, I encountered her on several more occasions, and indeed she was so striking it was hard to miss her – most of the guests, like me, were Caucasian, only a few had our height, and none had her lithe grace and stylish dress sense. I thought I felt her gaze on me from time to time, but I couldn’t be sure – sometimes when I glanced across, it was if she had been looking my way and had just turned away, but it could have been my over-active imagination. So it was something of a surprise when, close to midnight, I was picking a few nibbles from the nearly-depleted buffet in one of the less crowded rooms, and realised that she was beside me with her hand brushing close to mine as we both reached into the same bowl. She gave a laugh in a rich mellow voice, and introduced herself as Miranda Walters. I told her my name in return, and explained that I was relatively new in town and that this was my first midsummer party. She nodded and said she thought that was the case, and I felt quite flattered when she remarked that she would have remembered me if I had been there last year. I was sure she did not work for the company, for I would certainly have noticed her at the office, but she didn’t reveal what her occupation was – when I probed a little by asking how she came to be at the party, she just smiled and said that she had known Geraldine for quite a while.

Miranda seemed to have shaken off her posse of male pursuers, and when I mentioned this she rolled her eyes theatrically and said ‘thank goodness’; they were only after one thing, she said, and whilst she wanted to be polite it had been starting to get tiresome with all the competitiveness and the sexual innuendo, and even an attempted grope from a couple of the bolder (or drunker) spirits. I shared the laugh with her, and was again flattered when she said that I must get the same problem, but I blushed and shrugged it off, saying that I was not as beautiful as her. She insisted that I was, and remarked that my figure was in lovely proportion. We talked for a while, and I began to think her interest was more than just friendly sisterhood; we were definitely moving into flirting, and with her expressive gestures she was touching my hands and arms much more than was necessary. No one seemed to intrude into our little bubble of space, and I began to feel a mounting thrill that had me getting a bit sweaty between the thighs and moist in my pussy. Finally, as one more overtly sexually ambiguous remark topped another, she paused and put her hand over mine where it was resting on the table, tracing her fingers to my wrist. She looked me directly in the eyes and said; ‘If you haven’t been here before, would you like to see around? Geraldine won’t mind – at these events, only her private rooms are off-limits, and there are lots of other places.’ Her lips were slightly parted in a way that made me want to taste them right there and then, no matter who was looking, but this sounded like some sort of invitation to find a more discrete place – and it was clear that she was sexually interested in me. I said that I would love to, adding meaningfully ‘if it’s just the two of us – I’d love a private show.’ ‘Oh, yes’, she replied eagerly, slipping an arm deliciously around my waist, ‘it’s just a party for two’. That exchange removed all doubts, and I felt heady with excitement and anticipation, as the wetness in my crotch soaked the gusset of my skimpy panties – I had never been picked up (for that’s what it was) by so stunning a beauty, or ever before had the opportunity to make love to a black or Asian woman.

Miranda steered me through to the hall, and said: start the tour at the top’. She released my waist and led the way up the broad staircase, giving me a close view of her magnificent ass swaying from side to side in the tight satin dress as I followed behind her. There were two upper floors, and when we reached the highest she drew me close and then, as there was no one on the landing or in the corridor, pulled me against her warm body and found my lips with hers. I parted them for a deep tongue-twining kiss that left me short of breath for all the right reasons, and gazed at her speechless as she pulled back. Her hand dropped from my right shoulder to cup and squeeze my breast, and at my eager moan she nodded. With the lights of humour and lust dancing in her eyes, she said softly ‘I had to be sure’, and then she took me along the corridor, past seven or eight closed doors. We stopped in front of one which she opened quietly and peered inside, and then beckoned me to follow. It was a bedroom, but clearly not in regular use – there were no personal items in it, and it had that neat and tidy look that spoke ‘spare room’. Miranda closed the door behind us, clicking the latch so that only someone with the key could enter after us. Then she turned back and gazed at me for a timeless moment, and I drank in her dark beauty in return. Miranda lifted her hands to enclose both of my breasts, and gave them a firm squeeze as she said in a husky voice: ‘I want to fuck you … and I want you to fuck me!’ I’ve gone to heaven, I thought, and then: no, heaven has come to me.

Her fingers traced down the deep opening in the front of my ball gown, and then slid up and went underneath it, finding my naked breasts – for the design of the dress had made wearing a bra out of the question. As her fingers found my nipples, I though I would faint from arousal, and it was as much to steady myself as to return the favour that my hands went to her shoulders, and then to begin unfastening the halter neck of her gown. It proved to have a fairly simple clip artfully hidden under a silk bow, and when I unsnapped it the dress fell apart on each side down to her hips. An acre of sumptuous black skin was revealed, and two of the shapeliest, firmest breasts that it has ever been my privilege to hold, lick and suck – as I at once proceeded to do with these globes of joy. ‘Aaahhh, yes, go for it, gal, mmmm’, she moaned, and I realised that her nipples were highly sensitive. I slowed my pace, making it softer and more tantalising, and my tactic scored a bull’s eye. She began to writhe in my arms, not in objection but in unconstrained pleasure, and her head fell backwards, with cascades of hair hanging down her back and her throat exposed in complete surrender to the moment. I slipped an arm around her waist to hold her steady, and applied the other hand to one breast and my mouth to the other. Her breathing took on a ragged syncopation of increasing pace, and I could tell that I was taking her to an orgasm just from the attentions that I was devoting to her mammaries. Her hands were still holding my breasts, and her grip tightened convulsively – almost painfully – as the climax took her to a crescendo, and she gave a high-pitched cry of ‘yes! yes! oh – fuck! – />
I released her breasts and she stood back a pace, slightly tottering in the aftermath. The nostrils of her attractive broad nose were flared and her eyes were still hot with unsatiated lust. In a throaty voice, she instructed: ‘get this dress off me!’ She turned around, and I knelt behind her and found the other fastening at the bottom of the back, where the fabric that enclosed her breasts swept around to meet just above the cleft of her buttocks – above that, her back had been bare. With the halter neck already undone, as soon as I opened this the whole creamy concoction tumbled to her ankles; she stepped out of it, but took care to drape it carefully over the back of a small chair. I was breathtaken by what I saw – she had a superb physique for a woman in her early 30s, and clearly kept herself even fitter and more toned than I did myself – and, without boasting, I can say I was both slim and trim. I had already admired her full swinging breasts, adorned by paler milky-brown aureoles and stiffly erect nipples; now I saw her smooth stomach muscles, flowing hips and toned thighs. I had been right about the panties – there was a tiny thong in an attractive, expensive-looking combination of black transparent gauze and lace; I wasted no time in pulling this down and off as well. She was wearing no stockings, and like myself had shoes with only an inch of heel – black again, with elegant straps over the foot and ankles. Her shapely ass was right in front of me, and I kissed her first on one cheek and then the other, before pushing my tongue into her cleft, licking at her asshole. She gave a slightly startled squeal, but then responded by moving her legs apart, and thrusting her chest forwards and her bottom out behind her. My tongue pushed in further, nibbling at her puckering anus, whilst I brought one hand up between her thighs to take a firm grip of her pussy. This was rewarded with another squeal which turned swiftly into a moan of pleasure, as I firmly pushed my index-finger at least three inches into her. She was very aroused, lubricated and easy to penetrate, and I began finger-shafting her whilst still teasing and nibbling around her ass. She whimpered, and with a convulsive shudder she came a second time.

I felt in command of the situation, more than I usually do – I’m not particularly dominant and like to share the love-making roles, but there are times when you want to be in control and this was one of them. With my hands on her hips, I rotated her unresisting body until her cunt was now presented to my mouth. Her pudenda were rich and swollen, and coated with juices from the two orgasms which she had already enjoyed. Its sight, smell and taste were irresistible, and I attacked it with my mouth, lapping up her juices and thrusting deep within her vagina. ‘Oh, yeh, yeh, baby’, she grunted, ‘lick me – suck me – FUCK ME!’ My lips were clamped round her pussy like a limpet, I was intoxicated by the scent and taste of her black skin, and my tongue quested roughly for her clitoris. As I found it, she gasped, and begged to sit down before her legs gave way. I removed my mouth and released her hips from my grip, and she took two steps backwards to find the side of the big double-bed which was in the centre of the room. Sinking down on the mattress, she spread her legs as wide apart as possible, thrusting her cunt outwards in wordless invitation. I enjoyed a moment of rapturous appreciation of the wonderful sight: her hungry eyes, half-open mouth, and dishevelled hair; her magnificent breasts, coated with a sheen of sweat; her open legs and at their centre her gaping pussy lips, moist and vividly pink against the dark skin and the cropped matting of black hair around them. Truly, I am not sure if I have ever seen a more beautiful woman, a more wanton pose, or a more definite promise of sexual fulfilment. ‘Fuck, you’re I said, and I could tell that my sincerity had pleased her. She shook her tumbled black hair, and announced with a joyous smile ‘I am the Lion Queen’, and then with real hunger she added ‘and I will eat you!’ – giving me a fake snarl and showing her teeth as she said this – ‘but first, paleskin squaw eat me!’ I thought she was getting her continents mixed up, never mind her ethnicity, but what the hell: she was full of warmth and humour, so eager and just so fucking sexy – she was rocking my world, and had barely touched me yet, in fact I still had all my clothes on!

I gave a low imitation of a wolf howl, and crawled towards my target on hands and knees, bringing my face to her cunt and resuming my oral penetration with renewed vigour and determination. After an initial moan, she clamped her mouth closed and took short deep breaths through her nostrils. As my tongue pushed her vaginal walls apart and dove as deeply as I could reach, she clutched one of her breasts in one hand, mauling the tit quite roughly, and clamped the other hand on the back of my head, trying to pull me even further into her. I surfaced for a quick breath, and then used my teeth to nibble along the edges of her opening, a technique which usually produces fireworks and did not fail me now. I could her voice uttering a mixture of swear words interleaved with gasps and groans, and her vocal response encouraged me to bite a little harder than usual. She let out an ululating wail (and for a second I was worried someone would hear it and break down the door, thinking the person inside was unwell!), but it degenerated in the next few seconds to barking shrieks as I zeroed in on her clitoris, teasing it, sucking it, and carefully pulling it between my teeth. The effect of the latter was explosive: she was wracked with a series of shudders, and came for the third time even more strongly than before. I tasted the wash of her pussy juices, vacuuming them up with my mouth, savouring them with my tongue and swallowing them. She flopped back on the bed, and brushed a hand across her sweat-covered brow. she said, ‘that was fantastic! I owe you, babe – and I always pay my debts!’

When Miranda rose to her feet, I stood up as well. She gently stroked my cheek, and kissed me tenderly on the lips. Then, slightly detaching herself, she said ‘you look real good in this, honey’, and ran her hands all over my front, ending by slipping them once again in between the bodice of my dress to find my breasts. I reached behind me to undo the fastenings, and my dress fell away from my body just as hers had done earlier. I was wearing more underneath than she had done: I had a pair of black hold-up stockings, and black satin panties that were shaped to sit high on the hip with a plunging front. Within seconds, she slid her hand inside them, to stroke my cunt and rub her knuckle up and down my opening. I closed my eyes to savour the sensations, and now it was her turn to steer me backwards towards the bed. She encouraged me to lie on it fully, on my back, and she climbed on to straddle my stomach. With one hand she reached behind her to continue probing at my pussy, and with the other she groped each of my breasts in turn. Then she shifted position and slid my panties from my hips to below my knees, and I completed the job by kicking them off. After this, she reversed position into a classic ‘69’, and lowered her pussy onto my eager and anticipatory face. I certainly hadn’t lost my appetite for her sweet sex, and resumed with if anything even more determination. As I was feasting on her cunt, her own face was poised just a few inches above my pussy, and she wasted no time in giving it vigorous attention. For several minutes we ate each other out, as she steadily and patiently worked me towards orgasm.

We had been in the bedroom for quite a while by now, and the noise of the party had almost ceased. I realised that it must be at least 1.00 a.m., possibly later, but I certainly wasn’t going to stop short of obtaining delicious release from the tongue of my ebony goddess. However, just as I was feeling that my climax was about to break, the door into the bedroom opened. I was so preoccupied it took a few seconds for this development to register, and then I gave a horrified squawk of alarm. Standing in the doorway, her slim and elegant form silhouetted against the brighter lights of the corridor, was the owner of the house and my ultimate boss, Geraldine Morton. I had only met her twice before, very briefly and in formal situations – once at my interview, and once on my first day at work to welcome me to the firm. She had seemed a cool, slightly remote figure, a very handsome woman of around 40, a couple of inches less in height than me. Her Irish parentage had given her the ginger hair that she kept in a business-like short bob and her pale creamy skin tone (though expensive oils and beauty therapists certainly helped with that). In those brief meetings it had registered with me that she had a fine ripe figure, with the fullness of her bosom only partly concealed by her austere trouser-suit outfits. Earlier this evening I had looked at her with interest as she circulated amongst the guests, for although her black evening dress was in one of the more conservative styles on display, still it clung close to a figure that was as trim as a woman of half her age, and showcased a bust that many of them would have killed for.

Then I had idly wanted to see more of her – now, I certainly didn’t! A cold chill swept through me as she folded her arms below her ample breasts, and enquired: ‘So, Miranda, you seem to have scored – who do we have here?’ My bubble burst in swift realisation, as the pointers all fell into place: Miranda’s failure to mention how she came to be at the party, her comment about knowing Geraldine for years, her familiarity with this upper and clearly more private part of the house, her confident occupation of this room. Shit! shit! shit!! SHIT!!! ran through my panicking mind: I was fucking the boss’s babe, and had been caught in flagrante delicto – and whilst Miranda surely was a delight, it couldn’t get much more flagrant than being discovered almost nude, in a 69 clinch, with my tongue deep in her pussy. I would be fired for sure: I would be clearing my desk in the morning – I saw my career crashing in flames. I tried to mumble something, anything, and to rise up, but Miranda’s weight on top of me pinned me down. Through a mist of apprehension, I heard her voice – unconcerned, soothing, and telling me not to worry, it’s all OK. Then Geraldine shifted position slightly and more of the corridor light fell on her face – and with huge relief I could see that she was not angry, but smiling. She closed the door behind her and walked over to the bed, whilst Miranda smoothly rolled off me to lie alongside, propped up on one elbow, amusedly regarding her new trophy and her older lover. I was still paralysed from shock and remained flat on my back, unintentionally affording my boss a clear view and full access to all my charms. She let her hand fall lightly on my right breast and traced across to the left one, giving the nipple a firm tweak. Still closely watching my face, her hand moved down my body to touch me between the legs, and I gave a short gasp of surprise and pleasure. ‘Mmmm, she’s quite a stunner’, Geraldine told Miranda, ‘well done, />
My boss then met my eyes directly, and in a few words she explained that she and Miranda particularly enjoyed threesomes, and were always on the lookout for suitable additions to their games – in particular, at this annual party Miranda was always commissioned to find a new girl to join their circle. Geraldine also made two other points clear, politely but firmly: this could never be spoken of at the office, and whilst they would love it if I became one of their group of fuck-buddies, I must not expect any special treatment or privileges at work to result from it. I nodded my agreement, and then reinforced it by saying fine – I wouldn’t want it any other way’. Geraldine gave a warm smile that transformed her face, making her look at least five years younger. Then she gathered up the hem of her evening dress, languorously lifting the thin material to bunch around her waist. As I lay on the bed looking up at her, I had a grandstand view: she was wearing nothing at all beneath the dress (apart from shoes) and, after what seemed endless tanned leg, her pubes were revealed to be smoothly shaven, so every detail of her womanhood was evident. When the dress was completely above her hips, she swung across the bed, straddling me and lowering her cunt down onto my face. She took my head in her hands, guiding my mouth to her ripely-scented vagina. ‘I want what she’s had – now!’ she instructed. There is a God in heaven, I thought, and She is wonderful. I had made love to plenty of women over the years, but always one at a time – I had never experienced a threesome before.

The view which I had looking upwards as Geraldine brought her pussy down to ride on my face was absolutely stunning – she was a very handsome woman, mature and full-figured, and I was so turned on by her. My fingers reached around her thighs to prise her labia apart, and my tongue eagerly pressed in between them, sucking up her wetness and thrusting further inside. With the third or fourth slice of my tongue up and down her vagina, flicking across her clit, she closed her eyes and arched her back. Miranda had risen from the bed and came up behind her lover, and just at this moment she slipped her fingers under the straps of Geraldine’s dress, easing them off her shoulders and letting the dress tumble down at each side. This revealed Geraldine’s large U-shaped breasts, which sagged only very slightly as the underwiring in the bodice of her dress fell away. My perspective on them from underneath her pelvis was so erotic that I nearly came, and I gave a kind of gasp. Because my mouth was pushed into Geraldine’s pussy, this sent a jet of air into her vagina, and she gave a curious sideways shake of her hips whilst a shudder ran through her body. The shudders continued as Miranda reached round from behind to cup and fondle her ripe breasts, pulling and slightly pinching the erect nipples.

I had resumed my eating out of Geraldine, tasting her increasing wetness, when the next thing that I knew was a sudden penetration of my own vagina by something hard, wide and ribbed. The surprise as much as anything made me jerk my head upwards, which rammed my tongue deeper into Geraldine than I had gone before. She gave a kind of sob, and moaned ‘oh! yes! – do it more, do it more!’ Miranda had left the bed for a moment, and from some drawer had extracted a long, flexible double-ended dildo made of dark purple plastic. She had worked one end into my cunt, twisting it in and out until at least seven inches was inside me. Then she bent the other end upwards, so that it formed a curved L-shape. Miranda climbed back on the bed, spread her knees and lowered her pussy down over the other end of the dildo. Within a few seconds, a long section of it vanished into her, so that only a few inches remained visible between her hole and mine. Miranda began to ride up and down on the dildo, pushing it into me with every downstroke, whilst her hands found Geraldine’s tits again and squeezed them roughly. I had never experienced anything as stimulating as this before, having my mouth full of moist pussy and its seeping juices, and simultaneously being reamed out by the hard and deep thrusts of the dildo. An orgasmic wave spasmed through me – it must have been a double or triple orgasm, again a first time for me. I’m not sure if I could have lasted much longer, but almost immediately Geraldine reached her climax as well. She bent forwards at the waist, and her hands gripped my head, shoving it into her even harder. At the same time, her head went back, and she gave a series of shrill yelps, aimed at the ceiling. Geraldine came all over my face, and I lapped up as much of her cunny-juices as possible.

After taking a few deep and shaky breaths, Geraldine climbed off me and discarded her dress completely, kicking off her shoes as well. I was still lying on my back on the bed, and before I could gather my wits to rise, Miranda got on top of me and lowered her large swinging breasts onto my face for some oral attention. I was happy to oblige; they were superbly shaped, quite apart from the exotic appeal of her black skin and the lighter creamy-brown of the aureoles and nipples. Miranda was crouched over my body on her knees, which had the effect of sticking her ass up in the air and separating her buttocks. This was too tempting a sight for Geraldine, and this time I noted which drawer in the dressing-table near the window she opened. Her choice proved to be a strap-on, which she quickly stepped into and buckled in place. Without saying a word, she got onto the bed behind Miranda’s butt, and began to fuck her doggy-style. Geraldine’s hands gripped Miranda’s waist, and she started a slow rhythm of thrust and withdrawal. Miranda gloried in the attention of being in the middle of our threesome, with one woman sucking her tits and kneading her breasts whilst another shafted her pussy. She began to push her hips backwards to coincide with Geraldine’s impaling of her cunt, giving a low deep moan which turned into a gasp each time the strap-on reached its point of maximum penetration. Miranda lost all control, gripping my shoulders as if she was about to be swept away by a tidal wave, and pouring out a torrent of demands and pleas to fuck her more, harder, deeper. At last, after much longer than I expected, her body jerked in a profound orgasm, and she collapsed on top of me with her full breasts smothering my smaller ones.

Geraldine gave her black babe an affectionate (but quite firm) slap on the rump, and with a sigh the younger woman rolled off me to lie alongside, on her back. However, there was to be no rest for me, nor did I need any. Geraldine said ‘now it’s my turn’, and she beckoned me to stand up. I was expecting that she would want to fuck me with the strap-on, but it turned out to be quite the opposite. Instead, my boss unfastened it and buckled it onto me, cinching the straps firmly around my waist. Then she clambered onto the prone form of Miranda, getting into the 69 position. Geraldine’s ass was towards me, and I saw Miranda’s face framed underneath it, whilst her fingers spread the older woman’s labial lips and licked them wetly. Geraldine raised her head from sucking on Miranda’s pussy, and ordered me crisply to ‘fuck the living daylights outta me’. I moved up to the edge of the bed, and Geraldine’s hand guided the tip of the strap-on to her pussy hole. She arched her back, pushing against me so that about an inch of it slid into her. ‘Give it to me,’ she gasped, ‘drill me for oil.’ laughed Miranda, a gusher, all right!’ I needed no more encouragement: the prospect of fucking the boss was incredibly arousing, and I was determined to give her it all –a real bone-shaking pussy-pounding. I was so fired up that I had no restraint left, and with a volcanic thrust of my hips I rammed the dildo into her, deep and fast. Geraldine was no novice, and she responded to my forcefulness, spreading her legs and opening her vulva. I rode her hard, gripping first her hips and then her shoulders to give me the leverage to drive in the plastic cock for its full length with every stroke. To have this mature woman like putty in my hands was amazing, and her being my boss made it even more delectable. We were both sweating and gasping, and such was the force of my battering-ram shafting that she abandoned trying to keep her mouth on Miranda’s pussy, and shoved two fingers into the black woman’s cunt instead. I stepped up the pace of my thrusts with the strap-on, and Geraldine began to buck and thrust her hips in the same rhythm as the penetrations, whilst matching them in the pistoning of her fingers in and out of Miranda’s vagina. We were all gasping and shuddering in complete abandon, and I don’t know if we could have kept building it much longer – but, quite suddenly, Geraldine collapsed panting with a huge orgasm. The sight of her ripely-screwed body was so exciting that I came as well from the sheer thrill of it, slumping on top of her, with my breasts pressed against her back.

Miranda gave a groan from underneath and told us both to get off, we were too heavy. Somehow I recovered command of my legs and staggered to my feet, withdrawing the plastic cock from Geraldine’s vagina with a wet sucking pop. When she arose, she undid and removed the strap-on from my waist, and then softly ran her fingers along my moist slit, probing and stroking. She and Miranda put me onto the bed on my back once again, with my legs spread open and dangling over the side. Geraldine moved to lie beside me, watching as her black lover picked up and put on the discarded strap-on. Miranda stood between my thighs, then she gripped each ankle and hoisted my feet into the air to rest against her shoulders. This put my pussy in a submissive, vulnerable position; it was wet and open, and angled just right for the strap-on to spear into it in a downwards direction. Miranda locked her eyes onto mine and then – without shifting her gaze – she leaned her weight forwards, and the plastic cock thrust into me. Its pressure was both wonderful and alarming, as it penetrated further than I ever went with a vibrator. However, after this first hard and deep entry, she withdrew it and began a campaign of short, sharp plunges, in and out. Whilst Miranda was fucking me in the missionary position, Geraldine started to give attention to my breasts; her sucking and tweaking of my nipples added to the amazing sensations that were coursing through my body. This was the first time ever that I had been in the middle of a threesome, getting attention from two women at the same time. The sight of Miranda’s stunning black body thrusting between my legs, the sensations radiating out from my cunt as she vigorously, almost brutally, fucked me, and the stimulation of my nipples by my boss’s adept tongue, all combined to produce the biggest orgasm that I have ever had. It was amazingly erotic experience, one which I realised had so many possible permutations, and I determined there and then to enjoy it again whenever possible.

After a few moments lying sprawled as we all recovered our breath, the two women each took one of my hands and led me to their master bedroom – a large, room with three tall windows which overlooked the garden and swimming pool. In the centre was a huge circular bed, with ample room for three. We lay down, with me in between them, and I slipped off my hold-up stockings – one of which had acquired a long tear – and joined them in complete nakedness. Our sexual energy was quite spent, but we enjoyed the look and the closeness of our bodies and gently caressed each other. After a while, I fell asleep, to be woken in the morning light by Miranda’s hand questing for my pussy. Half awake, I rolled over onto my back and spread my legs wide. I heard a husky laugh, and opened my eyes wider to see Miranda lying next to me wearing nothing but a strap-on, and Geraldine (who had laughed) watching us with interest. The older woman was wearing a white bathrobe, which she had pushed one hand inside and was clearly fingering her pussy. After a few minutes of Miranda’s teasing and fondling of my cunt, which parted easily for her fingers, she got on top of me and thrust the plastic cock into my vagina. I learned later that the missionary position was her favourite, because she loves to look a woman in the face whilst she fucks her, and can see from her expressions when to go slow and when fast, and when the moment of climax is approaching. So it was with me that golden sunny morning, as she took it slowly, building and building my passion and giving me no release until I was finally shrieking and begging for it – then she switched her grip to my hips, lifted my buttocks a couple of inches off the bed, and gave me three much harder and faster shafts, until I came on the third stroke like a firework explosion inside my head. As I slumped back on the sheets, Miranda pulled out – my vagina was so sensitive, this was an erotic experience in itself. Geraldine flung off her robe, revealing that she was naked apart from the support that an underwired sky-blue bra was giving to her ample breasts, and she plunged her head between my spread thighs to lick up all of my juices, and then lapped deeper until, almost in convulsions, I came again. I lay looking up at the ceiling in a kind of daze, until Miranda chuckled and slapped me affectionately on the thigh, saying ‘get up lazybones – we’ve got all day ahead of us!’

I spent the rest of that Sunday at Geraldine’s mansion, just myself and the two of them. I don’t recall all of it – some is just a blur, but the highlights that remain include Miranda and myself taking a shower together in their spacious bathroom, as Geraldine watched with masturbatory excitement Miranda’s dark figure and my pale one mingling under the stream of water. Later in the day, we lay nude on recliners by the pool, drinking cocktails and chatting; then, to cool off (though it didn’t exactly have that effect), Geraldine got into the pool wearing only a strap-on, and I lowered my naked body into the cool water until the dildo shaft was fully inside my pussy. Whilst the older white woman slowly fucked me underwater, she held me so that I could eat out her younger black lover’s cunt, as Miranda sat on the edge of the pool with her legs wide apart and her feet in the water.

Eventually, as dusk drew in, this amazing day of new experiences came to an end. Geraldine ordered a taxi to take me back to my apartment, and before I left she reminded me that all of this was quite separate from our professional work, and could not be even hinted at there. So, when two days later we passed in the corridor, we simply gave each other the kind of nod and half-smile that passes between a company MD and a mid-level executive. But after I arrived home on Thursday evening, there was a phone call from Miranda inviting me to the mansion on a Sunday later in the month, ‘to meet a few close friends’. She emphasised the word in a sultry way, and I couldn’t resist the reply: ‘I’d love to be close to any friends of yours, honey’. Miranda gave a husky laugh, and told me it was a lingerie party – no need to trouble over a smart dress, but to wear and bring several sets of my favourite and sexiest underwear. I was hot and flushed when I put down the phone. Oh, wow! – not only was it clear that threesomes with them were going to be a regular part of my sex life from now on, but in the meantime I got to do my second most favourite thing – shop for lingerie. I shucked off my work clothes, had a quick shower, slipped on a silk wrap, and sat down at my computer. This called for something a bit special – everyone knew good old Victoria’s Secret and Agentprovocateur, but I wanted something a bit more unusual, and began perusing some of my favourite designers – Valisere, Diane Rubach (her Jasmine range looks great on a tall woman like me), Aubade, and so on. I began to browse and choose, fingering myself between the legs, partly over the pretty models in the pictures and partly imagining myself in each item, and Geraldine and Miranda removing it. Happy days …

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