Path to our future part 3

sex stories

I’m looking at the first week in December and Rachael’s medieval winter formal is right around the corner giving me not a lot of time to prepare personally. More so I’ve been wondering about what happened at our fall formal with the voting. Putting a reject up with Kori is one thing but it’s a low end distraction tactic at best, even my Dad agrees with me on that. I get fitted during a couple times before the big dance and all the tickets are paid for giving me thirteen total. Devin and Masha are coming but the rest of my girls are opting out for Rachael who has no clue what I’m planning. Katy made me swear that I would wear whatever it is that the guys are working on for me one time and go all barbarian on her. It’s a funny idea and I got to admit it would be plenty hot. As for Rachael she won’t tell me what she’s wearing and when I tell her I’ll meet her at the dance she simply tells me she’ll ‘try’ to wait for me but she might just start dancing with others if I take too long.

I’m actually talking with Tania as we head to final period and I get to meet up with Kori and Matty who are all sorts of happy to see me. I’ve been busy with school business and sneaking my college classes when I’m not running the small world of my high school. My girls are all happy and I’m watching my flock grow, we were at about fifteen to twenty people on the bleachers last year but now I’m easily at fifty and more than half of them are tutoring or being tutored.

“Guy, I’ve got Jun finally able to look at the hack job and he says they covered their tracks pretty good and instead of tracking them down he’s informed the District Admins of the breach. They are upping the firewall,” Hideo informs me breaking into my relaxation time with business.

“I want all eyes up,” I state and Ben nods in agreement.

“I’ve got people keeping an eye on all the girls and you in classes,” Ben tells me and thanks to Vicki getting me a few more we have every lunch monitored. Someone throws a bad piece of pizza at another person we’ll know.”

“Good, I like that. I know I seem a little paranoid but we’ve been down this road and we’re not taking any chances,” I state to my crew.

“Boss I gotta ask, why have Masha and I at the dance with Rachael,” Devin asks and Masha is quick to chime in.

“My big beautiful love we will speak for him and protect him. Someone must watch Guy’s back and you are so fearsome that no man would be crazy enough to try anything with him,” Masha tells Devin cuddling up to him.

“And no woman would be dumb enough to try to pry me away from Rachael while I have Masha there to keep them back,” I add getting a laugh from all.

It’s a good laugh and when the final bell rings most of the students leave save for my crew, we hang around for a little longer to let the rush pass us by before finally hitting the parking lot and heading towards home. I’m in the door for maybe two minutes when my phone goes off and I’m asked for details as to the dance by Lou who now seems to have my number. I start to go down the basics and we get another truck for transport making three vehicles, me on my Pale Horse and two trucks one belonging to Devin. I’m also told that I’ll need to be at the school to get painted up. I’m not sure what that means but it sounds a little funny to me, then again this is my idea.

I’m a day away from the dance and I have been asked to head over to Rachael’s school. Apparently someone told them that most of our defense would be coming to their dance and I was leading them which means now I am asked to meet with a few of a few member’s of their leadership. I bring Kyle since he knows most of the people anyway and he’s the diplomatic one between the two of us. We take separate vehicles and it’s during school hours still when we leave our school and arrive at Rachael’s. We head to the office and are greeted by the a couple people from the leadership, two guys and a girl who guide us to a conference room.

“So glad you came by we’re just trying to make sure that nothing violent is going to happen at the winter formal,” the Vice President, Amy a nice little Fillipina girl, states
as we sit.

“Well we’re just looking to do some mild grandstanding is all, nothing violent and we’re certainly not going to try to cause any major trouble,” Kyle states calmly.

I note that of everyone in the room I’m the underdressed one as everyone else is in prep styled clothing. Kyle does a majority of the talking while I sit and listen, I honestly feel like a carnivore who is sitting next to an omnivore that is talking to three herbivores. Mostly they want assurances that nobody will be harmed and that we won’t be under the influence of anything. It’s all basic stuff when I note something from Amy; the whole time Kyle is talking she’s fidgeting and shifting in her seat. She’s maybe 5’5” in her shoes and thin with long black hair and braces but she’s cute in a turtleneck and long skirt. I’m casually watching her as the rest talk about us not interfering with their announcements but as soon as I turn my gaze to Amy she’s looks away a little embarrassed. That inner part of my predatory nature must be kicking in because I’m looking at her, she knows I am and she’s getting nervous/excited about it when Kyle wraps up our meeting and I decide to chime it.

“Kyle could you go check the gym here since they are hosting their formal on site,” I ask Kyle getting a nod before turning to Amy,” Could I ask a terrible favor from you my dear?”

“Ummm I guess,” Amy stammers a little surprised.

“I’ve never been around the school and was wondering if I could get a supervised tour from you if it’s no trouble,” I ask and give her a friendly smile.

“Sure, I can show you around a little bit,” she tells me with a light smile of her own.

We exit the conference room and I watch Kyle lead the other school leaders as he is talking about when he was there. Amy on the other hand walks me in a different direction and I can tell that they have a lot more money in this school than we have at mine. Yeah we have a band program but they have five different music programs and three art classes, yeah elitist is the word. But Amy is very kind and polite as I start asking about her.

“So you will be at this medieval dance,” I query and get a head shake.

“I’m hoping so but I’m going to be alone, bad boyfriend,” she tells me brushing her hair behind her ear.

“So my fiancé goes to school here, Rachael Bingham,” I ask seeing if they know each other.

him, the bad mystery man,” Amy says surprised but a little she’s been so happy whenever anyone asks about the ring on her hand.”

“Yeah that’s me, I was hoping you’d be going so you could keep her company till I arrive,” I tell her getting an off look.

“You aren’t picking her up? What is it you’re planning,” She asks now trying to gauge my intentions.

“I’d tell you but that would ruin the surprise,” I tell her as we turn another corner in the halls.

I’m a little lost when we come to the auditorium and she starts going into their performing arts programs. God they have money here, it’s a little scary as we are now in the control booth. A big ass switch board and a couple chairs in the room. I step inside knowing that I’m being led but I’m curious to see how she is, the door closes behind us and now I’m />
“I’m guessing you didn’t bring me here to talk about music or the dance,” I ask and see she’s embarrassed.

“Rachael talks about you a lot, she says you are allowed to have sex with anyone that wants you,” Amy asks fidgeting.

“No I fuck whoever I want to,” my swearing makes her cringe a little,” I’ve been turned down and have turned down some in kind but if I want a girl she usually wants it too. Like you have been since we were sitting in the conference room.”

“You make me nervous, I’m not a virgin or anything but Rachael told a couple of her friends that you were nothing like Kyle was and everyone thought of him like he was some god,” Amy tells me still fidgeting.

I motion Amy over to me and turn her around before pulling a chair up and sitting down with her facing away from me. I use my hands on her hips to slowly guide her to sit down on my lap. It’s not instinct that causes her to grind her ass against me a little and I smile at it. I pull the long skirt up past her knees then further till I have her lap exposed, it takes a moment but I get her legs spread before reaching a hand down to feel silky smooth panties. I trace my fingers around the edges before sliding my fingers inside the waist band and run the tips down to her crease; she’s unshaved, possibly not even trimmed as I start to rub her mound and clit. Amy’s back is pressed against my chest and her moaning is more than I expected as she grinds her hips forward to meet my fingers and he ass back against my hardening cock. My finger finds its way into her warm pussy and Amy starts writhing at my touch; her wetness is impressive as I work a lone finger in and out of her.

“Can you fuck me please,” Amy mumbles quietly.

“Excuse me,” I reply stopping and removing my hand.

“I need some love, can I have your love,” she asks getting very shy.

I stand her up and start helping her strip down till she’s only wearing her birthday best, her breasts are smallish but and her pussy is hairy but the moisture on the hair could be seen from where I’m sitting. I take my coat off and strip down so that she can see what she’s getting herself into. I’m naked and all she can do is stare at my cock as it’s pointed up towards her, I sit back down and beckon her towards and she follow my lead till she’s on her knees in between my legs. I watch as with great care Amy slowly allows her mouth to descend onto my cock, she only takes half of it but it’s her posture that gains my immediate attention. Her knees are together and her arms are on my legs giving her a position to keep me in place. I smile as she bobs up and down filling the booth with a slurping noise. I start to feel good when I decide to stop her by pulling her mouth off my cock confusing her.

“That was good but we need to establish something first,” I tell her before gripping her head by the hair firmly and standing us up,” Now are you a good girl?”

“I’m a good girl Guy,” Amy answers and I grip her face with my free hand in response.

“A good girl doesn’t invite a boy she barely knows to a private room to suck his cock. Now answer me honestly,” I tell her in a stern tone.

“I’m a bad girl,” the little Filipina says with a shy tone.

“See was that so hard, now you said you wanted love. I don’t have any for you, what I do have is the desire to fuck you. Not sex, fucking,” I inform her,” Now what do you want given your />
Amy doesn’t answer verbally but instead lowers herself to the floor bringing me down with her. I’m between her legs and over her small frame as I feel her hands guide me to the entrance and with a little curl of her hips she pushes my cock head inside her. I smirk down at her and she starts to smile back as I wrap my arms up underneath her shoulders. I’m only just inside her and she’s trying to get me deeper when it occurs to her that I have her pinned down, I can feel Amy start to squirm for a moment trying to get her more of me before I give her what she wants in one hard thrust. Amy’s face is one of shock and possibly some pain, she’s hot and tight inside as I back up slowly and slam myself into her again. I’m not testing or even letting her get used to me as I slam into her; I’m getting ready for the fun part. I have her locked into place so she really can’t move when I start fucking her, hard fast and with an intensity I usually save for Katy’s ass, I miss her ass and I’m going to take it out on Amy’s little pussy.

“Slow down…. Please slow down,” Amy stammers while being driven into the floor.

“No, you fucking take it. You wanted it now take it,” I tell her pulling her onto me while pushing myself into her.

Amy doesn’t try to stop me or fight me as I am mercilessly pounding her and filling the room with her whimpering and my grunting. She almost curls in to a ball save for me holding her down and with her head on my chest I feel her lock up and grunt as an orgasm washes over her. I don’t slow down till she starts to relax and that is where I get my new idea. I relax on her body and move my arms down from her shoulders and under her legs before moving them up. I’d normally stop when I get them on my elbows but this time I’m going for maximum penetration and have her ankles up by my head. I back up once till just the head is inside Amy before pounding down in hard. If she didn’t have time to feel how deep I was getting before she is now as every thrust is followed by a smacking of her wet pussy hitting my hips and a grunt of invasion from her mouth. I’m feeling great; being in total control in a foreign place is an ego boost to say the least but my little brain is letting me know that too much too fast and too hard is bringing an end to our play.

“I’m going to stop soon and you are going to let me cum in the little mouth of yours yes,” I tell Amy as I can tell she’s about to cum again.

I feel her clamp down on me and I bury myself in her as a response letting her feel me at her deepest before I pull out and move to sit on one of the chairs. It takes Amy a few seconds to recover but when she does she’s off the floor and gagging herself on me hard and deep. I take her hair in my hands just to hold onto something as I feel her hand massaging my balls. I tense up and as I start to cum she holds nothing back as she keeps working me over and over milking every last bit of my cum out of my balls. I feel buzzed and a little light headed before I calm down and note she’s moved from sucking me to licking me all the way to my base. I almost want to make her show me but I figure she swallowed it and if I get a next time I figure I’ll be a little harder on her, maybe bring Katy around too. We quietly dress and as soon as she’s decent I back her up against the far wall and lifting her up by her ass and kiss her deeply. She warms to me and slowly I let her down before she smiles at me.

“Thank you,” I tell Amy as she grins.

“You are a hell of a lot better than Rachael’s stories,” Amy tells me as we exit the booth.

There is no more tour save for idly showing me around and waiting for school to end. Amy is giddy as we wait for Rachael. Sure enough my sweet little innocent is talking with some girlfriends and doesn’t see me as I come up behind her. She’s going on about the dance and how her boyfriend has a surprise for her when I tap her on the shoulder and as she turns scoop her up and kiss her deep and passionately. Every female in the area is staring with a level of shock as some strange male in a leather jacket and hood has picked up the sweet princess and she just melts into me. I finally set her down and she breaks the kiss before giving me a playful push.

“You surprised me and you’re cutting classes to see me,” Rachael mock scolds me.

“Hey I’m here because of tomorrow, Kyle and I had to deal with your school leadership and I met Amy,” I inform her pointing out yet another personal victory.

“Right well you are all mine tomorrow mister and you better make me feel special since I’m arriving by myself,” Rachael informs me as I walk her to her car.

“I will but remember you need to get a ride from someone because I’m taking you home,” I tell her as she smiles knowingly.

“Oh you’re taking me home alright, you have no idea how true that statement is,” Rachael says before kissing me goodbye.

I watch her leave before mounting up on Pale Horse and heading towards home. My evening goes smoothly and I get confirmations that we are overloaded with people for the dance, I started with thirteen but now I’m looking at twenty and there are females on board. I smile and make sure my plan is set before heading to bed.

School sucks when you have big fucking plans for the evening and this Friday is no different as the day drags on and on. Kori and Matty are excited for me as we chat during lunch and I’m informed that there will be pictures and a full story on Saturday at Rachael’s house as all my future wives will be coming by to see everything. School mercifully ends and I am directed to the Gym as I discover that there is a small team of people doing some final touches on our Our school colors are black and bright green and with a Panther as a mascot my new are assembling everything when I’m pulled aside by Lou and have to strip my upper body as he takes some fine inking pens and starts to draw on my shoulder.

come to every single game and you’ve been a real leader for a lot of us so what I’m doing now isn’t permanent but if you want a real one my Dad will put one on you,” Lou tells me as he starts to draw a tribal tattoo on my shoulder.

“I’m honored Lou, but one problem. Where is your I ask noting the girl he took to our dance isn’t assembled.

“She was my date that night, we both wanted to go so we went together,” Lou tells me as he continues his work.

I make a note of that as he takes an hour to finish and then comes the best part, people stripping and war paint is applied. I notice that Lou has a real version of the tattoo he drew on me on his shoulder and I must consider his offer if I want one like his, it looks fucking sweet. Our war paint is green and blue and I see some drawing symbols when Lou comes back to me with Tania who is in a leather top that lets you know that conventional bras suck and leather styled pants with a little fur. They paint me up on my back and on my clean arm but nobody touches my face, stop them from that. Everyone is decked out and I’m dressed in some thick leather pants, I mean leather the way it was traditionally. No curing and leather stitching with some furs and what I’m told is a kidney belt around my waist that has to be tightened twice till it fits properly, I make note that I won’t be bending over. Some leather and cloth bracers and we start to leave, my horde assembles into five vehicles when I show Lou why I didn’t want my face painted and pull out my Mr. Grimm skull mask and put it on. Masha and Devin let everyone know what the plans are as we ride over. I’m leading with two trucks, a van and an SUV all full up with my barbarians. We arrive late by a half hour thanks to prep time, for me that’s perfect so we can park and as Devin and Masha meet me on my bike I make it a point to say a few final words in English.

“From here on in we are savage in nature but try not to break anything, some of these people are I joke getting a laugh from everyone,” Don’t break anyone up, don’t start a fight and above all else when I signal you get to me fast.”

I hear everyone yell HAAAAOUH like off 300 and I smile behind my mask as I dismount Pale Horse and lead my horde to the entrance. Devin hands the very nervous ticket taking teacher our stack of paid tickets and we enter the dance. I’m inside and we note these rich kids went all out and talk about ren-faire garb is one thing but they are drinking from goblets and I see a few walking around in faux armor, at least I think it’s faux. As my group is now fully inside to say we are noticed is an understatement as the small group of orchestra members who were playing have stopped and I figure it’s time to speak and motion Masha to the front.

“We have come from Pine Rivers to see the civilized lands of the Olympic Forest. We who are warriors and conquerors to see kings and knights before we engage in battle in one night’s time, we come to sample your refinement and your hospitality before you come to our lands to sample our savagery,” I state in Russian as Masha translates loudly, very loudly,” We will honor you later but now we are hungry.”

I motion for my horde to disperse and as they walk a lot of people move out of their way, first impression goes to us. I however move around in search of my sweet little princess, sadly I’m pulled aside by another man in wearing a crown.

“I am Reginald, King of this Event and bid you welcome to my halls,” the tall black male states before he shifts his regal nature to a subdued just so you know you guys look awesome and I want you to sit with my table.”

I nod and we are lead to a large semi circular grouping of tables where I sit as Devin and Masha stand behind me, Reginald is in love with the authenticity of what we are doing and in between bouts of light laughter I stand and Masha excuses us as I decide I want to find Rachael now. It almost takes five minutes before I find her, the Gym holds three basketball courts and more in space, but when I do I pause for a moment of appreciation. Rachael’s hair is down to her shoulder blades but it’s braided in an old style and her gown is one of the nicest things I’ve seen her wear and that says a lot. It’s flowing and in the deepest forest green color. I see Amy next to her in a similar blue gown and when Amy sees us approach their table all mouths are open a little and Rachael is staring at me hard.

“I have found you my love and light, I knew I would find you, a woman with hair like fire and a spirit pure like snow,” I state moving to Rachael and taking a knee while Masha continues to translate,” No female deserves to see my face before you and I wait to accept your touch and fire on my face.”

Yeah it’s sappy and cheesy but Rachael is glowing and slowly she pulls my mask off and once it’s off I don’t smile but she does. I’m lifted up by her gentle touch till I’m standing and Rachael is standing with me when I get an idea. I point to Amy and she slowly rises from her chair as I turn to Masha and ask for Lou. It takes a moment before my favorite Samoan is there and I almost want to laugh at his face paint as it looks like something out of Lord of the Rings only in brighter colors.

“My champion Lou I present to you a prized woman Amy, she has a suitor yet I find him unfit and without honor. She is here and he is lacking as such I grant you right to claim her and her right to claim you if she finds you to be suitable,” I state with Masha still translating the Russian,” Bring her to our tables and see she is cared for.”

Lou doesn’t speak to me as he steps around us and holds out his forearm for Amy to take, which she does before he leads her over to one of the tables they have commandeered. I lead Rachael to my seat and Devin brings a seat for her before we both sit and dine. It’s all simple food but all my people are eating with our hand while utensils are only being used by Rachael’s fellow students. Rachael herself is beaming with happiness as more than a few times there have been envious looks at her and I at the table. I hear a slow song start up and stand extending my hand to Rachael and leading us out to the dance floor. We go through three slow dance numbers and part way through I see Lou and Amy I use that term because Lou being damn near a foot taller than her is hunkered down so she can hold onto something other than his waist. It makes me smile to play match maker and we even get to see Devin and Masha taking a whirl around the floor a couple times before we all settle back in. Our pictures are taken and paid for while I discover there are more than a few camera phones out and pictures are being taken a plenty of my horde and I as we go about dance motions. The pictures of Rachael and I should be good since I elected to not wear my mask and we even have one of us with me looking down into her eyes and her looking up at mine that the photographer asked if they could use it for their portfolio. Rachael chuckled and gave our permission. The hours trickled down when I decided my horde would leave the dance early.

“Who are the Knights that my horde will be facing on the field tomorrow,” I ask but Masha translates.

“Well I’m leading them as quarterback for the Knights,” Reginald states with a little pride.

“Gather them with you, we will honor you now with a sample of our ways,” I state again with translation.

I stand up suddenly and the minor commotion gains the attention of almost everyone in the gym and as I move the orchestra members stop playing. I stalk around the semi circle table to the front and start pacing back and forth as the members of Reginald’s teammates move to his side. My horde starts to gather and look I look to them, all their faces are starting to get hyped up and ready when I whisper a word to Lou for something that he talked to me about when we first started this plan, Haka. Immediately Lou yells something that I’ll never in my life understand but I turn to face Reginald and hear slapping and stomping behind me. My horde surrounds me and I turn to Lou and slap his chest and he yells something again and the men drop into a crouched battle stance. He yells and slaps, they follow suit in unison with the women are our school’s cheer squad keeping up with them. It’s loud, savage and rhythmic as they perform their variation of a war dance for their opponents tomorrow. They finish and we’re greeted with applause, I didn’t think it was an applause moment but I lead Lou forward and nod my head to Reginald before turning and leading my horde out of school. Rachael is right next to me thanks to Devin and Masha and I spot Amy trying to catch up when I stop us at the entrance and tap Lou before pointing out Amy. His smile is huge and I watch him take her up like a child in his arms as we continue walking to our vehicles. Rachael has my mask and the decorum of my horde breaks and we all start to laugh and cheer a little.

“Hey Guy, I gotta ask, when did you get that painted on,” Lou says pointing to my tigers on my chest and side.

“A while ago and it’s not paint,” I tell him with a smile.

He comes over and rubs it a little, then again and starts laughing. Real tattoos are the shit and having one makes me more respected now if that’s possible. We pack up and I tell everyone to be safe and get everyone home safely as I help situate Rachael on Pale Horse with her gown tucked up before starting our trip back to her house. It’s not a long drive and I pull up to find the lights are off inside but the garage opens for Rachael’s remote and I park inside.

“Daddies are gone for tonight,” Rachael tells me as we enter the house,” Now I want to know one thing. Why the barbarian get up?”

you remember,” I ask getting a puzzled look,” You told me you wanted to be conquered, you are a princess and I am a war chief. I came to your school, sat with your king and now I am here in your home.”

Rachael’s smile is as big as she can get and while she wants to kiss me I watch her take note of the war paint and she giggles. I am lead to the bathroom and told to shower that off while she gets everything ready. I’m more than a little excited as I strip out of my costume and shower trying to get all the paint off of my body. It takes a bit but once I’m clean I make a new discovery, my costume is gone. I dry off and after looking at the towel I decide to go without and to say that my excitement is showing would be a good estimate with me being half hard.

I get to her room and see there is light coming from the crack in the door and I push it open slightly to find Rachael lounging on her bed in nothing, and she looks amazing in her nothing. The room is filled with lit candles and I enter moving to the foot of Rachael’s bed. There are no words as I crawl up to her as she watches me intently till my body is over hers, I lower myself down and we kiss softly and with passion. Immediately her arms wrap around me and we embrace as our mouths do the same. Rachael is soft and sweet as we press together firmly and I can feel myself hardening against her. I kiss down her neck and start to suckle at her breasts as she whimpers a little as if I’m teasing her. I don’t stop showering her body with kisses and when I get back up to her lips Rachael’s tongue invades my mouth and I’m swamped with intensity and it’s when I almost press myself inside Rachael that the brakes are put on full speed and she almost pushes me off of her. I’m confused and rolled onto my back before my sweet little innocent straddles my hips and in a soft sweet motion pushes me inside her. Slowly Rachael rides me letting me feel every single movement and inch of her inside, I cup her breasts with my hands and marvel as she takes one to her face and starts to suck on my finger a little. We start rolling our hips together with her straight up, we speed up a little and she moves to an angle over me. I don’t know what it is about Rachael tonight or if I’m so amped up from the dance but I’m more anxious than I have been in a while as she is making the ride rougher on herself damn near trying to abuse my hips with hers, it’s interesting to say the least. I see Rachael’s face contorted with a pleasured expression and as I squeeze her breasts she moans louder for me. I force us to sit up and she wraps her legs around me and we’re going for broke as she kisses me as savagely as I kiss her. Rachael’s whimpering and my groaning culminates in a near perfect coupling orgasm that has us both gripping each other’s body tightly with our hands and arms. I have my face pressed against her chest as we ride out our orgasms while hers rests on my head. Slowly we lower ourselves back to the bed with Rachael on top of me. We settle against each other and catch our breath before she quietly moves from the bed and proceeds to blow out every candle in the room before returning to me so I can wrap her up in my arms and we sleep.

I’m being watched, it’s a feeling that I get sometimes and as I open my eyes there is Peter staring at me and Rachael. It takes a couple seconds to note the most important things as Rachael’s happy Dad Peter is staring at us; One it’s morning and we’re cuddling, Two we’re both completely naked, and Three her father is about to start laughing. I pull as much blanket over us as I can and jostle Rachael awake and point out her happy Dad to her as she wakes up. My sleepy little angel becomes a harpy in a matter of seconds.

“DADDY GET OUT, WE’RE NAKED,” Rachael yells to the surprise of Peter.

I watch the happy Dad beat feet out of the room and Rachael hops up after he’s gone and closes the door before crawling back into bed and cuddling up with me. We rest and chat lightly when a knock at the door and Randy aka angry Dad asks to come in.

“Hey Rach, Guy, we’re down stairs and making breakfast since it’s ten in the morning,” Randy tells us trying not to look incase we’re naked.

“Okay Daddy, we’ll be out in a few. Could you get Guy’s clothes from his bike,” Rachael asks and Randy nods before leaving.

He returns with clothing and after he steps out we dress and join her Dads downstairs for breakfast. Rachael brings her lap top with her and apparently there is a video of the Haka on several facebook pages which Randy and Peter watch with interest. She goes through and shows some of the photos to her Dads who are laughing a little and have different reactions to my barbarian get up. Most of the day is spent at Rachael’s place as the rest of my girls come over at around noon and we make a big powwow of the grouping with Peter going into new styling for hair and clothes while Imelda, Randy and I are in the garage tuning up bikes.

Do we attend the big matchup between the Olympic Forest Knights and the Pine River’s Panthers? Of course we do, I make it a point to get there early and thanks to my new in with the team My girls and I are on the field as the game goes on, we don’t interfere with the coaches or the players but Lou is more than happy to see me and it’s when I see him looking at Amy in the stands do I smile. Around the third quarter the game damn near stands still as I watch Lou break through the line and nearly decapitate Reginald in a high hitting sack. Both sides quiet down and while Lou is the first one up he does no grand standing, I watch him move to Reginald’s side and start talking to him. Coaches and a few paramedics take the field but Lou isn’t moving. Everyone is staring for about five minutes when Reginald leaves the field on his own two feet and Lou retakes his place in the huddle. Reginald comes back during the fourth but damage was done on the scoreboard as we pull out the win. I watch Lou and Reginald shake hands before the teams head off to their respective locker rooms and busses home. We wait for Lou and his boys and it’s only when he sees us does his face brighten and Amy rushes him, leaping into his arms and getting herself a big hug.

“Dude you damn near killed that quarterback out there,” Matty states as we all agree.

“Yeah, when I got up and he wasn’t moving I got scared. He was out for most of the time he was down but he’s okay from what the medics said,” Lou tells us a little relieved.

“That was an NFL style sack, I’m going to have the game posted on the school website Monday and see what we can do about getting it out there so scouts can see that shit,” I tell Lou who looks at me a little discouraged.

“I don’t want to glorify me hurting someone,” He tells me when Amy retakes his attention.

“College scouts need to see you do things like that, including you waiting for him to wake up. Sportsmanship and talent, isn’t that what you told me this morning,” Amy says and Lou’s face reddens, we heckle him a little bit and I get a hug from Amy before we all depart for home.

Last week of school comes and goes before winter break and we’re only into it two days as I start to state the obvious, Dad hasn’t set up the tree. My father has had the tree set up every year by the second day of winter break and here we are on the third day and no tree. I bring it up at dinner when Mom and Dad both stop eating and decide to break some news to us.

not having Christmas at home this year, your father and I will be taking you with us as we go up to the mountains,” Mom says as we are all dumbfounded.

“It’s important and we’ll be packing tonight so I want everything taken care of so we can leave very early tomorrow, Guy you will be leaving your bikes and Katy will be driving the second car with us up,” Dad says laying down the plans for the trip up.

We’re taking a Christmas vacation to the mountains, what the hell is this? My father always said Christmas’s were meant for homes and families and now we’re going up the mountains. I’m hoping they have a cabin or something because if this turns into a camping trip in the snow Katy and I are taking Liz and running for our lives. Packing goes well and I get Katy in my bed early so we can sleep soundly the night before. We’re woken up at five in the morning and once dressed Dad has us lock the house up tight and in cars heading down the road, a hot thermos of coffee is in the car with Katy and me. I don’t drink coffee so I steadily make her cup after cup till it’s gone. We stop after a couple hours for food and bathroom breaks as I text my girls to let them know the calamity of the sudden trip. Immediately I’m texted back by Kori who says she’s with her Imelda, Mom and Carl heading up to Stevens Pass to go skiing during the Christmas break and is sad to say we won’t see each other, then Matty tells me she’s heading up to Stevens Pass with her father since he’s got a cabin up there. Dad starts to usher us back to our cars after food and I try to stop him before we disembark but he’s all go and we’re back on the road when I point out the replies I have to my messages.

being set up, I love our parents but if this turns into a horror movie I say we run and don’t look back,” Katy jokes as we continue our drive.

Several hours and a few bathroom stops allow Kori and Imelda with her parents to catch up to us. It’s a lunch break that has Matty and Rachael with their Dads and now we’re a convoy heading up the mountains towards some plotted event by our parents. I don’t like surprises and Dad knows this so him putting a surprise on me is big. We finally arrive at a resort and Dad takes it even further as we take a side road and continue until we’re at a large villa. There are a couple vehicles parked out front and we finally disembark as Dad leads the pack inside, it’s warm and we’re all a little road weary when I damn near hit the floor in shock.

“Merry Christmas everyone,” Loretta says as we greeted by her and the entire Texas clan including Imelda’s Mom.

Greetings go around and everyone’s spirits are up save for one person, Dad, he’s reserved and on the defensive as everyone goes about their greetings and introductions. I watch Imelda almost pick up her mother in a hug; Katy and Mark’s girlfriend Vicki exchange a very long hug and start talking about college a little. I watch Liz and Bethany meet face to face for the first time and they immediately start going on about how amazingly weird this is, I have to agree.

“Okay before we start settling down we should probably bring our stuff in first and get it to the rooms,” my Dad says taking control of the situation.

All the Washington men folk buckle down and head back out and its a few moments later that we’re joined by Mr. Delauter and Mark Junior. I watch as my Dad is simply taking directions to rooms and making it a point to keep things all business like for the unpacking. Dad doesn’t even stop once the vehicles are unpacked as he starts settling into his room with Mom trying to get him to come out and socialize. I take note of the sleeping arrangements; all the parents have a room. My step sisters, all three of them, have a room to share along with Mark Jr. and Vicki having a room of their own. Then there’s my room, no bed at all just big ass padding on the floor for me and all my fiancés to share together.

We all gather for dinner in the main dining area and I figure out this used to be a part of the hotel by the kitchen. Loretta and Mrs. Ortega have been cooking and once we’re all seated in various parts of the living room I have to be the one to ask the questions.

“Okay so did we rent a hotel for us to sleep in,” I put it out there and Loretta picks up on it immediately.

“Yes and no, this is only part of the hotel. We wanted this to be the first big family Christmas so all us parents started talking about where to do it and it was decided that up here would be best,” Loretta states happily,” Everyone pitched in and while it’s not cheap having all of us under one roof for a couple weeks is worth it to me.”

I can see people nodding in agreement and voicing such save for my Dad, he’s got a look on his face I think I get sometimes when I’m doing something I’d rather not do. I figure I’ll need to talk with him soon but thankfully Mom is right there to coax him into being pleasant as he meets Imelda’s mother for the first time. I’m watching the room and while everyone is happy Loretta keeps looking at Dad like she’s waiting for the other shoe to drop. Yep I’m looking at a Merry Christmas alright. After dinner most of us start to turn in and I pull Loretta aside to talk with her privately which happens after a big welcoming hug.

“Mom we gotta talk. You and Dad under the same roof is not a good idea,” I tell her plainly.

“Guy he is your father and I’m your mother and after what I dragged that man through he can take me somewhere privately and verbally abuse me till he gets it out of his system,” Loretta tells me being painfully honest.

“Mom I know you were a drunk back then but you’ve changed, hell it took me weeks but I figured that out and so can he,” I explain but she’s holding back.

“Guy you are a sweet boy but there is a reason we will do this privately between he and I. There are things that your father will need to say to me and I can take it,” Loretta tells me before ushering me off to my room.

I pass Mom and Dad’s room to find them barely conversing about how this can be a good thing for everyone. When I say barely conversing I mean that my Mom is talking and Dad is grunting responses. I reach my room and there are five women in flannel pajamas all spread out on a big ass cushion waiting for me, okay so this vacation has couple good perks. I am required to wear pajamas of my own and while I really want to play around once we’re all in bed and the lights are off I’m off to sleep quickly.

The next few days are actually pretty okay, mostly families integrating and learning each other. Case in point, Imelda’s Mother is big on the Catholic traditions and we have Randy and Peter an openly gay parenthood in the same building. That was eggshells for about a day or so till Peter and her were in the kitchen and finally got to talking. Mrs. Ortega wouldn’t be done just there either as Mr. Amdahl, Matilda’s Father, was starting to feel very out of place. She swooped in on that one and pointed out that there was a wood pile and fireplaces that could use a restocking if he wasn’t feeling lazy. He seemed happy for something to do but it was really interesting after dinner that night to watch her rub his feet and then the two of them sit next to each other on a love seat with his arm around her. Mathilda and Imelda had no words on that one and it was generally considered a good thing. For the most part everyone under the age of thirty is having a great time, some go skiing and the snowball fight we had in the back saw Mark Jr. and I completely out numbered as the girls decided to pick us out. After we were bombarded by the women in our personal massacre Mark and I didn’t go outside for till the next day we were so cold.

Sadly we’re only there for four days when I really started to note my Father’s mood becoming more grim and dark. I took him on a walk and decided that I needed to get it out with him now.

“Dad I’m worried about what you’re going to do,” I tell him as we’re walking back towards the building.

“I’m not going to go crazy, it’s just this is a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. I’m still happy and enjoying the holiday,” Dad says but he’s holding back.

“Dad, he’s not my father, you are. Loretta is my mother but Mom has just as much claim to that title as she does,” I tell him and he nods as I continue,” I figure you were the hold out to come do this.”

“I was, your Mom and I talked about it a lot. She was ready to back me but Loretta was big on you having a supersized Christmas and when I put you against our history and you won out,” Dad tells me stopping along the road.

“So what is your plan with Loretta,” I ask him plainly.

“I’m going to go inside, I’m going to try to forgive her and probably give her a hug if I don’t have to fist fight her husband for it and try to cheer up,” Dad tells me with a light smile.

He’s strained by it but sure enough once we’re back home I watch him pull Loretta aside and while things are tense I can see she’s a little teary eyed and my Dad is holding it in as they hug and finally I can sense some peace between them which helps me relax. I’m heading to my room when Liz pulls me aside and hands me a fed ex package. Apparently it was waiting at the lodge and I don’t see a return address on the FedEx label which gives me pause. I take the file and sit down in a little side room before opening the thick envelope and spilling the contents onto the table. There are some copies of documents and some pictures with a note handwritten that reads ‘Thought you should know’. I don’t know who this is but I’m seeing old pictures of two children one baby and one little girl. I’m looking at the dates then I see one of the two children sitting on a couple’s lap, my parent’s laps with me in Loretta’s arms and the little girl in my Dad’s. I feel sick as I start reading through documents.

Birth Certificate for Gwen Louise Donnelly
Mother: Loretta Donnelly Father: Neal Donnelly

I’m going to throw up, I have a sister. I have an older sister and nobody told me. I start to read a copy of a police report and my stomach almost falls out of my ass.

Gwen Louise Donnelly missing due to abduction by one Tessa Swain-Donnelly. Believed to have fled the United States for either Canada or Mexico. No follow up from local enforcement, no follow up from government agencies. Case Cold.

Oh my god she’s gone, I had an older sister and she’s gone. I keep reading, she was taken by who, who took my sister? I check the dates, I must have been a year old, she was five. I hear people calling everyone for dinner as I grab the picture and the certificate copy and the police report before staggering out of the room. Everyone is pretty much served and sat down as I had to stop and gather my thoughts. I enter the room papers in my hand and it takes a second but Kori is the first to see me and to say something.

“Oh shit Guy, are you okay baby,” Kori asks starting to get up.

“It’s not true, tell me it’s someone being cruel to me and it’s not true,” I state looking at Loretta then to my Dad.

“Son what is it,” Dad asks as everyone is staring at me.

“Gwen Louise Donnelly Born to Loretta and Neal Donnelly, missing in a child abduction. Prime suspect Tessa I state the facts out loud and everyone in the room goes silent before we hear the sob.

Loretta is the first to break down and start crying, I watch Mr. Delauter move to her and it’s only when my Dad start to tear up that I know this isn’t a joke. I had a sister and she died, I can’t feel anything right now. I know people are talking and it’s when a firm hand is placed on my shoulder that I shove the offender hard.

“Get your hands off of me,” I bark staring at my father who is shocked at my outburst,” You both knew, you kept this from me my whole life. It makes sense now; you always sheltered me and made sure I was being a good safe boy. You never left me alone with our family. Loretta’s drinking and neglect, the divorce, Dad moving to another state away from family, Loretta working in girl’s homes. Your guilt because my sister was stolen.”

“Guy you need to calm down,” Loretta says trying to reach me and I back away from her.

“My whole life I thought you two just couldn’t get along because there was something wrong with me but it was never about me, it was about the girl you lost. Why didn’t anyone tell me,” I ask looking in between the two of them,” ANSWER ME!”

Nobody does though, Mom is staring at my Dad with a level of shock and Mr. Delauter has Loretta by the shoulders so she doesn’t get too close to me. The next thing to happen is my girls, all of them, catching me off guard and even though I’m pleading my ‘no no noes’ to the world they drag me out of the room and separate me from the papers I was clutching before pulling me down for bed. I don’t know who is holding me and who I’m holding as I cry but that is how I fall asleep, held onto like I might die and emotionally drained.

Do I wake up in the morning, yes? Do I want to, not in the slightest. I find that my head is resting on Kori’s lap and she’s humming softly while rubbing my forehead with her fingertips. I shift a little and grip her leg so I don’t lose her and she takes the time to calm me down. I get up slowly and discover that the rest of my girls are still asleep around me. Kori shows me it’s early morning and while I could sleep bathroom and food are needed first and we quietly exit the room. I meet her in the kitchen after my bathroom trip and she has a plate of leftovers set out for me that has been warmed. I don’t taste the food; I’m just hungry as Kori simply watches me eat.

“Guy we need to talk,” Kori tells me as I finish.

“No ‘we’ don’t. ‘We’ are fine, hell ‘we’ are better than fine,” I tell her getting a light smile.

“Okay well we’re here you know that,” Kori tells me and I nod in response,” I don’t know what happened but after we put you to bed we didn’t leave to find out. You are our concern, all of us women love you and while I forget that you are all about taking care of us sometimes we need to not expect each of us to do something in place of />
“What are you on about,” I ask confused.

“We keep thinking that if one of us is there then the other’s don’t to be there,” Kori explains,” Like Halloween, I couldn’t go, Imelda expected someone else to go. Matty and Rachael were with their families so they thought someone else would go and Katy had school to contend with. We all thought another woman would be there for you and we weren’t. We can’t do that to you.”

“I was fine,” I tell her having let that incident go.

“Okay but we weren’t, you step up for us every time we need you and either we start fighting each other to see who goes first or a couple less wives are in order,” Kori tells me with grim determination.

“No fighting but I understand you not wanting to make me feel alone. Let’s just put one foot in front of the other on this one and I’ll just do what women do when and if it happens again,” I tell her starting to get up.

“And what do women do in this situation,” Kori asks confused.

“Remind you relentlessly about how I was all alone again and how you make time for me anymore,” I tell her chuckling.

I’m dragged back to our room by a mocked Kori who puts me back in bed and makes sure I’m going nowhere for a couple hours. My early morning nap leaves me feeling a bit sluggish and it’s only when I discover that everyone is going out to ski that I’m told I’m not going today by Kori. I figure it’ll be best for me to get some time and screw my head on straight and once they’re gone I am treated to the new problem, I’m not alone. I can hear people talking and discover Loretta and my Dad sitting at the same table I was at yesterday evening looking at the papers.

“Who did this, we agreed to put this behind us after the police stopped looking and now someone is trying to hurt our boy,” Loretta tells Dad quietly.

“No return address meaning that someone walked it into a FedEx office and paid to have this delivered. Our son has some people who don’t like him and if I find out who did this on our holiday I will make them hate me even more,” Dad states firmly.

“How about I sit down and we have a family talk that should have happened when I was a child,” I ask from the doorway.

Loretta is a little shocked to see me but Dad doesn’t even move he knew I was there. I pull a chair out and look at the big picture of the four of us.

“God I was little,” I say getting a nod.

“Yeah but you were quiet, didn’t fuss or cry a lot,” Loretta says calmly,” Your sister was a little tyrant till we had you.”

“She was our baby girl, I’d come home on from training or deployment Gwen would be an angel for about an hour then we’d find something destroyed and she’d laugh about it,” Dad adds before getting a little quiet,” Then we had you and she was all super big sister. She started camping out in your room on the floor.”

“So we moved her bed into your room, we had a monitor for the room and we’d wake up at night listening to her sing to you the boomerang song she heard on the kid’s show that day,” Loretta says continuing off Dad.

“Okay but what happened, I can’t believe that MY Dad the ex military badass that raised me or MY Mom the worlds current caregiver of the year could allow their child to get taken away,” I state feeling left out of the important details.

Loretta, Mom looks away at first but it’s Dad who takes her hand to help her through this. I get a feeling that this is what’s been keeping me on the west half of the country where most of my family is on the east coast.

“You got sick, your father was deployed and I was at home when your fever spiked and I called your Dad’s brother Gary and his wife, Tessa,” Loretta pauses at the name and both my parents darken,” I left Gwen with them while you and I were in the hospital. When I called during the second night to let them know everything was okay Gary told me that Tessa had left to bring Gwen to the hospital that />
“I was called out of training after forty eight hours of Gwen being gone, we tried everything but technology was a lot less invasive in our personal lives. We contacted her family but they weren’t helpful and said they hadn’t heard from her. I went a little…. Crazy,” Dad tells me as Loretta pats his hand in sympathy.

“They were gone; she walked out on your uncle Gary and took our daughter. To say our relationship with your father’s family deteriorated and we slowly cut off ties save for your grandparents. Your Dad deployed again and I was left to take care of you, when your dad mustered out of the service to spend more time at home that’s where the problems escalated,” Loretta says almost withdrawing from the conversation.

“We blamed each other, we blamed my family, we had fights that woke you up and we had to move twice. Loretta started drinking,” both parents look a little upset on that one as Dad continues,” and I worked a lot more than I should. I was taking extra duty assignments and shifts so I wouldn’t come home to the family I broke.”

“We didn’t break our family Neal, therapy taught me that and the only reason you had any right to hate me or for me to hate you was because of how shitty we were towards our son,” Loretta says bringing things full circle.

For the first time in forever we actually talk, less of me talking and more of me watching my parents who I can’t remember ever speaking with any civility. They talk about when they were separated and Dad goes over raising me with Loretta. Loretta talks about her years as a destroyed woman and finally her recovery and meeting Mr. Delauter. We talk for the better part of the day including moving from the back room to the main living area. We’re all seated separately when the rest of the families come back and it’s my girls who note my expression. Kori is off to get warm beverages with Rachael and Abigail while the family shakes off the cold and snow. We listen to how much fun everyone had learning to ski but I’m already coming to grips with what will happen next.

“Okay everyone almost one day ago I was told by some jackass that I have an older sister, I don’t care that I wasn’t told before but I fucking care now. After this holiday is done I’m finding Gwen, either you can help and get on board but I won’t hear any bullshit about how she’s an adult or she may have a life of her own. I want my family and she deserves to make her own choice on the matter,” I state to everyone assembled and where most nod only two are snickering, Mom and Mr. Delauter.

“I require a witness, Mr. Donnelly could you hand me a dollar please,” Mr. Delauter says standing up.

We all watch as my father hands my step father a single bill with a confused expression on his face. Mr. Delauter takes the bill and folds it up before sticking it in his pocket.

“Now that was for the retainer fee so that I can put this as a business expense. I’ve spent the majority of the day running down every single law enforcement contact I have and a couple politicians to get some access to your missing sister’s file and where abouts. This isn’t a couple days thing mind you but I’m hoping for some results at least that will point us in the right direction,” Mr. Delauter states going into his basics.

“What are you doing pushing into the search for my daughter,” my Dad asks a little heated.

“Your daughter is also my wife’s daughter, which makes her important to our family. I would do anything to make my wife happy and while we’ve only had a day to find out about this if we’re ever going to come together on something then this is it,” Mr. Delauter states firmly but not aggressively to my Dad.

“It’s not your place,” Dad says when Mom cuts him off.

“It is his place just as much as it is mine. We are a family Neal and when Mark approached me to figure out what he could do to help I said throw everything at the problem and see what happens,” Mom states taking control of my Dad,” Now look me in the face and tell me you don’t want me and Mark to help.”

Dad concedes the point and Mom sits with him to explain the situation. We have resources and Mr. Delauter is talking quietly with Loretta about what he’s throwing around to help. My girls are a little dumbfounded by the sheer force of will that my step parents are pushing around to help the family and I’m happily surprised with it myself. Dad pulls me aside after dinner with the one thing that he can’t seem to shake from all the craziness, the envelope.

“Guy whoever sent this did it to put you at odds with your mother and I. They wanted you hurt and angry,” Dad tells me as we talk alone.

“Dad I am hurt and I am angry and when I find out who sent this I will thank them for bringing my family together but if this bullshit doesn’t stop then I’ll find this behind the curtain fucker. And I promise if they ever steps out where I can find them I will put him in a box,” I tell my dad firmly.

Parents are supposed to stop you from making threats against other people’s lives; parents who aren’t my Dad at least do that. My Dad on the other hand smiles and nods in agreement. I know he’ll want to track down the envelope but he probably won’t find any real leads. That night as I’m cuddling with the girls I note they are passing around the baby picture of me and Gwen.

“It amazes me that such a cute little baby could turn into such an ugly man,” I joke at my own expense but my girls aren’t taking it well.

I’m barraged by pillows and a light beating before we cuddle up. I’m waiting for the next screw now, first people fucking with Johnny’s business. Then Kori the dance with the drunken ass and now the attempt at breaking up my holiday with my family. We’ll turn this into a great thing for the family and it will bring us together. Fuck you shithead, you want to fuck with my family you better try harder because now it’s personal.

story by: P.O.I.

Tags: fiction asian school blowjob teen male/teen female romance sex story

Author: P.O.I.

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