Phoenix pt 4 ch 15

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“I didn’t need to,” Béla was saying as they climbed the steps up to the entrance of a brownstone. “I could see it in his mind. This is the building, but this is not where he was going to take us!”

She stopped talking and looked around at the surface of the building.

‘There should be an alarm or a bell or something – a button to push,’ she thought, looking around the entranceway.

“Please state your name for voice a voice said, coming out of the wall.

nothing there!’ Beth shrieked in mind.

‘Stop yelling! It’s only a />
“Wilson, Béla said, speaking at the wall.

After a second, the latch clicked inside the door. It opened electronically. The sisters looked at each other.

‘How would a machine know who I was or even that I was coming?’

By the time the two sisters reached the end of the first hall, Frank and Tanya were out in the hall looking for them.

really here!” Tanya cried, wrapping her arms around them both! “And this time, you aren’t getting away!”

“Why would we want to?” Beth asked innocently.

“You look different! Tanya exclaimed, happily holding Béla by the shoulders and looking her up and down.

Beth, curious, looked into Tanya’s mind to see what the difference was.

“No shoes,” Beth informed Tanya, cheerfully. shorter. And her hair’s she decided not to say what she saw in Tanya’s mind.

Her hair’s not on fire…

Béla turned to hug Frank As she stretched up to kiss him, she was smacked in the face with the horrible images he’d carried for the last eighty years, her presence in front of him forcing the unbidden images up from the past.

Eerie orange light flickering, its evil incandescence lighting up the leaves of the surrounding trees. The pain and agony of just sitting and watching the fire, knowing that the most unique and treasured person in your world had just perished and there was nothing you could do to change it; nothing at all that could ever bring her back…

“Oh, Frank!” Béla cried, tears suddenly flooding her eyes. “I’m so />
They both broke down and cried into each other’s arms, Béla unexpectedly and completely overwhelmed by his love and his grief for her.

Tanya led Beth on into the apartment and into the kitchen, leaving the two ancient lovers to find their own way in.

“So, do you like tea?” Tanya asked. “I didn’t have to feed you when you were a ghost, or rather, a dream. This is really strange. I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone.”

“I’d like some tea, if it’s alright with you,” Beth responded. “Sometimes the sky is really pretty at twilight.”

The odd look Tanya gave her indicated to Beth that she’d misunderstood something. This language thing was starting to get frustrating. There were too many meanings for the words she heard, and she seemed to be constantly reminded that she didn’t know them all.

“Good. I wasn’t sure if they have tea,” Tanya said, sounding embarrassed. “I mean, where you come from.”

‘I’m fumbling around like a fourteen-year-old girl. What is it about these space girls that makes them so damned sexy? Are all of sisters as alluring as this one? So far, the two I’ve met are absolutely

Beth smiled, listening to Tanya think. She liked Tanya. Tanya felt as good in person as she did when she’d visited in her dreams.

She felt her sister coming in. Béla and Frank were discussing something; their voices too soft for Beth to hear. She resisted raiding her sister’s mind and put her attention back on the pretty blonde. Tanya was watching her new houseguest react to Frank and intimacy.

going into the spare bedroom,” Tanya told her. probably going to be, um, intimate.”

Beth couldn’t resist it and dream-walked into the room Frank and her sister had gone into. She watched for a moment, then returned back to her body in the kitchen.

Tanya sat down, opening a box. A scent of flowers and herbs attracted Beth’s attention.

“The tea will be ready in a moment,” Tanya said, “I like to heat the water myself, that way I can control the

Beth picked up the idea that Tanya could ask the wall for a cup of tea and the wall would give it to her.

‘How she thought to herself.

“You like to think of Béla as yours, don’t you?” Tanya asked, still studying her houseguest. “You don’t like the idea of her being with Frank.”

“Well, do you?” Beth asked, hoping she wasn’t offending her host. Frank yours?”

She thought she understood marital relationships. She didn’t approve of them, and didn’t want to be in one, but she understood them, at least. Tanya smiled.

“Yeah, he is, but Béla belongs to us, too,” she said.

‘You could be a member of our family, as well,' Tanya thought, not realizing Beth could hear her. 'God! You’re so sexy, I could just eat you up! And out!’

'She’s thinking about taking me to her bed! Making me part of her family!' Beth realized.

said that you’ve lived a long time, the last time we were here,” she said, making casual conversation.

Tanya admitted, personally glad to have something to talk about. “I was hurt in an accident, and Béla donated some of her blood. It cured me, but now I can expect to live several hundred more years. Frank shares his life with me.”

“I Beth admitted.


Beth decided to explain her relationship with her sister to Tanya. After all, Tanya did ask how she felt about all this intimacy.

is my… sister,” she began, sounding lame. “We were created by the Regent of Deimos – our species was, I mean. My sisters and I think of him as our father, but he isn’t really, any more than we are really sisters. Béla and I… we’re companions for the time being, but not lifemates. Although, as companions, shared… each other. Sexually, I mean.”

‘This is really awkward,’ she thought to herself.

“But, we don’t demand, um, I can’t tell her not to go with someone else,” Beth stated, still trying to explain. “We try to control each other like that. But, going with someone else doesn’t mean you have to abandon the one you’re already with, or leave them

She stopped talking, hoping that her sister wasn’t leaving her behind…

‘Like she did />
Tanya got up to get the hot water off the heating element. She poured some into a ceramic pot and put a ball filled with crushed flower petals and herbs into it.

“Tea will be ready in just a minute, now,” Tanya said.

She sat back down after performing her little chore. She had butterflies in her stomach so badly she was almost shaking.

‘Why does this girl affect me this way?’ Tanya couldn't help but think.

“Thank you… Tanya,” Beth replied, then realized that the time was now, since Tanya was beginning to get the shakes and was preparing to back off.

be so nervous. It will happen as the gods see fit to allow it,’ she thought into Tanya’s mind, making certain that Tanya understood where the thought had come from.

They both reached out spontaneously, touching their hands together. Their minds merged, each one’s desires now clearly known to the other. Following their hands, they both leaned forward, touching their lips together. Beth couldn’t remember a more gentle touch than that kiss.

Tanya poured the tea and the two of them sat and sipped silently for a moment, each one gazing thoughtfully at the other. Then Tanya stood up and led her new lover into her bedroom. Stopping next to the bed she and Frank had been roused from only a short while earlier, she turned toward Beth. They found themselves embracing each other, their lips pressed together once again. Beth felt Tanya’s tongue forcing itself into her mouth. Surprised, she stopped. Tanya broke away, suddenly embarrassed.

Beth apologized, breathing heavily. “I didn’t know what you were doing. There are so many strange />
“What? You don’t kiss?” Tanya inquired, not entirely pleased with Beth’s weak excuse for stopping.

Tanya was convinced that there was something about her that Beth didn’t like and didn’t want to say.

“Well, no. I began, feeling confused and uncertain, herself. “It’s not… traditional. You surprised me, that’s all. I liked it… but I don’t usually kiss.”

‘I don’t understand. We want each other. Why is this suddenly so difficult?’ each of them were thinking.

“You asked me to kiss you once before,” Tanya said, trying not to sound too accusing, “the first time we met.”

“I know,” Beth confessed. “That was to get to know you… to know who you are. Will you kiss me again? Now? For pleasure?”

‘That should solve the Beth fervently hoped.

Tanya nervously leaned forward and kissed Beth gently on the lips.

I never met anyone who had reasons like that for kissing… What did she mean, ‘to get to know me?’

Once again, that incredible attraction was there. Tanya stopped and looked deeply into Beth’s eyes. The attraction was still there even without the physical contact. She kissed Beth again, more sure of herself, now.

While they embraced, still kissing, Tanya licked across Beth’s lips with the tip of her tongue, asking permission this time. Beth opened her mouth, allowing Tanya to probe her teeth and tongue. Tanya even caressed the roof of her mouth. Beth felt her body responding, making ready to be pleasured by this hot young blonde with the big cushy breasts and her soft, warm mouth.
Tanya chuckled to herself as she felt Beth’s surrender to her charms. She guided her new lover down to the bed, pulling Beth’s skimpy dress off over her head.

Wow! This is pure one hundred percent Chinese silk! What kind of weave is that, anyway? Must’ve cost a />
Once she had Beth lying naked on the bed, she returned to kissing and tonguing her sweet, warm mouth while she caressed Beth’s breasts. Beth was moaning softly, enjoying the sensations of being seduced. Since she was usually the aggressive one, this was a nice change of pace. She squirmed around, allowing Tanya access to her lower regions.

Tanya moved down and began kissing, licking and caressing Beth’s breasts. Beth’s hands found their way inside of Tanya’s housecoat and began playing with and pinching Tanya’s hardening nipples. A minute later, both girls were giggling and trying to see who could tickle the other more. As they played, their legs became intertwined and they began to press against each other’s thighs.

As they became more aroused, their kissing and caressing became more intense. At one point, Tanya stopped because Beth’s tight grip on her breasts was becoming too painful to enjoy. As she pulled away, Beth’s grip tightened even more.

Surprising herself, Tanya came. The intensity of her orgasm was actually feeding off the pain in her breasts. Her twitching pussy lips seemed to kiss Beth’s thigh. An electric flow between her breasts and her belly intensified the sensations she was feeling until she couldn’t keep herself from crying out in ecstasy.

how it’s supposed to work, Darling,’ Beth thought into Tanya’s mind as she recovered. ‘It works even better if you do />
Image of pain. The mind separates from the pain, and the pain, all bunched up in one place, flows out and through the entire nervous system. No one part of your system is overloaded with too much sensation. The result is a more sensual feeling that heightens your sexuality; your capability to experience pain with your sex.

Tanya was amazed. Her breasts had always been super sensitive. She never allowed Frank or anyone else to maul her like this. It was simply too painful to enjoy. Now, all she could do was arch her back and lean into Beth’s painfully tight grip on her breasts and hump Beth’s thigh while she came, and came, and came…

Beth seemed to realize when Tanya reached a crest in her orgasms; a point where the last one was too intense for her to experience another. She loosened her grasp on Tanya’s tits as she came crashing down. It was almost like catching her as she fell from heaven back to earth.

Tanya fell back on the bed, gasping for breath. Beth gently kissed and caressed Tanya’s bruised boobs. She knew Tanya had blood in her, but didn’t know if or how well she healed.

“So this is how Béla experiences pain,” Tanya gasped, when she could talk again. “I suspected something like this. But I thought her nervous system was different, or something. She’s mostly unkillable, you know.”

“I experience pain that way, too, now,” Beth admitted. “But Béla had to show me how to do that. Before, when I got hurt, it hurt! I don’t know where she learned that, though, and she doesn’t />
Tanya lay, letting Beth caress and kiss her gently. Beth slowly undulated her aroused body back and forth on the bed, working her way slowly down Tanya’s belly. Tanya felt her body responding. Soon, she was ready for another orgasm.

We seem to have switched roles. I thought I was seducing her…

A moment later, Beth had her face between Tanya’s legs (She’s got hair down here!), licking and gently biting her clitoris. Beth was startled by Tanya’s strong scent at first, then realized what it was.

'She smells like my sister after Jake has fucked her! Tanya and Frank must have fucked, />
Not really caring for the smell and taste of stale cum, Beth decided to play with her new lover with her fingers, moving them in and out of Tanya’s slippery, wet slit. She could still smell her, but it wasn’t as intense as when she had her tongue and nose right in it.

As Tanya’s pussy loosened up, Beth was able to get more fingers in there. Soon, she had all the fingers of one hand inside Tanya’s sopping wet pussy with her thumb caressing Tanya’s clitoris. As she moved her fingers in and out, Tanya twitched, her pussy seeming to try to suck Beth’s entire hand inside as she came, screaming into her pillow.

Tanya’s cunt was really sensitive now. Any movement outward made her come. Any movement pressing inward made her come. Just having four fingers in there stretching her pussy walls made her come. She just couldn’t stop coming, whimpering and crying into her pillow and thrashing her legs around on the bed.

Tucking her thumb into the palm of her hand, Beth shoved the rest of her hand up into Tanya’s sopping wet pussy. Tanya screamed into her pillow, her back arching, and her legs and buttocks trembling as she came again. Tanya raised the pillow from her head, gasping for fresh air. Her eyes and face were wet. Her entire body was slippery slick, shining with moisture from the intensity of her orgasms.

“More! Harder!” Tanya cried, amazed by the sensual amount of pain she could suddenly tolerate and the fact that pain could make her feel sexier and come harder.

After first dream visit several years earlier, Tanya tried to let Frank fist-fuck her, but his hand was too large and the pain of stretching herself that much was too intense, almost as painful as birthing a baby. With this newfound ability to embrace the pain, though, she realized that she was going to let Frank try this again when they got back together.

'And I'm definitely going to let him use a knife on me next time!' she thought excitedly.

Beth moved slowly, pressing her hand against the back wall of Tanya’s quivering insides, than pulling back until the knuckles of her hand were stretching Tanya’s pussy lips again. She moved back, then forward, in and out, intoxicated by the sensations that Tanya was radiating through her and the scent of her fresh girl-cum as it diluted the heavy scent of Frank’s stale cum seeping out of Tanya’s pussy around her wrist. It hadn't taken her long to get used to Tanya's heavy human scent at all.

Beth lowered her head down and licked her own wrist and Tanya’s clitoris, breathing in and coating her tongue with the aromatic fluids now oozing out of Tanya’s cunt. Tanya lay screaming into the pillow she held over her own face, assaulted by Beth’s entire fist moving inside her and her tongue flicking over her clitoris. Tanya felt Beth’s other hand digging into her belly, nails deep in her flesh as Beth tried to keep Tanya from thrashing around so much on the bed. The new sensation of having her belly held that roughly made her come even harder.

Although she fought it as hard as she could, Tanya was unable to prevent herself from passing out, her senses overloaded with orgasmic sensation.

Beth extracted her gooey hand from between Tanya’s legs and licked the mixture of semen and girl-cum off her fingers. She wiped the glop that had collected in the palm of her hand between her own legs, luxuriating in the sensation of her own touch as she coated her girl-flesh with Tanya’s cum. Then she licked Tanya’s pussy clean, causing Tanya to rouse, somewhat, from her bruising sexual experience.

She lay with her head still between Tanya’s legs, deeply breathing in the feminine scent of her sex while she rubbed her sticky fingers between her own legs. After a moment, she caused herself to come. Then she pulled herself up alongside her new lover’s now sleeping form, hugged her tightly against herself and went to sleep; the side of her face pressed against Tanya’s oversized breasts.

'That was great! I feel satisfied… and I didn’t even have to bite anything />

Béla grunted with each thrust of Frank’s hard dick. He was lying heavily on top of her, his face buried in the pillow her head was lying on. She could feel his hot, ragged breath against her scalp and behind her ear. Her arms were trapped inside his as he lay with his arms wrapped completely around her.

Without realizing it (or maybe he did), he had her completely immobilized. She could barely even breath under his weight. But, she really didn’t mind – no air made for better orgasms… and she shuddered as another one swept through her pinned-down body.

Soon Frank came, grunting as he pumped his come up inside her and squeezing her even tighter, if that was possible. Béla lay underneath him, his shrinking dick making her pussy itch as it slowly receded, allowing the mixture of semen and girl-cum to leak down the crack of her ass. His breath moistened the side of her face and hair as he panted heavily, recovering from his sexual exertion. Béla moved her head so his shoulders didn’t block her mouth and she could breathe easier.

It didn’t appear that Frank planned on moving anytime soon, so Béla decided to listen to her sister and Tanya as they played in the next room. She chuckled to herself as she heard Tanya’s muffled screams as she came. Béla could feel the radiated sensation from Tanya’s orgasm even from where she was. It was evident that her sister had shown her new lover her pain-separation technique.

Frank’s loud snore brought attention back to her own situation. His heavy male frame was squashing her and he’d actually had the gall to go to sleep on top of her! She bit into his collarbone, painfully waking him up.

Frank jumped and yelled. “Ow! Why’d you do that?”

He looked down at the tiny girl underneath him. ‘It’s Béla! She’s still here!’

“Hi. Remember me?” she said, grunting with the exertion of breathing. “I’m your long-lost mattress that you fell asleep on…”

She raised her eyebrows and gave him a pixie grin. There was blood on her upper lip from the bite she’d taken out of his collarbone.

“You bit me!” Frank accused her.

She didn’t disappear! Dreams aren’t supposed to bite!

squashing me!” Béla replied, cheerfully, her voice still somewhat strained from the lack of air in her lungs. She jabbed him several times in the side with her fingers. “Are you finished up there?”

really here!” Frank exclaimed, quickly climbing off of her.

He’d plainly expected her to simply disappear out from underneath him like she had before.

“You know, I could actually do that,” Béla said, reading his thoughts, “if I wanted to.”

She disappeared off the bed and landed roughly on his shoulders, having teleported herself behind and above him, knocking him back down onto the bed. She giggled into his ear, wrapping her arms around his neck from behind and crushing her tiny breasts into his shoulder blades. She wrapped her legs around his waist like he was a small pony and bounced him up and down on the mattress.

“How do you like it, big boy?” Béla laughed, as she pressed his head down into the pillow.

Then she squealed as he bucked her off. She landed on the other side of the bed, breathing heavily. She gazed into Frank’s face. He stared back at her, still not quite believing she was really here at last.

“Miss me?” Béla inquired, grinning elfishly.

She could see in Frank’s mind that he was finally over his grief. He happily accepted the fact that she had somehow returned from the dead and was really here, perched naked on his bed, as exotically beautiful and excitingly alive as she was a hundred years before.

‘Forever alive, forever young, forever beautiful and unmarred by the events of the world around her.’

“I only wish that were true,” Béla said quietly, her playful mood somehow vanishing like a light mist blown away in a storm. She stretched forward and delicately kissed Frank’s lips. Then she sat back and smiled.

“I’ll be back in a few days,” she promised.

Frank felt the mattress shift from the sudden absence of her weight as she vanished. Oddly content even though she was suddenly gone, he lay down on the bed and listened to his wife’s muffled screams of ecstasy coming from the next room.

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