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The Little Whip
College Dreams

Walking back to the dorms, again, all alone, as usual, Jason walked the same route he always does. Retracing steps that he walks day after day. Alone. Walking by the same houses. Being barked at by the same dogs. Seeing the same views. All he could think about was getting back to the dorms and working on whatever project the professor had assigned that day. It was the only solace he had away from the emptiness and loneliness. Drown himself in the work and forget that he had no friends at school.

He liked to look at the houses as he walked by them. They had great design, he thought. So he would take a few minutes to pause in front of each house. Sometimes he’d even sketch one or two. He was right. They were beautiful. He had an eye for beauty. Always.

On this day, as he walked by the houses of usual. It was trash day. They all had their trash out and waiting for the truck to whisk it all away. And, like all poor college students, he was no exception, he didn’t really “go through” the trash, but he would glance over it. He’s once found a tv, a couch, a vcr, and a few other goodies. All in perfectly working order. Rich people will throw away almost anything when they were bored with it. However, he wasn’t having much luck on this particular day.

Until he came upon the house owned by the pretty little housewife. She was very pretty, he thought. Rather rubenesque, which he adored. He would use the excuse of looking at the house just to be able to look at her every so often. As he walked by the house and peered at the trash, he noticed something had fallen out of the can. Something black and slender.

He walked over and picked it up. It was a little whip. Long, leather, worn a bit, kind of frayed. It had obviously been used. Often. He looked at the house in wonder and then back at the little whip that fit nicely into his big hands. This area didn’t allow for horses. He’s never seen the pretty housewife in riding attire. So, that ruled that option out. He smiled to himself at the other thought and possibility. His imagination and thoughts sent tingles through his body and between his legs.

Jason caught himself staring at the whip and blushed when he noticed his jeans getting tighter. He quickly stuffed the whip into his portfolio and walked away as quickly as he conceivably could hoping that no one had seen him. He stopped into the sporting shop, that he’d passed everyday never giving a second thought to, and bought leather cleaner and strands to fix the whip with.

When he got to the dorms, he quickly passed the chatty girls who were always there clinging on the football players. Who were all high fiving each other and making all sorts of animal grunts. Jason usually stopped to say hi. Maybe stare at a pretty girl. Though, none really caught his eye. They were all so thin and, to him, not very sexy. He thought they were cute, but in a sort of way. He preferred more full figured women. Sadly, that type just didn’t seem to be around the dorms so much and he was always too scared to really talk to the rubenesque goddesses he’d seen on campus. As if they were so far above his league. Everytime he’d been near them, all he thought of doing was falling on his knees and worshiping them. He adored them.

Today he ignored the jocks and squeaky girls and ran straight to his room. He threw his portfolio onto the bed, pulled the whip out of it, and began cleaning it. It took maybe an hour to clean it and get it to look good. He removed the Rubens print from above the head of his bed and replaced it with the whip. He changed his clothes into a tank top and some loose cotton shorts. He sat at the foot of his bed just staring at his new whip. He reached into his shorts and adjusted himself so that he could get as hard as he needed. Began to tease himself lightly.

Just before Jason had a chance to finish what he’d wanted to do since he found the whip, there came a knock on the door. He thought about ignoring it and indulging in the pleasures at hand, but his sense of honor won out. He let his hardness go away a bit so not to be too shocking to whomever was at the door.

Jason opened the door to see one of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen. She stood maybe five foot five inches. Looked to be about twenty five years old. Had long, red, curly hair. Everything on her looked soft and luscious. Full, round hips. Large breasts. The kind he would love to drown in. Of course her low cut shirt made the visualization all the more pleasant. She wore a silky, flowy blouse with a snug, black skirt that showed off her hips and exposed her knees.. Her eyes were grey and glossy like the moon. Black dust and what looked like ink traced around them that made them even more hypnotic. And her lips. Oh god!! Those lips. Painted with a gorgeous wine color. Making them so round and full. He held himself still as to not dash to her and eat upon that delicious looking mouth. Though he felt his knees begin to buckle when those lips parted and the deep, lush, alto, voice emerged from her ravishingly throat which was necklaced with a chain of silver.

“I am so sorry to bother you, but I am looking for my brother’s dorm room. The idiot seems to have given me the wrong number. May I use your phone to call him and get the right number?” She spoke.

Jason stood a moment to permit the vampy voice to devour his imagination, then caught himself blushing. He finally spoke with a jolt, He stepped back opening the door wider to welcome her in. “I am Jason by the way.”

She walked passed him and into the room leaving scent of lavender flowers and clove cigarettes in her way. He found himself stunned at the scent and the vision of her backside. She was so close to him. So beautiful. All he wanted to do was worship her. Tell her of all her excellence.

Then her voice again emanated from her creamy neck. “Thank you.” She looked around a bit. “My name is Lisa.” She looked around some more. Her scanning stopped at the whip above the bed and smiled.

The smile sent shivers of pleasure through out Jason’s body. He felt his whole self go warm. Hot even. Blood rushed to his penis that had already been pulsing with want. Then, he felt the redness burst from his cheeks as he noticed her gaze stop at his new possession that hung upon the wall. He was embarrassed to silence and had forgotten to what reason she’d come in the first place. He watched her with worry and wonder.

Lisa looked back at Jason and scanned him a bit. Her eyes moved him up and down and paused a couple times at the bulge at his center. She smiled and watched as the bulge increased as she did so. The redness in his cheeks made her want to giggle, but she held it back. “The phone, Jason?” She boomed her voice a bit to see what the controlling tone would do to him.

At once he jumped out of his trance, closed the door in a hurry, and scrambled to the phone. “What is the number?” He asked posed and ready to dial for her.

She smiled at his action and decided to continue the game she’d started. “Hand me the phone, Jason. I will dial it myself.” She did not raise her voice. Only moved it to a more pronounced “in charge” manner.

Without question, he handed the phone over to the goddess. All the while wondering to himself what all this sudden will to do exactly what she demanded had come from. He wasn’t usually this easily swayed to do what others told him to do. He was his own man with his own mind. Rather strong willed actually. Yet, he was weakened by this woman who now stood before him. Unable to control his body around her. Unable to think clearly in her presence. Practically unable to stand from the desire to kiss her feet. Though, he had no itch to snap out of it either.

She dialed the phone and waited as her brother answered. After maybe two minutes, she hung it up. “He doesn’t seem to be there.” She handed the phone to Jason. “Hang it up for me Please.” Jason did what she told him. “I will go wait in the student lounge and try again later.” She walked to the door.

Suddenly Jason spoke, “There is no reason for you to go there. It’s kind of boring there. You can wait here if you wish.” He looked at her with hope in his eyes and longing in his energy. “We could watch a movie or something.” He began to fidget as she turned to look back at him. “Call your brother and leave my number on his machine so he can call you here.”

“I think I would rather stay here.” She called her brother and left the number as Jason told it to her then hung up again. She looked around the room and back at the whip. “But I am not too interested in watching a movie, Jason.”

He felt himself still burning from embarrassment and being “found out”. He backed up and pulled his computer desk chair out for her to sit in. “Here, get He stood behind the chair to appear to be a gentleman. But the true reason was to hide the raging hardness within his shorts. It was too appearent now and he could not come out from behind the chair.

Lisa smirked evilly and sat on the bed instead of in the chair Jason had pulled out for her. “I prefer sitting here thank you.” She lounged back a bit slightly laying on her side. Her skirt rode up slightly raveling more of her legs. Her breasts pressed against Jason’s pillow. He watched her every move. Her hand reached up and fingers glided the shaft of the whip. She lightly stroked at it memorizing every bump and ripple.. Jason watched the fingers caress the whip in such a way and felt his dick harden even more at the innuendo. “Jason, I think you should sit in that chair, and I sit on this bed.”

“I prefer to stand, I think.” Jason rebelled.

In an instant, Lisa looked at him and with a harsh gaze. She spoke in a more forceful tinge. “I don’t think you understood me properly. You are to sit in that chair!”

Jason’s head dropped in shame and he moved out from behind the chair. His shorts like a tent. He quickly sat into the chair and doubled his arms over to hide his hard dick.

Lisa smiled at the site of his hardness. She felt herself become hot and some moisture in her panties. The game was becoming more fun at the reverie of him about to burst his pants. “Why do you have this whip, Jason?” Lisa took it off the wall an fingered it lightly knowing that her motions aroused the new stranger even more.

Head still down and in a small voice, “I… I do not know why I have it. I found it just today.” Jason could not help himself at this point. He was getting into the scene way too deep to crawl back out now. He didn’t want to. He didn’t care if he drowned in the fantasy. He was to the point of jumping up and ravishing the muse in front of him. Yet, he stayed where he was. Hiding his pulsating penis.

“Look up at me when you speak, Jason.” Lisa’s voice was never raised, but she spoke in a way that Jason did not dare deny. She stood with whip in hand. She gripped the handle and slipped the whip end of it under Jason’s chin and forced his head to raise. “Tell me, Jason, Where did you find this whip?”

Jason trembled. He was so embarrassed. Humiliated. He did not want to tell her he’d found it in the trash. Yet, found he could not utter a lie to this bold woman. She had raised his head, but his eyes did not meet hers. He quickly shared the story of how he’d found it and where. That he’d rushed home and cleaned it. He even caught himself relaying the thoughts he’d had and how he was about to masturbate when her knock on the door halted him. He fought himself to stop the confession there, but he found himself, without conscious, telling her how he’d felt when he opened the door to find her in all her glory standing there like an erotic angel that he could only fall to his knees and worship begging for at least one drop of her wet center.

Right then Jason gasped, starred up at her in shock at his admissions, and covered his mouth with both hands. His eyes wide with disbelief in himself. His cock stood straight up covered only by his cotton shorts. The wet spot of pre-cum seeping through the thin fabric.

Lisa kept Jason’s gaze for a what seemed hours. She giggle an evil cackle. “And so the truth comes out.” She guided the whip from Jason’s chin and down his chest. “You were going to jack yourself off before I, what was the word, you?”

Jason, with his hands still over his mouth and eyes really big, nodded.

The whip went farther down his stomach and waltzed down the shaft of his penis. Even through the shorts the sensation was overwhelming. His eyes rolled back and his hands fell to the arms of the chair. He clasped the arms turning his knuckles white and leaned back to give his conqueror better access to his body.

“Look at me!” This time it was louder and more of a demand. “You must look at me through this!”

Jason tried with all his might to accomplish her directing. Pleasure was taking over his body and causing him to lose touch with the reality in the room.

Lisa removed the whip from his body, keeping it in her hand, she slid her knee between his legs pressing it against his tender balls. Grasping the back of the chair just behind Jason’s shoulders with both her hands, whip in the right and close to his face, Lisa braced herself, leaned forward and kissed his lips. Her lips parted and Jason allowed her tongue to invade his mouth. Her breasts pressed against his chest. He could feel their nipples teasing him. Feeling somewhat bold, he brought a hand up and cupped one of the large breasts and caressed it. It was so soft and so lavish. He felt he was going to orgasm just from the feel of her breast in his hand.

Lisa pulled away from Jason taking her knee from between his legs. “Did I give her permission to touch me?”

Jason heaved deep breaths trying to stop himself from cumming at the denial of pleasure. “No…. no, Ma’m, you He went back to clenching the chair and looking straight into her eyes this time. His legs still spread from her knee that was once between them.

“Her hand cupped his hard cock through his shorts.” Feels like you really enjoy being bossed around like this.” She stroked it lightly. “Am I correct? Do you like being teased and told what you can or cannot do?”

He blinked, struggling to hold the orgasm back and to speak loudly enough to please her. “Yes He couldn’t help but squirm his hips and hump at her talented hand.

Lisa’s other hand reached up to join the other… in an instant, she pulled his shorts to mid thigh. His cock stood straight and exposed. His shaved balls also in plain view. a kinky one, isn’t he?” She retorted as she massaged the unprotected, bare testicles. Her fingers slid up his fully hard dick and encircled the head. She got a finger full of pre-cum, which was flowing uncontrollably by now, and brought it to her mouth. Jason watched as Lisa licked it off of her finger lustfully. Again he blinked and held back the release that he desperately needed.

Lisa’s leg came up and stopped on the arm of the chair in a place where his arm was not. Her doing this raise her skirt ups so far that Jason could view the red panties she was wearing. He could smell the earthy musk that was her essence and his mouth watered. “Tell me again about what you want to do to me.” She demanded. Her hand reached to his cock and she began to stroke it a bit more intensely.

Disobeying her earlier command of looking at her face, Jason kept eyes fully on the panties and thought on what was under them. He began to tell her of her beauty. How all he wanted to do from that night on was to worship her. To beg for the chance to just taste her. Just a drop. Just one lick. If she would ever find him worthy of it. He found it more and more difficult to talk. Her stroking his dick was so nice and so exhilarating.

Being even more disobedient, Jason quickly, and before she could move, reached up and moved Lisa’s panties aside revealing her pussy to him. His mouth opened in awe of it’s beauty. Lisa’s grip on his cock got tighter, but she did not pull away from him. “Tell me what your want to do with my pussy now that it is in front of your face.”

Jason’s finger tickled the lips of Lisa’s pussy. They were so soft. He told her of how soft they were. And how he wanted to devour her clit and to hear her moaning under his tongue. His fingers slit between the lips and found her clit. He told her of her wetness and how it made her pussy feel like smooth silk. Lisa moved her hips slightly and she stroked his cock harder. The he slipped two fingers into her.

Lisa moaned. That moan. That low vibration. The sound hit his ears like an elixir. Sending ecstasy through Jason’s body. He grunted loudly and before he could stop it, the orgasm his him. His body shuttered and he exploded. Cumming so hard it covered Lisa’s hands. Even shot up and hit her cleavage. He never removed his fingers from Lisa’s inner body. He actually sank them deeper with every tremor of his own body. Her moans became louder and heavier. She didn’t seem to mind his cumming all over her. Jason finished his orgasm and relaxed a bit. His hand still in Lisa’s pussy. It was so went and her moans filled with longing.

When Jason recuperated and could think a little clearer. Though, Lisa’s moans were driving him nuts all over again. He pushed her back a little. please, may I worship you properly?” He said as he fell to his knees.

Lisa, with eyes closed and legs still opened and inviting, nodded her head and in a quiet, sultry tone, “Yes, my Pet.”

Jason’s mouth connected to his Mistress’ center. Tongue sinking deep upon her clit. His fingers still inside her and curved up to give her total and ultimate. His Owner delighted in it and moved her body accordingly. His fingers became wetter and she became tighter around him.

The phone rang and Jason’s face went to it. He did not remove his fingers from the goddess he desired. She continued to rise in her rapture. He answered the phone, in a wobbly voice said, It was Lisa’s brother. Jason told him that she had had the call of nature and was taking care of some personal business and would be there in a bit. Hung up the phone and went back to licking at the essence.

Lisa’s head went back and she gasped. He hands went to Jason’s hair and she pushed his head deeper into her. He moved his fingers faster. Lisa’s orgasmed and heat rushed all over him sending him into another orgasm himself.

Lisa pulled away from him. Leaned down and kissed him deeply. Struck his back once with the whip. “Next time, maybe I’ll let you fuck me, My Pet.” She turned and walked out of the room.

Jason sat there on his knees, dick still exposed, again hard, and quaking from the excitement that had just whirl winded into his life.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Lisa kept visiting Jason every day for a year. Their scenarios got more and more elaborate. They added new toys to their frolicking on a daily weekly basis.

The day came when Jason devoted himself completely to Lisa as her 24/7 sub. He relocated to her town and went to the college of her desire.

Jason and Lisa have long since sold the little whip to a shop down the street. Their experimenting took them to a place further than the little whip could be helpful. However, they both credit their devotion to each other to that little whip.

story by: MystressAssail

Tags: fiction erotica male/female plumper bdsm sex story

Author: MystressAssail

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