Player's trick book chapter 2.

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Jeremy's story continues on… read chapter 1

Jeremy strolled in to his office building, casually greeting his staff one by one. His appearance more or less a formality as this company was his solely. He was the creator and founder of Playa Industries. His start as a womanizer led him to incorporate his flair for writing in with his keen sense of business. He started writing self-help books for guys looking to "get the girl". His play boy life style often flaunted in the pages making those who read even more of believers in the Playa's handbook. He brought others in to the gimmick such as having personal trainers write books on the perfect work out routines to make the body ladies want, books on how to cook meals the ladies love, to dress in the right style, how to groom and the likes.

As easy as it was for him to bag women, he bagged his niche and rode it to the top with quick success, being a fast talker he haggled, bargained, conned, seduced and screwed his way to the top. He reached out in to opening companies to hold motivational speaking seminars, opened up Adonis Gym one by one (heavily appealed in his books), he even started opening night clubs with lewd names such as Club Nailed, Club Eros, and even as far as Club Fuzzy Cuffs all to incorporate the image of the ideal sex image life style obtained by going through his brand. His company boomed spawning many smaller companies and ventures out of it. Forbes magazine, GQ, Wall Street Journal all foamed at the mouth to sit down and learn this man's story.

He walked to his corner office and noticed his secretary was wearing a low cut bright blue blouse with a hint of her white bra showing through the cleavage, and a knee high grey skirt with a slit that sadly came to stop mid-thigh. Jeremy arched his eyebrow wondering what secrets that cloth hid. Both eye brows rose when he looked at the clock and realized he was not due for his meeting for another twenty minutes.

"Jenny dear, follow me to my office." He calmly said in passing as he walked by her desk. She immediately hopped up eager to follow her bosses command. Only professional… only professional she repeated to herself. She was not one who liked to mix pleasure with business. Even though he seemed to blur the line for her when convenient. Something she had a love/hate relationship with. She enjoyed the attention but at times felt cheap for it knowing she wasn’t a source of affection for him.

"Jenny, grab a seat over here." He said as he gestured with his hand to the chair in front of him as he leaned against his massive desk.

"You look outstanding today. But seriously this is a professional office. I don't want my important clients coming in here and the first impression they get is a whore house. I've told you about Business Attire. That shirt is not close to he sternly lectured. He did not use a tone or look of anger, but of disappointment. "I gave you this job out of the benevolence of my heart and you come in here on a very important day with such disregard to one of the simple things I ask of you. Very />
Jenny sat in her seat uncomfortable, flabbergasted and embarrassed. She started shuffling in her seat and subtly trying to tug her blouse up. She tried to maintain eye contact but barely was able to. "I'm sorry Mr. Black… I picked up my dry cleaning I'm sure I have a better shirt to change into!" she said in practically a whisper. She stood to rush out and Jeremy held up his hand to stop her

Jeremy was happy to see the reaction before him. She fell for it every time. "Bring em to the brink of self-esteem destruction, let them feel bad for a few minutes, offer no remorse, no solace. Be firm and at the peak of the moment, hang out that hand to catch her from her fall and pull her back to happiness, her hero." he thought to himself. One of the guiding principles of his pick up teachings.

"You can go change in one minute. We are not through here." he shot out in a sort of annoyed tone. Her eyes now fell. "I hate when you make me play this role Jenny." Use their name to keep the focus, say the name with a very tiny hint of content. Everyone loves to hear their name, whether good or bad, but the tone in which it is said is picked up subconsciously he quoted to himself.

"I want to come in here and smile, compliment you on your attire and your hard work! Instead I have to chastise you over small insignificant details repeatedly! Why can't we have a normal day without policy and regulations having to be recited?" he quipped. He knew this was not a normal situation for them, but in a moment of shame analytical thinking shuts down, and he knew her brain was dwelling over the embarrassment of the moment and picking up on the emotional cues of the conversation rather than the details of the words themselves. Time for the kill Play Boy

With her feeling so low and so worthless for his time, he brought in the last punch.

"Now, now pretty eyes, I can't stay mad at you. Don't make me feel bad for having to do my job!" he said with a reassuring smile. She smiled briefly at the compliment. Putty he thought. Mine for the shaping, the taking and the ravishing! "Although you do look amazing in this low cut revealing shirt" he drawled out in a slightly deeper more confident voice, with the same smile. She blushed and subconsciously let the blouse fall a little lower.

"Stand up for me darling let's see how you look before I have you change in to more boring attire." He took her hand and guided her up. "My my, quite a beauty, how have you not modeled in one of my ads yet?"

She took the comment to heart because she knew she was pretty, but she did not believe she could pass as a model. She was 5"8, DD but she had a thin waist and almost no butt. Not to mention she didn't like her nose in the typical sense of a lady finding fault in nothing. She brushed her black hair over hair and flattened her skirt against her. Jeremy took a stepped back and took her hand in his and lifted it up high slightly pulling it towards him as he pushed it in a circle, signaling for her to do a spin. She laughed at the motion but complied.

"Beautiful long legs and also ever so graceful my dear. They are so not fit to be behind one of my desks! I've been taking some Salsa classes let's try for the dip!" He lied. He took Salsa years ago. But it gave him an excuse to place his arm on her lower back above her butt, and an excuse to have her wrap her arm around his neck, placing his hand behind her head he dipped her and brought her about half way back up. "Oh dear you have that look as if you want to kiss me! …again" he said coyly

"I.. Uh.. No.. Sir I know we can't… I mean won't… being employee and employer and after last time… The talk we had about never again… And… I'm sorry I don’t mean to flirt so!" She stammered but he felt her eyes gazing in to her eyes and felt warmth spread throughout her body. His eyes traced from her eyeballs to her mouth and back, even daring to look at her ample bosom as it lay below him. He brought her back up and gave an exaggerated tug pulling her slightly closer into him.

"Don't say sorry… You’re not a sorry person. You apologize. When you say you’re sorry it makes you sound like pathetic sweet heart. “He said tenderly” Your too beautiful and maintain too great a life to be someone who can call themselves sorry." He moved his head slightly closer and she took the bait pulling in slowly for a kiss as if in a trance. "Well if you insist Jenny!"

He waited for her to make her move to make her feel the aggressor, and that’s when he took over locking lips rolling his tongue over hers. He opened his eyes and glanced at his clock and noticed he had 10 minutes to spare. He quickly stuck his fingers in the front and pulled her towards him around his desk. Jeremy locked lips with her once more and turned her around lifting her skirt revealing a black silk thong. He quickly yanked the thin material down and pulled out his erection and swiftly placed it at her slit. He reached around her thighs and pushed his head in to her already moist entrance. He alternated his hands between her hips and her breast as he thrust like a jack hammer into her from behind. She was lost in the moment gasping and moaning hands gripping the front ledge of the desk for dear life. She felt every inch as it plowed in and out sawing through her. Hers legs vagina ached to cum. Her hormones were wild after such a broad range of emotions flooded through her.

"uh uh uh uhhhnnnhhhh yea, mmmmmm" she gasped over and over again as the wet thwack noise of his skin hitting her skin echoed in the office

"yurgghhh take it.. You like your bosses cock. Tell your boss how you like it!" He growled as he slapped her ass. He pulled her hair too. This one likes to be dominated was her assessment of her. This was confirmed with her exclaim of joy and the sudden bucking backwards of her hips

"oh oh ohhhhhh Mr. Black I’m cumming mmmmmmm." she half moaned half yelled out loud. Thank god for sound proofing he thought. He felt her pussy convulse on his cock as she shook in the throes of orgasmic convulsions from the roller coaster of emotions to the violent taking of her from behind. He pulled out and dropped her to her knees and shoved his cock in her mouth. She happily started bobbing, skirt still lifted, thong still around her ankles, Pussy saturated with her own secretions.

"You have two minutes to make me cum. Then regain your composure and clean up. After wards your to go change in to something presentable greet my clients and then you are to go take my card to Victoria Secret and buy the sexiest outfit you can for tonight. Understood?"

"yhmm shur" She mumbled around his cock. He pulled his cock out suddenly and moved her head to look up at him.

"I didn't hear you with your mouth full of me." He said demandingly but with a soft smile and a twinkle to his eyes.

"Yes sir!" She said, a little too excitedly, she thought to herself. He proceeded to shove his cock back into her mouth and down her throat.

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story by: Eroswritings

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Author: Eroswritings

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