Playtime – chap. viii – let's get something straight between us and playtime – chap. ix – james' second encounter (the dancing girl)

sex stories


The marrieds realize they both get off using “dirty words”.
“ People treat others so mean by calling them an asshole, or a dick, or a cunt,” she said, using that last word for the first time in her life. “ and fall into that category, too.”
Both felt those words should be compliments — a sexy woman proud of her body, knowing how to use it, and being in charge. They decide it’s patriarchal, putting the woman down, when she desires to be in charge. How unfair. And what is the equivalent? just doesn’t have the same connotations, in fact is almost a badge of honor with guys.
“And John, what woman doesn’t secretly like a dick? Some are merely more open about it, and then risk being called sluts, with tarnished reputations — easy.” Whores are experts at sex, aren’t they, and don’t they only want to give their customers
Mary told John it really rocked her boat when James and he came inside her at the same time; and not only she, but John had neat experiences lately with their expanded sex life including their assholes, so why was THAT so negative? “John, I intend to be a whore in bed, and what that means is I want to be darn good at sex. If you want to call me a whore or a bitch or a cocksucker, I’ll just take it as a compliment and fuck you harder, thank you very much!”
“It’s like Tammy sang, be an angel in the morning and a devil at night! ”

So that was settled, the thing about “dirty words”.
He tested this out later in the master bedroom upstairs, dressing for work in the morning. She wore bra and panties, he was in briefs.
Tentatively, he said, “Can you believe that cute little bitch with her chocolate? Do you think you could out-bitch her?”
Mary wondered a moment at his new use of the term, and his language. Like her, she wasn’t used to and using dirty words. She remembered their conversation and replied, “Any whore worthy of the name could make you come with or without some little bit of warm chocolate, don’t you think?”
“Are you that whore you’re talking about?”
“Hey, baby, these tits and this ass are on the best whore you’re ever gonna get a piece of, aren’t they?”
John smiled at her as she leaned over to him and clutched his balls, squeezing softly. He felt himself harden.
She knows what I’m getting at.
“So, if I wanted some cute bitch in this house to kiss my ass, do you think she’d do it?” Mary knew exactly what he was doing and joined the game heartily.
“Baby, that whore would not only kiss your beautiful ass, but she’d stick her tongue so far into it, you’d think some queer invaded your house and raped you. Are you suggesting you want this whore to rape you?”
“No, I’m just trying to find out if you get upset if I refer to you as a bitch or a whore,” he replied honestly.
“Oh baby, call me a cunt if you want. Me and this thing between my legs goes by many names, and I’m not offended by any of them now. You can say any of them, call me any of those names and I don’t mind. If you wanta call me your favorite fucking cunt, then that’s a compliment to me, okay? We talked about this, right? Now do you believe me? The next time we have Kelly over for you, let’s see how she feels about it. Hey, here’s something – the next time we have one of our Toys over for some more fun, why don’t you tell them that you want to see their tongue in my cunt? Tell them ‘fuck that bitch’. ‘Eat my whore out, she loves it.’ We’ll see how they respond.“ While Mary was telling her husband this, her hand was roaming from his balls to his cock, and over his stomach, pinching his nipples. She had leaned down now, took her favorite part of him in her mouth and savored the suddenly-damp end of it.
“Okay, okay, I’m convinced you’re not offended if I use those terms. C’mon now, we’ve gotta get ready for work – we’ll take the rest of this up tomorrow when you-know-who comes over again.”
She licked the tip of his penis once more, petulant and wanting more as always. “So, you know I’m not offended by those names, what are you not offended by?”
He pulled away from her succulent lips. “Gosh, I don’t know, hon. I’ll have to think about that some more.”
“How ‘bout if I called you my favorite /> “Aww, you know I’ve never done that. I don’t think I could do /> “Okay, baby, put that thought on hold. But let me say that if it ever works out that you do that, I think you’d be the best cocksucker ever. I know what you do when you eat me, so I think you’d be the best fucking cocksucker in the whole wide world!”
“Oh, you’re the hottest cunt I know — nothing like living with a lovely fucking whore!”
Mary grinned, “You say the nicest things. Hold that />

The week flew by. Excitement in the air – it was Mary’s turn again. A month had gone by since she and John invited her new Toy for their adventures. And John’s Toy Kelly had been over twice.
Ohmigosh, I can hardly believe what James and I have done together! John and I are closer than ever; we’ve gotten it on more in the past month than the past two years! And this sexual thing with Kelly, too!
And last night — John is so playful again! I was on the toilet, peeing, and he came in wearing only his underwear. Stood in front of me, pulled his dick out – hard already! – put it in my mouth. “Be my whore,” he said, like I was just some kind of receptacle. I put my hands around on his butt and let him use me while I peed — what a strange almost felt like I was coming. I was peeing, and he was really fucking my mouth! But he was so gentle. I liked that. And he never fails to kiss me after I give him head.
He confuses me, though. His cock is in my mouth one minute, then his lips and tongue are on mine, so what’s with him not wanting to suck a man’s dick? It’s only one step removed when I’ve got him in my mouth and then he’s kissing me. He just needs to cut out the middleman. After all, he’s seen me suck Kelly’s pussy….and he knows I’ve never done something like that with another woman.
Paid him back later, when he went into the bathroom. Followed him in, stood behind him while he pulled his pants down and started peeing. I reached around, took it in my hand and guided the stream like he does. I could feel it going through his cock. I rubbed up against his rear, and he reached back and put my other hand between his buns, so I wet my finger and put it in his ass while he was peeing. We’ve never done THAT before. He shivered and stopped peeing for a moment, so I shook his dick, pushed a little more with my finger, and he started again. When he quit, I shook it and wiped my finger over the top to get that last drop off, like I’ve seen him do, and then I shocked him by putting my finger in my mouth to lick it off! I surprised myself! We both have become so sensual with our new game. I really don’t know why I did that.

There were more times when the two of them would share intimate sexual moments. No intention to no plan to take it “to the limit”. Just shared casual groping. We were never like this in the past, she thought, except the first year we were married.

Mary frowned. She and her husband had talked about tonight, the threesome with James. He was worried about this “gay” thing. But Mary had already gone down on Kelly, had let the girl kiss her and more. Kelly had even sat on her face and let his come drip into her mouth. Mary had thought this delightfully perverse, did it just for the sexiness of it, and she’d even deliberately raised her mouth up and sucked Kelly’s snatch for more! “Oh John, you just have to realize, when you’re in the moment and it’s right there, you don’t worry about that gay and lesbian queer stuff. It’s just sex and it feels good right then. Close your eyes and skin is skin, and a tongue is a tongue. Your come tastes just the same whether it comes from your cock or Kelly’s pussy.”

He thought about her answer. “But I just can’t see me wanting to suck some guy’s prick, that would make me gay,” he told her.
“So am I a queer – a lesbian?” she replied.
“I know you’re not,” he said.

“Maybe it all boils down to what you are inside, not necessarily what you do. Remember last time with James, I sucked both your cocks at the same time — yours and his were touching in my mouth, weren’t they…and remember when I had you put his dick inside me. All that touching certainly didn’t make you a queer to me! And I absolutely loved you doing that with me. You know, when you do things like that for me, I think it shows how much you love me.”
“Well, we’ll see how it all shakes out, hon. And you know our rules – nobody has to do anything they’re not comfortable with. Right?”
It’s our new game, and we agree on the rules as we go along. And John, just like we talked about before, you told me who knows better how to turn a girl on than another girl since they both have the same equipment and know how to use it? It works the same way for guys, too, right? Gosh, you even gave Kelly and me a great lesson on how to jack you off! And baby, I loved what you had me and Kelly do to each other…so does that make me a lesbian? So you ought to be the expert on doing it to another guy – if we decided to do that, too.”
John agreed she had a point. You have to talk these things out, he kept reminding himself. Maybe I will, maybe I />
She wondered if she should put a butterscotch candy, or a mint, inside her like their new friend Kelly had done to make herself taste different. I’ll think about it….


Mary walked out of the bedroom and down the hall to the living room, where John and her new toy James sat on the couch.
“Hi James. Oh, you boys are in for a treat tonight. Did John clue you in we were planning on some more fun, James?”
“Yes, Mary. He said something about you getting a little kinky lately. You’re not gonna bring out the handcuffs and whips, are you?”
“Ha, no…but that’s a thought! Just kidding, James, I’m not into that stuff.”
She had dressed to tease for this evening’s fun, since she planned a hot striptease first.
“Hon, you’re looking so hot, dressed up like you’re going somewhere special,” said her husband.
“I am going somewhere special – that big kingsize bed in our bedroom. But first, you two get a treat.” She smiled at James.
She put in a CD, the Bolero by Ravel. Its throbbing and regular beat was easy to move to and perfect for the in-out of sex. She began a slow dance in front of the couch while the guys watched.
She fluffed her hair, swayed her hips, and cupped her breasts lasciviously to the music. “The Queen will be in charge as usual,” she said in a throaty voice, “and the Bitch-Whore guides her tonight,” and she thrust her hips toward them as if to say Fuck Me.
Caressing the front of her sheer, long-sleeved white blouse, she toyed with the top buttons, undid the third one and slid her hand inside to squeeze her boob. Then her other hand worked the opposite. She undid the jumper’s buttons at her hip, slid the straps off her shoulder. Her mini-skirt was ready to be lowered. Mary swayed more, worked the shirt buttons. Her nipples were newly-visible through the fabric. Her shirt tucked into the skirt, its front open and her bra now showing, she licked her lips at the guys as she danced, wet a finger, and traced it down her stomach and momentarily dipped her hand out of sight under the skirt. She pantomimed rubbing her crotch, and the men gazed lustfully at this lovely dancing slut. James’ hand was already rubbing his crotch through his pants.
The imp pulled the shirttail loose from her skirt, slid it off her shoulders and tossed it to the guys. She danced in her bra and short skirt, her white socks and MaryJanes. What a dream I’m in, thought James, getting hard. This is my own whore, thought John – it just gets more exciting with her every day.

Mary was gradually realizing she had long been a wondered if most women were this way. She recalled resenting her mother’s tutelage many years ago that ‘ladies always must sit with their ankles crossed and legs closed’. Why?!
She danced closer to the couch, briefly put a foot up on John’s knee and turned away, flashing them her multicolored panties, teasing. “Sorry, boys, the Bitch ain’t takin’ bucks to TUCK tonite,” she leered.

“You gentlemen look like you’re ready to bust,” she taunted, and stuck out her rear, again flashing her undies. John remembered when he had slid into that tight hole while the man beside him was buried inside his wife. She continued her slow, sexy moves, throwing in deliberately sexual jerks. Cupping her crotch. Pushing her chest forward. Making the cock-stroking motions. Wagging her tongue at them. Sucking hard on her finger. Reached back for the bra hook, unsnapped it and lifted it off, tossed it to John. She turned away quickly, danced over to the wall and leaned against it, bent over, her panties in view to the men to tease. The 34B’s she was proud of swung free, and now she was clad only in the skirt, socks and shoes. Her fingers went to her mouth, rubbed generous saliva on her nipples. The moisture gleamed, and James’ eyes were glued to her beautiful swaying chest as she turned to them, jiggling.
“Oh yeah, that’s my baby,” said John. my whore!”

“She has the prettiest body,” said James. Pleased with his response, she pressed her boobs together as she danced closer to them. Again wetted the tips, the glistening moisture nearly dripping. She teased them mercilessly, a breast in her hand, leaning her head over and dripping saliva in a slow stream onto the nipple as she ground her hips in a slow circle. Mary abruptly turned her back to the boys. Bent over, spread her legs to give them a lusty thrill, and slowly, slowly peeled the colored panties. She quickly stood and turned, tossed them to James – “Stuff them down the front of your pants, Big Boy…. you know how I like to play with my /> Her husband watched as the man beside him unzipped, pushed Mary’s panties inside his trousers, and zipped up.
Yes indeed. James recalled the first time he was here and became her Toy, when she shed her panties on the bed, stuffed them inside the honey-pot and made him pull them out with his teeth! Allowed me to, rather. And then she’d dragged them all over his face to “mark her territory”. She’s amazing.

The Queen put one leg up on the couch between the two, ordered her husband to take off a shiny black and the white sock. “Suck it,” she commanded, pointing her toes at him. He held her foot, put a toe into his mouth and sucked. She set it down, lifted the other foot to James. “You too.” John watched as the Toy removed her shoe, rolled down the white sock, also sucked on her big toe. John’s cock stretched out watching this, and he shifted position to allow space in his pants.
Deliciously nude now but for the skirt, she backed away, shaking her shoulders to jiggle her breasts, turned and walked away. “The Queen will be in the bedroom, but you’d better be ready for the Bitch-Whore when you come in. She’s in a sexy mood and wants a good time.”
James looked at John, who said, “She has a great imagination, doesn’t she?”
“The Queen certainly has my full attention!” replied James.
“Yeah, I can see,” said John, looking at James’ tented pants. “Wonder what she’s gonna do with those panties you’ve got?”

The men entered the bedroom, Mary at ease on her back in bed, skirt on, naked breasts mounded and still wet as she clutched them. James was ready to drop on her, and John wondered what she would order next.
“John, take off your clothes and come lay down beside me.” James watched with a momentary pang of regret as his companion shucked his clothing, his hard-on prominent. John wasn’t embarrassed at being near another man naked, even with his erection; they’d been through this before with Mary. In truth, he felt to James’ little four-incher. He laid down beside his wife, and she grasped his member. “What a pretty thing,” she flattered, “so BIG!”
“James, take my panties out and toss them to me, then disrobe. There’s a hot slut in this bed who wants her titties fucked.”
Her coarse language was a shocker, but he wasn’t going to complain. No sir! James slid out of his shirt, dropped his pants, removed the pretty panties from his crotch and gave them a toss. Mary smelled them, and promptly rubbed them over her husband’s face. and my scent together,” she told her husband. She draped it around his cock and began stroking as James climbed onto her, a knee on either side, and slid his dick between her breasts. She loved the sight of his smaller organ, so alike and so different from the one she’d known for thirty married years. Practically the only other one she had ever seen.
you are the best Toy! I love your cock.” What a Toy. Mary took John’s hand and urged him to continue his stroking with the panties. Once again – her secret plan — she had brought her husband only inches from James’ erect cock. She squeezed her breasts together with James’ penis between my tits, James – be my champion She wanted to excite John, right beside her, stroking himself with her panties, with his thigh alongside James’ leg. Someday, I’ll get him to slide off me and onto John, his penis going in John’s mouth instead of mine. How sexy is that! Mary had new plans.
The married couple both saw that James’ penis, four inches long at the extent of it, was almost lost in her average-size mammaries. John’s was that long soft. As he stroked himself beside his wife, with her panties around his cock, John momentarily gloated that he was so much bigger than this new Toy.
She upped the ante. “Ummm, I love that, James, keep it up. This bitch is gonna have you do something tonite you’ve never done before, and you too, John. Keep doing that, James, I love the feel of your hot cock fucking my and she closed her eyes, bucked her hips into him as he did as she ordered.
James closed his eyes — so tight, it’s almost like being in her pussy. He pretended, and pumped her as she pressed her flesh tight to his prick. “Yeah, that’s it, baby, fuck the Queen,” she goaded. John continued to masturbate with Mary’s panties as he watched from his next-door view of his new whore and her new Toy. He joined in, remembering the talk they’ had about dirty language — “fuck her tits good, James, you’re her Toy.”
And of course James redoubled his efforts. She continued for a minute or two, talking and mauling her breasts together around the cock, then reached down once again to stroke John’s organ with her panties. All seven huge inches were erect, she squeezed, her hand rose and fell, while James continued his thrilling adventure.
“I’ll bet you want to stick it in me, don’t you James? You want it in my mouth, you want me to suck you off, don’t you? I bet you want to jack off in my mouth, on my tongue, you probably want to come on my face, don’t you?
“If the Queen wishes,” he said, hoping she wouldn’t take offense.
She cooed softly, “Oh, I’ll be your cocksucker, go ahead and give it to me, fuck my mouth now, baby, please.” She opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out, inviting. Someday, I’m gonna get him to actually take charge.
Yes, this was turning him on fast! She is the wildest thing, thought James as he bent over her face. Mary’s tongue was out and down over her lower lip to receive her toy’s treasure. John, jacking off, watched as just inches away, the other man’s hips were controlled by his wife who allowed the toy to lay his cock on her tongue. She lapped at it, let it enter her mouth, which she kept open, and John knew he was absolutely turned on anymore seeing another man’s penis inside her mouth, her tongue active under, on top, and around it. He could tell she loved each inch and each moment of this cocksucking. Mary wanted John to see it in her mouth, everything she was doing. Then she pulled James’ hips toward her face, driving his cock deep, closing her mouth and sucking with force. Her face pressed solidly against his pubic hair. James groaned with pleasure, rocked his hips in and back, fucking her mouth vigorously. “Oh yeah, James, the Bitch likes that, keep it up. Fuck her mouth.” John was amazed – and delighted — watching his wife give this fantastic blowjob inches from him. And for a tiny fleeting moment – just a moment — he empathized with the joy he knew his wife was having, and wondered what it was like to be on the receiving end.

Mary: I don’t know which is better – blowing my new Toy’s cock like this, or having my husband right next to me getting the closest view of all! I hope he’s enjoying this as much as I am. Oh, keep it up, James, make me eat it!
John: This is wild. I almost came when her mouth was wide open with his dick laying inside it. What a cool whore!
James: Ah god, she sucks good! Mary’s striptease made my balls churn! And then when she told me to climb on her, whew. She’s sure a pro at blowjobs – John must get it every night, the lucky guy! She sucks hard!

Mary popped James out of her mouth, held the end to her lips and then said, “You taste so good, honey…but the Queen needs about ten pounds of hot cock inside her box – I’m steamin’, boys. Which of you two wants to do me?”
John said, “I do!”
James said, “I do!”
Mary said, “I pick my Toy this time – I like the way he fucks my mouth. James, lay on your back.” He rolled off her, laid back beside her, dick in the air. Mary stood up on the bed, put a leg on either side of John’s head, with her legs spread, said, “You can take off my skirt.” John leered at the perfect view above him, since she’d already removed her panties. He reached up, took hold of the skirt hem and slowly pulled it down her legs, revealing her full nudity. Mary stepped out of it, and both men noticed the moisture in her trimmed pubic hair.
James again reveled in the sight of this naked exhibitionist, and her proud confidence in showing off. She seemed to strut, just standing there. She straddled him, sat on his abdomen, facing his feet. Lifted up, held his cock and fitted it into herself, came down on it and sighed audibly. “You fill me up, James, this feels so good.” She leaned back, her hands alongside her toy, and watched herself in the mirror opposite her. She saw the base of his cock as it appeared while she thrust on him. Some of it in view, and now poof ! gone. Her outer lips were spread, of course, and the tunnel surroundings were reddened. Enjoy my show, she said to herself, the Bitch is in heat. I’m in Technicolor, she giggled.
“John, honey, come over here and kiss my Technicolor clit.” She wanted him closer to James’ cock, still aiming for an exciting thing she really wanted to see. I sucked Kelly’s pussy, now I wanta see my man suck a man’s dick.
He obeyed, crawled over between James’ legs, knelt down and put his lips to her miniature penis sticking out hard between the hood, kissed and began sucking. He felt James’ thrusting cock on his chin, but what he was doing to his wife had his attention, and he got over the fact that James’ penis was inches from his mouth. He knew he was pleasuring her fully, as she murmured, “Oh you studs, this is the greatest feeling, keep it up – do it harder, both of you.” Her legs were spread wide as both men worked her, each enjoying his own task, she ecstatic with both. “Take your Queen.”

“John honey, fuck me with your tongue, in my pussy, I want it in there, too,” ordered the Bitch-Whore. A moment of hesitation, but John was turned on now, and she smelled so sexual, and he was hot … he stuck out his tongue, hardened it like a spear, and pushed it in on top of the cock already there. He felt it, like a piece of meat, sliding under his tongue as he fucked in and out in time with the penis thrusting, too. Just another piece of meat, he thought, if she’s loving this, then I will, too.
Mary watched the spectacle in the mirror, her husband’s rear in the glass. She looked down, could only see his face and mouth glued to her, but felt two pressures going in and out, watching her husband’s head glued to her. A wave of pride swept over her, and she trembled, almost came. So this is what it feels like to have two guys together — they can fuck this Bitch like this anytime they want. How many wives have such a remarkably loving husband? just wonderful stop Please don’t stop!!”
And then she surprised him, shifting up and popping the cock out of her, and it slipped along John’s lips as it came out. He jerked back, reflexively. Mary squirmed off the Toy and beside him, lay with her head on his leg and grasped the cock, squeezing and stroking vigorously. It was slippery from her juices, her hand went from shaft to head, squeezing. She grabbed John’s hand, put it around hers, and together stroked. He watched as she sucked it, then pointed the cockhead to him and said, “Your turn, baby.” She put her hand on John’s head, urged it down to the organ. “Do it for me,” she said. He hesitated, what the hell, opened, and her slight push drove the head inside. “Now suck it, like you sucked my clit. Be my Bitch now, honey.” His hand still around hers, she felt him slowly take charge and squeeze it, stroking, setting up a more powerful and intense rhythm than she had; his cheeks caved in as he sucked hard, opened his mouth and let it slide out, and again engulfed it, bobbing up and down. “Oh, I love you, John – work it, show me how!” This is a work of art, she thought – my work of art…this is a symphony, I created this special moment. She swelled with pride, moved his hand off it and took the penis, deep-throated it, then gave her tongue to him and deep-throated him. Again she slid her mouth down the shaft. “Take his balls, John,” she said, and her husband lowered to the testicles, taking first one, then the other, sucking gently, while she mouthed James’ length.
“Oh, I’m gonna COME!” said James
She quickly directed the dick to John’s mouth, he pressed his lips down tight on the head while they both stroked it, and John felt the first jet of fluid hit his mouth. “OH OH OH!” shouted James.
John swallowed involuntarily — what a raging little beast! She grabbed her Toy’s pulsing cock away from her husband, took the second stream in her mouth and licked her lips, opened to show John the come on her tongue, swallowed it. “Do it together with me, John.” Both had their lips on either side of the head, stroking, licking the oozing semen, their tongues together as they shared the substance. “You are my favorite she told him. He replied, “And you’re mine, too.”
They worked together on James’ pole until he rather quickly went limp and shrunk. “Oh you guys are too much,” said James, exhausted.
Mary said to John, “Do this, darling.” She lowered her mouth to the crotch, sucked in the limp penis, then as she gave one long suck, slowly slid it out of her mouth. It drew to its full length, pencil thin now, and then popped out, again lay flaccid. John grinned, “Your Toy’s toy,” and went for it, his mouth now down in James’ pubic hair. He looked up at Mary, rolled his eyes, sucked in and withdrew the prick inch by inch, watching Mary. She grinned, licked her lips, made sucking sounds. Before he could release it, she said, “Oh, I love it — once more, baby, for me.” And he again went down on it, this time bobbing his head. It tasted like a wet piece of meat, he thought, but also like Mary’s pussy. Again he let it out, inch by inch, watching his wife…and let it pop out. She kissed him, tongue thrust deep in his mouth. “John, you’re the greatest. Now we’re gonna take you — lay down.”
“James, now it’s your turn to help me.”
James knew he was being expected to suck off the man, since he’d just had it done to him. He’d never had sex with any man before, except for what John and he did to Mary the last time he was here. As he was ejaculating, he could feel them switching off, and John sucked harder and stroked him better than Mary. He quickly made up his mind to do as good as John did on him – he wanted to be invited back for more of Mary’s games.

He’d tried to suck his own cock once, when he was 15; lying in bed, his legs flung up over his head, toes hooked onto the headboard, he’d pushed his cock toward his mouth, was just inches away. He stayed there a minute in this position, and his back naturally stretched, and his penis grazed his tongue if he stuck it all the way out. It felt no different than licking the tip of his thumb. Another minute, and he could stretch his neck out and actually get part of the head of it in his mouth. He sucked. So this is what a blowjob feels like, he thought. I can’t get the whole top in… He stroked his dick, sucked on it, imagined it was a girl he knew doing this, and shortly he knew it was happening, shocked when the glans swelled and he felt the rush and his own semen shot into his mouth. My God, I just came in my mouth! Salty, very salty! Sticky, too. Didn’t taste especially good, but at least he wasn’t gagging. He went for it and milked the come out ‘til he quit, pleased and shocked he’d succeeded in blowing himself. What a rush. Tomorrow maybe I’ll be able to get it all in my mouth. He found that he had to slowly unbend himself, as his back had to adapt to stretching out again. What a memory.

And now here he was, with a married couple and he was actually going to suck a man off. Is this really happening?

Mary lay with her head on John’s thigh, his thick member in her hand. “James, look how long it is. I can’t even get it all in my mouth, it’s seven inches long, longer than my hand.” She demonstrated, resting the base of her hand on his pubic hair. The tip of his penis stood above her tallest finger. “I know I can’t deep-throat this monster, and I’m horny as hell,” she said, and James knew she was him.
She leaned over it, gathered spit in her mouth and let it drip onto his cock. She stuck her tongue into the slit. “Come kiss your Whore,” she said to him, holding the rigid tool and putting her lips against one side of John’s cockhead. James knew what was expected of him, and he wanted to please her – slid his head to John’s crotch, wet his lips, and put them solidly on the other side, pressed toward her and kissed her around the edges of the dick. The first time he’d ever tasted another man’s penis. She smiled, stuck out her tongue and licked the cock and his lips, then drove down onto John’s hardness. She felt him react strongly. Pulling out, she pointed it at James. “Now you, you’re the /> “With pleasure, my dear,” he said with great grace and polish. He wanted to please, completely over any fears about being labeled queer, and frankly, remembering his past experience on himself, was curious. And he was here to give pleasure, and enjoy it in the bargain. Again he remembered his experience at fifteen. Took John’s stiff rod in his hand, the first time he’d ever touched another man’s. He was shocked at how muscular it was, how big it felt in his to his. He stroked it a few times, impressed with its size, saw the pre-cum ooze out, touched his tongue lightly to the clear fluid and held it out to Mary, a viscous ribbon. She leaned forward, sucked on his tongue. “Ummm, a little bit of whores’ she smiled. “Blow him, James, go for it. Be my cocksucker Toy, make my husband come.”
James again licked, spread the fluid on his lips for lubrication, and went down on John’s cock, remembering how he couldn’t do this to himself so long ago. His mouth slid onto the head, locked itself around the corona, enjoying the feeling he couldn’t get many years ago on himself. He sucked on the knob, rolled his tongue over it as he stroked the shaft. Mary watched with delight, caressed his hair. Then he pushed farther. He felt himself get it almost all the way in his mouth before he hit a gagging point. This is what a woman feels like now. Held this, ran his tongue up and down the underside of the cock in his mouth. Mary watched raptly, seeing only an inch or two remaining out of James’ mouth. This is driving me wild, I need somebody’s dick in me. She moved her hand to the base of John’s prick, held that portion and squeezed, while James began an up-and-down bobbing on it. Her other hand went to his balls, pressed them and rolled them around.
She was bursting with pride. He needs to be rewarded for this. “Oh James, what a great cocksucker — next time you get to be in charge, baby….suck my Bitch, James, suck him good. Take it all, baby, show me how much you want it.” I’m the whore now, she thought, I can get him to get that whole cock in. “Work it, James, I wish we had video, you’re doing great, suck hard. Stroke it now, go for it all, baby, you can do it.” She made her words rhythmic, setting up a pace, trying to drive him to greater effort, and pushing him. She took it away from him, deep-throated him herself, eyes locked on James as she did this. Her hand flew up and down on it, drawing moans of pleasure from her husband. “My pussy is just leaking, James, you’re making my cunt so wet!” as she gave the cock back to him. The penis between them glistened with their juices as James strove to get it all in his mouth.
“I’m almost ready,” croaked John.
“Honey, when you’re ready to blast us, let it rip. We want every bit of that hot come in our mouths. Drown me in it.”
By motions, she indicated to James that they’d suck and share, just as she’d done to James. They both grasped the dick, her hand below his – both fit on the long shaft, and together they stroked it, first James sucking, then Mary. John felt the heat and the sudden push in his loins, knew he was going to shoot – “here it comes!” he said.

Mary held her open mouth an inch above the slit in his penis. They felt it jerk, and a white spout shot out into her mouth. She moved it to James’ mouth, he too took it the same way and Mary almost orgasmed watching the goo shoot into his mouth. She took the third load, now sucking on the head as John bucked his throbbing cock into her. And then James the fourth, rolling it over his lips to show Mary he had a mouthful of her husband’s warm come. And just like with John, they shared the slit now as the rest oozed out. Tongues mingled. Their hands held tightly to it. James touched Mary’s head, turned it sideways so her mouth faced upward, and he let the come drip from his mouth into hers. Oh, how cool is this, she thought. I’m gonna fuck this guy crazy the next time, he’s gonna think a wild banshee is raping him. He deserves it.
James’ mouth came down on hers, and they tongued each other, the remnants of her husband’s semen swapped between them. He licked her lips. She licked his.
Mary rose, straddled her man, his cock still hard. She knew John’s prick didn’t just fade away after he came. Her pussy was so juiced up, and his cock, too, she lay on him, pushed herself onto him, into her aching hole. She took it all, felt that familiar sensation of fullness, and lay against his chest. Reached up and kissed him. “You were wonderful, the best meal I ever ate,” she said with a grin.
“You can suck my dick any day, my little Whore, and your little dog, too. Oops, I mean your Toy.” He laughed.
“James, come lay up here beside us. You’ve done your share for tonite!”
He laid next to the married couple as they gently fucked each other, and smiled with pleasure at them as Mary soon reached her orgasm.
”I’m so lucky,” he thought.

story by: madhatter62

Tags: fiction sex story

Author: madhatter62

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