Playtime — chap. xxi — the interregnum, & playtime — chap. xxii — girl party

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John attended a business meeting in San Antonio, and so Kelly and Mary shared a Thursday dinner in his absence to discuss the proposed Saturday night get-together. Their former of the week before requested another meeting with them.
“John won’t be here this weekend, said Mary.
“It would be so much more fun if he were here…do you think we ought to invite James so we can have a fun cock to play with? Or should it just be us girls this Saturday?
“You know, every time we’ve played since we started this thing, John and I have had either you or James over. It’s always been me and James and John, or you and John and me. But then, we’ve had the times when we’ve been all together, too. And when you’ve brought Terri. We have never just been us girls, have we?”
“No. You’re right. Do you think John would mind?”
“I don’t know…. no, I don’t think so. He said he’s happy when I’m happy, and don’t you know we’ve been SO wild in our sex /> Kelly thought a minute, bit into the braised porkchop her friend and had prepared. The green beans in butter and sage were almost gone, a few warm buttered rolls still tempted. It was a down-home meal, as usual at the marrieds’ home. As she forked another bit of green beans, Kelly’s mind zeroed in on Mary’s comment. “I’m wearing my />
before you came over, I planned ahead and went to that adult store and bought one of those egg-things. I knew you’d get off on it, too.” She handed the younger girl a device. Kelly pressed the button, and instantly her companion on the other side of the kitchen table straightened up and dropped her fork, a glazed look in her eyes.

“Ohhhhhh, Mary managed breathlessly. Kelly pressed the button again and Mary collapsed on the table, her breathing harsh and labored. Kelly leaned over, laid the device on the table and cupped Mary’s head in her hands, kissed the top of her head. “Oh baby, are you okay?”

A huge exhale, and turning her head to the side, looked up at the girl. think I’m gonna live, you /> Kelly said, “I’ve never had that inside ME before…let me have it, okay?”
“No, you can wait your turn on Saturday night. Come over, and we’ll play.”


Kelly brought the mysterious slave Puttana from the weekend before to John and Mary’s house on Saturday night, Molson Gold the beer of choice. John languished in Texas on a business trip. A limo and driver dropped off the two women. The strange woman that all had taken advantage of the weekend before as their virtual slave drank straight from the bottle. This lady – Kelly’s acquaintance – requested that the two girls call her – a complete reversal from her role before as The Slave.
The Boss sported white lipstick that sparkled, soft lips, green eyes and green eyeshadow. Short, blonde hair feathered back softly — not one of those female-lawyer hairdos. Her green, loose cotton dress billowed around her.
The Boss opened the box she had brought. The girls saw what appeared to be a selection of sexual toys inside. what we’re playing with tonight, girls,” said the Boss. “Drink up, it’s gonna be a wild ‘n crazy woman night!”
More beer appeared. The fire glowed softly, the music mellow. Mary relaxed on the couch in her red Chinese robe. Kelly sat beside the fire in cut-off jeans with ragged hems and the transparent white babydoll with spaghetti-straps, and barefoot, of course.
“When we’ve all drank our fourth, then we’ll begin the wild ‘n crazy part,” said the Boss.
Kelly and Mary looked at each other, smiled, and saluted the Boss. “Yes ma’am, tonight we’ll be your fair,” said Mary. The Boss stood, walked over to the couch and clinked bottles with Mary, leaned down, pressed her lips lightly to Mary’s. “Submit to me tonight,” she said.
Mary answered, “It’s your turn, Boss.” As she came closer, Mary smelled incense, and she saw that the woman was just a few years younger than her.
“You bet it is … Kelly, remove this whore’s robe.”

Kelly stepped up to the couch, looked closely at Mary who gave her the nod, and draped the robe off her. Below was a push-up, underwire lacy teal Wonderbra enhancing an already-fine cleavage, and ebony silk panties, high-cut.
“Oh, I see you’ve dressed for the occasion,” said the Boss.
“Yes, mistress,” replied Mary, a humble slave.
The Boss withdrew and turned to Kelly. “Lay down,” she ordered. The Boss straddled Kelly on the floor.
No longer hidden by darkness or blindfolds as she stood above the young girl, her legs straddled Kelly’s head with hint of menace, then she reclined next to the girl. A mere show of dominance and power.
“I’ll tell you about one of my adventures recently,” she said. Mary realized at this moment neither she nor Kelly had achieved an orgasm at Puttana’s mansion the week before, only the guys had come.
The Boss sat up beside Kelly and rubbed the girl’s stomach as she drank another beer and talked:

“Before you came last week, a group of Japanese assholes came. It was arranged that they would visit and take advantage of the Slave. We had removed the dais from the platform, so it was only a smooth, soft surface for me to recline on. The candles and incense set the mood, and there were six suits. They were given the same instructions as you. These guys were from a Japanese sex club we knew about, called ‘Round-Eyes They usually hired American girls. Tonight, they were told an American woman-slave was available if they didn’t abuse the privilege.
My butler had allowed them to bring in the German Shepherd. This wasn’t that unusual. They had paid double the usual, of course, and that’s good money, girls!
One of them had Fey on a leash, brought him to the platform. I wore only a green robe. No use messing around with clothes. When I saw the dog, I turned over on my hands and knees, expecting the doggie-style thing. My head down on my arms, my butt up in the air. These Japs are kinky, but it pays well. The Japanese businessman, in suit and tie as usual, pulled my robe up over my butt and I spread my legs. This wasn’t the first time. I could hear him whispering softly to the dog and saw him rubbing the dog’s back, then underneath him. I felt it nuzzling my butt and then licking me, and thought he was going to jump on like they do. It’s no big deal – they usually hump fast and hard for about fifteen seconds, get their rocks off, and you’re a bundle of cash richer. But then the little Jap said NO real sternly to the dog. He ordered me to turn over. I thought, well fine, it’s the front routine. I don’t like this, because most dogs don’t brush their teeth, you know. But then, the guy just kneels down and spreads my legs, opens my robe and takes it off me. So now I’m naked and expecting Rin Tin Tin to jump on me, and the guy starts rubbing the dog’s back, then underneath and back toward his sex. The dog is trained and used to this, his prick immediately slid out of its sheath. I saw it extend, a mottled red and white, at least six or seven inches. “Suck it,” he said.”

Kelly and Mary looked at each other, remembering the story Mary had told on Whore-Contest night. They grinned like silly teenage girls, wondering if this story was a big fat lie, too.

“Like I said, these Japanese guys get off on kinky stuff like this. But I didn’t mind – they know the fee goes double. They don’t mind either – these guys own hotels and golf courses in Hawaii and buildings in New York City! And truthfully, girls, it’s more exciting to blow a dog than just get fifteen seconds of the old in-out –one prick inside your pussy is the same as another, but this stuff is more erotic. Pays a hell of a lot better, too. So, I shifted under the dog and grabbed its dick, put my lips around the end and started licking. It’s just like an uncircumcised cock. Dogs’ cocks come out wet, ready to go. I could just barely deep-throat it. I bet myself I could jack him off in less than a minute. You girls wouldn’t believe the money these guys pay for kinky shit like this – they knew they were gonna have to fork over a shitload of money since they hadn’t even asked for this first. The Jap held him still and I sucked and stroked the dick. Hey girls, it’s not much different than your believe me. I could hear those other guys rustling their clothes and coming closer to watch me. They were probably jacking off. It was only a minute or two before the dog started hunching and huffing, so I pulled out a little so they could get their money’s worth and watch the stuff shoot into my mouth. The good ole money-shot, like they say in porn films. Got a good mouthful. Sucked him dry. Rolled it in my mouth, rubbed it over my lips and let some dribble out to give ‘em a good show. I said, “Is this all you’ve got for me?” What you gotta know is these guys are used to their submissive teeny women who do NOT do anything of this sort.
Somebody took the dog away. The man beside me wiped come from my chin and put his fingers into my mouth. I sucked, like a good Slave. Actually, I love the taste of come, and dog jizz doesn’t taste any different from a man’s. It’s not white, usually, like guy’s sperm, and runnier, which makes it easier to swallow. More exciting, really, than getting fucked by the dog, and even I could live for a month on what it pays.
So now, the spotlight honed in on my stomach, I’m naked, and the other pervs surround me, also naked, their cocks in their hands, working on ‘em. I wasn’t surprised that they were all small. Now I was surrounded by six naked Japanese men with small dicks, beating their meat. I wondered what they were going to do next. It looked like a gangbang was coming. That would have been alright with me, wouldn’t have been the first time. Some men are so unimaginative, you know. Doesn’t really make much difference if one guy or six guys in a row climb on.”

As she talked, the Boss pressed her hand into Kelly’s crotch, pushing hard. It was plain the Boss preferred the cute young thing. Kelly pushed back. Mary could see the young girl’s nipples poke the blouse. No bra.

“My hands and legs were free this time – unlike the usual slave bondage-thing. I spread my legs, felt my breasts, ran my hands down over me and put fingers inside me to taunt these wussies. They just stood there around me, jacking off. I didn’t get it. I started rubbing my clit, trying to get off, thought that might be what they want. When’s the gangbang going to start? I was just about to get there. Suddenly, one of them started groaning, like when you know he’s gonna come, and he moved near my face. I knew he was going to shoot on me then, and I watched as his dick came closer. Other guys moved around my head, too. All of a sudden, it was like a flood – all of them started shooting it on my face and my tits, one I could feel on my pussy and another on my belly. These guys came on me all over! At the same time! I couldn’t believe it! Talk about teamwork! I worked my clit hard, and I managed to get off while six naked Japs shot gobs of come all over me. That’s all they wanted to do!”
“What happened then?” asked Kelly, very aroused.
“Oh baby, I was covered in come! My face, my tits, everything! And I’d just orgasmed, too, at the same time! What the hell do you think I did?!”
Mary chimed in. “You probably sucked up all this stuff, /> “You bet I did, bitch. I was a good little slut for ‘em. I scraped every bit up while these guys watched, and then I pulled them down on me to suck out even more from their little dicks. Hey, this was big money! They seemed freaked out, probably never had a freakin’ cocksucking dominant American queen before. If they thought I was just their passive little Jap cunt, guess I taught them a thing or two about us American />
Mary was beside herself now, listening to the story and watching the former slave rub Kelly. She stood up, removed her panties and tossed them at the two women on the floor. The Boss caught it. Smelled it. Rubbed it over Kelly’s face. Mary removed her bra and tossed it aside, and fell on the girls.
“Holy cripes almighty,” she said, “too bad we don’t have a man to /> The Boss replied, “Lay down, bitch, I’ll show you what you really want.”

Kelly jumped onto Mary. Clothes were flung as the three women found parts to kiss and suck. Images danced in their heads of Japanese businessmen and the German Shepard as their fingers and tongues probed into all the spaces available.

“Stop! Stop!” said the Boss.

Naked women pulled away, lay silent despite their hammering hearts.

“I’ve heard about your fun from Kelly. I want to see you take the German Shepard. You get no more from me until I see you suck him off. I’m the Boss, and you get no more from me until I watch this.”

. The Boss stood, pressed her palms to her breasts, rubbed her nipples. A hand dove down between her legs, rubbing, and then ran her fingers lightly over Mary’s lips. “If you want more of this, you’ll do as I say. I’ll have to bring my box of toys along some other time, girls. You think it over. Contact me through Kelly.”

She rose, dressed calmly as the two women watched, astounded at the sudden turn of events. The Boss coolly gathered up her box and walked out the door with a pleasant />

Kelly and Mary gaped at the door. “What the hell was that?!” said Mary.
on this floor hot as hell, naked, and she just leaves?”
said Mary, /> The mood – gone. Finis. Dead. Even the four Molsons didn’t help now. With deadened movements and stunned amazement, the two dressed themselves.

In mock amusement at herself, and Kelly, and this sudden switch-up, Mary put her hands on her hips and said with her best scene-stealing Boss-voice, “Well, I NEVER!” Her friend had to laugh.
“Oh Mary…what do you think?”
“You know and I know that we talked these stories of having sex with animals, but my gosh, did she really do that? There’s no way I’m into that – I like my meat on a man. Not an animal. Anyway, isn’t that against the law?”
“Not on a woman, baby?”
“Oh, okay, sorry ‘bout that,” replied Mary.
“And I hate to mention it, doll, but adultery and sodomy are also against the /> Eyebrows raised. “Who committed adultery?” asked Mary. “And what the hell is sodomy anyway?”
They cracked two more Molsons, relaxed on the couch. “I did a paper on sex once in college. I think technically that adultery is when you have sex with someone other than your spouse,” said Kelly. “And as far as I know, sodomy means getting screwed in any hole other than this pretty little taco in front – if you’re a woman. For a man, it means sticking it in any hole other than the taco.”
“You kill me, girl. John told me once when we were dating, if God hadn’t wanted you to eat pussy, he wouldn’t have made it look like a taco. That was on our fourth date.” “I heard that one too,” said Kelly.
said Mary, “between you and James and my husband and Teri and the Boss, that means I’ve committed both about a gazillion times and oughta be locked in jail for life?”
With a broad smile, Kelly replied, “And the key thrown away, you cute criminal element. See where a whore’s life gets /> “Yeah, well, up yours, bitch – cheers!” Mary responded.

A little later. Contemplating.

“We could get our own toys.”
“I’ve already got some.”
“Ya know – if she really did suck it, she really was the dog’s bitch!” Mary laughed. “I don’t need some dog-fucking bitch in my life.”
”She didn’t fuck it. She sucked it.”
“Okay, she sucked it. But she said she was used to fucking dogs, too. Well, like I said, I prefer my dicks on men. Nothing like a rock-hard stiffy in your mouth, right?”
“A MAN’s cock, right.”
“Kelly – I just she leaned down and kissed me, that was so fucking I couldn’t believe it. I mean, she was the Boss, okay, and I expected her to yank my head and shove her tongue into my mouth, but she didn’t. Just lightly touched my lips, no tongue at all. It was like she was … savoring me …and she smelled like fresh /> “Oh girl, you’re not gonna let this go, are you?”
“God, Kelly, you know what it feels like when your guy humps you and you feel, um, stuffed, and your body kind of takes over and you’re ready to blast? That’s what I felt like when she did that. A simple kiss, can you /> “Yeah, I think I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel like that when he sucks my nipples. Guys don’t realize what an orgasm is like. When it hits, it’s like sticking your finger in an electric socket. Not that I’ve ever done THAT! Just totally /> Mary giggled. “It makes me almost laugh sometimes when guys start to come. It’s all uh, uh, uh! like they’re lifting weights or something, and then that big long groan like you’re squeezing their heart out. But then the neat part is that it’s like Art – you created that. You made that happen. You controlled him. It’s like when I first got John to go down on James with me. I almost had a freaking orgasm just watching him take over and do that prick.”

Mary: have to talk some more about this, okay? Don’t say anything to the guys, this is between you and me. Ain’t no way I’m blowin’ a damn dog…but gosh, I’d like to see what else this babe can do! She’s weird, but she’s hot!”
“She has that slim tummy you don’t often see in mature women these days, doesn’t she? And did you see her tits don’t sag a bit? She keeps herself in shape. I know they have an exercise room in that /> “Maybe we can get her to invite us over for an exercise session – a session.” Mary was already planning what she’d wear.

Kelly had expected a night and prepared for it with her trademark butterscotch insert and wearing her jewelry, but sex was long out of the question by now. She’d even put the small silver posts in her pierced nipples – a going-to-surgery gift from Terri.

It was late. Mary drove Kelly home. “We keep this between you and me, okay?” said Mary. She doubted the Boss would ever be in their lives again. She was just too fucking freaky.

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