Red hawk the spear maker(part 7 one hundred years later)

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This takes place on the planet Surnova during the end of their dinosaur period. The human’s here evolved faster than did their counter part on Earth.

The story is now being told by my great great grandson Grey Wolf, as this story now jumps ahead 100 years.

Hi my name is Grey Wolf, and I am the chief of chiefs of many tribes. I have only seen thirty summers, but our bloodline has been chief of chiefs since Thunder Bird was the first.
When the tribes all come together at the great meeting grounds, we then call ourselves the nations.

The tribes have all thrived, growing crops, medical knowledge, and herbs. Our weapons have improved. We have domesticated horses, camels, and other animals. We are in a time period of tranquility. My main job now is ruling on disputes between tribes. We have an army that every tribe contributes hunters to. The army is more of a peace keeping force, keeping the peace between tribes.

My two wives’ Song Bird, and Morning Dove have produced seven children, four boys and three girls. We name the first boy Red Hawk, after our tribe founder. He is being groomed to take my place, when I am ready to step down as chief. My second boy Running Elk, is being trained to command our army. My last two sons are being trained as hunters. Training the girls is women’s work.

Even though we have had peace for many years, our story tellers still remind us of our past history. They tell tales of the violent raiders, and what they did to some of our tribes. We have outposts in strategic places. Patrols guard our borders between the outposts. A couple of times a year, I lead a group of hunters North into the mountains to check out the old raiders camp located in a valley within the mountains. So far the camp has been empty and showed no signs of anyone having been there. We never went any further than the valley in the mountains.

We are beginning to enter the stone age, with our weapon masters starting to make stone weapons. They started by making stone pointed clubs that were similar to a mace. They would put holes in the club with sharp pointed stones being struck by stone hammers. They would then tar sharp stone points into the club. Later on we discovered a plant that produced a sticky substance, which worked better than tar.

Second was a stone axe, which did considerably more damage than a club would do. Also, they worked well in chopping down trees. Over time we made some stone bowls, but the work to do this was extremely painstaking process. They were shallow bowls. Once made, we could heat water and food in them.

To the North and West of our boundaries, about a 5-day ride on our horses, are a couple of tribes that we trade with. They traded us some black wood(charcoal) for some of the items that we had for trade. We never trade our weapons. You never no when they might be used against us. Our weapon masters found out that by crushing pieces of the black wood, the pieces would burn hotter than our wood fires. But we had no idea on what to do with this discovery yet.

Far to the South of our territories, we traded with a tribe that had some rock nuggets. One day a weapon master took some of the smaller nugget pieces, and put it into a stone bowl. He heated the bowl over a wood fire, and nothing happens. When he put some of the black wood pieces in the fire, the extra heat started the nuggets to melt. He notices that stirring the liquid, it would coat the end of his wooden stick. When cooled it left a metal coating on the stick, which was very hard to remove.

After going through a trial and error period. Using this process we found that we could make two types of different arrows. The first, was a flint head, that was coated with this liquid metal. The other was a sharpened shaft end that was heated to a hardened state, and then coated with the liquid metal. We also could coat the axes and knives, and with a type of whetstone we could sharpen them. This whole process probably took us over a year to get right. We spent a lot of time just going back and trading for the raw materials that we needed.

Up toward the North East almost against the mountains are a couple of tribes we trade with. They traded us some crystal looking nuggets. They told us to “Crush the nuggets and put the powder over our crops to help them grows.”

To the South East a tribe traded us some yellow looking nuggets. They said, “crush it up and use the powder with our medicines.” The crushed nuggets burned fairly easily, putting out strange smelling smoke. The crushed nuggets when mixed with healing herbs into a paste product, seem to work as salve for rashes, and cuts.

After some trial and error, we combined the yellow powder and white powder together and used it on our crops. The results were simply amazing. The corn and wheat crops grew taller and fuller. Our crops and medicine took some major leaps forward with these two products.

One of our weapon masters crushed together some of the white, yellow and black nuggets, in a stone bowl. After a series of tests, he touched the mixture with a lighted stick. The resulting explosion killed him, and hurt two other people. We had no idea on what just happen, or what he did to the mixture. I started an investigation into this accident. I was intent on finding out just what had happen, and why.

We recreated the accident, and then I heated a stone red hot. Using a throw stick, I pitched the stone into the stone pot. The explosion threw the stone tree high into the air. Now we knew just what the explosion did. How do we use this find? I turned to a couple of weapon masters.

“Figure out away on how to best use this exploding powder.” I told them

It has been a couple of years since all these discoveries. All of our tribes have flourished with the advancements that have been made. Once every couple of years, when summer ends and fall starts, the tribes gather to meet at the great meeting ground. It was soon time for us to pack up and head out to the great meeting ground.

We were getting close to the great meeting grounds. We started to encounter other tribes. They were heading in the same direction. They all said hello to us as they knew that I was the chief of chiefs. As always there is an unspoken universal peace between tribes as they head toward the meeting grounds.

We camped for the night, and spent the next day hunting to resupply our food. We set up a smoke tent to cure the meat. There was a nice spring near by to fill our water containers. Once we had enough provisions to last for a couple of weeks. We headed out. We were only a day or so away.

We came through a small set of hills and a there in front of us spread out in a huge valley was the great meeting ground. We could see many of the tribes were already there. We cleared the hills, and headed for the spot that is reserved for the chief of chief’s tribe to set up camp.

The army is out in full force protecting the perimeter of the great meeting grounds to prevent any type of unexpected attack. Although there has been no sign of any of the raiders, we were going to be prepared just in case.

There are all kinds of events to test the strength of your tribe’s best warrior. This is also the time when young men go from tribe to tribe looking to take a mate. I thought that I might find a wife for me if the opportunity presented itself. Both of my wives past away in the last 18 months. Song Bird to a poison snake bite, and Morning Dove to an illness. I figured now was a good time to look for a new mate.

Our tribe has eighteen children between the age of 16-18. Eight boys and ten girls. The boys each took a mate, and we lost nine of the girls to other tribes. This helps to keep the inbreeding in check. My two oldest boys tried to talk me into letting them take wives, but I told them no.

Our weapon master meets with other tribe’s masters to show what we have done with the new powders. There was a lot of talk with both the masters, and in the chief meetings on what and how to use the exploding powder. We already have shared with the army weapons master, the liquid metal that coats the arrow heads.

By the end of the week the weapon masters have come up with some ways to use the exploding powder. They filled a hollowed out gourd with the powder and pebbles, and sealed the end with some tar. They had a hunter shot it with an arrow that had its head heated. The hot arrow struck the gourd, causing the powder to explode shooting out the pebbles, a lot like a claymore.

They used the same principal using a gourd with a wick in the end sealed by tar. The wick was made of grass and tar so it would not burn down to fast. Light the wick and heave it as far as you can like a grenade. Both processes need some extra work and fine tuning, but the concept is what I was looking for.

It was a great week. I had lots of fun meeting with all the chief’s and their tribes. At one tribe camp, I met a woman called Silvermoon. I ran into her a few other times during the week. She is a first cousin of Running Bull, who is the chief of her tribe. She had been married once, but her husband was killed in a hunting accident. We seemed to hit it off good right away. She has brown hair and eyes. She is very pretty, and has bigger breast than most of the women in her tribe. She has one child from her first marriage, a girl. She also lost one child at childbirth.

Late one night she came to my tent. She slipped off her clothing and crawled under the fur skin blanket with me. We kissed for a bit and I groped her breast and pinched her nipples. She was squirming around in arousal. We kissed and fondled each other.

“Oh it feels so good to be in your arms, it has been a long time for me, please take it easy when you stick your thing in me.” She cooed softly. “I am so ready for you right now.”

I moved to the back of her and she raised her ass up to me. I shoved my cock deep inside of her soaking wet pussy. She was tight, and let out a sharp yelp, as I entered her pussy with my cock. I started to fuck her slowly, but soon I was slamming my cock back and forth deep inside of her pussy.

“OH Yes right there, don’t stop, do it harder!” She moaned as I continued to fuck her wildly.

She started to cry out softly, as her juices start to drip down my shaft. I continued to pounded away at her. Soon I got that good feeling in my cock, and I shot my load of cum deep inside of her pussy.

“Oh that felt so good.” She said to me. I just kind of puffed back at her.

After a couple of days of her coming to my tent at night. “Why don’t you stay here and share my tent with me?” I asked her. It was a roundabout way of asking her to be my mate.

She smiled and said, “I was hoping you would ask, and yes I will be your mate.”

She became my mate, and she and her daughter joined our tribe. It was a big honor to her, and tribe for her to become the mate to the chief of chiefs. It seems like she took me to our bed whenever she could, at least a couple of times a day.

Finally she says to me.“This is my right time of the month, I hope you planted it deep to make it a boy.” I just stared back at her with a smile on my face, hoping she is right.

After 10 days of fun, it was time for the great chieftain party, which signaled the end of this year great meeting ground event. While the party was going on, up to the far north revenge was starting.

The raiders had waited a hundred years to start their revenge. They started by destroying the outpost to the far north. They also took out any patrols that happen by. They captured the weapons from the dead warriors. Quickly the raiders worked their way down South, taking out the outpost as they advance.

Finally word reached us as we were about to break camp. A rider from one of the outpost, arrived at the meeting ground to tell us what has happened. The whole camp was in an uproar. Slowly warriors from patrols and outpost that fled before the raiders had reached them. They filled us in on what the raiders were doing, and how far away they were.

I sat down in a war council with the senior tribe chiefs, to figure out just what to do. None of us has ever been in a major war, and we were lacking in battle strategy. We set up a 5-point plan

1. Send our scouts out on horse back to check out the progress of the raiders, and report back to us.
2. Send out hunters to get in plenty of food, water, and wood for fuel.
3. Get the weapon master to make more arrows and axes. Also get the exploding powder
bombs built.
4. Start to fortified the area to the north.
5. Get the army full staffed with extra hunters, and work on battle field tactics.

The first scout reported back telling us the raiders were seven days away, and moving toward us very fast.

There are 25 tribes that make up the nations. The average tribe has somewhere between 100-120 members. Most tribes are generally split somewhere around 40 men, 40 women, and 40 children give or take in each category. Each tribe contributes 10 hunters to the army, making our army 250 men strong. They are well trained by our weapon masters and commanding officers.

Not all men in the tribes are hunters. Some do have other tasks. But all are trained in some form of tribal protection. If every tribe had 20 hunters available. Then that would give us a backup to the army of around 500 extra men.

I started to give some of the chiefs tasks to do. Some worked with hunters training them. Some worked with the medical people on how to treat our wounded. A couple of chiefs had the task of working out a plan of getting our dead out of the way and buried. A couple of others had the task of feeding all of our hunters and warriors, and the rest of the tribes in camp.

Three chiefs worked on our defense. After about three days of preparation, and many hours of work, finally our defenses were built. We had dug pits, and cover them with branches. The bottoms of the pits were lined with sharp stakes. We erected barricades of sharpen limbs and boulders away from the meeting grounds toward the North. We wanted to break up the raiders, so they would not have a clear run to the meeting grounds. We had an area in front of the barricades cleared so they could not sneak up on us.

We planted bombs at certain location in the center of the battlefield. Our hunters practiced hitting them with dummy arrows. We had bombs all over the place within the barricade area. It was almost our last line of defense.

One tribe was expert horsemen, and I had them go up into the hills to attack the raiders from the side. They carried some grenades with them. I hoped an attack from a different direction might slow down the raiders.

The river on the East side of us helps to act as a barrier. The mountains and hills to the West also helped to act as a barrier. The days seem to flash past us as the raiders were drawing closer.

With the use of our tame horses, our scouts were able to stay ahead of the raiders. They kept us informed on the advancement of the raiders. Finally we could see the dust that the raiders kicked up as they moved toward us.

The next day I moved up toward the front to view the raiders. My God they covered the ground for as far as I could see. Must be thousands of them? We must be out numbered 10 to 1. We are going to be massacred, how are going to survive against so many.

story by: Red Tempest

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Author: Red Tempest

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