Revenge served hot part 1

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11 am, time for my run. Ever since I started packing on the freshman 15 at Johns Hopkins I’ve been running at least 2 miles every day. I was going to stop once I lost the extra weight, but I love what it’s done to my body so much that I just kept going. I look completely different from the cute but pudgy girl that left for college. Now I have a beautiful body that makes men lust after me for the first time.

As I head to my front door, I catch a glimpse of myself in my hall mirror and can’t resist comparing the new me with the old me. Firm, toned legs meld into a perfect ass encased in tight running shorts. The biggest difference though is how big my boobs look. They’re the same size, a large B cup, but now that my stomach is toned they look so much larger. Unfortunately I have a tee-shirt on over my sports bra so they aren’t that visible.

As I open my door, I’m hit by a wave of heat and humidity. It must be 90 degrees out, far too hot to run… the way I’m currently dressed. With a touch of trepidation I take off my tee-shirt, leaving my clad in my shoes, shorts and sports bra. I never thought I would be one of those slutty girls who jog in a bra to get men to ogle them. I tell myself it’s only because of the heat, I’m not doing it to get looked at and start my run.
I live a good way off the beaten path, not a long time by car but on foot it seems like I’m in the middle of no-where. As I jog I begin to daydream, I’ve run this route so many times before that I don’t have to pay attention anymore. As I run, I begin to hear another person jogging behind me. That’s a bit odd, but not too much, there are enough houses along my route that another jogger isn’t that rare. However, there hasn’t been a house for almost half a mile; it seems odd that I wouldn’t have heard a jogger from one of them. I pay it no mind though, probably someone who stopped for a rest in the woods by the side of the road. As I run, the other jogger gets close enough for me to see what he looks like. A short man, with a terrible limp, his left foot turns at a 90 degree angle with the ground as he picks it up and lands on its side when he puts it down. However, he seems used to it; in any case it’s not slowing him down at all. He has a ball cap and sun glasses on though, so I can’t see what his face looks like. I stop and bend over to tie my shoe. I hear the man coming closer, than a rag is shoved into my face and all fades to black.

When I wake up, I’m lying on a bed in a well-appointed room. My arms and legs are tied to the head and foot boards with soft ties, but no matter how much I struggle I can’t break free. My shoes are gone, but thankfully I am still clothed, but I have a sinking feeling that that won’t last long, after all, who kidnaps a woman and ties her up on a bed without raping her? I start as the door to the room opens, directly in front of me, so that I see the opening through the frame of my spread legs. A man entered the man who was jogging behind me, the man who kidnapped me!

Good, you’re awake. Can I just say, it was a pain in the ass dragging you to my car in the woods. Books tell you about deadweight but you can’t appreciate it until you’ve had to move it.” “You son of a bitch, let me go” “Now am I likely to do that? I’m already liable for kidnapping, that’s life in prison as is. Anything else I do short of killing you is just gravy. There is no reason for me to let you go. And in any event, you owe me bitch.” “What do you mean? Do I owe you money? And who are you anyway?”

He took off his glasses and his hat and my stomach hit the floor. It was Pat Bradley. He went to my high school, took some classes with me and most of our respective friends were mutual friends. He had also twice drunkenly tried to woo me, once I was genuinely interested but passed out from too much Four Loco before I could show him and once I just let him along before hooking up with some guy who wasn’t even interested before I shoved my tongue down his throat. Pat had a lot of money and for his 18th birthday our senior year his parents had bought him a nice house in my town, for us to use for parties and for Pat to live in when he got back from college- to prepare him for full adulthood. It seemed that he as putting it to a new purpose. He pulled a knife out of his pocket.

“No, Pat please! I’m sorry I led you on but it was just a joke, please don’t kill me!” “I don’t plan on killing you, you dumb cunt. I plan on getting what you offered me.” “What, please no, I’m, I’m a virgin.” “What about that asshole you hooked up with at the party?” “He couldn’t get it up, he had too much to drink, all we did was make out.” “I don’t give a shit. You were willing to give it up to some stranger to make me look like a fool, now you’re going to lose it to that fool.”

He takes the knife and cuts off my shorts, leaving me only in panties and my bra for covering. “Well Jenna, here comes the moment of truth, the asshole you humiliated is about to see you naked.” I start to cry, I can’t believe that my first time is going to be rape. He takes the knife and cuts off my panties and then my bra, leaving my naked before him. He takes a camera and snaps several photos. “Insurance, if I let you go and you tell anyone what happened these will be leaked and your life will be over my dear.” He puts the knife away and takes off his clothes. He’s not bad looking, not build but not fat either. I can’t take my eyes off his cock. Its average size I guess, but I can’t get over the fact that that’s going to be the first cock inside of me.

He gets up on the bed, between my legs and fondles my breasts. He sucks on the nipples, caresses them and leaves a trail of kisses from my right breast to my left and down to my navel. Despite myself, I’m getting aroused, clearly Pat’s had a lot of practice. He continues kissing all the way down to my shaved pussy. He continues to feel my breasts with his hands while he blows on my clit and licks it. I damn near come from that. He sticks a finger into me and I gasp at the intrusion, he adds another and if I were standing my knees would have buckled. He withdraws and holds his fingers up before me. “Wet Jenna. I guess you really are a slut, after all, who gets wet from some foreplay when they’re about to be raped?” I start to cry, his words cut me to the bone and part of me starts to believe him. He gets up on his knees and lines his dick up with my pussy. With one harsh thrust he penetrates me to the hilt. I have no maiden head- lost it during soccer practice at college. He moves back and forth in me and the feeling is overwhelming. It swells in me and I lose myself in the sensation of being fucked. I cum. He keeps going on and on and on. I come again and again as he keeps feeling and kissing my breasts and he fucks me and as his body rubs against my clit. Finally he tenses, thrusts as far into me as he can and chums himself. As he pulls out, I start to cry again, I’ve been raped, I came while being raped and now he’s cum inside me. For all I know, I could get pregnant from this.

He lies on top of me for a minute, lost in ecstasy. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long Jenna. We’re going to do this a lot more, but I hope in the future you’ll be more active.” He gets dressed and goes over to a bag in the corner. He takes out some alcohol rubs and a piercing gun. He rubs the alcohol on my left nipple, making it get painfully erect. Then, he pierces it with the gun leaving it with a gold stud. He does the same with the right nipple. He puts the gun back and flicks my left piercing. “These mean that you’re mine Jenna, now and forever your mine.” He then unties me, first my feet, than my hands.” As soon as I'm free I curl up into a ball and weep for what I’ve lost. “Feel free to move around, this is a suite. You’ve seen the bedroom but there’s a bath and a kitchen attached. I’ll be back soon.” He gets up and walks to the door, just before he closes it, he turns and says something that freezes my marrow.

“You look lonely, when I come back I’ll bring a friend for us to play with.”

story by: pb1916

Tags: rape bondage and restriction fantasm slavery sex story

Author: pb1916

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