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I have been racking my brain for weeks trying to think of the perfect Valentines Day gift for my husband Rich. He already has just about every toy for just about every hobby you can think of. It’s been a tough year and our relationship has suffered a little. I often think about the closeness we once shared and want so much to feel that once again with him. Rich is a wonderful man and I want to give him the perfect gift, if any man deserved it, it is Rich.

Last night was girls night out and I went out with a few of my friends. We went to a local pub and after a few drinks, we started admitting to each other our fantasies. I never really gave fantasies much thought, I always tried to be more realistic, I never wanted to waste my time thinking about what couldn’t be. I sat and listened as each of my friends told of their wild fantasies and I found myself getting excited. It didn’t take long for me to feel a heat run through my body and moistness between my legs. I couldn’t understand what was happening to me! How could sitting around listening to sex stories turn me on so very much? My friend Amanda admitted she lived out her husband’s fantasy by having a threesome. I was shocked!

I’ve always thought sex was only to be shared between 2 people that love each other, anything else was cheating. The more I listened, the more interested and turned on I became and then I realized, I would love to feel the things she described. Amanda stated this helped with their sex life and it brought her and her husband closer together. Then it suddenly came to me, this would be the perfect gift for Rich, a gift we would both benefit from. I had to think for awhile to see who I knew that I trusted enough to have them share something like this with Rich and I. After thinking about it, I knew Michelle would be the only one I would trust enough to share something like this with. Michelle and I have been friends for years and I trust her with my life. When I returned home, I called her and told her about my idea and asked her if she would be willing to do something like this. Michelle was shocked at first and was silent, suddenly she laughed and said she would love to.
My heart sank, I was so nervous however I was going to make sure this ended up being the best gift Rich has ever received.

It’s Friday night and Michelle is due here any minute. Rich has no idea what is going on, I told him I want to celebrate Valentines day at home with a romantic dinner and maybe a movie afterward, he liked the idea. The look on his face was plain as day, he was hoping to get a little. There was a knock on the door and Rich turned to me in surprise, I shrugged then walked over and opened the door. There stood Michelle in a very tight and slinky dress that didn’t leave much to the imagination. I have to admit, she looked hot! I turned to Rich, now he is really confused. I grabbed Michelle’s hand and escort her into the living room, with a big smile on my face I tell Rich his Valentines gift has arrived. Before, Rich could say a word, Michelle and I started to slowly rub our hands over each others body.

Michelle leaned over and slowly kissed my neck sending chills down my spine and then to my lips where we started to kiss with more passion than I can remember. I can hear Rich gasping behind me, I can imagine the shock he is in. We continue to kiss as we slowly make our way to the couch. I gently push down on her shoulders until she is sitting on the couch as I sit next to her. I slowly slip her dress down exposing her ample and creamy looking breasts. I can see her nipples hard as I feel my own get hard as a rock. I lean down taking one nipple into my mouth sucking it tenderly, she begins to slowly moan. I move my way down with my mouth continuing to take her dress with me. I stopped just as I got between her legs and saw she had no underwear on. By now she is moaning even louder. I slip my tongue into her wet hole tasting her sweet juice and wondering to myself all the years I’ve wasted not experiencing this pleasure. I start to stick my tongue in and out of her hole faster and faster and then stopping long enough to lick around her clit. I feel her body tighten and suddenly and scream just as she lets all her sweet cum go into my mouth. I am very wet and horny now. Michelle lifts my skirt up and pulls the crotch of my panties aside and starts licking my wetness. I realized I have never felt this pleasure before, it was great with Rich however with her it seemed different. She continued to lick and drink my sweet nectar until I couldn’t hold back anymore and exploded with a violent wave of pleasure.

Rich is sitting in the chair across from us with what appears to be the biggest hard on I’ve ever seen him have. I moved over to wear he was sitting and pulled his pants off taking his hard cock into my mouth. He began moaning instantly and I could feel the throb of his cock in my mouth. I sucked his dick as Michelle leaned over taking his balls into her mouth slowly sucking one at a time slowly and gently while using her other hand to caress my hard nipple. Michelle then leaned over and took Rich’s cock into her mouth tasting his sweet pre-cum. After a little while of this, I got up and lowered myself onto his waiting cock slowly directing the head into my wet pussy. I began to ride him slow and steady. Michelle went over and climbed onto the top of the chair lowering herself onto his face. Rich began to lick her pussy as I rode him harder. We then changed positions and had Rich lay on the floor. Michelle got on top of him and started to ride his hard dick as I sat on his face anxiously awaiting his tongue on my clit and licking up the multiple orgasms I’ve already had. Michelle continued to ride him until we knew he couldn’t handle any more. She got off and together we both sucked and licked as Rich moaned, we could feel every muscle in his body tighten as he came all over our face and body. Both of us licked and swallowed every drop of him. This is a night neither of us will ever forget.

It’s been a couple of months since I gave Rich his wonderful Valentines Day gift. That special night has brought us closer together than we’ve ever been before. Our sex life is wonderful and we are very content with one another. We have had Michelle over on two additional evenings and plan to continue. I have realized fantasies are a wonderful thing to have, even better when you live them out!


story by: Blondehoney5670

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Author: Blondehoney5670

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