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Roland & Verna Part 4

Verna wanted some extra painting done in her kitchen that management didn’t approve of so I took it upon my own to be responsible for the expense to repaint it if and when she moved. Management agreed and even agreed it would look really great the way she wanted it now. It was Friday. I finished painting the bathroom of an apartment by 10: AM. I went to the office and checked the work schedule. It was clear until Tuesday. I had already bought the paint and material for Verna’s apartment earlier in the week. So I decided to start working on hers earlier. She had gone to work today. It must have been 80 degrees already as I unlocked her door. She had set the AC to 72 degrees.
Roland and Princess met me at the door. Roland’s big pink cock had slid out of its shield and sticking out at a 45 degree angle. It looked as big as mine if not a little longer. “And Verna takes all that!” I said to myself. It was nicely pointed on the end. It was a sight for sore eyes. He must have been fucking princess already.
I set the tape, paint and brush on the island in the kitchen and walked through the house and used the bathroom. I come back to the kitchen and sat in a chair looking at a magazine on the table that had caught my eye on the way in. Princes followed me. Suddenly I felt her cool wet nose sliding up my shorts leg. I raised the magazine up to see her head almost up the left leg.
“Hey, what’s wrong baby, you horny already this morning?” I asked her as I slid my hand my briefs and slid my cock and balls out and into my shorts leg. She slid her nose back in and started sniffing and licking on it. It started getting hard. She started turning me on as she licked her tongue up the vein.
“You want to’ fuck this morning already?”
She ignored me and kept licking it as it kept getting harder. I slid my hand down and over her pussy. It felt damp. Roland must have been fucking her already.
I got up and walked down to Verna’s bedroom as she followed as I dropped my shorts and briefs leaving me totally nude. I took the jell from the bureau and lay it on the bed just in case I needed it. I lay a large each towel on the foot of the bed and covering middle if the long stool still in place where Verna had left it. Princess stood there looking at me. I didn’t see Roland anywhere. I patted the bed as she bounced up on it. I turned her over on her back and spread her legs apart as I bent over with my knees on the stool spreading my legs apart. Her pussy was definitely wet as I spread her lips apart. I slid the foreskin over the head of my cock as I slowly slid it in her. Even though it was tight, it slid in easy without further lubrication. I started sliding it in and out of her. She was hot inside as my foreskin slid back as I slid the bare head of my cock deep in her. I held it deep in her for a moment as my cock throbbed feeling the heat surrounding the bare head. I slowly slid it back and forth at about one-inch intervals feeling the hot and awesome sensations. This could become very addictive, I thought to myself as I pumped her

I was just starting to feel an orgasm coming on when Roland’s front feet straddled my sides. He started humping my ass. Here I am fucking a dog and trying to get raped with another dog at the same time. The sharp tip of his cock was hard as it bobbed against my ass punching everywhere but the hole. His cock was bone hard. I grabbed the jell and put some on the tip of my finger and slid it at the entrance and inside my asshole. The rest I rubbed on his cock. If he wanted to fuck my asshole then I would help him. “If he can get that big thing in my ass, then he is welcome to fuck it” I said to myself. I’m always ready for a new sex experience. Otherwise I’ll close my legs and he slide it between them shoot in the crack. I was fucking princess and there isn’t room for two cocks in her.
I took his cock and put it at the entrance as I relaxed. He shifted his body forward as it lunged forward. I felt it pop in as he drove it home. My god that thing was big. I couldn’t believe he got that big thing up my asshole. I was waiting for pain but felt nothing but the softness as it he shoved it deep inside my asshole.
To my surprise, it really felt good as he shoved it back and fourth sliding against my prostate. It slid deep up inside my asshole as his balls banged started playing a tune against mine. It wasn’t going to take much to explode in Princess. I started back to fucking her he fucked me. It was getting confusing as how to hump and pump as he was humping more than twice the speed of me so I slowly slid my cock deep in her and slowly pumping at maybe at one inch intervals.
I slid my left hand back to see if he had started to knot yet. Behind what must have been six inches of bone a hard ball had swollen up. Since his cock was so tight in my asshole I had little concern if it going inside me even though he seemed to be trying hard to shove it in.
I wondered how long it would take him to get his juices going. My answer was only moments away as Roland lay his head over the back of my shoulder and started whining. Then I felt his hot cum start shooting deep in my asshole. It was such a sensational feeling that at that very moment it wouldn’t have mattered if he ever stopped. I could feel that hot stuff filling me as I pumped Princess.
Suddenly out of control from the sensational feelings of Roland’s cock spewing his hot cum up and down against my prostate, I exploded. The feelings were overwhelming as I shot load after load deep in Princess. His cock felt more sensational than ever now as I could feel it sliding smoothly through his juices. This was getting to be an exciting experience. One dog filling my asshole with his cum as I filled another dogs pussy with mine. I could hardly believe it. Between his hot juices and her hot pussy with the bare head of my cock sliding deep inside her, it was a hard decision to say which felt better between them.
I kept fucking Princess as my cock slid in and out surrounded with the sensational feelings of my cum and her hot pussy, I was slowly sliding it full length now. Roland was still pumping his juices deep in my asshole as his cock steadily slid in and out against my prostate. It didn’t take long until I unloaded in princess again feeling like almost as much as the first time as I pumped her even harder. Cum was now squirting out of her pussy. My cock and balls was saturated but felt good.
Roland was almost unwound now as slowed down to a stop as I felt him relax on top of me. He would hunch three or four times, pausing between, hump two or three times until it slipped out. I could feel his juices squirt out as it run down the crack of my ass. He dismounted me. I felt his tongue licking my asshole now. I still had my cock in Princess. Then it slid out and hung down. He started licking it. That even felt good.
I had watched him with Verna and there was at least a half a pint that poured out of her pussy. I never dreamed he would have that big cock up my ass squirting all that juice inside me. She had not warned me that he would fuck me. But then she probably didn’t know he would.

Of all things to imagine…I suddenly imagined a threesome picturing me fucking Princess as Roland fucked me and at the same time I was sucking Verna’s pussy.

I held my asshole together as I made my way to the bathroom and sat on the stool. I let my muscles go as Roland’s cum poured out of me. When I thought it was all out I started to put on my briefs. I felt more trying to run out. I sat on the stool again and just as much again squirted out again. Finally when I was sure there was no more took a cloth and washed my cock and ass.
I walked back in the bedroom. Roland had his front paws upon the bed licking Princess’ pussy. I spread the towel on the floor and picked Princess up and stood her over it as my cum started running out of her. Roland joined as he stuck his nose between her legs and started lapping it as it run out until there was no more. I smoothed out the bed and took the towel and hung it in the bathroom. I got dressed and started painting as Roland and Princess curled up content as they watched me paint.
I couldn’t wait to wait until Verna got home to tell her what had happened.
At 4:30 Verna comes home. I had just finished putting the last strip of border paper over the door.
“How was your day?” I asked her.
“It went great. The boss liked my ideas I submitted yesterday. Maybe I will get a raise.” She replied excited.
“How about yours?” She asked as complimented the nice job on the kitchen and dining room.
“Baby, mine was great. You’ll never believe what happened this morning when I arrived here,” I said as I explained detail by detail what Roland did. She got all excited.
“Maybe we can get him to do that tonight. Do you think both cocks can get into my pussy?”
“I don’t know but if you are willing and he will, I’m game for it. I can’t imagine what it would be like. But I think I would like that.” I replied. ‘Just imagine what it would be like with two cocks sliding in and out in opposite directions at the sane time in your pussy at the same time.” I replied excited.
“If both won’t fit, then he can fuck me in the asshole. He has had his cock in there before a couple times. She said.
Verna got dinner as I cleaned up the tools and leftover materials. At the same time she was cooking something in another pot.
“What is that for?” I asked her.
“Oh.” She laughed. ‘This is for Roland and Princess. It helps keep them horny. That’s how I keep them going every day, especially Roland.
And me?”
“That tea takes care of you.” She replied still laughing with excitement. ‘I might add an extra potion for you />
After dinner we took a shower. Verna put on her sheer white evening gown as I slid into just my briefs and sat around a bit watching a couple videos just to get the evening mood started. The dogs were frisking around as if waiting for us. She called them over as she pulled her robe apart. Roland slid his head between her legs and started sniffing and licking. I noticed her starting to get turned on. Princess had followed suite with me as I slid my briefs off. I noticed Roland’s cock had slid out its shield at a forty-five degree angle
Finally Verna went to the bathroom and brought a couple beach towels taking them into the bedroom. Roland followed her. A few minutes later she comes out and ask me if I was ready.
“Yes, I’m ready.” I replied as I finished my tea.
As I stood up my cock stuck straight out as I walked to the bedroom.
“You can sit on the edge of the foot of the bed. I will straddle you.” She said. ‘This way his cock can slide over your vein and easier to penetrate my pussy.
I sat down with my feet on the outer edges of the stool as she straddled me as my cock met her pussy.
I slid it inside her warm pussy slowly pumping her. She called Roland over as she patted her butt. He quickly jumped on the stool as he mounted her and started humping.
“Pull your cock out and let him stick his in first.” She said.
She guided his swollen hunk of pink meat in her waiting pussy. He shoved it home as he immediately started fucking her. She slid the foreskin if my cock over the head and stuck it to the entrance beneath his. It was tight as I pressed it hard against her as Roland pumped her pussy. Already I could feel the sensations of Roland’s cock. I pressed harder when finally the head popped in. She slightly moaned.
“Are you okay? Is there too much pain?” I asked her softly.
“Yes, a little but I’ll be okay. But it is so tight. Slowly slide it all the way in.” She replied.
I slowly slid it all the way as much as possible as Roland’s balls now banged against mine. I slowly pumped her for a minute.
“Are you okay?” I asked again.
“Oh yes baby. You two feel awesome. Fuck me baby just like Roland.” She said with a moan. ‘Yes that feels so good baby.”
Verna pulled her legs together a little more giving me space to pump her. She bent over as she slid her tongue into my mouth as our tongues met. She started sucking hard as if she was sucking on my cock. That further increased my orgasm to come on. I started pumping hard at first, trying to keep up with Roland. I thought the sensations were awesome before but knew at that rate I now, would have an orgasm much too soon. Besides her pussy being extremely tight with both cocks, as his cock sliding up and down the vein on the bottom of my cock, I was having an unbelievable and un-describable experience going through my whole body and mind. Verna started moaning as I slowly pumped.
Suddenly Roland started whining as he shifted his speed pumping harder. I felt his knot swelling, as he pumped harder.
“Do you want him to get knotted in you? I whispered softly.
“I don’t care at this point of experience as long as you can stay in me too.” She replied.
Suddenly I felt it pop inside as he fucked her even harder. Verna gasped as if in pain.
“Are you okay?” I asked her.
“Yes, I think so. Babe you two feel so good in there. Fuck me hard baby. I feel an orgasm coming on harder than ever before.”
I was on the verge of an explosion already. Roland started whining more. Suddenly he started squirting his hot juices as it surrounded the head of my cock. That is when I exploded. Then I felt Verna squirting her hot cum over the top of my cock. If there was ever a heaven on earth, I was in it at this very moment as I shot load after load as he spew his hot juiced over the bare head of my cock. I could feel the pressure of it spewing hard as he slid it back and forth. What an awesome sensation that was. I uncontrollable moaned. It was such a sensational feeling.
Verna started moaning. “Oh baby, oh she screamed as her fingers dug into my back as she hunched and quivered out of control as never before. I could feel her hot cum squirting all over my cock as she moaned.
“Oh baby, oh baby it feels so wonderful, so awesome. Don’t stop. Fuck me hard and fast.” She moaned as I pumped her harder as Roland kept spraying his juices over the head of my cock. If there was a heaven on earth I was in it now.
Our juices started squirting out her pussy and down the crack of my ass as he humped. My cock was still hard as I kept pumping. I held his front legs to keep him from turning around.
I wanted to have another orgasm in the worst way. I started sliding my cock the full length now as I felt the vein sliding along his cock. Each time I shoved it all the way in cum would squirt out.
“Yes baby, she moaned. Make me cum again. I already feel another orgasm coming on.”
“Yes baby, I want to cum again too.” I replied as I started humping harder jerking his ass shoving his cock deep in her. I could feel it rub my cock each time. It felt good as I steadily jerked him. I could now feel that knot getting smaller as his cock got softer. I wanted it to stay inside until we both cum again. I pumped Verna harder and soon I felt another orgasm coming on fast. Roland’s cock felt good as the vein slid over his cock.
Verna started moaning and quivering again as she went into another orgasm.
“Oh baby baby, I’m cumin again, fuck me harder.” She screamed as I pounded her harder shoving it to the depth. I felt her hot cum gushing again over my cock as she quivered. Suddenly I erupted again as I shot several loads deep in her as it spilled over Roland’s cock. I pumped her harder and deeper until I was finished.
Finally Verna let out a slow moan of pleasure as Roland’s soft cock finally slid out. A steady stream of our cum poured out of her pussy over my cock saturating my pubic hair and down the crack of my asshole even more. It felt so good.
“Wow! What a fuck that was. I think I would like do that again.” She laughed. ‘I could never have imagined such an experience and awesome fuck like that before.
“Yes, I would love to fuck you like that again too. I replied. ‘Just imagine what it was like with Roland’s and my cock rubbing up and together on my vein inside your tight hot pussy as my cum shot through my cock. His cum was so hot in side you. It was an awesome sensation as his slick cock squirted up and down my vein and bare head. I could imagine my cum shooting against his hunk of pink meat as it mingled with his. I could have kept on forever if my cock would have stayed hard longer. It was such an indescribable and sensational feeling.” I replied. ‘Yes, I would love to do it again and anytime you are ready, I am.”
Roland dropped to the floor as he lapped my ass, cock and her pussy until most of it had run out of her.
Verna got up and took another rag and covered her pussy as we walked to the shower. She released the rag as it poured from her.
“That dog sure does cum a lot.” She laughed.
“I wonder what it would be like if I could cum like that.” I replied.
“I definitely wouldn’t have to eat for awhile. That much would fill me up for awhile. But I wouldn’t mind trying as long as it was only you” She laughed as she turned on the shower.

Possible Part 4

story by: hawk

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Author: hawk

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