Room with a view – part 2

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Continuing with the voyeur who has decided to seek out his favourite view and make all his dreams come true.

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Room with a View – A Voyeur’s Story Continued – Part 2

“While we're waiting for that, why don't you let me repay the I ask, knowing the answer before I have even finished speaking and rolling her gently over onto her back.
She purrs. “That would be />
My lips move from her mouth, kissing her beautiful face, her hair, ears, eyes, cheeks, and chin. My hands roam downwards fingertips delicately tracing her soft skin around the shape of her neck and shoulders. Leaning over her I brush my lips her exposed neck and shoulders with soft kisses as my fingers trace around the bottom of her voluptuous breasts. My cock continues to harden as my lips touch and taste the softness of her body for the first time. In my eyes she is truly exquisite.

She begins to moan softly as I gently nibble her neck and shoulders and feel her squirm with pleasure beneath me, digging her fingernails into my back. Placing her hands on my shoulders she pushes me down further. The flames of her passion are further fanned as my lips continue a slow trace down across the top of her breasts as my fingers encircle her luscious nipples. Now all of my dreams are finally coming to fruition. Her nipples harden instinctively to my soft gentle touch almost pleading to be sucked by me. Obligingly my tongue traces the outline of her huge breasts circling gently inwards towards the goal as my hands reach around the sides of the fleshy orbs to lift them up to my hungry mouth.

A fine layer of my saliva coats her big soft melons that I hold lovingly in my hands gazing down at their perfection.
She murmurs softly as my tongue glides over the wet skin. I hear her sigh as my hands continue to squeeze and push her breasts together, my tongue now flicking over her nipples, alternating back and forth between the two hardening wonders, over and over, licking and loving them with my tongue. The treatment I am giving to her perfect huge breasts is slowly driving her wild. Smiling up at her I see her deep brown eyes watching me intently as I lean down still looking deeply into her eyes and flick my tongue again over the nipple. Opening my mouth I suckle one nipple deeply in and out of my mouth like she had done earlier with my cock. I switch to the other nipple repeating the action as my thumb brushes the vacant nipple maintaining the arousal. I continue to repeat this action back and forth from nipple to nipple, sucking them a little longer and deeper into my hungry mouth each time.

“Oh She murmurs again. “Yes! Suck my tits! Suck them! Mmmmmm!”
I feel her hot body writhe beneath me as I am enjoying the moment and enjoying that fact that I am giving so much pleasure to the beautiful vision that I have admired and sought for so long. My fingers and thumb delicately tease one hardened nipple while my sucking and biting action on the other drives her wild as she moans and writhes beneath me.

As a warm glow spreads through her body, she begins to lose all sense of time as she allows me to lavish my attention on her huge wonderful breasts with my hands, mouth, lips, tongue and teeth gently nibbling the teats to increase the intensity of the feeling. Her nipples are throbbing and all her nerve endings are on fire within her gorgeous body. I continue to love the beautiful big fat fleshy orbs below me.

I finally release them by which time she is almost on the verge of an orgasm. The feeling of my sucking being so intense she moans and purrs to herself, the contentment being so great. I start to move downwards again kissing my way across her flat stomach and licking up and down her sides. She lets out a gorgeous giggle as my tongue delicately tracing around her belly button, the skin of my wet tongue dragging across her soft tummy. She squirms as I make my way slowly, inexorably downwards towards my goal. Sliding a finger into each side of the thong I trace the material with my tongue before gently biting the material and easing it down with my teeth. With the help of my fingers I slide it over her curvy hips and gorgeous tanned thighs and down over her shapely legs, before pulling them off her feet. Still watching her from my vantage point I lift the thong and sniff it deeply taking in the scent of my beautiful gorgeous sexy angel lying naked on the bed below me. I let the thong drop onto the bed before my mouth makes its hungry journey, slowly kissing and licking back up over her feet, her calves and her thighs until my tongue reaches its final destination and ultimate goal.

Her body responds immediately to my touch. Kneeling between her legs she can feel my hands and tongue run lightly up the inside of her thighs, approaching but never quite touching her honey pot. She moans gently. Leaning forward I replace my finger tips with my mouth. As I slide up the inside her thigh with my tongue feeling and tasting the soft smooth skin. She breaths deeply and moans gently as she suddenly feels my warm breath against her moist pussy lips. My mouth closes in on its target. She shudders with anticipation as she waits to feel my expert tongue slip between the moist folds of her pussy.

But suddenly and without warning my tongue snakes away, only briefly, back onto her gorgeous tanned smooth thighs before approaching the goal again. Teasingly I approach again, a little closer to the goal but then retreat again. I smile softly to myself as her moaning increases and I approach again almost touching her. My hot breath is on her soft luscious pussy lips but I retreat once again. Her frustration becomes unbearable as I hear her pleading with me not to tease her, begging me to quench the fire with my tongue.
“Eat me, baby!” She demands in her accented voice with an anguished cry. “Eat my pussy!”

And then it happens.

Without any warning my tongue flicks lightly over her clit and she lets out a deep moan and her body shudders at the touch of my soft wet tongue against her swollen clit. This sends bolts of pleasure throughout her already highly charged body. Her moist lips are parted by my tongue as it pushes between them. Slowly, I begin to caress her most sensitive flesh with broad strokes of my tongue.

She purrs loudly as I lap at her opening, tasting the warm juices that flow so freely from within. Pushing my face forward, I work my tongue inside her hot tunnel as I feel her pussy muscles around the walls contract, almost trying to grip my tongue as it darts in and out to hungrily drink her wonderful juices.

Almost absent mindedly she begins to play with her breasts as I continue to fuck her pussy with my mouth and tongue. I watch from between her legs with increasing arousal as her hands brush over her nipples before gripping them firmly between her fingers and thumbs and tugging them gently. I switch position to concentrate on her hard little bud clit gently tickling it with the tip of my tongue before lapping at it whilst watching her hands at work. She starts to tense up as she feels the first stirrings of her climax approach. The feelings I am creating from below begin to take over and she knows she will have to surrender herself to them. I feel her body tighten as she trembles while I continue to lick and suck at her clit whilst sliding a finger into her hot pussy canal.

“Yesssss! Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Yesssss!”
She moans with pleasure as I insert another finger, continuing to lick and suck her clit. Her pleasure mounts with the sensations intensifying as I gently nibble on the delicate bud with my teeth. Her back suddenly arches off the bed as my lips fasten onto her clit in a deep sucking action. I suck hard as my tongue flicks its tip, driving her closer and closer to a beautiful orgasmic climax. She feels me twist my fingers around inside her as I start to pump them gently in and out. The walls of her pussy contract to grip them tightly.

“Oh feels sooooo good!” She moans as my fingers stroke in and out and I continue to lick and suck her swollen clit pounding faster with both tongue and fingers. Feeling the pressure building inside her, I watch from my licking position as she squeezes her nipples harder, tugging at them, adding to the sensation as she feels the moment of her long-awaited release approaching.

As her body begins to shake, I feel her reach down and grip my head, pushing my face harder against her mound.
“Mmmmmm, She whimpers as her climax approaches. My mouth stays locked onto her pussy as my fingers continue to work their magic inside the tight canal of her pussy with my tongue against her clit driving her relentlessly onward. Suddenly her body tenses and she screams out.
“Yesssss! Fuck! That's it!”
I can feel the walls of her pussy contract gripping my fingers tightly inside. My tongue continues to tease her clit, keeping her just below boiling point, not applying enough pressure to tip you over the edge. Not just yet. Her movements become wilder and moans became louder as her whole body cries out for release. Slowly, deliberately I hold her on the precipice of her orgasm for what seemed to her like an eternity as I savour the rich flavour of her cum juices.

Finally, when her moans are becoming so loud I push my tongue harder applying more pressure to her throbbing bud. With my fingers in her pussy, my tongue on her clit and her own hands now mauling her big soft breasts and nipples, she finally reaches and falls over the edge.

“Oh fuck! Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!!!” She screams out as a huge orgasm literally rips through her gorgeous body. I feel her hot wet cum juices swamp my fingers within her pussy canal as she cums loudly and violently. Her body is flailing wildly on the bed as her hips buck against the mattress forcing me harder against her mouth as the climax washes over her. I feel her nails digging into my back. She doesn't want it to stop but releasing my fingers from the tight sopping hole I lift her thighs in order to gain access for my mouth at the entrance to her pussy. I want to drink her juices, to taste the nectar I have long dreamt of, as my tongue traces its way back and forth between her wet lips. Finally dipping inside I taste her then lightly caress her clit. My tongue is tender yet relentless. Each stroke against her clit sends another wave of sensation crashing through and over her. With her eyes closed, her body writhes from side to side with fingers clutching the sheets. The merest touch of my tongue is sending bolts of lightning through her body.

Slowly her trembling body relaxes and she regains her breath.
“Oh! Oh fuck! That … that was sooooo good!!!” She giggles but her big brown eyes now wide open are watery and tearful.
I slide up beside her and hold her tightly in my strong arms as her body continues to tremble. She turns to kiss me, tasting her own juices on my lips.
“Fuck me please!” She whispers breathlessly. “I want to feel you inside me.”

Slowly, as control returns to her limbs and her body becomes hers own to command once again, she looks hungrily into my eyes. /> There’s no further need for words now. Her body and deep eyes conveys her needs. Lying face to face she hooks one leg over mine her beautiful smooth thigh touching mine. We kiss, softly at first, then with more urgency as we start to ravage each others hungry mouths with lips, tongues and teeth. She rolls onto her back pulling me on top of her. Leaning forward, I kiss her lightly on the lips. I feel her soft hands reaching around the back of my neck to pull my head towards her, kissing me more deeply and passionately now.

“Fuck me!” She now demands, as her lips briefly part from mine. I slide my hips forward pushing the head of my cock which is now pressing into her hot wet pussy entrance. She rocks her hips upwards guiding me in.
"Mmmmmm, She murmurs as my rock hard thick cock slides slowly into her tight wet pussy. She feels tight around my thick girth and much to her enjoyment I have to force my shaft up into her filling her hole.

Feeling the warm wetness of her pussy engulfing my thick prick, I begin to slide in and out, my strokes slow and strong. She bends her knees, pulling her legs back, opening herself up for me.
“You feel so good inside me!” She whispers directly into my ear followed by her tongue plunging into the ear canal. My body shudders with desire as I feel the wetness of her tongue in my ear and my cock seems to swell further inside her.
“I have dreamed of being inside you!” I reply softly as I feel her hands reaching down to grip my firm buttocks.

Lifting myself up, I crane my neck forward to tease her nipples once again with my tongue, as my cock ploughs in and out. She is rocking her hips, meeting mine on the deepest point of my thrust as I hear her murmuring and a series of pleasure filled sounds that escape from between her gorgeous lips. I lick and suck the nipples gently and start to tug on them with my teeth as my cock continues ploughing in and out of this beautiful woman.

Our bodies are moving together, two strangers fucking each other and making love with increasing intensity.
“You are beautiful!” I exclaim as I look deeply into her deep dark dazzling big brown eyes seeing almost all the way to her soul.
She replies with a cheeky grin, digging her fingers into the cheeks of my bum to urge me on. Rocking her hips she works her mound against me, the friction against her clit increasing the sensation.

I drive my cock in and out you with increasing force as she lies beneath me moaning and moving her body in time with mine, rhythmically flexing the walls of her pussy around my thick shaft. She grips me tightly as I bury my cock in her warm, wet depths.
“Don't stop!” She urges. “Don't stop fucking me!”
The movement of her hips becomes more and more frantic as the sensation on her clit intensifies.
“Take me from behind!” She suddenly demands.
I pull my long thick shaft out and sit back watching as the girl of my dreams rolls over positioning herself on all fours in front of me. I admire her gorgeous figure as she moves in front of me, particularly her heavy breasts and the way they now hang down almost touching the bed, the nipples still hard. With her full gorgeous bum cheeks in the air I part her thighs to reveal the enflamed lips of her wet pussy. Turning her head and looking over her shoulder, she smiles.
“Now, fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

Obligingly I grip her soft luscious hips and sliding my hard prick between her smooth thighs I plunge it straight up into her dripping pussy.
She squeals as the walls of her hot cunt stretch around my thick shaft. Holding her hips firmly I begin to thrust. As my cock strokes in and out she pushes back forcefully enabling maximum penetration of her sticky wet hole.
“Yes! Oh fuck! Yesssss!” She cries as my cock impales her, filling her hot cunt.

As our bodies collide, filling the room with the sound of skin slapping against skin I release her hips and reach around the front and underneath her with one hand placing it between her legs to rub her clit at the same time as using my arm as leverage to pull her body against mine as my rampant cock drives in and out of her sweet pussy. With my other hand I reach around to hold her magnificent huge udders grasping the nipples hard in my hand feeling the weight. Almost at once, her clit begins to throb beneath my fingertips and a low, almost inaudible moan escapes from between her lips. In turn she lifts her other dangling breast directly to her mouth sucking hard almost biting on the nipple moaning as she does. I start to grunt and groan as sweat escapes from my head and body trickling down in a steady stream onto the bed.

As her second orgasm approaches, she becomes increasingly vocal in between lapping and sucking at her nipple. Spasms start to shake her as she begins to lose control again under my cock pounding and expert fingering of her clit.
“I’m cumming! Oh, fuck, yessssssssss! I'm cumming!” She cries out as she slips over the edge once again, surrendering herself to her passion, and to me.
She moans breathlessly. “Keep fucking me! It feels so good!” Before slipping her engorged pink swollen nipple back into your hungry mouth.

Plunging in and out whilst fingering her clit and mauling her swaying breast I can feel my own climax approaching.
“I'm going to cum soon, baby!” I say through clenched teeth.
“I want you on top of me again!” She says, her body still trembling.
Pulling out I gently slide her over onto her back spreading her legs wide to receive me. As I enter her, she pulls her legs back wrapping them around my waste then reaching down my back she grips my buttocks pulling me towards her and forcing me as deep inside her as I can go as my hips begin to surge forward again.

it … oh god … yes … that's it … Fuck me! Fuck me!” She pants, urging me on as my thrusts pin her to the bed. Responding to her demands I increase the pace as the beautiful sensations start to take over my body. My breathing deepens and rhythmic spasms of her pussy muscles grip my thick shaft and add to the sense of urgency.
“Cum in me!” She moans into my ear as her orgasm re-ignites. fuck!” She bites her lip. “Mmmmmmmm! I want to feel you fill me with your cum.”

With the pressure mounting, I feel myself approach the point of no return. My cock is throbbing as I fight to hold back, prolonging the feeling of intense pleasure. My body is glowing with sweat and dripping down and my muscles ache but all these feeling are replaced with the ecstasy of the moment. The moment that I thought would never happen in my wildest dreams and fantasies! The heat of her pussy and her almost silent urgings as she writhes and shakes beneath me finally pushed me to the brink.
“Oh fuck!” I yell out exhaustedly. “Fuck, My whole body shudders, my hips thrusting of their own volition. Then I stop pumping momentarily as she feels the first long awaited blast of cum shooting from my hardness deep up into her tunnel to join her own cum. I pump gently holding her now in an iron-like grip as another wad of thick cum shoots deep into her, followed by another and another. Exhausted I slump forward onto her as we hold each other. I feel her burying her face between my neck and shoulder as my hips continue to thrust slowly, emptying the last of my hot seed into her wonderful cunt.

As our climaxes subside we lay, still joined, basking in the afterglow of our shared pleasure. Finally I roll off her body and onto my back and I feel her snuggle up beside me, kissing my cheek tenderly as I slowly recover.
“Thank you, Darling!” I whisper. “That was /> “No, thank you!” She sighs, kissing me again. “That was just what I needed.”
“What is your name, beautiful lady?” I ask

story by: PicturePainter

Tags: fiction consensual sex male/female cum swallowing cheating oral sex sex story

Author: PicturePainter

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