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I had a neighbor named Kaylee that was gorgeous. She was tall, athletic and had a firm body. Probably about 120 lbs. tanned skin, dark brown hair. She definately got my attention. She was no slut, she was more of a tease. We went to the same high school. I saw her alot, but we didn't talk much. Everything about her was mesmerizing, the way her hair was long and had the right amount of curl, her legs, sexy figure, she even had dimples above her ass that i could see when she was in her bikini around her pool. She was a good girl and i was a bad influence. She kept a distance from me because i would go out with friends all the time, drink, and do drugs. One of my good friends had a class with her and told me she said that her best friend had a thing for me. Her best friend's name was Samantha, she was also very sexy. She was a little shorter, about 5'4 or so, great figure with a bigger butt. Long strait blonde hair, light skin. Drop dead gorgeous. I started thinking of how i could use Samantha to get into Kaylee's pants. One time i got really drunk with an ex and she passed out on me. Remembering the rush of fucking her as she was passed out drunk got me going and i started making a plan. Over the next few weeks i started meeting up with Samantha and Kaylee for lunch, every now and then we would do something on a weekend or evening. Samantha was always with Kaylee because Kaylee had a car. They were both so innocent it was difficult to be with them. They were so different and not into what i was. They went to church about every Sunday and Wednesday. Every so often Samantha would stay over at Kaylee's house and they would sneak out late at night and we would chat. After a week or so i started dating Samantha and she wanted to take it slow, because she was really prude. Every time we were together i was thinking about Kaylee, she was the one i wanted. I hated seeing her quick pathetic relationships with other boys. I was ready to take advantage of her. I was ready to quench my urges, it was time. At that point now i had to figure out how and where. I got some tranquilizers from a friend, i figured i would crush them into fine powder and bake them into something or put them into some alcoholic drink. One day at lunch i brought up baked goods, i asked them what they liked. Kaylee said she loved chocolate and brownies, Samantha also liked brownies. All i had to figure out at that point was how i could get a night with them and where. Kaylees mom would stay at her boyfriends and would leave Kaylee home alone often on some weekends. Her parents were separated and she would often be gone until the middle of the next day. A few weeks went by and Kaylee told me her mom was planning on going out. I talked Samantha into staying over on that night, told her "it will be fun, we'll watch a movie or something". It was time to make some special brownies. I baked the brownies in different pans so i wouldn't drug myself. I was really nervous with what i was planning but excited at the same time. As soon as i came over i said "Do you have any milk?, these brownies are fresh and go great with milk". Kaylee grabbed the milk from the fridge and proceeded to pour us three glasses. Before i could change my mind they were both at least half way through their brownies. I couldn't believe it, i just drugged these two girls. We went back to the living room where we started to watch the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean". Only thirty minutes or so into the movie, i looked over and Kaylee was out cold on the chair. Samantha was just about asleep, sitting next to me on the couch. Slurring and nodding off i knew she wouldn't be much longer. As she started to crash i've started running my hand up and down her inner thigh and up her stomach feeling on her chest. She didn't respond to me grabbing her breast, It was time. Samantha was wearing some gym shorts and a T-shirt, the loose fitting clothes made it easy to slide my hand up under her shirt and feel her tits. My hand worked its way to her legs and up her shorts, feeling the heat coming off her pussy through her panties. I was hard as a rock, somewhere between 8 and 9 inches of steel cock. I spent some time admiring her body, feeling her up. I pulled her shirt up over her boobs with one hand and had slid my other hand down her panties. She had a landing strip of some sort. She wasn't very wet but once i slid my finger in it was a different story. After some teasing i pulled her shirt and shorts off to. It was a little tricky to get her shorts off because she wasn't helping, i had to kinda pick her up. She had on a pink and purple bra, about b cup boobs, and blue bikini panties with stars on them. I was in heaven, i died and went to heaven. I took some pictures with a camera i had and a few videos of myself feeling up on her body. I wasn't too sure of how well the tranquilizers would work but as i fingered her pussy her body reacted. Like as if she was having a wet dream, like a really wet dream. I hiked her right leg up onto the armrest of the couch and spread her other leg wide. I pulled her panties to the side and got on my knees. "Lets see what you taste like" i said to myself. I started off lightly licking all over her pussy, her legs would twitch a little bit as i hit certain spots. I started to put pressure on with my tongue around her clit area, going in slow circles. Her hips started rocking, guiding me to the spot she wanted me to be at. Using my lips i started sucking on her clit and doing a combination of licking and sucking for fifteen minutes or so. "I think she has had enough" i thought to myself. I stood up and took my shoes and jeans off. One more thing before i leave you alone, i pulled the skin on the head of my dick back, uncircumcised, spit on the head and started sliding it around her clit and up and down on her pussy. As it started to penetrate her pussy her body started twitching and her abs were flexing, started breathing hard. "Sweet dreams". She was really tight so i took it slow and easy, plus it was hard not to cum in her instantly. With each stroke i went just a little deeper, until i hit what i think would be the end of her pussy, i've only felt that on one other girl and she was really short as well. I guess short girls don't have as deep of vaginas. The longer and faster i fucked her it seemed she reacted less and less. I guess the drugs were working better or something. It got to where i was fucking a doll, a human doll. Still felt great, i got a rise out of it. I was so turned on i couldn't help but almost explode inside her, as i pulled my dick out i came all over her stomach. My legs were sore from the interesting position i was in on the couch with her. She had enough. I started getting a little paranoid of being caught, i started plotting of what direction Kaylee's mom would come from and how i would get out in case of emergency. I found a hand towel and wiped off Samantha's pussy, all her juices and my cum off her stomach. Slid her down into a position to where i could put her panties and clothes back on. I left her on the couch for the moment. I stood over Kaylee as she slept in the chair admiring her. I leaned down and picked her up over my shoulder. With her on my shoulder i bent down and grabbed my shoes and pants with my other hand and headed to her room upstairs. When i got to her room i carefully laid her out on her bed. From her room i could see the driveway really good and i could go out the other rooms window if her mom came home. As she laid there i took a tour of her room, had look around. I made my way to her dresser had a look inside, nothing real exciting so far. Shirts, shorts, socks… The second drawer from the top on the left was her panty drawer, i was really turned on by her selection. She had mostly thongs and g-strings. Bright and neon colors i almost thought she was a stripper. I closed the drawer and turned to the sleeping princess on the bed. She was wearing a pink tank top, i could see she had a bright green bra under neath. She was wearing some tiny black cheer shorts that were easy to see up, i could tell she was wearing a zebra striped thong. I pulled her shorts to the side to take a peak. Her panties had a thick yellow lace waistband on top and the bottom was satin with a zebra striped pattern. I laid there with her for a while running my hand down her legs and up her body, like as if i was buttering her up. I pulled her tank top off, unhooked her bra and enjoyed feeling her soft tits. Kaylee's boobs were better, just as i thought. She was a c cup, and her skin was more tan. Lastly i slid her shorts off, it felt like i just opened the ultimate christmas present. After i slowly worked her tiny shorts off, I started off kissing on her right foot. I slowly worked my way up her calf, to her knee, up her thigh, to her hip bone. I noticed she was getting goosebumps as i was kissing and breathing on her stomach. I grabbed one breast with my right hand as i kissed on the other, then vice versa. I kissed up her neck and nibbled on her ear, she was having a good dream. I ran my hand up the other leg and felt on her pussy, her panties were moist. I crawled back down and started kissing my way up her left leg. That time, instead of going to her hip bone, i kissed her pussy through her panties. Just as Samantha did, she started to breathe hard and squirming around. I took pictures of her in her panties and some as i rubbed her wet pussy through them. Her panties got really wet and showed her perfect camel toe. I pulled them to the side and enjoyed seeing her completely shaved pussy, i guess it had been a day or so because her pussy was a little prickly. I started licking her pussy really rough right off the back, enjoying the sight of her back arching and her abs flexing. She tasted so sweet, i couldn't stand teasing her body any longer, with her panties still pulled to the side i crawled up to kiss her on the neck as i slid the head of my dick in her. It didn't take as long to get all the way in, but she was incredible. I took many pictures and videos of my dick penetrating her soft wet pussy. Starting off her body showed no response to being fucked, after i started really fucking the shit out of her she started making mumbled moaning sounds. As soon as i got that response out of her i froze. I wasn't really concerned about waking her, but i got so turned on i was about to explode again. I continued to slowly fuck her at a consistent pace until my balls were almost blue. I grabbed her boobs as i enjoyed sliding in and out of my life sized Barbie. After a total of thirty minutes or so i pulled out and released the largest load that i have ever seen. It was all over her body between her pussy to her neck, i was careful not to make a bad mess. A small amount ended up on her bed and some on her underwear. I used the same rag that i used earlier and cleaned up my mess. I dampened paper towels and cleaned them up extra good. I carried Samantha upstairs and set her next to Kaylee on the bed. I took Samantha's shorts back off, pulled her shirt back over her boobs and took her bra off. This moment would be so short, i wanted to cherish it forever. I took many good pictures and videos of them. I laid between the girls for a little bit, satisfied of how my night went. I started fingering both of them at the same time. After i got what i thought was my fix, i dressed the girls back into what they were wearing. Laid them out on the bed and pulled the covers over them, i inspected their pussies to make sure i didn't leave any signs of sex. I even tried to use a hand towel to clean the crotch on Kaylees panties because she got so wet when i was playing with her. I was about to leave when i had one last urge to get a feel of this dream girl laying right in front of me. I put my left hand on kaylee's chest and with my right hand i unzipped my jeans and pulled my dick out. I pulled the skin on my dick back again and spit on the head, grabbed the last towel i was using and put it around my dick. I slid my left hand down Kaylee's body under her shorts and panties, stuck two fingers in her pussy and fingered her while i stroked my dick. It didn't take long for me to bust that last nut of the night into the hand towel. "Good night girls" i said as i was leaving the bedroom around midnight. When i got downstairs i rinsed the rags out really well in the sink and got all the cum out, ringed them out and left them in the sink. I felt like the scum of the earth for half a second, then i felt like a hero to myself. After i left i went out for the night to celebrate. I went to a friends house where i played halo all night and got drunk. In the morning i sent Samantha a text message saying "yall are so lame! Yall both passed out before the movie was even over. So i went to and the response was "OMG i cant believe it, the first night i could have spent with you too :(" and another right after that "what r u doing next weekend". At that time i knew they had no clue.

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Author: Famousfreak19

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