Sandies life chapter 3

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Cindy had another spasm when I began to remove my fingers from her pussy. I desperately wanted to keep her arroused. I kissed her again and brought my fingers to my lips, still holding her on my lap, and licked them slowly looking directly into her eyes and smiled. Tastes real good I said and brought them towards her mouth. "Want to taste"? I said. She sort of hesitated but then opened her mouth and licked my fingers a little. I told her that I really liked her, that she was so sweet, and I wanted her to touch me all over with her delicate hands, with her fingers to feel me everywhere, and that I wanted to touch her everwhere also. She said she would like that so I asked her to come home with me. And I meant now. She kinda thought about that a little and then said she would have to call her boy friend and tell him not to come get her, that she would be staying with me because she didn't feel to good.
I said I sure needed to kiss her some more and we did. Then I told her to get up off my lap and stand still right in front of me. I reached up under her skirt and hooked my fingers in the top or her panties and pulled them down and told her to step out of them. Her panties were so wet I think I could have rung her juices out of them.
I then told her to get my towel from the counter that I had been using to keep my pussy dry while I had been modeling, and she handed it to me and I pushed up her skirt and toweled the inside of her thighs and up to her pussy and gently moppet her cum up. I just a little let my fingers touch her pussy lips as I used the towel, and she spread her legs and pushed her pussy against the towel then put her hands on my shoulders and hugged me tight. I put her hand on my breast and told her to feel it good.

When she finally let me go I told her to go over on the counter where I had folded my clothes [to get ready to model] and get my panties. She brought them to me and I told her to lift her leg and I held my panty leg open for her to step in. She heistated a little so I said I wanted her to have some panties on for our trip home and I wanted them to be mine. I didn't need panties because I had worn jeans shorts today.
Now I had to get up from the makeup chair I was sitting in and realized that my pussy had leaked all over the chair and was running down my leg. I told her to take my towel and tidy me up. She smiled at that and took the towel and began to sop up my juices both on my pussy and legs and the chair. I told her to put her panties in my towel and hand it to me and put the towel into my purse. I'm keeping your sweet panties I told her.

I told her to make that phone call with my cell phone and began to get dressed. I was ready to get out of here before someonc caught us. She finally got through to her boyfriend that she was busy toinght and we both tidied up the place a little and headed out the back door to my car. I was in a hurry to get my hands on this beautiful creature so instead of kissing her there in the car I just got in and drove. It's a quite a way to where I live so I just kept telling Cindy how pretty I thought she was and how much I enjoyed her touching me with her hands while we worked and lots of sweet nothings to keep her thinking about me.

When we arrived at my house we got out of the car and did the usual things, unlock the garage, dvive in etc. When we got into the house I told her to put her purse on the stand by the froont door and when she turned back toward me I took he in my arms and kissed her thnderly. By now she wasn't resisting our kissing and she was really giving me her tunge which I began sucking all the way into my mouth. My hands were on her butt and I was feeling how firm her buttocks were, how good she felt pressing against my body and my pussy began to ooze.

I couldn't wait any longer, so I broke off and took her hand and lead her back to my bedroom. I didn't give her a chance to look around, I immediately began to remove my clothes. Now I was again nude in front of Cindy [like I was at work] and now it was her turn and I stepped forward and began to unbutton her blouse. She didn't move so I continued, taking off her bloouse then undoing her bra and for the first time gazing at her beautiful tits; no sag, looking really firm and big. She must be at least a C cup and on such a small petiet person they looked huge. I wanted to suck on her nipples right then but I had to see all of her first.

I told her to kick off her shoes and walked around behind her and undid the button on her skirt and zipped it down and pulled it to the floor. She stepped out of it, so I bent down to pick it up and then just got real excited as I looked at my panties on her sweet ass. I pulled my panties down off her and told her she could have them.

I had to stand back and look at this sweet girl, she was so slender with all the parts just like a barby doll, I just walked around her and fiested on her beautiful body. I was really getting impatient to devour her, but I didn't want to rush her. I took her hand and said I needed a shower, would she come with me. Now you thhink Cindy didn't have anything to say through all this so far, but you're wrong. She was saying things like – Yes – and mmmm, and I gues I was doing most of the talking. Now she said a shower really sounded good — – little did she know.

My shower is sort of different in that it is more like a hot tub, you step down into it, and it has hand holds around the sides like a car roof does, ond it's kinda round with a seat on one side and special nozzles around for shower heads and all sorts of controls for the water. Some heads spray, some put out a fine mist, some shoot up from the floor.
Just a really neat place to shower, and it's about twice the size of a normal big shower. Plenty of room to move around for different relazation.

When I shut the door, Cindy decided she wanted to touch me I guess because we sort of came to gether as I turned the water on and she was pressing her body against my back and as we got wet [the water is already warm when it comes on] she began to run her hands over my shoulders and arms and I told her she had to wait 'till we were all soaped up. I have this neat sponge that is filled with liquid soap and it really gets a lots of suds fast. I took the sponge and began to apply soap and run my hands over Cincys body, taking my time and enjoying feeling her. I cut the water to a fien mist and really toucher her everywhere from her forhead to her neck to her shoulders, arms and I was getting her all lathered with soap so my hand were slipping her wet skin and I was feeling all of her parts including he breast and tummy and butt and legs and thighs and finally I told her to hold on to the hand holds and I nealed down and liifted her foot up and put it on my shoulder and ran my hands up and put my fingers into her pussy lips and parted them and told her to pee. She said />
I said I wanted to feel her pee. I said I know you need to, just put your head back, hold on and close your eyes and pee. Well, she started doing what I told her but it took all of her consentration and finally she began to dribble a little and I said 'do it, honey, I want to feel you pee. I had my finger insider her a little and I held her lips open with my other hand and she finally let go. Now she made sounds like ouuuuu and ahhhhhhh, and uummm. When she finished she said 'my God, that was fantastic', 'I didn;t know peeing coudl feel so good'. Now if you haven't tried it, don;t nock it. It's really a thrill to pee like that, so, I soaped her pussy some more and leaned forward and stuck my tunge in her clit and sucked it real hard. I found out that she had a real big clit, almost like a small nipple, and so I sucked it and put another finger into her pussy and tried to find her g-spot. Was I having fun? You just don't know how much this turned me on. I think I was about to cum myself, when I felt Cindy thrust her pussy against my face and moan and gasp for air and I could feel her knee wobble as I licked and sucked and rubbed her entrance. I finally got 3 fingers into her and that's when she screamed and yelled and told me to do it faster and she was hanging on the handholds real hard which was good because her leg was about to give way and she got stiff and held her breath and bam, she exploded and I worked her pussy faster and hearder and she had successive orgasms, one right after the other and she was panting and gasping and saying oouuuuu, aaahhhhhh, oooohhhhhhhhhhhh, and I was afraid she would loose her grip on the hand holds and come tumbling down on me so I deopped her leg and grabbed her butt and pushed her against the wall but kept her legs apart so I could suck her clit. I wanted to bring her down real slow so she would feel all the thrill of multiple orgasms. When she finally got her breath and more control of her body I set her down on the shower seat and kissed her real tenderly, not to deep, just loving kisses. I was still kneeling on the floor so I was pressed inbetween her legs and my tits were against her tits and she felt so good I just wanted to eat her up.

Next ——– Cindy wakes up and washes me all over.

story by: Waldo Twogood

Tags: fiction erotica female / girl girls / female lesbian female/female girls domination sex story

Author: Waldo Twogood

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