Sara, part 2

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The following morning proved to be remarkably normal. Too normal, in light of what had happened between Sara and Mark; and it worried him.

It was a Saturday, and Mark's parents were up early as usual, laying out the weekend work chores for everyone. Mark noticed the conspicuous absence of Sara, although he knew that she was home. He was very conscious of not making obvious his concern though, but all through the weekend he could feel that Sara was avoiding him.

By Sunday evening, he felt like a leper. In the week that followed, nothing changed much; Mark continued work mowing lawns in the neighborhood to earn a little spending money and Sara spent most of her time hanging out at her friend Sally's house. Mark continued to feel a bit nervous when Sara would enter the room, and would be on pins and needles when the whole family would be together.

But as the days went on, and nothing happened, his nervousness waned.

He did notice that Sara was beginning to spend more and more of her time alone, in her room, and less with everyone else. Marks parents seemed to notice little, perhaps chalking it up to normal adolescence, but Mark knew better.

For the first week, he worried that he had seriously screwed up his kid sisters life, twisted permanently by his uncontrolled sexual tension, and he began to avoid Sara as well.

The second week began similar to the previous, but as that weekend approached, Mark finally began to sense a change. Sara was beginning to return to her normal talkative self, openly giggling and laughing, relaxing with the folks.

It was Friday afternoon, as Mark was out in the garage putting away the mower after having worked all day, when he heard one of the cars pull into the driveway. Mark looked over his shoulder to see his mother stepping out of the car. Mark said hello to her and turned back to what he was doing as his mother walked into the garage. She walked past him to the door but then stopped, holding open the door.

"Mark?" She called out.

"Yeah, Mom?" He replied.

"When you're finished, can you come in and see me? I want to ask you something." She said.

Without being able to put his finger on it, Mark sensed something unusual about her request. And it made him nervous. He finished cleaning off the mower and stepped into the house to wash his hands. He was standing at the kitchen sink, scrubbing away the dirt and grease he'd collected working on the mower when his mother walked up next to him.

"Mark, I've got a little problem." She said to him.

Mark gave her a quick glance and continued to scrub the soap on his hands, returning his gaze to the sink.

"I have a friend of mine at the office that has a little place over in Sutterton. It's down on the river, kind of a little cottage that her family owns." She said. Mark began to rinse the soap from his hands and arms under the faucet, bending down close to the sink to let the water run up clear to his elbows.

" And… well, I've been wanting to do something for your father, who has been working himself way too hard." She continued.

Mark began to nervously wonder where she was going with this, hoping it was not a family outing of some kind. He had seen very little of Karen over the past few weeks, owing to his own paranoia, and was hoping to be able to see her this weekend.

"So, I was thinking that I would take him there for the weekend to relax." She said.

"Ok?" Mark said, waiting for the catch.

"But I've got a bit of a problem." She said.

"Here it comes…" Mark thought to himself.

"Well… I was kind of hoping that just your father and I would be able to go… alone." She was looking at Mark intently to see his reaction, which was one of immediate relief.

"Now I know that you would probably want to stay here anyway…"

Mark nodded approvingly to her, "…and I don't have a problem with that." She continued.

"I was going to speak to Beth, Sally's mother, about Sara staying over there but I feel a little uncomfortable asking. I mean, I don't really know her all that well and she's already got enough kids in that house, so I feel guilty about asking."

Mark began to feel uncomfortable again as he began to realize where the conversation was leading to.

"So, I want to ask a favor from you…" She began, " If I let you and Sara stay home, alone… can I trust you?"

"Trust me?!? Holy shit! What does she mean by that!" Mark screamed inside.

As his mind raced on, he stood silently, his mouth agape.

"What I mean is no parties, and no hanging out with your friends till all hours of the night? And that goes for Sara as well." His mother continued.

The relief that washed over Mark as he heard her continue on was too much for him, and he let out a long, deep sigh. "I'm serious, Mark. If I'm going to trust you to behave yourself, you are going to have to give me your word. And that means watching Sara as well."

Mark's mother was now staring intently at Mark, waiting for his reply.

Mark took a deep breath, and relaxed a bit and answered her, "I promise. No parties, I swear."

"Okay, then." She replied, "I'm counting on you."


Mark and Sara stood out on the small front porch and waved as their parent's car left the driveway. Watching their car disappear down the street, Mark heard Sara walk back into the house, the screen door slamming behind her. He waited out on the porch, watching as the sun set behind the trees across the street until he felt the night air begin to cool, and contemplated whether or not to call his girlfriend Karen.Things had not been good between them, especially since Mark had lost his temper with her. It had been nearly two weeks now and she seemed to be increasingly distant, and Mark knew that it was his own fault. The writing was on the wall.

He went inside the house and fixed himself a little dinner, noticing Sara as she wandered around the house with a decidedly long face. He attempted to make casual conversation with Sara, hoping to relieve his own anxiety and maybe hers, but her reactions convinced him that it was probably best to just stay out of her way. Each and every time that he would see Sara, since that fateful day, he noticed more and more that she was no longer the "kid" that he'd once seen. The way she carried herself, the way she spoke, and most of all the way she looked; she was truly an incredible looking young lady.

And worse yet, each and every time he would lay his bed, he would immediately think back to that night, and for as much as just the memory of seeing her in her room or in his as she sat on the end of his bed excited him, his fantasies would ultimately be overcome by his guilt.

The moment he heard his mother ask her question, realizing that he would be alone with Sara, his stress level had gone through the roof, and it occurred to him that Sara was probably feeling the same way.

However, as Mark sat alone in the family room, eating his dinner watching the boob tube, he resolved that tonight he would oblige his mother's wishes and stay home. In the last two weeks, he had managed to chase away his girlfriend with his over zealous attempts to get laid, as well as quite possibly screw up his kid sister for just the same reasons. Losing Karen was one thing, but the situation with Sara was still something that he thought about every time he saw her, and living in the same house it was hard NOT to see her.

It was nearly midnight, and Mark had finally given up on finding anything more of interest on the television and settling in on an old movie in an effort to bring on sleep, when he heard soft footsteps coming down the stairs. It was Sara, and Mark was suprised that she was still awake.

She seemed almost to avoid his gaze as she walked into the room, turning to look at the television as if to see what he'd been watching. Mark was unsure what to say to her, and noticed that she wore the same sad look on her face that she'd had all night.. She was still dressed in the same blue jeans and T-shirt that she'd had on earlier and Mark made notice of the fact that she hadn't even begun to get herself ready sleep, as was her usual by this hour.

She sat herself gingerly down on the couch caddy corner to Mark's, and lifted her legs up to rest her feet on the coffee table, wriggling her sock covered toes nervously. Mark looked at her hoping, as well as dreading, that she would talk but she simply sat silently looking at the television. He tried to think of something to break the ice between them, and was building the courage to ask when he heard Sara speak, still looking at the tube.

"Mark, can I… ask you a question?" Sara asked timidly.

The hesitancy with which she'd asked made Mark feel a little uneasy. And with the expression that she'd had on her face for most of the night, he began to worry what was coming.

"Umm… sure." he said. Sara sat silent for a moment, staring at her feet as they rubbed together on the coffee table.

He heard her take a deep breath, then let it out slowly, and realized that Sara was building up the courage to ask her question. He began to feel his stomach tighten a little more.

"Well, could we…" She paused for a moment, wrapping her arms around her waist in obvious tension, "… could we just talk for a little while?"

"Talk?" Mark blurted out nervously."I mean… uhh… sure."

Sara just sat for a moment, still hugging herself and looking around the room nervously, occasionally glancing Mark's way.

"What.. umm… did you want to talk about?" Mark asked as he cleared his throat.

"About… what happened." She said.

"Oh." Mark answered quietly, knowing instantly what she meant.

"You don't have to if you don't want to." Sara offered to him with a voice of concern; wondering maybe she'd been wrong to bring up the subject.

"No, we can talk… I don't mind." He replied, his stomach wrenching once more.

She said, sounding a little relieved. When Mark heard the tone of her voice lighten, his did as well.

"Sure. We can talk… I'd like that." She was still curled tightly to herself as she sat on the sofa, her feet poised on the edge of the low table, her head tilted down, when she looked up through her brow with an innocent looking smile. Gazing into her big, puppy dog eyes and genuine smile, Mark couldn't help but feel the knot in his stomach rise.

"God, she was so incredibly… cute." He thought.

He caught himself staring at her before she'd realized it, and quickly tried to clear his mind.She was obviously nervous and hesitant to begin, and Mark just raised his eyebrows in a questioning gaze and smiled at her.

Seeing his smile gave her the courage she'd been looking for to begin. "Well… I was just curious about some things." She said quietly.

He thought to himself; his tension easing but his heart still beating fast and hard.

"Uh… about what?" He asked.

"Well… umm… when you first started… you know… Sara paused as she had to turn her eyes from Mark. Her voice had trembled a bit as she found the courage to finally say THE word and Mark felt a little taken back.

"She wasn't so self conscious just a few days ago, why is she now?" He pondered.

Mark found himself both nervously anticipating but also fearing what might come next.

"How… how much did you… do it?" Her nervous smile gave away how twisted up she was inside.

"Sara, are you sure you want to talk about this?" Mark asked.

She answered him with a nervous, wide eyed nod.

"Promise you won't laugh?" Mark asked, trying to look serious, but his growing smile gave him away.

Sara nodded again, her own anxious smile even larger than his.

"Well, I guess I was about 13 the first time I did it. After that, I guess I used to do it as often as I could, sometimes three or four times a day." Mark said, trying to convince himself to be proud of his answer.

Sara giggled out.

"Yeah. I guess that seems like a lot, huh?" Mark said, feeling a little embarrassed.

"No… I don't think so." Sara said, feeling ashamed of having laughed.

"No?" Mark chirped out, sounding suprised.

Sara just shook her head to repeat her answer, but Mark also noticed that she was beginning to blush a little.

"How often do you do it… now?" Mark asked, his curiosity and excitement gathering. Immediately,

Sara's face flushed to a brilliant red as she took in a deep breath. "Umm… more than that?" She squeaked out, still nervously holding her breath. When she saw Mark's eyes pop open in excitement, her lungs burst, followed by a hard stressful laugh.

Mark began to laugh as well, and soon the two were nearly in tears as they shared their release of tension together. After finally regaining his breath, and wiping the tears of laughter from his eyes, Mark watched his sister as she laughed; slowly catching her breath as well.

"You know, Sara, you don't have to feel embarrassed talking about this stuff with me." He said, "I… kinda like it."

"Yeah?" She asked excitedly.

"Yeah!" Mark replied, enjoying both the beauty of her face and her excitement at his words.

"So… what else do you want to know?"

Her smile was nearly beaming as she stood up, "Wait, wait. I'll be right back!" And with that, she turned and nearly leapt up the stairs. Mark sat excitedly listening as her heard her run around the house; to the kitchen, then down the hall toward the bedrooms.

After a moment or two of silence he could hear her making her way back to the stairs. As she rumbled down the carpeted staircase, Mark sat himself up in the sofa, trying to appear nonchalant. Sara was nearly skipping as she entered the room, bouncing in as she carried a couple cans of soda with her. She set them down on the coffee table in front of Mark and then dropped herself down onto the sofa, landing right next to Mark and sending him bouncing from her impact.

"Jeez, Sara!" Mark called out. She giggled a bit and apologized. Sara's newfound excitement and energy was still a bit suprising to Mark, but was also comforting; seeing her back to her normal self, uninhibited and carefree.

He took care as her watched her; leaning toward the table, opening up her soda and then his. His eyes followed her long, wavy hair as it spilled down over her shoulders and half way down her back. And as his gaze continued down, he could see just a hint of her soft skin as her shirt pulled up from the small of her back, her waist so thin only to flare out invitingly at her hips. Looking at her, bundled with his excitement of their conversation, was making him feel very horny, but cautiously so. She leaned back next to him and handed him his soda, both of them taking a deep sip before finishing.

Mark let out as the drink soothed his palette.

Sara began almost musically, "… tell me about your first time?"

"Well… there's not really much to tell, I mean I don't really remember the FIRST time."

"Oh, come on! You can tell me." She pleaded, not believing him.

"No, really. I don't really remember the first time. I guess I just kinda figured it out one day. Maybe in the shower, I don't remember, but I do remember that once I did figured it out there was no stopping me." He said, honestly recalling his first experiences with masturbation.

"Yeah, but… weren't you like a little scared, with all of that stuff coming out and all?" She asked curiously.

"No, not really. I mean, I knew that it was gonna happen. I think." Mark pondered. "I mean, it was a little different than your first time."

Sara's face began to blush a little, and Mark couldn't help but ask, "That was your first time, that night, … wasn't it?"

"Yeah, I guess it was." She admitted softly.

"Were you scared?" Mark asked sincerely. "A little…" She said, pausing as she thought about it.


"But not like SCARED scared, more like… I don't know."

"You know, I thought you were mad at me." Mark said cautiously.

"Mad at you?" Sara sounded suprised at his words.

"Yeah, you know, 'cause of what I did…" Mark looked at Sara and saw on her face a look of puzzlement, "… on you."

"Oh Mark, I'm the one who should apologize. I mean, after acting like a total spastic in your room, and scaring you like that."

"So… you weren't mad at me for coming into your room?"

Sara was looking down at her hands as they held tightly to the soda can.


"… Or for what I did… all over?"

Sara began to grow a nervous grin as she continued to stare down at her hands.


Mark asked with an excited voice.

"Actually, when I opened my eyes and saw you standing there… and then you started to come… well, that's when it happened, you know."

"You mean that's when you came?!" Mark was shocked at hearing this incredible news, and at the same time began to feel his cock swell with excitement.

"Well… yeah. I mean, I think it is the coolest thing, watching when you do that." She admitted. "And then when you did it on me…"

"Oh, god." Mark mumbled out without realizing, as his dick quickly stiffened into a granite pillar.

Sara's smile had faded away at his words, and became a look of consternation.

"Mark… that's not weird, is it?" He couldn't speak from the lump in his throat, only nodding his reply quickly and emphatically; />
Sara looked at his face and found relief and amusement in his gesture, and began to smile again. The two sat nervously staring into each others eyes, both of them feeling the heavy beating of their hearts and the anxiety of their conversation. Sara was the first to break the gaze, looking back down at her hands and letting out a nervous giggle.

Mark was still so excited, and scared at the same time, that he found that he couldn't speak. He wanted to tell her that watching her, lying on the bed masturbating, was the most erotic thing that he'd ever seen. But the words wouldn't come out, and Mark couldn't have realized the expression of desire with which he was still staring at Sara.

She could feel his eyes on her, staring right through her, and she began to feel a bit uncomfortable. No boy had ever looked at her like that before, and to have Mark look at her like that was nerve racking. But Sara began to realize that her discomfort was not just from the way her was looking at her, but how it made her feel, and what it made her think of.

"Sara?" Mark said, regaining his composure after sensing her unease.

She turned and looked back to him with a nervous smile. "Do you want to know something?"

"What" She answered anxiously.

"I… umm… well, I liked it too. I mean, it was pretty exciting… watching you." Mark said, feeling relieved at finally having found the courage to get it off of his chest.

Sara replied.

He said emphatically.

Sara just smiled, looking at her hands again, nervously twisting the can she still held.

She said, once again sounding serious, "Do you want to do it… now?"

"…Do it…?!?" Mark's mind screamed. "Holy Shit, Yes!"

"… I mean, can I watch you again? I promise I won't get scared this time." She looked at him with a hopeful look of excitement.

For an instant, Mark felt stupid; thinking that when she said 'do it', she'd meant 'DO IT'.

But his disappointment didn't last long, realizing that Sara was probably feeling just as horny as he was right then and there. And for right now he didn't care, and so answering her with a huge grin, he reached down and began to frantically unbuckle his belt.

Sara giggled nervously as she watched his excitement and how Mark struggled to undo his belt and unbutton his jeans. Mark kicked off his sneakers under the coffee table, and having finally gotten his fly unzipped, he raised his hips and slid down his pants. His boner was pressed hard in the confines of his underwear, soaked with the pre cum of his excitement.

Sara bounced around with her own, turning herself on the sofa toward him so that she could see everything. Mark laughed nervously as he kicked his jeans down over his feet, then pulled his T-shirt up over his head. He watched as Sara's eye were fixed on his crotch, filled with nervous anticipation. She glanced at his face, wide eyed, as if to urge him on; letting him know she was ready for more. Mark lifted up himself from the cushion and slowly pulled off his underwear, freeing his hard on to the cool air.

Sara was once again staring intently at his crotch, swallowing away the dryness of her mouth, and Mark was beginning to really enjoy watching her; watching him. He sat still for a moment, watching her face as she soaked in the view. It was obvious that she really did enjoy this as much as he did, and he could tell by her fidgeting that she was getting excited as well.

He soaked in her charming beauty; her soft skin flushed with excitement, her eyes wide and inviting, and her amazing figure. Slowly, he inched his hand to his crotch, wrapping his fingers lightly around his cock and began to gently massage the sensitive skin, pulling it up and down over his rock hard shaft. Immediately, Mark sensed that if he wasn't careful, he'd come in a heartbeat. He squeezed his dick hard in an attempt to desensitize it's eagerness, but it was no use. It could have been stepped on by an elephant right there and it still would have felt good.

The effect was just enough, however, and slowly he began to stroke once more, being cautious to keep it to a manageable pace.

"It's so wet already…?" Sara said with curiosity.

"It gets that way sometimes… when I'm really… horny." Mark explained.

He paused and let his hand fall away from his hard on for Sara to see. His penis looked almost red, engorged with the strength of his rapidly beating heart and was standing up as stiff and tall as could be.

"God!" Sara exclaimed with a deep, throaty breath. "It looks so hard, like it hurts." She was still staring intently at his cock, examining it with her eyes, and Mark's excitement continued to grow as he watched her fascination and delight. "Can I…" Sara started, then abruptly stopped.

She looked at Mark anxiously, and he could tell by the look in her eyes what she wanted. He merely nodded his approval, and drew away his hand completely to let her explore.

Nervously, Sara gently unclenched her hands and reached out to touch him. She stuck out her finger and softly touched his erection, slowly stroking along the length of his shaft.

"Oh my god, it's… it's so soft!" Her voice peeled with fascination.

Mark tried to relax, reclining back into the soft sofa cushion and resting his head, poised to watch as Sara began to explore with adolescent curiosity. Sara ran her finger along the shaft of his straining erection with a slow and feathery light touch.

Her finger traced to the base of his penis and gently slid down and over the soft wrinkled skin of his scrotum. She glanced occasionally to Mark's face, still beaming with delight; looking for his response to her touch. She made her way back up his shaft and gently let her finger run up and onto it's swollen head. Her finger lingered at the tip as she began to feel the slick pre- cum that welled from it's small slit. She smeared it around and over it's head, enjoying the sensation, stopping only to feel it's smoothness as she rubbed it between her finger and thumb.

"God, that is sooo cooool." She said, sounding like a California valley girl, amusing Mark.

"Does it feel good, when I rub it in like that?"

"Mmm Hmm" Mark replied as he enjoyed the sensation.

She continued to swirl the slippery fluid around and around; at first quickly, then slowing to an agonizingly pleasurable pace. Slowly, Sara began to slide it down and onto the shaft of his penis. Mark felt the touch of her thumb as she gently began to stroke the now slippery skin between her two fingers.

He moaned.

"Does that feel good?" She asked.

"Even better" He said, sensing that she was beginning to get the idea. She would occasionally work back to the tip to try and find more of the magical lubrication and spread it back down, each time a little further. Mark was really beginning to relax when he felt another, then another finger find it's way onto his shaft. It wasn't long before he could feel her entire hand as it lightly brushed up, then down it's length.

But as the fickle lubrication began to dry in the open air, the soft skin of his erection took on an almost sticky sensation, and her stroking became more difficult.

"How do you…" Sara began to say, but Mark already knew her question and what he wanted her to do as well. Gently reaching his hand down and resting it on the back of hers, Mark gently formed her hand around the shaft of his cock; squeezing the soft skin. The sensation of having her hand wrapped around his cock was incredible and he let out another soft

After watching Sara's excitement grow, taking another step in her new journey, Mark released his grip on her hand, letting her know that she could continue.

"Wow… now it feels so hard!" She giggled.

She gently squeezed his shaft, as he had her hand, and noticed another bubble of pre cum form at the tip of it's head. Immediately, she reached back up and captured it with her fingers, but this time she slid her entire hand around the head and began to softly twist her hand, smearing his oily slick fluid with her palm..

Mark reflexively grunted, his stomach muscles tightening at the sensation.

Sara was absolutely captivated by his response and asked again, "Does THAT feel good?" Mark just nodded his answer, grunting as she slid her hand around his cock head another time.

"Mark?" Sara asked softly. "Can I do something?"

Marks ears perked to the sound of her question.

"Sara, you don't have to ask, you can do anything you want to me." He replied enthusiastically, but her reaction was not what he expected.

She grinned slyly, then let go of his penis and stood.

Mark was at first concerned by the suddenness of her release, but after seeing the look on her face, his thoughts turned to puzzled excitement.

“I'll be right back” She said, disappearing back up the stairs.

Mark sat nervously uncomfortable for the few minutes Sara disappeared, lounging naked on the family room sofa, anxiously waiting to see where she'd run off to. She came back quickly, nearly stumbling and falling down the stairs in her hurry.

Mark called out, “You scared me for a minute.”

“I’m sorry” Sara apologized. Mark could see that she had something in her hand, hidden behind her back.

“Th… this isn't some kind of trick or something!” Mark said nervously. He covered himself with his hands, and his pecker began to quickly soften at the thought that this might be some kind of practical joke.

Sara barked.

“I’m sorry, I swear.”

“Okay then…” He said, trying to see what it was that she had in her hand.

“Trust me.” She said, sounding sincere. “Now just relax.”

Mark rested back on the sofa but still covered himself until Sara sat back down next to him. She waited for him to uncover himself, but became nervous as he remained covered.

“Do you want to stop?” She asked.

“No, I guess not, I just got a little nervous when you took off like that.”

“I’m sorry, really. But I just thought of something that I thought you might like.”

“Well… what?” He asked. “Just close your eyes for a minute and trust me.”

Mark looked at her, shooting her a look of doubt, then closed his eyes and rested his head back. He felt her hands on his, slowly pulling them away from his crotch and exposing himself again. His nervousness had completely shriveled his dick down, leaving him feeling a little embarrassed. He could hear Sara doing something but couldn’t tell what, until her felt her finger lightly touch his softened penis. The sensation was cold and wet, lasting only a moment, but whatever it was it felt good and his cock began to grow once more.

“That is sooo cool.” He heard Sara giggle, and then he felt her touch once more, this time with two of her fingers. They seemed to slide effortlessly along the shaft of penis causing it to strengthen quickly, bringing back quickly his full erection. Then he felt an almost icy cold sensation as he realized Sara was pouring something onto his cock.

He lifted his head up, opening his eyes to see, when Sara grasped his straining hard on in her hand and began to slide it up and down. Mark's eyes popped wide open at the incredible sensation, his stomach muscles clenching tightly once more at the feeling.

“Wh.. what is that?” Mark asked breathlessly.

“It’s just.. well it doesn't matter.” Sara said confidently. “Does it feel good?”

Good? It was the most amazing thing Mark had ever felt. Sara continued slowly sliding her hand up and down over his cock, squeezing as she went. Mark felt as if he were fucking Sara's hand or rather she was fucking him with her hand, but either way he was becoming incredibly turned on by the sensation.

Sara was staring at his face intently, watching his expression as she continued to pump his cock, seeing the pleasure in his eyes, the strained look as she began to slide her hand faster and faster, and how he began to breath deep and hard.

He grunted.

She continued to stroke, squeezing the head of his cock, then tightly sliding it back down over the shaft and drawing it back up again.

"Sara… wait… " He called out again, this time a little more urgently. His words did nothing to stop her as she increased her pace, squeezing harder and pumping faster. She was beginning to breath hard as well, watching his face, then looking down at her hand as she held her brothers beautiful cock in her hand.

"… Sara!…"

"… wait!…"

"… WAIT!" Mark moaned frantically, grabbing at her hand to stop her. He'd grabbed her wrist hard and pulled her hand off of his cock, frightening her.

"Oh my god!, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Did I hurt you?" She cried out nervously.

"Wait… wait…" Were to only words he could say, as he struggled to catch his breath.

Finally, still holding onto her wrist, Mark spoke, "No… no, you didn't hurt me at all."

"But… But why did you…?" Sara asked, frightened and confused.

"I'm sorry, Sara. It's just that it felt so good, that I was gonna come if I didn't stop you."

"You don't want to come?" She said even more confused.

"No, I did… I mean I do. It's just… well, I just didn't want…" He paused when he recognized the look on her face of concern; that she felt like she'd done something wrong.

"Sara, I just was afraid that you'd think I was… I don't know, some kind of dork for coming so fast or something."

He could see that she was still upset, and tried to relieve her fears. "Sara, what you were doing was incredible. Really, I mean it."

She said, sounding a little unconvinced but relieved.

"I swear." He said, looking her right in the eyes.

"Sara, I swear. I didn't mean to scare you like that. I promise I won't do it again."

"Okay… I guess were kinda even then, huh?"

"Yeah, I guess we are, aren't we?" He said with a smile. He was still holding her by the wrist, and gently let go of her hand.

She looked down at their hands, his resting next to his still hard cock, and hers still covered in the slick lubricant.

Mark broke the silence, softly saying, "You can do it again, if you want to?"

"Are you sure?" She asked hesitantly.

Mark answered her by gently taking back her hand and guiding it onto his thigh.

"M… Maybe we ought to stop?" Sara uttered half heatedly.

Mark shuddered at her words. Maybe she was right, maybe this had better stop right here. But as he sat there, feeling desperately horny, having come to the brink of orgasm, and coupled with the sheer excitement of having a girl actually fondling his cock, he tried desperately to reason what was happening to him; reclined on the sofa with Sara, who was finally providing him with what he'd desperately longed for, willing to relieve his pent up sexual anxiety while satisfying her own. And although he didn't want her to stop, no matter how wrong what they were doing might have been, he also worried that she wanted to stop. It was time to take a chance.

"Sara… we can stop if you want to." He said looking into her eyes.

He could sense that she was getting cold feet, but he felt more responsible for causing her reaction than from Sara wanting to stop. She sat still and silent, looking into his eyes, silently asking for guidance when he spoke again.

"Sara. I've… umm… never really done this before, either." Mark said softly.

Sara seemed shocked by his statement, and her heart began to pound even harder in her chest than she thought was possible. "You mean… you… and Karen…?", She mumbled out in disbelief.

Mark shook his head slowly in answer, and watched as her face turned from trepidation to joy. And as Sara's smile continued to grow on her face, Mark felt her hand gently slide up his thigh and over his cock, wrapping her fingers around it, softly stroking his skin. His body once again clenched at the sensation and he could see the excitement in Sara's eyes at his reaction.

"Sara… I…" Mark began to say, but was forced to stop as Sara gave another firm stroke on his cock. She giggled for a moment at his reaction, then turned herself on the sofa and nestled herself in close next to him. Her warmth felt comforting against his skin and he relaxed once more, enjoying her touch as she slowly fondled his hard on.

"Mark… " Sara began, "… well, will you tell me what you like?"

He responded, "That feels good."

Sara kept a slow and steady pace as she slid her hand up and down over his cock, taking care to cover every inch of his straining erection. "Oh Sara, that feels really good…" He moaned again softly.

"God, this is so cool. I love doing this!" Sara said nearly under her breath. "Am I going too fast?"

"Nhhhh… No" Mark grunted as she gave a slow twist of her hand as it reached the tip of his slippery cock. Sara snuggled herself in closer to him, enjoying herself as she felt Mark's manhood in her hand, enjoying the pleasure she was able to give him and feeling his reactions to her touch. She continued to pump him, feeling his body tremble from time to time as she would change her motions ever so slightly, squeezing harder or twisting his soft flesh in her hand.

Mark had lifted his hands up, resting them behind his head as Sara nestled in even closer. Mark felt as Sara's shoulder tucked in under his arm, her hair falling down over his shoulder, and then felt the warm soft touch of her cheek as she lay her head on the side of his chest. He could begin to feel her warm breath on his skin and it was beginning to set him off. Sara continued to gently stroke Mark, feeling his every move as he seemed connected to her, through her hand. And as she was beginning to feel the burning desire between her own legs, she started to hear and feel Mark's breath becoming more and more labored. She felt the power of his breathing as her ear lay pressed to his chest, her warm breath blowing gently across his nipple.

"Oh, Sara… yessss.." He moaned, and with his unspoken queue, Sara began to quicken the pace of her stroking, feeling his breath increase with her motions.

She began to feel him groan with each breath, and it set her own heart racing.

Sara whispered softly,

Mark began to say, "Sara… I…"

He unclenched his hands from behind his head, bringing his arm down and reaching across Sara's shoulder, pulling her body tightly to him.

"Don't stop, Mark. Don't stop…" She whispered again.

"Oh god Sara… I'm gonna…" Mark began to grunt out, faster and faster as Sara's hand continued to piston up and down over his cock.

"Yes, Mark. That's it…" Sara called to him, nearly breathless as she pistoned his meat.

"Oh god… Oh god… I'm gonna…" He groaned again as Sara began to feel Mark's entire body stiffen with anticipation. His arm squeezed her tightly to him and his hips began to rise off the cushion.

"Oh god… I'm

"That's it, Mark… come…" Sara moaned out as she felt a chill of excitement and adrenaline rush through her own body, "… come!"

Mark could hardly breath as he began to feel the boiling torment in his balls release, sending a rush of cum exploding upward. Sara was pumping him furiously as his hips began to thrust against his her hand, sending stream after stream of hot semen shooting out of his cock and up onto his chest.

"Yes! Yes!" Sara squealed in delight, urging Mark on as his orgasm began to peak.

Mark's body had become paralyzed with pleasure as Sara's hand continued to prime his release, sending gush after gush of her creamy desire all over his stomach. She could feel his body trembling with the energy of his orgasm, and felt as if she might be experiencing one of her own at the sheer excitement of feeling him in her hand; the scent of his cum as it bathed his slim stomach and the smell of his sweat as he struggled against her motions.

"Oh god!" Mark moaned again.

Sara watched with pure enjoyment as Mark emptied himself, and marveled at the sensation as his penis swelled with each contraction of his orgasm in her hand. Seeing his semen shooting out and onto his smooth, muscle ripple skin was so incredibly erotic for her that she didn't want it to end.

"Sara… Sara wait!…" He began to call out between his gasps for air. The sensation he was feeling in his cock was becoming so overpowering that he felt as though if she didn't stop he would pass out.

"Sara… STOP!" Sara slowed her hand as she heard the emotion in his voice and felt as he squeezed her tightly to him.

"Oh god… wait… wait…" He moaned breathlessly as his body began to slowly relax and ease back down onto the sofa. He was still holding her closely to him as he moaned out in pleasure,

"Oh my god, Sara…!"

"Did I do it right?" She asked innocently.

"Oh my god, yes! That was… incredible!" Mark wheezed out, still catching his breath.

Sara giggled in utter delight at his reaction, whispering softly in triumph to herself,

She continued softly stroking his cock, gently milking the last few drops of cum from the tip and mixing it with the slippery lubricant that covered her massaging hand. She marveled at the feeling of Mark's penis as it spasmed with each milking stroke, then slowly began to soften, becoming smooth and flexible in her fingers.

Mark merely reclined further into the sofa, gently relaxing his bear hug on his sister and closed his eyes.

"Did you like that?" Sara asked again sheepishly.

"Oh yeah…" Mark moaned out, still entranced by Sara's magical hand as it continued to pleasure him.

His eyes felt heavy and his head nearly melted into the back of the cushion as he spiraled in post orgasmic bliss. He could faintly hear Sara's voice as she lightly hummed to herself, thoroughly enjoying herself as she continued to play with his cock, smoothing and smearing his cum over his belly and massaging his balls.

He moaned a soft hum to her, coaxing her on, but Sara scarcely heard him; she was having too much fun as she played, examining every inch of Mark's manhood. Sara marveled at how soft and flexible his penis had become, after having been so hard and huge just a few minutes before.

And the smell; the smell of his sex was mysteriously alluring to her, so musky, so drawing, like some sort of aphrodisiac. She was in heaven, having this mysterious tool of her desires in her hand, feeling and exploring at her whim as if it were a gift right from Pandora's box. On and on Sara played in a nearly hypnotic trance, unaware that Mark was drifting off in bliss, falling asleep to the unending and erotic touch of her hand.

Sara heard her own voice loudly in her ear as it was still pressed against Mark's bare chest,

She listened intently for him to reply but heard nothing. She'd been laying close to him, thinking about what they'd done and thinking of just how trusting Mark had been to offer himself for her enjoyment, when she decided she was ready. It was time for her to take a leap of faith in him and offer up something that she'd been thinking of constantly since that first time she'd seen him laying by the pool.

She called out a little louder, but still heard nothing.

It was then, as she listened to the deep and slow breathing in his chest, that she realized Mark was asleep. She felt almost relieved at the thought, unsure if she actually had the courage to tell him, and was content to think for now of his words, "… you can do anything you like to me.."

Sara gently closed her eyes, and still holding her fancy, began to truly relax for the first time that evening.

story by: Alcimedes

Tags: fiction masturbation teen male/teen female sex story

Author: Alcimedes

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